tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 05

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 05

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 5

Katy, Jessica & Walter - Late summer, 1982

Saturday arrived and Katy showed up at Jessica's doorstep at about seven. It was a lovely evening: not too hot, with the sun just beginning to set.

Feeling more summery than usual, Katy wore a seafoam green-colored halter-top to match the sheer bra and panties she had on underneath, and a black mini-skirt.

It was Walter however, who answered the door, and Katy found him looking particularly hunky in a powder blue dress shirt and pair of off white chinos. Walter was also without socks or shoes. She had to admit he looked much more casual and sexy than she thought he would.

He complimented Katy on her outfit, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and made sure not to over react to the cleavage that appeared above the low cut neckline of her top. A moment later, Jessica made her entrance looking equally fabulous, prancing about barefoot in a cute little cotton summer dress.

Within minutes, they made their way to the living room, where the sliding glass doors were opened and a gentle river breeze wafted through their expansive quarters.

"You have a marvelous place," Katy told them, as Walter made everyone a Planter's Punch.

"Thank you, Jessica replied, obviously pleased with the complement. "It took me several years to tie it all together."

"Well, it works. I just wish I could decorate my place half as nicely as you've done here."

"How is your place coming along, Katy? You told me that you were about to buy a carpet for the living room. Did you find one?"

"I did, and I didn't."

"I don't follow," Jessica said as Walter brought the Planter's Punch over from the bar and handed them out, then sat next to Jessica.

"Oh, sorry, I should have told you the news right off."

"News? What news?" Jessica asked, nervously.

"I've got this place on Wrightsville Beach." She went on to tell the couple that her Aunt Emily had passed away and left her the house.

"It's always better to own than to rent," Walter said, without thinking.

"Oh, well...I should say that I'm partners with the New Hanover Bank & Trust. My job with the airline pays me enough so that I can get by, but I wanted to make some changes to the place, but didn't have that big a nest egg to draw on. I've been saving to buy something on the ocean ever since my divorce. This is a dream come true."

"That's wonderful," Jessica said, and kissed her on the cheek, although lamenting the fact that Katy would no longer be a close neighbor.

"What do you do at the airline?" Walter asked before his wife did.

"I'm a stewardess."

"I'm going to fly more often," Walter said with a smile.

"You don't even know what airline I'm with," Katy giggled, happy to be flirting with Jessica's husband.

"Aren't you going to tell us?" Jessica said and laughed.

"It's Piedmont."

Which the couple might have guessed easily enough, as it was the major airline serving Wilmington.

They discussed the many problems of owning a home, especially on the beach, and when Jessica and Walter could come visit her. Before long, the three of them were happily ensconced in the living room. Two Planter's Punches later, Katy felt herself getting a little tipsy, and more than a little giggly.

It was inevitable, that the topic would eventually land on sex. And perhaps fortified by the courage resulting from the drinks, Jessica brought up their little tryst. Katy, blushed in embarrassment, but took note that Walter seemed genuinely happy about the situation.

"It sounds like it was an expression of love and lust between two very good friends," he said. "That's beautiful." And with that, he kissed his wife sweetly on the lips. Katy was quite amazed, and for the first time entertained the possibility of joining the two of them in bed. She vaguely recalled Jessica telling her about Walter's skills at cunnilingus -- of bringing her to orgasm after orgasm until she had to beg him to stop.

And when Jessica suggested they go for a dip in the Jacuzzi, Katy was already concerned about leaving a wet spot on the chair she was sitting in.

Walter and Jessica stood up, and told Katy they would change into their bathing suits in their bedroom, that she was free to make use of the other bedroom.

Jessica and her husband entered their bedroom, and Katy grabbed her bag and headed for the spare bedroom. She was pleased to see it had a floor-to-ceiling mirror, and gave her body a through inspection as she donned her minuscule bikini.

Okay, Jessica, let's see where the hell this is going, with you and Walter, Katy told herself; then rubbed her nipples until they stiffened, and stood out against the thin material of her bikini top. She gave herself one last check in the mirror, and headed out into the soft light of dusk to test the warm water of the Jacuzzi.

She wondered briefly how it was that she had finished changing before the others, until seeing the flush on Jessica's face when they strode through the doors and approached the Jacuzzi. A quick glance at the obvious erection bulging on the left side of Walter's briefs answered her question for her.

