tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 01

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 01

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 1

September, 1981 – Pembroke, NC

Natalie Reynolds, was nineteen, just finishing up her first year at a small liberal arts college in Pembroke, North Carolina. Natalie wanted to talk with someone who was experienced. She was almost desperate to do this, for her boyfriend, while not yet having taken her virginity, had persuaded Natalie to go naked in public. Naïve to a fault, she had done so on two occasions, and knew that he would ask her to do it again. Her problem was that she really liked Fess, and didn't want him to dump her for someone else who was less averse to taking their clothes off in public.

Fess, a junior, had taken Natalie under his wing the previous semester. She relied on him for almost everything from what cosmetics to use, to what type tampon would be best suited to her needs. She had never dated before, as her parents were strict Baptists from the western part of Carolina. Further, the den-mother at Natalie's dorm, had told her that no men were allowed on the premises, and poor Natalie took those words to heart.

With Natalie terrified of visiting her boyfriend's apartment, which left them only walks or bike rides in and around the local park. Once inside the park, they usually found a bench, and sat and talked about virtually everything. But last week the conversation had dwindled down to next to nothing, and Fess got a strange look in his eye. They just sat there, watching the wind blowing through the trees. Natalie was smiling, happy to be there with him and her eyes were going from the trees to his eyes and back again.

Suddenly, Fess leaned into her and kissed her. She reveled in the softness of his lips and returned the kiss with an eagerness that prompted him to try something new with her. He started groping her breasts. Natalie quickly pushed his hands away, looking around to see if anyone had seen them. Four young boys, perhaps twelve or thirteen were walking their bicycles along the narrow path some forty yards away. Natalie called Fess' attention to them and he dropped his hands into his lap.

"It's not that I wanted you to stop," she said, "but I didn't want the boys to see us."

Fess nodded, and stood up. Natalie thought he was mad and about to leave her, and quickly stood up alongside him. Fess took her hand and led her deeper into the thick brush along the path. Natalie went willingly, her only concern being eaten alive by the mosquitoes.

Fess led her through the bushes till they came to this little ravine. They slid down the side, and at the bottom, there was a little creek. He piled up some leaves on a patch of open ground, sat down, and waved for Natalie to sit next to him. She looked at the leaves, and said, "I can't sit there. My skirt will get all dirty."

Fess got to his feet, and came over to where she was standing. He knelt down in front of her and looked straight up her skirt. Natalie began to get a funny feeling deep down inside, not quite like anything she'd ever felt before. She knew what he was thinking, and part of her wanted to be with him too, but she was still pretty worried about the boys back up at the top of the hill.

But then, before Natalie could react, Fess was undoing her belt. Natalie was stunned. She couldn't believe what was about to happen to her. On the one hand, she wanted to lose her virginity, on the other; she had a fear of being seen by the boys, or someone else passing by. Frantically she looked around, as if seeking proof of the dangerous position he was putting them in, but there was no one in sight.

As Fess unzipped the side of her skirt, Natalie's mind was racing...they had talked about finding a place where they would have some privacy, but she had never even considered the park. There were just too many people around. There was no assurance of privacy, none.

Once Fess had the zipper open, he pulled her skirt and panties down with a yank. Natalie freaked, and covered her pubic hair with a hand, but this made her feel even funnier. She felt his hand on her heinie; and then his fingers, as they probed around for her most private place.

Natalie was surprised more by the fact that she was becoming excited than the fact that he had gone further than ever before...and without her permission. She had always thought that she would permit him to go just so far...or at least that they would proceed in stages, but this was reckless...but very exciting to say the least.

Fess stroked her loins with an assurance that came from a pent up lust, and not any prior experience. A cool breeze caressed her flesh, and a wave of pleasure flooded through Natalie's body. She felt a tremor in her thighs. It got stronger and stronger. She sighed and opened her legs to make it easier for him.

He left her momentarily to retrieve a condom from his bag. When he turned back to face her, Natalie saw that he had exposed himself and was fitting the condom on. It was the first time she had seen him, or any man, for that matter, and his size impressed her, although he was only fours inches hard.

Oh my God, what am I doing here? She thought. But she made no attempt to stop him. Before she knew what was happening, they were both down on the leaves. He rolled over on top of her, and she felt his manhood poking in between her legs.

