tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWilliam Starting College Ch. 01

William Starting College Ch. 01


This story (and hopefully further stories) is about a guy with unrealistically sized genitals having sex with an impossibly shaped woman. For those that don't like this sort of thing, you should probably stop here. For those that do like this sort of thing, I hope you enjoy.

My name is William and I would like to tell you about my life. Simply put, I was born to destroy pussies. Don't believe me? Well let me tell you about my college days. But first I should probably tell you a little bit about myself.

Both of my parents died in a car accident when I was very young. My godfather and uncle raised me after that. Uncle Sven was a great guy, though always very busy. He couldn't spend a lot of time with me, but he always made sure I had what I needed. We lived in Switzerland most of the time, but Uncle Sven's business always had us moving about the rest of Europe and the U.S. Uncle Sven was, and still is, loaded. He is a genius and at a young age he became one of the best banking consultants in the world. Moving around so much Uncle Sven decided that I should have private tutors that would travel with us so we would be able to spend more time together than if I had gone to a regular school. So, I never got the chance to get comfortable in one place, but in traveling so much I have been able to see some amazing things.

Uncle Sven and I share something in common. We both have insatiable sexual appetites. Whatever part of the world we were in, Uncle Sven always seemed to know how to find the best escort girls. He never tried to hide it from me. He encouraged me to have a healthy sex life, and when I hit puberty Uncle Sven made sure all of my needs were taken care of. This started to become a problem early on. You see, I grew to enormous proportions, everywhere.

I am 6'6" and I weigh 260#, with barely any fat on me. Uncle Sven always said that physical fitness was important, and so he always made sure I had access to weights and any exercise equipment that I wanted because I really couldn't play any sports. Why is that you ask? Because it became difficult to run around a playing field with the enormous package that I carry. My cock is thirteen inches long and the shaft is thick as a baseball bat, the head even thicker. That isn't the most amazing part either. As big as my cock is, my testicles are even bigger. They are the size of large grapefruits. Having a package this size, you can imagine how hard it is to lug around, let alone run around with or even fit into a pair of jeans. I usually have to wear custom made pants or oftentimes I just wear sweat pants. It wasn't always easy for Uncle Sven to find women that could accommodate me, but he always came through.

I could tell you more about myself growing up, but life got even more interesting for me when I started college, so that is where I start my story.

I could have gone almost anywhere with Uncle Sven's money, but I decided to go to a large state university. Uncle Sven wished me luck, gave me a credit card, and told me to call him often. With my uncle's money, I bought an old but well kept four bedroom house near campus that had plenty of space in case I wanted to throw a party.

During my first week I was approached by multiple members of the football team. They noticed how large a body I had and they tried to convince me to try out for the football team. As I mentioned, the size of my genitals are really not conducive to running, so I declined. But I got to know some of the football players from this and also from seeing them in the weight room. We started talking and like most college guy conversations we often talked about women.

There was a new cheerleader, a freshman, that had already gone out on dates with four different members of the football team. Jenny was an amazing physical specimen. How those DD sized breasts looked right on that amazingly slender frame seemed a physical impossibility, but they did. Long strait light blond hair and light creamy skin with light blue eyes and a wide mischievous smile. She was probably 5'10'' with delicate looking thin arms and legs. It wasn't a surprise that, even though the student body size was twenty five thousand, Jenny had quite a reputation after just one week because of her physical attributes.

Apparently, Jenny was also a huge cock tease. In each of her dates with the football team members she had started to get undressed, stated to jerk off her date, and then stopped. Jenny would then start to get dressed, make an obviously bad excuse about having to leave, all the while giggling. She would then leave and any attempt by her date to talk to her later would be ignored.

I thought about this for a bit and asked some of my new football player friends to introduce me to this Jenny. As it turned out, I had also already grown a reputation as big as Jenny had, all due to the enormous bulge in the front of my pants, and Jenny had wanted to meet me. She was going to be at a party being thrown by a bunch of football players. Six guys had rented out a large house with the intention of being one of the major party houses. It was going to be crowded, and loud. I asked one of the guys that I knew and that had a room there if he could make sure his room stayed open for me during the party. He agreed, and as thanks I gave him a few hundred bucks, for which he was most thankful.

