tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 10

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 10

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 10

Bernie's Exhibitionist Fling

Bernie had two more dates with Eddie Boyle, but neither ended with anything close to the excitement he'd generated on the condo stairs during the hurricane. She began avoiding his calls, and after a brief interval, Eddie looked elsewhere.

Val was puzzled, for Bernie, while good looking didn't seem to attract all that many suitors; if suitor's translated into desirable hunks. But Val had her Joe, and while she was concerned about Bernie's lack of boyfriends, she didn't dwell on the matter. However, she and Bernie did continue their lesbian antics with some regularity.

One night, they took a blanket, and climbed up on to the roof of one the academic buildings at three in the morning. Giddily, they both stripped completely naked in the light of an almost full moon.

Then, after some whispered instruction, both girls sank down into a squatting position and masturbated in front of the other until both came. They followed this by performing sixty-nine on one another while rolling about in the graveled surface of the rooftop. Both were covered with scratches and small abrasions the next morning.

Eventually, Bernie did find someone who interested her, and on their second date put him to her litmus test.

His name was Mel, and as far as Bernie cared, he could kiss with the best. Yet it was far more than kisses that Bernie craved. It was the excitement she'd felt on being discovered fucking Eddie on that rain-drenched staircase, when with Eddie firmly planted in her cunt; one resident after another peered over the handrail at them as they fornicated in the eye of the hurricane.

Bernie wanted to be seen doing it, pure and simple. However, convincing someone to partner with her while exhibiting herself or them to public scrutiny wasn't as easy as one might think. Sure, plenty of guys were horny enough to screw her in the middle of the town square, but they wouldn't share the rush she got out of it, and that was major as far as Bernie was concerned. They had to be enjoying it almost as much as she was.

Her date with Mel, a senior and member of the NC State track team appeared to be promising. First, they had been intimate the night before; Bernie had blown him at the end of their movie date. Not in his car as one might expect, but in the alley up the street from the theater, with passers-by streaming by. He hadn't minded a whit. But no one thought to glance into the alleyway to see her on her knees. Now this was a bleak, cold, rainy day and they seemed to have the world to themselves as they strolled among the municipal buildings in downtown Raleigh.

They had enjoyed a nice lunch; both had had two beers, and Mel was letting his hand rub her -- as he phrased it -- cute little ass. As they drew near the Capital Building in the center of Capitol Square, with all the large trees and public monuments surrounding it, Bernie steered him toward the monument that she viewed as 'the spot.'

Leaning against the cool granite, she kissed Mel and gave his manhood a gentle squeeze. He was getting hard; she was already wet. After a furtive look around, Bernie decided the time was ripe, and hiked her skirt up.

"What the fuck!" Mel sputtered, caught off guard.

"No, no, this is good. It really is good, Mel," she said, hoping to calm him; wanting him to do her then and there.

"I know its raining, Bernie...but people will see us."

Bernie wouldn't allow him to object any further. She gave his cock another squeeze, felt it jump in her hand, and laughed.

"C'mon, Mel, it'll be a memorable fuck."

He glanced furtively around them; saw no one remotely close, took a deep breath and moved in close. Bernie drank his sweet beer breath into her lungs and pulled her underwear to one side.

"Fuck me, baby," she cooed, as if they were sequestered in a warm, dry motel room.

He fumbled with his fly, and extracted his erection. She pulled her skirt higher, raised one leg to the abutment leading off the monument. Mel caught the leg at the knee, held it up against his hip, and allowed Bernie to guide his cock into her moist nest.

But Mel was apprehensive, and after two quick thrusts, he paused and looked carefully for any possible passers-by. He saw none, but Bernie did. There were two oriental schoolgirls, possibly thirteen or fourteen years of age, sauntering by just out of Mel's vision. Bernie had the audacity to wave to them, and caught their attention. The girls stopped to gawk at Mel and Bernie. Bernie gave a little hop, propelling herself into Mel, and wrapped both legs about his waist.

"Fuck me hard!" she whispered into his ear, even as he began to pump furiously. It was quick, wild and good for the both of them. It was satisfying in that neither of them lasted very long; and with Bernie giggling inanely, and Mel tucking himself away, the two girls yelled over to them from what they felt was a save distance: "Way to go, guys! Way to go!"

"Where the hell did they come from?" Mel asked, not expecting an answer.

