tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 11

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 11

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 11

Conrad & Leah - Myrtle Beach

Conrad and Leah knew one another better now at this, their fourth get together. They were in Leah's motel room and, after several drinks and a satisfying sample of cocaine, they got down to business. Monkey business, that is.

"Mmmm, have I told you that you've got a nice juicy ass," Conrad chuckled softly, in the pretty blonde hooker's ear. "I like rear ending. Do you, baby?"

Still smoldering from the effects of having a smattering of the white powder licked from her cunt, Leah turned to face him, revealing once again that she was a natural blonde in all respects,

"Yeah, sure," she murmured, "sometimes I like it in the ass."

He leaned over her shoulder and kissed her. As a rule, hookers don't kiss, but Leah considered this to be a kind of relationship. A kinky relationship, but with his seemingly endless supply of high grade cocaine, she felt it was all right to bend some rules.

'Hell,' she thought, 'for the constant highs he was providing, she would have tied the rules into the shape of a pretzel and thrown them into the Atlantic.

Conrad's hands had a tight grip on her ass. His fingers glided lightly, teasingly, across her wrinkled pucker, and Leah almost did a dip trying to press her legs together to heighten the erotic tension.

Using his thumbs, he spread her cheeks apart. Leah shuddered and had a mini-orgasm. A moment later, a finger rubbed over her anus, applying a light but firm pressure against it. A warm sensation lit up her bowels, and Leah realized he had applied some coke back there. A pleasurable whimper escaped her lips. "That's it! Baby, you sure know the way to a girl's heart."

"It ain't you're heart I'm after, honey," Conrad croaked, as Leah got down on her knees, her ass now jutting up in further invitation to him.

Conrad felt especially good. 'The coke's working,' he thought, moving his mouth upward, intent on spending a tantalizing eternity on that tiny strip of border flesh between her anus and cunt known as the perineum. But after another application of coke, the area was growing raw from the intensity with which he was licking her. He knew that his tongue was driving her crazy, and seeing her fingers thrusting harder and faster, in and out of her creamy cunt, supported his theory.

Conrad delighted in teasing this whore, now a sometime girlfriend. His tongue moved a half-inch north and she made a whooshing sound. He cupped her buttocks and slapped them twice, then spread them, baring the tiny pink tightness of her clenched asshole.

"I love you here, too," she heard him whisper, and his tongue began to rim and tickle the furrowed rosebud. He pried her tiny orifice open, and his tongue moved into the dilated opening, flicking, stabbing and making a shallow, but undeniable penetration.

Leah jerked at each touch, as if he'd slapped her with a paddle rather than flicked her with his tongue. Her ass grew hotter and hotter under his hands, and her fingers became almost maniacal inside her pussy and over her rigidly engorged clit.

"Christ," she panted, "Oh, Christ...."

He covered her anal opening with his mouth and sucked. A part of Leah's mind was thinking, God, how gross! He's sucking my asshole! But the vibrant sensations he was wringing out of her caused her to respond on a more primitive level, and her body began to shake and quiver in excitement reacting to the caresses of his hot, hungry mouth.

Leah found that, by reaching back she could take hold of his prick, and thought, God, he is hard! Her fist didn't quite fit around him, causing her to think, What a wild and uninhibited pair we are!

She was totally conscious of the pulsation beating through his rock-hard cock and allowed her fingers to moisten themselves in the small estuary of precum oozing from his slit.

"What you're doing is so filthy," she told him in a choked voice, "but you're making me so hot, too."

His tongue continued to worm its way into her rectum. He licked up the crack of her ass, then back down, returning to her backdoor for more of the same hot turn-on he'd been giving her. Her hand lovingly caressed his cock. She liked his size, his hardness, the eagerness his prick always showed as it fought to get inside her.

She searched her memory for another experience like this one. Most clients were relatively easy: a little sucking, a good fuck, with the occasional guy wanting to put it up her kiester. Then it came to her -- the three black guys in Santa Monica. That had been about as nasty an experience as she had ever had. She had taken all three of their big dicks at once. But they hadn't switched holes, and all had come at about the same time. But Conrad, or whatever the fuck his name was - well, he was different. Each time they had been together he had managed to excite her, and that was unusual for Leah. As sexual partners went, they seemed to be perfectly matched.