Natalie's body froze up. This is crazy, she thought, as everything moved in slow motion, but she just couldn't bring herself to stop him.

What she remembered next was looking up at the blue Carolina sky and feeling Fess swelling up inside of her. How did he get it in? She asked herself. Why didn't it hurt? Wasn't it supposed to hurt? Would she bleed on her clothing?

As he pumped his member into her, Natalie's breath grew ragged, and she either fainted or blacked out, for the next thing she remembered was lying on a bed of leaves, with the wind tickling her between the legs. It was the weirdest feeling, but felt nice, very nice. It was hard for her to describe, but later she told Fess that it was like a rollercoaster ride, as pleasurable as a warm bath, only better.

Fess nodded once, and then laughed. She saw that he was dressed, and looked around for her panties and skirt.

"How do you feel?"

Natalie lay there unsure how to answer; and suddenly realized that he was looking straight between her open legs. Blushing, she sat up, and covered herself with her hand.

"Oh...okay I guess. I mean, fine...no, I mean, great. I feel great."

They both laughed at her statement. Suddenly remembering the boys, Natalie looked up the hill, but did not see or hear anything.

"Where are the rest of my clothes?"

"Um, there...over there," he pointed toward the bank of the stream. She thought of asking him to fetch them, but was still feeling pretty high, so she stood up, still bottomless, and walked over to where they were. She felt weird to walk around outside with only a shirt on and tugged at the shirt to try to cover up, but it wouldn't reach. She could feel Fess staring at her bare behind, and was embarrassed, but at the same time, more than a little excited. She half covered the crack of her ass with a hand, turned her face toward him and said, "Don't look."

Fess had this big grin, and fully satiated, said, "Natalie, you've got an incredible body."

She flushed with desire at his words. He almost never said things like that. She looked straight into his eyes. There was like this electricity flying through the air between them. He was probably wondering if she wanted to do it again, but she was getting worried that someone might come into the forest, and see them.

"We'd better go," she said, leaning down to pick up her skirt. But her underwear wasn't there.

Fess found them for her. They had fallen into the creek. As she started to put them on, Natalie heard a clicking sound, and almost fell as she turned toward the sound.

Fess had taken a picture of her pussy! She turned away and heard another click. Her bottom! He'd taken another one.

"Stop it! Stop it right now!" she demanded, and he quickly put the camera away.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I want to remember this day!"

Shaking her head in annoyance, Natalie slipped on her skirt. She started to put her panties on, but they were soaked and covered with mud. Even after she'd wrung them out they were still really wet.

"Give them to me; you can't wear them like this," Fess said, and she absently handed them to him. He stuffed them into his pocket, and said, "C'mon, let's go."

He started to walk up the hill. Horrified, Natalie looked down at her skirt. For their first few dates, she'd been wearing her shortest mini-skirts. This one was one of the worst because it was pleated, and it was always a struggle to keep it down even when she was wearing panties. She tugged on the hem, but one could still see all the way up her creamy white thighs. After a moment, she guessed the skirt covered the most embarrassing places, but she could feel the breeze between her legs, and it was giving her butterflies. She felt as if she were walking through the park naked as a jaybird.

"Fess," she said, "what am I supposed to do? I can't walk around like this."

"Sure you can. No one will notice."

But every time she moved, even the slightest little breeze tickled her down there. Even if no one could see, it was driving her crazy, and Fess had already run up to the top of the hill.

"Hey, come back," she called plaintively, only to be ignored. He kept on walking, and having no choice, Natalie followed him up, and when she got close to the top of the hill, pulled her skirt down as far as it would go to hide her pitch-black pubic hair. Luckily, there was no sign of the boys, but between her legs, it was tingling like crazy. When she got to the top of the hill, Fess was pulling their bikes out of the woods.

"You have really got to be kidding," she said, looking at her bike.

"C'mon, we'll be back at your dorm before you know it."

"I can't ride like this."

"Sure you can. We gotta go. It's almost supper time." He got on his bike, and started peddling away.

"Hey, wait."

When he'd gone 100 odd feet, he turned and mouthed something. Natalie wasn't quite sure, but it looked like, "I love you."