When I arrived at the party, it was indeed crowded and loud. A stereo system that was probably meant for concerts thumped a dance beat while most of the partygoers were dancing in a very large room that took up most of the bottom floor. It wasn't hard to spot Jenny. She had four guys immediately around her on the dance floor all trying to get her attention, with many more guys close by starting at her dancing hypnotic swaying motions. She had a dark blue skirt so small that it was probably bought out of a kids section. Her tight light blue top fit perfectly around those perfect breasts and left her tight stomach bare and her shoulders bare except for the two strings that held the top up. She knew exactly how to show off that thin frame, tight body, and amazing breasts.

I pushed my way through the crowd to the spot Jenny was at on the dance floor. She saw me coming and smiled. When I got to her I said hello, though with the music blasting I knew she couldn't hear me. She mouthed back hello and while she did so her eyes looked down to my groin. She looked quickly, but still long enough to make it obvious to me that she was looking. She wanted me to know what was the first priority in her mind. She smiled even bigger as she looked up. I tilted my head and pointed to a staircase that lead to the bedrooms upstairs. She nodded and I lead the way. We made our way over to and up the stairs and to the room that I had set aside. Jenny closed the door behind her.

"Good, now we can talk a bit." she said, though even a floor above and behind a door the music still made it a little difficult to hear. Or, as I thought, also made it difficult for anyone to hear us. Perfect.

"I have to come right out and say it, though you probably get told this all the time. You have one hell of a body." I said.

"Thanks. I'm glad you are so forward. I don't think we need to play around much, do we?" She walked up to me and ran a hand along my chest and down my abdomen. I usually wear an extra tight shirt that can show off my muscles, even my ab muscles, though I often have to be careful with shirts that tight as when I flex they can oftentimes rip.

She let out a tiny cooing noise, barely audible over the sound of the music playing downstairs, and said, " My god, your body is made out of rock. Take that shirt off, I need to see you."

"You too."

"Alright." She smiled in such a way that almost made me melt, except for my cock of course which was quickly becoming as hard as the rest of my muscled body. She lifted her top over her head and quickly undid her bra as I took off my shirt. As my shirt cleared my head there before me stood one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Even though she had full DD sized breasts, they didn't sag one bit when she took her bra off. They stood straight out and had some of the most succulent looking baby pink nipples.

"You like?" she asked.

"I've had plenty of women, but I've never seen anything like you." And it was true. I was going to have to get these pants off soon before I ripped out of them, but I knew I had to set things up right.

"Right back at you stud." she said and took a step forward. She started running her hands up and down my chest and abs while making breathy little oooohs and awwws. Then she started running her hands up and down my groin while I took her beasts in my hands. They felt so firm and soft at the same time.

"I need to see this." pointing at my crotch she continued, "Get those pants off. I hope it is real. I hope you are not some freak that stuffs his pants."

"It is all quite real, but before these pants come off and before you touch me anymore, you need to know that once they do come off that this is going to happen. I am going to take you, understand? There will be no turning back."

"Pfft! You lousy fucker. It isn't real, is it? Why else would you say something like that?"

"Fine, if it is real, you have to spread those legs for me, got it?" I started to unbuckle my belt, then I slipped off my shoes.

"Fine, drop em. Lets see what you got. Let's get this over with. What did you put down there, a squash or someth-" she got quiet fast as my pants dropped to the floor. Her eyes slowly got big as she realized that what she was looking at was real. "I don't believe it." she whispered. "Most of the girls think you are stuffing something in your pants."

"Well, you will have to tell them otherwise."

She really didn't hear me I think. She reached out and touched my cock. By the look on her face and the way she was probing, I could tell she was touching it to make sure it was real, that she wasn't hallucinating or dreaming. Once satisfied, she grabbed it with both hands, and with both hands placed together only then could she wrap all the way around my member. "This is the biggest cock I've ever seen, anywhere, even in pictures. And you must have a half gallon of cum in those balls!" With a mesmerized look on her face she began to work up and down my shaft, hands placed together so they met at her fingertips.