"Let's do it now," she heard him say, bringing her back.

'Do what?' Leah thought, as she drifted in a cocaine induced haze. Nevertheless, she shifted her lithe body, giving him access to whatever part of her he desired. He kissed his way up her body, licking her spine, and her shoulder blades. He pushed her long blonde tresses aside and his mouth found hers.

It felt weird to be kissing him after he'd had his tongue up her ass, but she thought she'd done worse. But aside from the three black guys, she couldn't recall any.

Leah opened her mouth and he sucked her lower lip between his and chewed it. She had not been kissed this way since high school and, when he changed off and nipped at her upper lip, she sent her tongue out in greeting. And then, from nowhere his index finger slid into her anus, and she came.

He rolled Leah onto her back. She lay spread-eagled while awaiting his next move. He fell upon her, kissing and sucking her tits. Leah's nipples throbbed against his tongue. His finger found her open pussy, wedged it open a little more. She reached down, grabbed his cock, and squeezed it hard.

Leah looked up at him, her eyes full of lust. "I'm gonna come all over your dick," she whispered in her sultriest voice. Then she laid back, knees up, her pink cunt glistening, wet and ready. She cupped a breast with one hand and spread her moistened folds with the fingers of the other.

Conrad grinned lewdly as the juicy gleam of her cunt's interior came into full, glorious view. Leah couldn't see it herself but had studied herself in this and other positions in enough mirrors over time to know exactly how it looked to him.

"Oh, yes," she said, the urgency in her voice betraying her customary professionalism. "Tickle my clit with that big hard thing!" He rubbed her vigorously. But she didn't need any extra stimulation.

"Yes, right there," she gasped, as he teased her clit with the tip of his cock. She put the backs of her legs on his shoulders and aligned her cunt to meet the anticipated thrust of his aroused cock.

"No," he said, with finality she understood all too well. "It's your ass I'm after."

So be it, Leah thought, and hoisted her legs a little higher, so as to present her ass to him. Conrad centered himself on her puckered hole, and pressed his hips forward, bringing his cock-head within an inch of her well-slathered anus.

Leah couldn't contain a muffled moan of delight as he shifted his hips forward, and his cock slithered some two inches into her hot, clutching flesh. She wanted it -- was ready for it -- but his cock was thick and long, and she couldn't keep back a surprised cry of pain as the tip of his shaft disappeared into the firm, tanned cheeks of her ass.

"OH, JESUS!" she screeched, as he stabbed again at her slightly dilated anus.

Trying to help both of them, she worked her ass up and down, and after a few painful moments, her pucker widened considerably, and her ass swallowed most of his cock but not all.

Her cry of pain caused him to pause for a few seconds, giving her an opportunity to relax her muscles. It seemed to work, for eventually she slapped his thigh, signaled him to continue, saying, "Giddiyap, cowboy."

He placed his hands firmly on her hips, and slowly rotated them. As he moved, he let out a husky moan of delight, and Leah, in turn, whimpered with pleasure. He continued to slap the jiggling cheeks of her ass while he filled her with his lengthy cock.

Leah winced and whimpered, but decided that she was really enjoying his playful slaps. Her ass stung, but the slapping seemed to help him gain further depth into her now hungry ass. Conrad's hand slipped around to the front of Leah's body as if it had a mind of its own. He located her clit and teased it, bringing her to an even higher state of arousal. She sobbed and began to twist and churn against his slowly grinding prick. He responded by pumping faster, slamming more of his lengthy member into her anal channel.

Shit chute, he thought, I'm in her shit chute. He was achieving sensations he hadn't felt in a long time, and lost himself in the feel of it, his powerful hips twisting, circling, thrusting, and pounding away at her.

Both appeared lost in the delirious sensuousness of it all and, he told her gruffly, "There's a line on the table next to your left hand."

Leah never hesitated, and intuitively knowing his intent just reached out and dabbed a finger into the coke, and then brought it right to her clit. The intended effect occurred faster than she had imagined it would, triggering an intense orgasm that was lengthened by the pounding of his pulsating prick within her asshole.

"Can't...stop coming!" she shrieked dizzily. Conrad slammed into her, slowly pulled out, and then slammed back in again. His entire length was inside her now. Leah had never felt anything like it.

"Yesssss!" she moaned, her inner fires boiling her blood.