In a calm, almost detached tone, Bernie said, "Oh, they saw the whole thing, Mel. Start to finish. Didn't you see them over there?"

"No. Did you?"

"Oh, sure, I waited for them to get closer before I lifted my leg up for you."

"What are you, one of those voyeurs?"

"Wrong choice of words, Mel, I'm really an exhibitionist."

She was exhilarated to see that he was grinning. 'So he enjoyed it too!' Bernie told herself. And then she saw that he was hard again and obviously wanting another fuck, then and there.

"Wait," she said, not wanting to press her luck, "How about your car?"

"I thought you wanted people to see us?"

"I do. It's on the upper deck, remember?"

"Yeah...what's your point?"

"I don't want to screw in the car. I want to be spread over the hood."

"Be wet as hell on that fine ass, but if you're up for it, why not?"

"You must have something to drape over the hood," Bernie said, as they began running toward the municipal parking lot.

""I had you in mind," he replied. "But I can scrounge something up."

At the car, she stood beside the back door while Mel opened the trunk and rummaged around until he found a small throw rug that wasn't completely oil spattered. Then, with one hand on her ass, he escorted Bernie to the hood, spread the rug out, and hoisted Bernie onto the hood.

She squealed with delight as he pulled her skirt to her waist, and pushed her backward, then stepped between her widely spread legs. Through lust filled eyes, Bernie watched him pull his swollen cock free again. And with a knowledge that belied her years, she turned over and lay on her stomach, presenting her cunt to Mel, who with no hesitation, slammed his meat into her from behind, and fucked her like an animal in the wild.

Bernie watched him through the reflection in the raindrop covered windshield, as he kept plunging it in from behind her.

He later told her that he actually felt animal-like as he'd fucked away at her while she was spread across the hood of his car.

For her part, Bernie later confessed that she kept glancing at the office building across the street and tried to see who might be watching them. She was disappointed in not actually recognizing anyone behind the mirrored windows, but took consolation that someone must be looking at them, and so she waved gaily, as if on a ferry passing another ferry on the river.

After she enjoyed her second climax, she slid off the hood, pulled her panties back in place and enveloped his waning cock in her mouth, cleansed the remnants of his jizm from it, and playfully tucked him back in his pants.


Scott was Bernie's next conquest, although to be fair, it was actually Scott's girlfriend, Regna who she seduced first when she visited their apartment off campus to give Regna a birthday present.

Val had off-handedly suggested that Regna might be bi-sexual. Bernie couldn't get the thought out of her head. She also pondered whether she might seduce the both of them; and over a two-week period crafted a plan to do so.

It was about four in the afternoon when Bernie dropped by to see Regna and wish her happy birthday. Regna and Scott were lounging around still in their robes, watching a baseball game. Actually, Scott was watching and Regna was reading a spicy Victorian novel.

Regna greeted Bernie and happily accepted the present she had for her, while giving Scott a meaningful glance that informed Bernie he had not given Regna anything thus far.

The present got Bernie a light kiss from Regna and when Scott got up from the couch to greet her, Bernie kissed him firmly on the mouth, leaving him with a surprised look on his face.

Regna opened her present, and found a sexy lavender camisole top and matching tap pants. She hugged Bernie and kissed her again, this time the kiss lasted slightly longer than the first, and Bernie took it as a good sign of what was to come.

Scott just sort of looked and smiled, "Nice outfit," he said, and went back to the game.

Regna frowned momentarily, took Bernie's hand, and pulled her toward the bedroom, saying, "C'mon, let's see how it looks on me!"

Bernie watched as Regna removed her clothing and then tried on the lavender outfit. She did look gorgeous in it and set her breasts jiggling under the slinky material as she hopped about looking at her reflection in the mirror.

The two talked incessantly about everything under the sun, but Bernie kept steering the subject back to sex. Eventually, Regna confessed that she was concerned about her relationship with Scott. He was no longer as romantic as he used to be.

"Why not spice up your relationship?" Bernie inquired in a not so innocent fashion.

"Oh? Well...it's just that, you know, it's still good, but it's not exciting anymore. Actually, it's kinda boring of late."

"Sort of same old same old?" Bernie suggested.

"Yeah, exactly!" Regna agreed quickly, "Wham, bam, and a thank you ma'am."

"Um, let me ask you something, Regna."

"Sure, got some advice to spice things up?"