Jessica appeared a little nervous, and Katy knew they had discussed how to approach her. She smiled inwardly, thinking, Whatever it is, I'm game for it.

"Hi guys," Katy said, while Jessica feigned covering Walter's eyes.

"Wow, some suit you've got there, Katy!" Jessica said, then noticed Walter's bulge, and winced.

Trying to make the best of the situation, Jessica quickly blurted, "Avert your eyes, Katy, my husband is having a problem with us already, and I don't know if you want to see it."

"Oh, I don't mind seeing it," Katy replied. The husband and wife team glanced at one another just before they stepped into the Jacuzzi, and settled in on either side of her.

"Aren't I the lucky one?" Katy said her voice low and husky.

"What do you mean?" Jessica asked, knowing full well what she had meant.

"Oh, just that here I am, sitting in a Jacuzzi, surrounded by two beautiful people."

"Oh, such flattery!" Walter laughed, and Katy saw his hand moving upward along his wife's thigh through the frothy bubbles provided by the Jacuzzi's jets.

Katy was pleased by Walter's well muscled body, and his slicked back black hair. She knew she would be sharing the both of them before the night was over. Her only question was who would be first, and where it would happen.

That was answered moments later, when Jessica cupped one of Katy's bikini-clad breasts, and said, "Walt, doesn't Katy have the loveliest breasts?"

"I can't say for certain, dear, but they look lovely to me."

Just how it happened, Katy never figured out, but she felt Jessica's palm rub over her nipple, and a second later, from the corner of her eye, saw her bikini top floating away from her.


"Oh, occupational hazard, in Jacuzzi's Katy," Walter said with a leering grin. She has a deft touch, my Jessica does. Bet you never felt a thing, did you?"

Katy didn't answer his question but put one of her own to him. "Well, Walt, just what do you think of them . . . now that they're out in the open?"

"Katy, they're magnificent!"

"Thank you," she replied, and turned her attention to her friend and lover.

"You must practice that move a lot, Jessica."

"Well... maybe a little,' she replied sheepishly, and then to distract Katy somewhat, she hefted Katy's other breast, and exclaimed, "My goodness, Walter, these are certainly heavy!"

"Come on, Jessica," Katy laughed, and chided her friend, saying, "You've weighed them before."

A moment passed, then Katy cupped Jessica's breast with one hand and placed her other hand behind Jessica's neck, and pulled her to her, kissing her passionately. Jessica responded accordingly and as the women took the kiss into what would eventually be a five-minute, spit-swapping special, Walter climbed out of the Jacuzzi, made a pitcher of drinks, and gave his erection a tug or two trying to calm it.

Then, after carrying the pitcher of drinks back to the girls, and finding them still in the throes of a torrid kiss, he stripped off his swim trucks and waited for them to spot him and his erection.

It wasn't long before the two women, breathing heavily, separated.

"Oh!" Katy gasped.

Jessica laughed and said, "He's hung, isn't he?"

Katy began to giggle, and Jessica soon joined her.

"Get in the damn water, will you?" Jessica laughed, waving him in.

"You'll scare the poor girl away."

"I doubt it," he retorted, "she seems to like you... just a little."

"My goodness, Jessica," Katy laughed, and pointed at his erection, of which only the head could be seen above the surface of the churning water. "How do you handle all that?"

"I almost fainted the first time I saw it. My parents were sleeping upstairs, and I just knew that I would be screaming either from pain or pure delight when it went in me. But, like I told you, he does have this ability to make a girl happy."

"You mean..."

"Yeah... down he went, and after two or three cums, I spread my legs and let it rip. I didn't care who caught me, I wanted that big old dick in me, and wild horses couldn't have kept it out."

"Did you scream and wake your parents?"

"Naw, not that night," Walter laughed.

Jessica slapped at him, and only succeeded in splashing everyone.

"You..." she said, but he kept on talking. "She says it took her forever to get used to it, but she's full of it. That first time I went in... it was tight, but it felt right, you know?"

Katy shook her head. The way she did it could have signified either a yes, or a no. Walter didn't take notice but continued. "The next weekend we got caught by her mother. I had her bent over the family sofa, and was doggy fucking her."

"It was the most embarrassing moment of my life," Jessica said.

"Yeah, yeah," he said, "until the time your dad caught us."

Jesus, Walt, must you..."

"She was blowing me... no, actually I had just cum all over her face, when the lights went on and she yells, "Daddy!"

