tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 14

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 14

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 14

September 1983 - Val Get's Knocked Up

The marriage between Joe and Val occurred well before schedule for two reasons. Initially, they spent most of their free time fucking like rabbits. Both freely admitted to friends they were addicted to sex and each other. This raised a serious question, one which neither could adequately answer. If they loved having sex so much, what would happen if one of them were to find themselves alone with someone else, with the opportunity to have sex without the other being aware of it?

Joe was well aware that it was bees-and-honey time with Val anytime members of his fraternity happened by. Especially the way Val had begun dressing. Of course, she dressed sluttishly for his benefit, but the guys would see her and, although never in her presence, they made comments as to how great she would be in bed. Joe didn't take them seriously at first, but the idea of Val actually fucking one of his fraternity brothers, or even someone else nibbled away at him until he started an argument with Val over her attire. Joe lost that argument because Val threatened to cut off their sexual dalliances, which was more than he could tolerate.

But Val felt much the same about Joe, and the many girls that seemed to flock around him anytime they went out. She also had the benefit of her roommate, Bernie's comments about his sexual prowess; and the never-ending question of when they would have another three-some.


Things might have continued as usual had not Joe run into an old buddy named Garth and over drinks Joe happened to mention that he and Val were in need of a place where they could enjoy some relative privacy from the scrutiny and interference of others on campus.

"Funny you should say that," Garth laughed knowingly. "Kit has been working on getting us a place where we can be alone together." He looked thoughtful. "She doesn't live on campus, you know. She's from Raleigh, but she has a married cousin over in Cary who she's living with to keep expenses down. The cousin will be out of town starting this Friday, her husband, too. So Kit and I will have the house all to ourselves... "

His tongue moved in one cheek. "Maybe you could join us. I don't think Kit would mind, it's a pretty big house... lots of room. I don't think the neighbors are home either."

"Yeah, sounds great, but what is Kit gonna think about us barging in on her?"

Garth grinned. "Actually, Kit suggested having another couple along... you know, to break up the time between fucking our brains out."

"Um," Joe said after a moment, "You're not suggesting we swap dates, or anything, are you?"

"Hell no! Kit is my girl. That means no one else touches her."

That satisfied Joe, and when he told Val of the offer, she was delighted; especially when she realized they would be staying overnight.

A mischievous look crossed her face when he mentioned Garth's girlfriend seemed to want someone else around. Actually, she was thinking back to the night she'd shared him with Bernie, and how she might like to try another partner... as she had in the car that night.

Two days later, Val hopped in the Crown Victoria next to Joe, and he introduced her to Garth. It turned out they had met before, but only to the point of nodding at one another. This was followed by Garth introducing her to Kit.

The girls hit it off immediately, causing the guys to exchange looks before putting their arms around their respective girl's shoulders and setting off.

The house was perched up on a hillside overlooking a golf course and a fairly large pond. To Val's delight there was a modest redwood hot tub on a sheltered deck, and the rising tendrils of steam were most inviting.

"After dinner," Garth said, and Val nodded enthusiastically.

They ate at a cozy Italian restaurant, then returned to the house and sat in the living room while they continued to get to know one another.

Val found Kit surprisingly shy. But the relaxed company, the third bottle of red wine, and the heightened prospect of sex with their respective partners loosened the girl's inhibitions.

Val, perhaps more inebriated than the others, started laughing, and then got up and crossed over to the couch where Garth and Kit were sitting, and plopped herself down on Garth's lap and kissed his cheek.

Garth had a surprised expression on his face. Kit giggled, and Joe's face grew red. Garth gently eased Val from his lap, and Kit promptly took her place. Laughing, Val sauntered back to Joe and sat on his lap. A moment later she seemed startled, then announced to the others that he had an erection.

Garth stood up and said, "I think we're ready for the hot tub."

"We're more than ready," Kit said, and got up and began removing her clothing.

Val hopped up, unzipped her skirt, let it fall in a heap around her bare feet. Her pale yellow panties peeked out from beneath her shirttail. Garth stood and began to undress without missing a beat. Joe followed, realizing he really had no choice in the matter, and thoughts of an orgy ran through his mind.

Kit glanced at the others. Joe was standing in his Jockey's. Val had lost her shirt and was reaching behind her to undo her bra hooks. Garth kicked off his loafers and lowered his slacks. He was not wearing underwear, and his hardon sprang free and bobbed up and down, reminding her of a sprinter at the starting blocks waiting for the gun to sound.