"Oh, fuck me, honey! Make me fuckin' cum forever!"

"I'll make us both come," he panted, ramming into her with a ferocity that only a drug crazed being could manage.

Leah jerked forward, but gravity caused her ass to return and, as it did, it swallowed his entire cock. He kept slapping her on the ass, but the strokes were lighter - only love-pats now - and she hardly noticed them in the continuing delight of her ecstasy.

"Yes, yes, yes," she whined, over and over and over, as her asshole sucked voraciously around the thrusting shaft of his hard cock.

"Ohhh, fuck, yeah!" Conrad gasped, and as he reached the point of no return he jettisoned his sperm into her enlarged anus, coating her walls with his seed. Her rectum convulsed around his prick. He gasped, and ground his member into her one last time before pulling out and tendering his still somewhat rigid cock to her gaping mouth.

She accepted him without a murmur, enveloping his fecal-flecked cock into her throat and sucking on it as if it were a lollipop and she a seven-year-old addicted to sweets.

"Squeeze those tits of yours," he hissed at her. And she did, marveling at the wondrous sensation resulting from her doing so. She had never gotten this type feeling before from playing with her breasts and found it very curious, deciding to explore it later.

He grunted and tossed his head back, "C'mon, you whore, suck me hard!"

Pissed off at being called a whore, Leah roared back, "I'll take all you can bring and more, mother-fucker!"

To prove her point, she took him from her mouth -- noting that she had bathed him clean -- and began to jerk his semi-flaccid penis, alternating with the occasional strong sucking motion on the crown.

Conrad laughed manically, pleased with her performance. Leah merely grunted in response, totally entangled in her own emotions.

The fact that he hadn't been laid for two weeks ensured Conrad that his performance would be first rate. With the ingestion of coke and having had it applied to various body parts, Leah was willing to admit that he was more than just a capable performer. He grew solid again and shoved it into her cunt without warning. Leah cried out sharply, but began to writhe and buck under him.

He enjoyed the sight of her breasts bouncing and jiggling in tandem as he flounced his ass cheeks while steering his manhood to the edge of her cervix.

Leah cried out, her hips heaving up under him as he triggered another orgasm for her.

He waited a few moments for it to subside, and then growled, "FINISH ME OFF!"

Dazed, Leah moved to respond, and took him in one hand, but in her eagerness to suck him to a finish, missed her mouth the first time. Then she had it, alive and throbbing, loving the silken feel of him on her tongue. She was enthralled as his velvet skinned cock jerked against the back of her throat. She let out a muffled groan of pleasure at the sensation it caused, and then began to suck wildly - reaching frantically for her left breast, finding it and encircling it with one hand - then squeezing unmercifully, leaving an unsightly bruise that would have her wondering what the hell she had done the next day.

Leah continued to fellate him for the next ten minutes, using every trick she knew, and there were many, but she couldn't get him to come. Still sucking rapaciously, she played with his balls, gently squeezing them, and then circled his dick with the fingers of one hand, and jerked feveredly.

Conrad finally reached the point of no return and just erupted. She stayed with him all the way, swallowing every cell in every ounce of sperm released by his load.

He kissed her gently afterward, and when Leah almost sorrowfully ended the kiss, he surprised her by saying, "Baby, that was the best blowjob I ever had."

He kissed her once again, savoring the taste of his own bodily fluids as she wantonly trickled a small amount from her mouth into his.

They showered and then returned to the bed. Leah sniffed another line and then waited until he had done one too. She felt so good that she cooed and firmly grabbed his left ass cheek in her hand, at the same time snaking her right hand around his waist to caress his chest and stomach.

He rose up until he was kneeling in the middle of the bed. Leah ducked her head under his arm, and he leaned down showering her with coke-inspired kisses. Her hand lazily caressed its way down his chest, finding the roots of a certain patch of hair. When her hand finally found his cock, he sat back on his heels, silently encouraging her mouth to follow where her hand had gone.

Leah moved around to kneel in front of him, putting them face to face. She paused to kiss him full on the lips, pressing her breasts against his chest. Conrad crushed her to him in a strong hug, as he whispered his secret desire in her ear. Leah giggled and hugged him back in a numbing embrace.