"Maybe. Have you guys ever tried having sex in strange places?"

Regna shook her head. "No, right here, missionary, like I said wham-bam, and then he's snoring."

Bernie waited, not speaking.

"He'd never go for it, anyway," Regna said at last.

Bernie was pleased. Regna had given her suggestion serious thought, now she would add the key ingredient to her recipe of seduction.

"What about a threesome?"

Bernie counted silently to three before Regna exclaimed, "You mean, the three of us?"

It was Bernie's turn to nod her head.

"I don't know ..." then she glanced at the door behind which Scott sat watching his ballgame.

"You know, that may be the best idea I've heard in a long time. But are you sure he'll want the both of us?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" Bernie asked rhetorically.

Scott was still absorbed in the game when the two women came out of the bedroom with brad smiles and a plan.

"Has the game got a lot longer to go?" Regna asked.

"No, not really," he replied. "It's the ninth inning, Cleveland's up by four. Probably a lock, you know?"

"Why don't you get dressed? We'll go out to dinner, the three of us," Regna said. It was not a question.

Scott grunted; reached for the remote, shut the television off. He got up from the couch, gave Bernie a sly glance, and went into the bedroom and dressed.

"Let's get him stoked up for later," Bernie whispered to Regna.


"Like this," Bernie said and kissed Regna softly on the mouth.

"What the hell?" Regna blurted when their lips parted.

"A threesome takes all three, baby," Bernie giggled and pulled Regna to her so that their breasts were pressed against each others.

She kissed her again, and this time Regna responded, opening her mouth to accept Bernie's serpentine tongue.

"Wow!" Regna exclaimed when the kiss ended, "it's like those girls who show their tits for T-shirts. What's it called?"

"I don't recall, but when Scott comes, out I want you sucking my tits."

"You want..."

Bernie's hand was between Regna's legs, rubbing her pussy.

"Jesus Christ! I never thought...."

"Yes you did, at least sub-consciously," Bernie croaked, "Now kiss me again, with feeling."

Scott entered the room five minutes later and found Regna sucking furiously on Bernie's right breast. Bernie held him in place with her eyes alone; and after she was certain he was mesmerized by what was taking place before him, she spoke. "I thought we'd have dinner, come back here and drive one another crazy all night long. Are you up for it, Scott?"

He couldn't formulate a reply, and Bernie cupped Regna under the chin and cooed, "Enough for now, sweet, let Scott have a taste."

Scott moved toward Bernie and accepted the breast Regna had just left, engulfing it in his mouth, and nibbling away at the stiffened nipple.

Regna dropped to her knees and raised Bernie's skirt, then moved between her legs, and tongued her panty-clad crotch.

"My, my," Bernie sighed, "Two very horny people. Do we really need dinner, or shall we feast on one another?"

"Let's stay in," Scott said, reluctantly tearing his lips from the nipple.

"Fuck you, Scott, we're going out, and staying out late," Regna hissed, from between Bernie's legs. Then she pulled Bernie's panties to one side, and began lapping at her labia with an energy that caught Bernie off guard.

Reluctantly, Bernie reached down and pulled Regna away from her pussy. She pointed at Scott's crotch and both women laughed on seeing the stain on Scott's slacks, and suggested he had better change them.

They were seated for dinner in a semi-circular booth, with Scott in the middle. With a pre-arranged cue from Bernie, Regna reached down and gave Scott's far from flaccid cock a rub. He jerked back in surprise, and when the waitress, a cute thing wearing a pushup bra to emphasize her breasts and hopefully increase the size of her tips, leaned over in his direction to take their order, Bernie gave his cock a good squeeze.

His reaction was such that even the waitress knew what had occurred under the table.

"Take it out, why don't you?" Bernie suggested, as Scott blushed from head to toe.

"Um, I...I wouldn't do that," the cute waitress stammered.

"Oh, we won't," Bernie chirped. "We just wanna tease him a little."

To the threesome's surprise, the waitress grinned lewdly and bending over in front of Scott so that her tits all but fell out of their cups, said, "Teasing's good. You might even get to give him some head -- the place doesn't get too crowded."

"Oh," Regna said, "we appreciate the advice."

"Don't mention it. And, hey...big guy, enjoy it. It's probably gonna be a memorable night."

"It's gonna be that all right," Bernie laughed and with a deft movement, reached down and removed her thong and dropped it on Scott's plate.