If that was what he'd said, it was the first time, and she got giddy over it, forgot everything else, mounted her bike, and started peddling after him. The seat felt cold and wet between her legs, giving her another funny feeling. When they started to pass people going the other way, or sitting on benches, she held her legs straight down to get the skirt to stay down, but the hem had ridden up quite a bit, and she was absolutely terrified that they could see her most secret place.

Nevertheless, she rode on, but was as mortified as she'd ever been in her life, until she arrived at her dorm and got off the bike, fixed her skirt, and slowly made her way inside without saying goodbye to Fess.

She never dated him again. In fact, Natalie only had one other date during the remainder of her college days.

November, 1981 - Meredith College, Raleigh, NC

Bernice Witkowski, known to one and all as Bernie, was just 21 years old and a junior at Meredith College. She had long blonde hair, and a complexion tanned from her daily tennis regimen. She affected very dark lipstick that looked like dried blood on her lips, possibly due to her near fanaticism with gothic novels featuring vampires. She had good breasts and good legs, wore funky clothes that revealed them to good advantage. The colors she favored were red and yellow and green. She wanted to be a rock star, and acted accordingly. Unfortunately, her voice was mediocre at best.

She was wearing a short red skirt with red tights and yellow leg warmers. Short, soft, black leather boots, a green blouse, and no bra when she flopped on the well worn couch in the apartment she shared with Valerie Fitzgibbon.

With "Bette Davis Eyes" playing in the background, she said cautiously, "So, Val? I'm seeing this new guy."


"Yeah, I met him at the bar a few days ago. Says he's been lusting after me for weeks now."

"Hell, they all say that."

Bernie laughed and said, "Seriously, he really seems to be into me. He's so intense, too. Tall, dark and handsome. I really like him."

Val put out a cigarette. "Sounds like a great guy."

Nodding vigorously, Bernie said, "Yeah, he... you got a light?"

Val held a Bic lighter out, flicked it and Bernie leaned into the flame, drawing on the cigarette and leaned against the apartment breezeway's balcony.

"Thanks. Yeah, he reminds me a lot of..." A look of concentration crossed her face as she strove to recall this other guy's name. It didn't come to her as she sucked on the cigarette.

"Christ, Val, I'm so fucking horny. Do we have any cucumbers left in the fridge?"

Valerie, a strikingly beautiful, raven-haired junior, shared the apartment with Bernie. She was called Val by everyone who knew her, laughed at Bernie's comment and shook her head. "I'm sad to say, no, we had the last one for dinner last night. Don't you remember?" she lied.

"Shit!" Bernie swore, and grabbed her crotch in a very unladylike manner.

"Use your vibrator," Val suggested while rolling her eyes heavenward.

"Can't, I heaved it out the other day."

"Whatever for?"

"The batteries went, and I was so pissed I just threw it in the trash."

"You can't use mine. I won't let you. Last time I got a terrible yeast infection, and you were the reason."

"You don't know that, Val," Bernie said defensively.

"Hey, girl, you were the only one to use it. I always clean it after using it, and apparently either you didn't clean it at all, or you didn't clean it thoroughly enough. Anyway, I got a terrible infection and it cost me a weekend with Ronnie."

Christopher Cross began singing "Arthur's Theme (Best that You Can Do)" as Bernie shivered and tossed her shoulders back; then with a major league pout, whined, "I'm still craving cock, Val."

"Well so am I, but there's nothing we can do about it at the moment.

"Mmmm, I wanna suck one so bad," Bernie sighed.

With a gleam in her eye, Val asked suggestively, "why not two cocks?"

"Yeah," Bernie agreed, "two cocks. I could do that."

"You could?'


"How would you go about it?

"I'd just have to open my mouth a little wider. I don't know, but it must be doable."

They both laughed at her comment. Then Val said, "You met a guy. Well, I made out with a girl I met at a bar off the Quad for like, I dunno... maybe an hour."

"You didn't!"

"I just said I did, didn't I?"


"She had these beautiful breasts."

"Was she a good kisser? I mean, I've never kissed a girl...not like that...you know, seriously, and all."

"Oh, yeah, Bernie. Girls sure kiss differently from guys. It's fun. I always get the feeling you'd be a really good kisser. You're so gentle, yet firm.

Bernie gave Val a suspicious glance, then began worrying a fingernail. Val picked up on it, and decided to change the subject, but at the last second changed her mind.

"Ever do it with a girl, Bernie?"

"No!" Bernie blurted.