"What happened?" Katy asked.

Walt laughed, and took a deep gulp from his drink, pointed at his wife, and said, "Her father told us to get a room at a motel, turned on his heel, and went back upstairs."

"How embarrassing," Katy said, commiserating with Jessica.

"That wasn't all," Walter said, looking at Jessica with a wide grin. "Maybe five minutes later we could hear the bed upstairs kind of walking its way across the room. Her old man was really pounding it into his old lady."

Katy was laughing along with him. A moment later, Jessica joined them.

They were finishing their drinks when Jessica said, "You want to kiss him, Katy?"

"If you don't mind."

"Go right ahead."

Walter pulled Katy into his arms and kissed her. It was a soft, easy kiss. He worried her lower lip after a time, and after several little nips and sucks on her lips, he sent his tongue into her waiting mouth.

Jessica took the opportunity to strip her suit off, leaving Katy's bottoms the only piece of clothing on in the Jacuzzi.

Jessica adroitly loosened the knots holding Katy's bottoms on, and tossed them off to one side while the couple's tongues continued their duel.

When the kiss ended, Jessica placed Katy's hand on her husband's rigid cock, and then kissed him longingly.

Katy began a slow masturbation she hoped would culminate with his cock in either her cunt or mouth. She planned to eat Jessica next, then let what happened, happen.

But the married couple had other plans. They were more experienced at this type seduction than Katy. Jessica gently pushed Katy to Walter. They kissed. It was a wet, sloppy kiss that sent bolts of electricity to Katy's loins.

At one point, Katy felt the warm heavy flesh of his manhood brush against her hip, and had to fight the overwhelming desire to abandon the kiss and take him into her mouth.

As it turned out, Jessica was thinking along the same line. She gently pushed her husband and Katy to the edge of the Jacuzzi.

They ended the kiss and looked questioningly at Jessica.

"Sit up here, honey," she said, patting the side of the Jacuzzi. "My best friend wants to suck that big old dick of yours, and I want to watch."

Katy's heart was racing, for she was beyond calling a halt to the proceedings. And completely absorbed in the moment; excited, full of lust, and feeling hypersexual, she bent forward and engulfed his prick, marveling at how her jaw was stretched to accommodate him.

As she fellated Walter, Katy climbed from the Jacuzzi to better position herself in servicing him. Jessica, on seeing this, put herself in position to get her face between Katy's legs, and began eating her pussy. Katy's muffled moans told her all she needed to know and a much relieved Jessica went at her friend with a gusto that had to be seen to be believed.

Katy came first; Jessica's talented mouth was more than she could stand. And when the huge stalk of Walter's cock popped from her mouth, Katy couldn't believe she'd had almost half of it in her mouth.

Jessica was busily fingering her to another orgasm, and Katy momentarily forgot about Walter's lovely cock. But she quickly remember it on hearing Jessica coo, "I think she's ready for you darling."

It took both Walt and Jessica to position Katy properly on the chaise lounge, but she went along with them, offering no resistance. Well, under the circumstances, why would she?

Out of half-lidded eyes, Katy saw his manhood swaying and bouncing against his thigh as he prepared to mount her.

"Wait a minute, baby," Jessica said.

Katy moaned, wanting him inside her.

But Jessica took a moment to give her husband's cock a juicy slurp; then engulfed his entire member and took him down her throat.

Walter used the time to play with Katy's tits, squeezing them with both hands, and then pulled on her nipples. Normally, this type play was something that Katy hated, but this time it seemed to be the perfect foreplay before getting laid.

A minute later, Jessica reluctantly took Walt from her mouth, gave him a pat on the rump and hissed, "Fuck her good, loverman!"

Katy never considered the fact that his pussy-stretcher might be too much for her tight pussy. From afar, Katy heard Jessica ask, "Think it will fit, baby?"

"I'll MAKE it fit," she heard him answer.

Jessica then slid in behind Katy, nestling herself against her. Katy vaguely felt the others breasts and dampened cunt against her back. She sensed, rather then saw Walter apply a generous dosage of Astroglide to his glistening cock. She was aware of Jessica tracing circles on her areole -- of Walter spreading her legs apart -- and pleasantly surprised when it was Jessica's fingers invading her cunt instead of Walter's cock.

"What?" she groaned in disappointment.

"Shush!" Jessica whispered into her ear. I'm helping to get him in you."