Reluctantly releasing him from their embrace, Leah kissed her way down his belly to his bobbing erection, the sight of which wrought a jolt of arousal to her pussy. Greedily, she locked her mouth on it, flicking her tongue over the corona. He moaned as her hand stroked downward, pulling the foreskin out of the way. Leah's mouth followed the motion of her hand, enveloping the exposed knob in velvety warm pleasure. She paused for a moment, ignoring his gentle thrusting.

Still humping her mouth, Conrad ran his hands through her blonde tresses until she placed her hand on his belly, signaling him to slow down. He stopped and said, "Did I ever tell you what a wonderful cocksucker you are?"

"Yes, but it's nice to hear you say it again. A girl can't get enough compliments these days," she said and laughed. Then she ended the laughter by taking him between her lips, and tonguing the ridge where his foreskin ended.

"I wish..." he said, and went no further.

"Hey," she said.


"You said, 'I wish.' "

"Did I?"

"Yeah, I'm sure I heard you right. What is it? Was there something you wanted me to do?"

Conrad's tough veneer crumbled and his face took on a bashful, embarrassed look.

"Hey, there's no one here but you and me. You want me to do sometime weird?"

"Yeah, fuck, yeah," he said, his confidence buoyed by her readiness to try anything. "Let's do it. No time like the present."

"Another line first?" she asked.

"Sure, go for it."

Leah deftly laid out two neat lines on the mirror placed face up on the bedside table, and they took turns sniffing the drug through a rolled up hundred dollar bill. "So what is it you wanna try?"

"It's in the closet over there," he told her. "It's wrapped in a towel. Bring it over. All right?"

With her pupils dilating rapidly, Leah slipped off the bed and moved to the closet. Opening the doors, she rummaged around, heard him leave the bed, and turned to face him. Conrad had the bedside table drawer open and was extracting a large pink dildo and a bottle of lubricant.

Leah turned back to rummage some more, found the towel she was looking for, and turned back to him, smiling broadly. In her hand she held a thick, black, leather harness. He smiled weakly, trying not to show his embarrassment.

Her call girl experience told her that he was having conflicting feelings about this. He wanted to try it, but the stigma of a 'man' enjoying this activity with what amounted to a casual stranger was difficult for him to reconcile.

Harness in hand, Leah returned to the bed. Conrad seemed pleased that she had offered no comment, found no fault with him for wanting this particular perversion. He drew her onto his lap and nuzzled the crook of her neck. She purred with real and not feigned pleasure, as his mouth plucked at first one nipple, then the other.

"Mmmm," she purred, "I can still feel your cum running down my thighs. I like it."

She put a hand between her legs, getting it wet from the mix of their fluids. She made a sound of appreciation as she put her fingers in her mouth, then she slid from his lap and, standing at the side of the bed, took the dildo from his hand and slid the large rubber ring down to its flared base. Holding the harness, she wriggled the four strips of fabric under the rubber ring, and snapped the dildo into place. Stepping carefully, she placed first one leg, then the other into the leg straps, then shimmied them into position.

Conrad laughed nervously as he watched her cup the curve of her ample bottom before snapping the wide strap around the fullness of her hips. Seeing the lust in his eyes brought a wide smile to her mouth.

His erection had returned full force. He pulled her closer, went for her breast, and bending his neck suckled first at her left tit, then the right. Leah couldn't help but moan, and then held her breast to his mouth as his mouth and teeth titillated her entire body.

Approximately two minutes later, she carefully extracted her breast from his hungry lips, and moved around him to kneel at the edge of the bed. Her bottom jutted out in the air in front of him --- he noted that her asshole was still gaping wide from his earlier anal penetration, and shivered at the thought of his own anus being forced to open in a like manner.

For some reason, Conrad sought to forestall the inevitable and slid his hand between her legs. Leah moaned with renewed pleasure when he caressed her clit, already profusely slick with her fluids. He continued to toy with her clit until she moaned loudly, nearing another orgasm.

"You want me to stop with this thing?" she asked.

"No...but I wanna fuck you again first," he told her.

"Be my guest," Leah said, and with a loud grunt, he surged into her juicy, wet cunt. Leah moaned, then pushed back against him to get him fully inside her. And when he grasped the waist strap of the harness with both hands, she moaned once more. Somehow this changed his angle, and his prick was glancing over her G-spot each time he surged into her.

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