The men looked at the women, comparing and contrasting their bodies. Val was statuesque, Kit petite. Without their realizing it, the two women did the same to the men. Val felt a certain smugness in that Joe was larger than Garth, but nonetheless wanted to know what Garth would feel like inside her.

Joe saw that Kit's body was everything he might have hoped for: a small waist above slightly flaring hips, very nicely shaped legs, and given her small stature, rather oversized breasts topped by unusually large nipples. Her erect posture kept those luscious melons from sagging, and from the way she held her shoulders back, she was obviously proud of them.

It was Val who commented on them. "Jesus, girl, you've got quite a set of tits on you!"

"I've been blessed, but I see you've been blessed too." Both girls began laughing, and Val stepped forward and cupped Kit's right breast, pretending to weigh it.

Val's dark nipples betrayed her arousal. Both Kit and Garth looked down between Val's legs at the curly dark patch of pubic hair surrounding her vagina. Garth compared the two women. Kit was dark as well, but her bush covered her entire mons, unlike Val, who had trimmed her pubic hair into a neat triangle.

Garth opened the sliding glass doors to the deck and the hot tub. Kit skipped past him and wasted no time in entering the swirling, bubbly water, hissing through her teeth in pleasure at the heat. Beads of sweat instantly popped out all over her face and shoulders. Val looked ill at ease for a moment, then ever the tease, brushed past Garth, making sure her nipples made contact with his arm as she did, and with a little yelp of joy, jumped in and sat next to Kit.

When all four were situated in the hot water, Val sought out Joe's erection and gave it a squeeze. The other couple saw her do it, and Kit responded by telling Garth to kiss her. When he did, and she was sure that Val and Joe both had their eyes on her, she began to jerk Garth off.

Val immediately did the same to Joe, who cupped her breast and with a soft moan, brought it to his mouth.

"You are a horny little thing, aren't you?" Garth said to Val, who laughed, and pretended to offer him her other breast.

"Thanks, but no thanks," he said. "I've got all the tittie I can handle right here." Even Joe couldn't take his eyes off Kit's gently bobbing breasts as he uttered the words.

"Suck on them, baby!" Kit said, urging his face into her chest.

That galvanized Val into action. She threw her arms around Joe's neck, and sent her crotch against his throbbing dick. When his hands found her ass and raised it to the appropriate height, she straddled him, and as they kissed, he entered her easily.

As they began their fuck, both were more than vaguely aware of the other couple doing essentially the same thing, only a few inches away from them.

Joe shifted position slightly, putting Val's back against the side of the tub. She spread her knees wider and tucked up her ass a little, sending him deeper into her love nest.

But nature has a way of evening things out, and so Joe found that while the sensations of the hot, swirling waters were more than pleasant, maintaining his erection proved difficult and he kept slipping out of Val's delightful pussy.

Val gradually accepted this condition, and leaned her head and shoulders back against the redwood. Her lascivious grin boosted Joe's lust even higher and when she caressed his face, everyone in the tub saw his cock twitch.

"Let's get up on one of the lounges," Val whispered throatily. "We can fuck our brains out there."

Joe catapulted himself from the tub, and reached down to haul Val's nude, dripping body up next to him.

"It would be better inside," Kit called out.

Val and Joe quickly realized she was right, as the cold air began to chill the two of them.

With a quick nod, Joe grabbed two towels and escorted Val inside as they dried themselves.

Meanwhile, in the hot tub, Kit had her ankles locked around Garth's waist. The steamy water glistened on her olive skin, and her short hair was plastered against her skull. Soft, gasping sounds came from her open mouth, indicating that they were having better luck with their fornicating underwater thanks to several practice sessions in the past.

Inside the house, Joe carried Val's still damp body to the sofa and laid her down. She kissed his throat while seeking out his rigid cock, placed it at her entrance and tried to suck the head into her steamy hole.

Joe began to fuck Val, but couldn't refrain from looking out at the deck and the couple in the hot tub. He was surprised to see Garth stroking his member into a wildly grinning Kit, who had her back arched so that her cunt was forced into his crotch. Joe closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on Val, who could not see the hot tub and its copulating occupants.

Opening his eyes, Joe saw Kit's breasts floating on top of the bubbling waters, her nipples engorged and seemingly reaching out to him even at the distance between them.