"Oh," she replied dumbly, and smiled contentedly as Jessica's fingers rubbed across her stiffening clitoris.

"That's it baby, get her ready for me," Walter said, the lust in his voice unmistakable to both woman. Through slitted eyes, Katy watched as Walt stroked his massive cock in preparation.

"Mmm, that's it, baby," Jessica cooed, "look at that big, thick cock."

The moment of truth arrived a moment later, with Walter placing his cockhead against Katy's entrance and slowly forging his way into her. He definitely had a different feel to him; more so than any other guy Katy had been intimate with. Not that she'd had that many guys; seven came to mind, and there might just have been one or two others... quick, furtive fucks while drunk during and right after high school.

First there was the stretching of her vagina. With it came an almost indescribable feeling.

Jessica hadn't completely abandoned Katy to her husband. After waiting for him to enter Katy, she began an almost methodical manipulation of Katy's breasts, caressing them, squeezing them and using a thing she liked to call, her 'milking method.'

With both Jessica and Walter providing thrill after thrill at what seemed like an unending pace, Katy closed her eyes and went into a swoon of delightful pleasure, giving herself up to the couple's ministrations.

Jessica continued to hold Katy in her arms; softly kissing her neck and earlobes. And, by gently rocking his hips, Walter eventually managed to work what Katy would later call, "His pussy-tamer" into her.

Coming out of her reverie, Katy moaned, "Oh, my god, it's so big!"

"Just relax, sweetie," Jessica whispered. "Try to relax your pussy."

She tried and succeeded to some extent, for the cock finally touched her cervix, and caused Katy to gasp in both pain and pleasure. Walter quickly withdrew all the way out, and with only the head remaining inside Katy, he gasped, "Okay, now here we go!" and plunged his cock all the way back in.

"Oh, Christ!" Katy screamed.

He took it out... thrust back in..."Oh, sweet Jesus!"

Walter increased the tempo of his thrusting, while Jessica pinched and pulled on Katy's nipples. Walter slowed down, but maintained the deep thrusting, and Jessica released Katy's throbbing buds and sought her clit, massaging it in time with her husband's thrusting.

That combination drove Katy to a massive climax; possibly both vaginal and clitoral, she wouldn't ever be sure. In any event, she fainted away from the pure bliss and ecstasy it brought her.

When Katy came to her senses, Jessica was going down on her, and Walter was fucking her from behind; driving his thick member into his wife's deepest recesses. And, when his hot sperm splattered against her womb, Jessica went stiff and motionless, except for turning her face away from Katy's cunt while gasping for much needed oxygen.

Both Katy and Walter waited several seconds before Jessica opened her eyes and looked dreamily at them.

"Wow! That was the best ever!" Jessica murmured, and then rolled over and lay in peaceful bliss looking up at the light patterns on the ceiling that were formed by the setting sun on the other side of the room.

Anxious to please the couple, Katy began to gently lick the combination of sweat and pool water coating Jessica's skin, concentrating on the area from her ears and throat. Jessica began to moan appreciatively as the tactile sensation of Katy's tongue drew a dewy line down the middle of her chest.

And when Katy moved beyond that on her way south, Walter began tracing circles around her areolea, doubling her pleasurable sensations.

Katy sank down to her knees on the cement surface, choosing to ignore the discomfort in order to pleasure her lover as much as possible. To accomplish this, she used the tip of her tongue to lick the residual fluids from Jessica's cunt. Succeeding in that, Katy used her entire tongue to lave the entry to Jessica's sex, swirling it about to garner the last traces of Walter's sperm.

Satisfied that she had accomplished that, Katy paid homage to the woman's clit, and kept at it until Jessica's hips were churning up to meet her face. Then she intensified her attack on Jessica's clit until the woman was screaming out with another profound orgasm.

Katy, blinded by lust, quickly abandoned Jessica and sought Walter's prick, drew it swiftly into her mouth, gave it a couple of firm sucks that produced a formidable erection. She spent a minute or so on the soft sacs encasing his balls; covering them with her warm saliva, and scratching the underside of his shaft with her long fingernails.

Walter's cock jerked as she sucked on the scrotal skin, and then popped one of his balls into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue.

Jessica, revived sufficiently to join in, began by kissing her husband. Then, with an animal-like grunt, Katy let his testes drop from her mouth and mounted him; guiding his missile-like shaft into her steaming orifice, and sinking down until he was rooted inside her.

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