'That was a fast response,' Val thought, and sat down next to her.

"Well, I have. Want to hear about it... I mean, you being so fucking horny and all."

Bernie licked her lips; wouldn't meet Val's eyes. But still she answered the question, saying, "Yeah, sure."

"Yeah...all right. It was a party at a beach house last summer. I was dancing with this girl who kept coming on to me saying how I was so hot and sexy, and how I was making her wet. Then she asked me if I wanted to fuck, and to my surprise I found myself saying, "Yeah, sure...."

Val studied Bernie's reaction to her use of the same words Bernie had used a moment earlier, and saw her eyes widening as she slowly licked her lower lip.

'Definitely horny,' Val thought. 'Maybe I've got a shot.'

"So we found an empty bedroom, and lay on the bed making out for a while. I love kissing more than anything, by the way. Ummm, I could have made out with her forever. Kissing makes me so horny. Anyway, it wasn't long before she put her hand in my panties and fingered me."

"Did you like it?" Bernie asked, squirming around on the couch next to Val.

"Definitely. It was so fun."

Bernie gave her a wicked little smile that made Val's heart flutter.

"But you two didn't have sex, did you?" Bernie asked.

Licking lips that seemed extraordinarily dry, Val said, "We almost did. We were making out like mad, and then she took her jeans off so I could finger her. She had reached under my mini, pulled my panties off, and was about to go down on me. Then someone came knocking on the door, and said my dad was there to pick me up. I was so bummed out because I was dying to see what it felt like to have my pussy licked."

"Oh, wow...that's so hot!"

Val giggled. "Just for fun before I left, we exchanged panties. I've still got hers."

"Did you see her again?"

"No. I went home and fingered myself until I came."

"Fantasizing about her, I bet?"

Val nodded.

Bernie swallowed, and ran a fingertip under the edge of her cutoffs just far enough to find warmth; and let Val know that she might be persuaded.

"I've got an idea," Val said, giving Bernie a wickedly wanton smile.


Val met her eyes, and then looked down at Bernie's hand on her thigh. Val spread her legs in an unmistakable invitation, and said, "Like kissing you, for instance."


"You heard me. It's a one-time invitation... and it's only a kiss. Are you game?"

"I don't know...." Bernie bit her lower lip, and asked, "You promise?"

"Promise what?"

"Only one?"

"I promise...the rest is up to you."

"Me? Um... all right, one kiss. You gonna kiss me right here?"

"If you like, or it might be more comfortable in the bedroom."

"Okay," Bernie said, and the hunger in her voice told Val everything she needed to know.

They walked hand in hand into the bedroom.

Val smiled and said, "Why don't we take a shower?"


"Yeah, girl to girl," Val said, and pulled her Tee over her head, revealing her petite breasts to Bernie's hungry eyes.

A moment later, completely nude, Val struck a pose; spread her arms wide, and with a short laugh, said, "Pie time."

Just as quickly, Bernie shed her tank top, jeans, panties and sandals. Taking her hand again, Val led the way to the bathroom.

Bernie reached in and flipped on the water, waited until the temperature was comfortable, and stepped in, pulling Valerie behind her. They took turns standing under the showerhead, turning slowly, and letting hot water rush over their bodies.

Valerie smiled broadly as she pulled her hair back. "Boy was I wrong about you, Bernie."

"Oh, really?" Bernie said.

"Let me wash you," Val said.

Bernie smiled and stretched her arms over her head, making her nipples point straight at Valerie. "I really need a shower. I'm really dirty. Are you sure you can get me clean?"

"Everything but your mind," Val said, and they both laughed as Val applied the washcloth to Bernie's breasts, quickly following its bubbly trails with her other hand.

Bernie moaned when Val's slippery hand caressed her left breast. "I'm going to have to scrub this one a lot," Val said, running slow circles around it. "It's really filthy."

"You're the one that's really filthy," Bernie gasped, then squealed as Val tweaked her nipple.

"That feels heavenly, Val," she said. "Check the other one too; they both need a lot of cleaning."

"Don't be so impatient, I plan to get you squeaky clean."

"Clean enough to eat off of?" Bernie purred; and resting her arms on Val's shoulders, she caressed the back of her neck.

"There's definitely going to be a lot of eating," Val said, and ran her tongue along the inside of Bernie's ear.

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