Joe slowed his strokes in order to watch the other couple. He saw Kit bite her lip and let her eyes roll back while pulling Garth's ass toward her with her heels.

It was obvious they were both climaxing, and by way of response, Joe squeezed Val's ass cheeks; let his fingertips play around the edges of her asshole. She shivered, and mashed her pelvis against him, cooing, "Fuck me, baby! Oh gimme that cock!"

"I'm close, baby!" Joe husked in her ear. "Are you gonna cum for Daddy?"

"Oh, yeah, Joe! Gonna cum... right now!"

"Want me to cum in you, or on you?" Joe said this because having started in the hot tub, he wore no protection.

"In me! Oh, yeah, cum inside me!' she panted.

He let it rip, and flooded her vagina with his seed. Apparently one of which made its way through Val's system until finding a fertile egg and initiating the conception of what would become a little boy.


The weekend continued in that vein. Neither couple remotely suggested switching partners, but both couples did their best to drive the other wild with desire. Of course, this heightened everyone's sexual appetite, and they were constantly jumping their partner's bones the entire time they spent in the house.

As the weekend came to an end, they all agreed it had been a wonderful time and they would certainly do it again. But some six weeks later, when Val noticed she'd missed her second period, she discovered the inevitable. She was pregnant.

The second get together was postponed, and Joe made arrangements for him and Val to elope, rather than embarrass both families with a big-bellied bride walking down the aisle.

Conrad Meets With Sammy

Conrad Gentner figured he'd let some time go by after killing Ernesto and Domingo in the motel. He never gave a second thought to having dusted Leah. He'd heard a made guy in Newark comment about a guy killed by a stray bullet in a robbery gone sour years back; 'Collateral damage,' he'd called it. That was what Leah was: Collateral damage.

He'd left Myrtle Beach quickly and quietly, taking a motel room in Supply, North Carolina for a full day during which he slept for the most part.

The following morning he drove to the Wilmington airport and left the stolen car there, went into the terminal and rented a new Mustang convertible, and headed to Wrightsville Beach where he took an ocean front room at the Blockade Runner.

Conrad felt safe; after all, no one knew who he was. The newspaper reportage was sketchy at best. "A drug massacre," they said, and Conrad smiled. It was that, all right, he thought. But could the Columbians connect him to the dead men? Unlikely, he figured, as he had only spoken to them over the phone. The go-between, who'd put him in contact with the two, was also dead – fish food in the Atlantic.

Now what? he asked himself. I've got the money and the cocaine. Thing to do is sell the coke, bank the money, maybe buy into some business not even remotely connected to the crime scene. But what, and how?

He went down to the restaurant and enjoyed a thick steak, but was dismayed to learn that they did not have liquor by the drink. Beer or wine was available, and he opted for an expensive bottle of red Merlot. He sat there for a little over two hours, finishing his steak and slowly sipping the wine while watching everything going on around him.

Conrad was a careful man, always had been, from high school on. He thought back to the armed robbery back in 1981 and smiled. That had been a bit of unexpected luck; too bad about the others. It occurred to him that Sammy Pardo, an old buddy, might be of use to him. He made two phone calls before reaching Sammy.

"Sammy, Conrad."

"Hey, Connie, long time no see. What's up?"

"That's what I always liked about you, Sammy; you always get right to the point."

"Time is money, Connie. My uncle told me that when I was a kid, and it's true."

"First off, this is strictly you and me. No need to mention our conversation to anyone."

"I understand, Connie. Go on."

"You still dabble with snow, Sammy?"


"Got the right sort of contacts?"

"I might."

"Maybe we should meet, catch up on old times."

"I heard you're not local anymore. That right?"

"That's right, Sammy. But I'll be in Jersey next week. You got a place we can meet without anyone being the wiser?"

"Yeah, Journal Square. What day? What time?"

"How's four-thirty, Wednesday afternoon sound?"

"Good. It's the start of the rush hour traffic."

"Got a specific spot?"

The Orange Julius, next to the entrance to the PATH."

"Lots of people around there, Sammy." The caution evident in Conrad's tone.

"That's my point. Then we walk; maybe take a train ride to Manhattan."

Conrad laughed. "Same old Sammy; cautious, that's what I like about you."

"That's me, all right. I done my time. I don't ever wanna go back."

"Me too, Sammy," Conrad said, "Me too."

"See you then, Connie."

"Yeah, well, so long, Sammy."

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