The waitress laughed and told them she'd be back in a minute to take their orders, and then left, wiggling her butt in an exaggerated fashion.

"A fellow conspirator," Bernie laughed, as the waitress went around the corner toward the bar.

"Should we ask her to join us?" Regna asked.

"She probably would," Bernie agreed, "but I doubt Scott can handle the two of us, much less that sexpot."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"Hey, the more the merrier," Scott said, growing bolder.

"Forget it Handsome," Regna said. "You're with us," and gave his cock another squeeze.

"I'm taking it out," he said.

"Gonna cum in your pants?" Bernie said to tease him.

"No, in your mouth. Now get down there and suck it like a good girl."

"Good girls don't give head...at least in restaurants."

"Who said you were a good girl?" Regna said, and laughingly reached around Scott and gave Bernie a push out of the seat toward the floor. Bernie went with the flow, and allowed herself to sink to the carpeted floor; and groping in the darkness, found his hardon, engulfed it, swirling her tongue over his cockhead, eliciting a long, satisfied moan from him just as the waitress returned to take their order.

She knew exactly what was going on, and with a husky laugh said, "Can you please keep the slurping to a minimum? It's annoying the other diners." But her eyes were on Scott, and to Regna's and Scott's amazement, the waitress reached into her bra and took her right breast out and pulled on the already engorged nipple.

"You've got me soooo hot, big guy. I wish I could join your friend there under the table."

Placing the breast back in its container, she grinned at him and said, "Maybe some other time?" And turned away to let Bernie work her mouth on Scott's cock.

"Jesus Christ! I don't believe this. I don't believe any of it. I must be having a wet dream!" Scott exclaimed.

Hearing him, Bernie took him from her mouth, spit on the head of his cock and resumed her place at the table. "Looks like you had a wet dream, lover," she said with a big smile.

Regna laughed at his expression which was mostly confused.

They got serious, gave the waitress their order, and ate without any further amorous display until Regna made Scott get up and dance with her after they'd finished eating.

Bernie followed, and since it was a slow number, she ground her pelvis into him, and when the following number was also a slow dance, made him cum in his pants.

The spent another hour dancing and drinking. Scott even got in a slow number with the waitress, who's name was Mickey. And both girls kissed her goodnight when they left.

Bernie insisted on driving them home so Regna and Scott could fuck in the backseat all the way home. Street lamps gave Bernie occasional glimpses of the two-backed beast in the backseat.

When Scott had finished, Bernie pulled the car off the road and parked in a residential area that promised a certain amount of privacy, but still held a certain level of danger that they might be caught.

She opened the door and moved the seat to allow her entry to the backseat, and closed the door. At first, her intention had been to have Scott sit in the driver's seat, leaving her alone with Regna, but an easy escape turned her off. She wanted the risk factor to remain high, and as an added dividend, thought that Scott might revive while she and Regna got it on.

Regna lay back and parted her thighs, giggling inanely as Bernie spread her sex apart with her fingers, revealing Scott's semen drooling from Regna's snatch.

"Oh, I just love this!" Bernie crooned, and went down on Regna, sucking and swallowing the remnants of Scott's ejaculation, and in the process, bringing Regna to a rapid orgasm. A police car drove past so silently that none of the passengers in the car saw them until they were turning the corner.

Scott restarted the car and pulled away, ignoring Bernie's protest. Regna went down on her, and was still licking away, when Scott parked the car at their apartment.

As they left the elevator and headed for the apartment door, Bernie took Scott by the arm and said, "Let's do something really kinky...want too?"

"What do you have in mind?" Scott asked, already unzipping his fly.

Bernie licked her lips, and said, "The three of us...here in the hall."

"No fuckin' way!" Scott said, envisioning a neighbor finding them copulating in front of his apartment door.

"Scott's not ready for either of us," Regna announced after taking his limp dick out and examining it.

"Here's what we do, guys," Bernie said. "I saw this in a porn flick about a week ago. I lay down in front of the door...which you can open if you want to play it safe. You hold my pussy open, Scott, and Regna will eat me out. Then when you're good and hard again you fuck me doggy-style while I go down on Regna."

"Regna chirped "Sounds like a plan!"

Scott, envisioning the scene to come, put his concerns aside and knelt next to Bernie and spread her labia for Regna.

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