"Awwwh, that feels great." I grabbed her luscious breasts again and started to knead and squeeze them a bit. I was now fully erect. My shaft pointing up, the tip level with the bottom of her chin.

"Oh god, you stud, your cock is just as hard as the rest of you." She leaned over a bit and licked one of my nipples. I groaned as she did this and I let go of her breasts. She then began to slowly trace her tongue down my chest and over each ridge of my chiseled abs. She seemed to enjoy this as much as I did, evidenced by the little cooing moans she made. She stopped jerking me off as her tongue hit the base of my shaft and then she slowly started working her way up it with a swirling motion. As she reached the head of my cock she continued to lick it all over in the same swirling motion and her hands resumed jerking my shaft.

After a few minutes of this she lifted her head up. She smiled a smile even more evil and mischievous than anything she had shown me before. She continued jerking and said, "Your cock is too big to fit in my mouth. And I think you are too big to fit inside of me. I don't know where we can go from here." She gave me an obviously fake sympathy frown and continued, "So I guess I will go back to the party now." She stopped jerking and picked up her top and started to put it back on.

"I don't think so. We are doing this, remember."

Jenny rolled her eyes, "That thing isn't going inside of me." She turned toward the door as her top was going on. "Feel free to jerk off to the thought of me, stud." She reached for the doorknob as I stepped forward and grabbed her arm.

She was fast. She had probably put herself in this situation many times and learned how to get free. She spun around and brought her foot up, landing a swift kick to my left nut. I grunted and let go of her arm as she turned toward the door with a confident and satisfied smile. But I had expected this.

Now here is another fun fact about myself. Yes, it hurts when I get hit in the testicles, but it seems not nearly as much as it hurts other guys. I don't know if I have a harder exterior or if the amount of fluid within gives them more cushion. Whatever it is, I can take a hard hit.

I'm sure Jenny thought, as she turned away, that I would double over in pain and that she would be able to walk right out. She didn't expect my big hand to once again close around her upper arm.

"Hey! What-?"

"I said we are doing this."

I tore her shirt off with my free hand. Then I grabbed her other arm and easily hoisted her in the air. I turned and tossed her six feet through the air and on to the queen sized bed that was in the room, her high heel shoes coming off as she tumbled on to the bed.

"Wait a second." she said with fear in her eyes as she began to sit up on the bed. "I'm sorry. I will finish you off. Come here and let me jerk you off. You can even come on me."

I walked to the edge of the bed and reached out with both hands. Jenny remained still with fear. I grabbed her skirt with both hands and ripped it apart. Jenny squealed. "Please no. Please no. Please no."

"How many guys have you teased?"

"Please. I just. Please don't do this. I promise I wi-"

"How many?"

"Okay. So I like to tease guys. But I will make it different for you. I will jerk you off and lick your head so you come so hard. Please just don-"


"Okay, dozens, okay? Just please let me jerk you off and let me go."

"We had an agreement. And besides, I think you need to be taught a lesson." I reached down with one hand and tore away her panties, the front of which was soaking wet. "You really get off teasing guys don't you?" I saw her beautiful pink vagina lips were engorged and glistening wet.

"Please, there is no way that is going to fit! Please!"

I got up on the bed and grabbed her by the ankles and brought her towards me a bit. She didn't even try resisting as I lined my giant fist sized cock up against her entrance. Now laying back, her arms above her head, she seemed almost resigned to what was going to happen to her. I began to push the tip of my head inside of her but I felt resistance. That is to say, even more resistance than the natural tightness of a vagina trying to take my massive erection.

"You're a virgin? You've never given it up to any of the guys you've teased?" I said. She had her eyes closed now but turned her head to the side and nodded. Now usually when a hymen breaks it gets stretched a little bit first like a rubber band before breaking, but not this time. This was like a truck plowing through a thin wall. I rammed my hips forward and destroyed her hymen. She screamed from the bottom of her lungs. She inhaled deeply and whined and let out a couple more strangled noises as I continued to push forward until I got my whole head in. Damn it felt great.

"Please, stop." She managed to say a couple of times through her painful sounding moans.

I just kept pushing in and she just kept alternating screaming and moaning. Four inches in slowly became five inches in, then six, then seven. I finally hit bottom somewhere between eight and nine inches, leaving four or five inches still outside of her. It felt amazing. Her tight vagina squeezed around my cock while my cock filled her up completely. I hovered over this freshly deflowered nubile girl that looked like an angel. But I knew she was no angel. She was a ball-kicking cock tease bitch that I was going to teach a lesson.

She seemed to be able to catch her breath a bit as I bottomed out and stopped for a moment. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I said, "The ride is just starting."

I pulled my hips back quickly, leaving just the head of my cock inside of her and then I just as quickly slammed it back in. Those big beautiful light blue eyes looked like they were going to bulge out of her head. She screamed again and I moved back and rammed forward with my hips and cock again. My movement and her screams took on a rhythm. She closed her eyes again with a contorted look of pain on her face. I was glad for the loud music below. No one had come knocking, which meant that no one could hear the screaming. But then it started to not become an issue even if the music had stopped. Over the course of ten minutes of me hammering her pussy, the screaming turned to more painful moaning which then turned into lustful moaning with plenty of "Yesss!"s and "Oh god!"s.

During this time I loved watching her breasts. Even though my massive frame hammered at her and fucked her delicate body all around that bed, her breasts barely jiggled. What an amazing firm rack this girl had. I made it my goal to fuck her even harder to see how much I could get those tits to move about.

After those first ten minutes she had her first orgasm. Over the course of the next ten minutes she had three more. She would let out a cooing scream, her eyes would open wide and then roll back into her head before she closed them again. I would feel her pussy spasm and ripple around my cock, giving me the most wonderful sensation. During all of our time fucking, her arms always remained limp above her head in total submissiveness.

A little after twenty minutes of total fucking I could feel in my balls the urge to come. I started to increase my pace and get ready for the monster ejaculation that was about to happen.

"Get ready for it!" I growled loudly.

From my increased pace and my warning Jenny opened her eyes and came halfway out of her fuck hazed dream state and said with worry in her eyes and voice, "No! Don't come inside! I'm not on anything!"

Too late. It felt like I came like a fire hose inside of her. I roared. Jenny's eyes bulged again and her mouth made a perfect O shape as I flooded her insides with my first and second shots. I pulled out quickly and aimed at her face, coating it with my third massive blast of cum. My fourth and fifth shots hit her gorgeous right and left breasts respectively. My sixth shot oozed on her tight little stomach.

Jenny panted and let out a few quiet moans as I got off the bed and took a minute to catch my breath. I Picked up her torn apart top and wiped off my cock. I could have fucked her more, my cock was still hard, but I was eager to get on with the rest of my plan, so I let myself begin to go soft. With her top still in hand I grabbed her panties and skirt as well. I walked over to one of the windows, opened it and tossed out all of her clothes..

Jenny was starting to catch her breath by this point, though she hadn't been conscious enough to notice what I had just done to her clothes. I started to put my clothes back on as Jenny slowly started to move her legs to the side of the bed. By the time I was fully clothed she had managed to sit up on the side of the bed, the front side of her torso and face still covered and shiny with my semen. Jenny looked down at herself and gasped, "My pussy! Oh god you ruined it! The lips are so far apart! Oh god it is so sore."

"It will probably be sore for weeks and it will probably remain fairly stretched." I said as I walked over to the door and opened it. The music got louder as I did so. "Get up." Jenny complied shakily.

"Where are my clothes?"

"You won't need them." I said as I walked towards her. I spun her around, grabbed her by her upper arms, picked her up and headed to the door.

"What are you doing?" She was coming to her senses now and I could hear worry in her voice.

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