tagBDSMWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 19

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 19

byParis Waterman©

February, 1984 - Laura Meets Lou

The situation felt weird, but good. Laura hadn't kissed anyone in months, not since she'd broken up with Marta and Milton and their friends.

Now, here she was on a date with some guy who was barely eighteen, of course she was not quite nineteen, but there seemed to be a world of difference between them. She'd only gone out with him at the insistence of her only friend, Nellie.

But Justin had one thing going for him, persistence. Laura knew damn well that he wanted to kiss her following the movie, and was playing the bitch, teasing him, but leading him on until there was nothing either of them could do but kiss in the front seat of his Chevy.

To her surprise, he was a fairly good kisser, at least by her standards. When her mouth opened to receiver his tongue, he seemed to relax into the kiss and began touching the warm skin of her lower back. His tongue jutted further into her mouth -- too far, and somewhat leaden, she thought. She shifted, and he pressed his crotch against her thigh. He was hard.

Of course he's hard, she thought, I've been teasing him forever.

He jerked his hips against her and suddenly pulled her body against his, rolling her on top of him. Heat jolted through Laura's abdomen, and her cunt suddenly felt heavy and thick.

"You are so pretty..." he mumbled, fumbling with the hooks on her bra.

"Here, let me help," she said, not wanting him to tear her clothing.

Laura had always dated older guys. Well, in her limited experience, that is. Dwight had been twenty-one. She had no idea how old Milton and his friends were, but if pressed she'd have guessed forties and fifties.

Justin's being younger felt good. For one, she knew she could control him. He would go only as far as she wanted him too. The problem, if it was a problem was her hunger, her seemingly insatiable hunger for sex.

He's too young... but his hands are already squeezing my tits....

She sighed, removed her bra, and then shimmied out of her skirt, feeling positively sluttish sitting there in her panties while he watched. He growled and pounced on her right breast like a three-month old baby late for its two AM feeding.

Laura allowed him to suck each breast for several minutes, reveling in the wonderful sensations his mouth was wringing from them.

But she felt a stronger need eventually, and attacked his belt buckle, then his trousers, until she managed to fee his silken appendage. She leaned in, kissed the thin line of hair on his taut belly. Justin was skinny, but wiry, and gasped out loud when she bluntly told him that she wanted to taste him.

Laura hovered for a few seconds, breathing on his cock and watching it twitch expectantly. She ran the tip of her tongue lightly over the head and kissed it with the gentlest pressure she could create.

She was wondering if he'd like it if she nibbled her lips around the flaring edges. She told herself, If this puppy's stuttery breathing is any indicator he will.

But as her mouth descended on him, Justin gasped, his cock jerked in her mouth, and he came, spewing the heaviest load of cum Laura had ever encountered.

She was unable to handle it all, and started coughing and spitting until an air passage opened in her throat. She still had him in her fist and rubbed the hot, velvety flesh of his knob over her lips and swallowed the remainder of his sperm.

"I... I didn't mean too..." he whined.

"It's all right; you'll get it up again.

Her words were comforting to him and he sighed, "Yeah, I will, and soon too."

"So in the meantime..." Laura hissed in his ear, "Why not find out what I taste like?"

Like many younger men, Justin had some doubts about going down on a woman. He'd heard they smelled, and there was a rumor he couldn't quite shake, that some women, when aroused, clamped their pussies shut on the guy's tongue, and smothered them to death. That one he doubted... but where there's smoke there's fire, he told himself.

"Come on baby, touch me!" Laura couldn't believe she'd uttered the words.

But Justin snaked his hand between her thighs, and parted her panties. His touch was a little rough, but she was so wet that it didn't matter, as long as he kept at it. He stuck a finger inside her and wiggled it, then held still. So much for exquisite preliminaries, she thought. "I think I want you inside me," she whispered.

"My... my mouth?" he gasped.

"Are you hard again?"

He had to take a moment to examine himself. He was semi-hard.

"Yeah," he told her.

Laura fumbled for her purse, found it, and rummaged around until her hand closed on the rubber she carried... just in case.

She placed the shiny-wrapped condom in the palm of Justin's hand. "Here, put it on!"

"Would you put it on for me?" he said huskily.

"Hmm, all right, I'll do the honors." Laura ripped the foil with her teeth, spit wetly into the tip before rolling it down his prick, and then straddled him. He slipped into her easily. She was excited, and the thrill of insertion was palpable, but as her body got used to him and his arrhythmic thrusts, she was aware that any pleasure she was going to get was going to come only from her. She began to slow his spastic movements down by pushing her weight against him, drawing up slowly to savor the sensations the ribbed condom on his cock was causing. His eyes were closed. She wondered if this was the first or second time he'd gotten laid.

It was actually Justin's third time in the saddle, but that didn't mean he was getting any better.

He didn't last long. She rocked against him as he convulsed, squeezing her cunt muscles in the hopes that it would somehow make him last a few more seconds, but it didn't happen. She rolled away from him almost totally unsatisfied.

She fought to keep from grimacing when he went rhapsodic, "Wow... that was... like wow!"

Laura's pussy felt empty with need and it was obvious he was finished for the night.

"Hey, Justin?"

"Wha'" he managed sleepily.

"Take me home. You look like you're going to fall asleep. Wake up, and take me home, sweetie."

He did, while Laura resolved to find a man who was adequate. No, he needs to be more than adequate. He needs to dominant me, she thought, and nodded to emphasize the fact. Yeah, he needs to tell me what to do and make me want to do it.


Lou Cordleone was slim and quite short, but smooth, one might almost say polished in a rugged sort of a way. Lou was certainly a loner; a predator if you will, not one to mix with others, preferring to have the field to himself. He made many women nervous by his presence, finding him cold and callus. Some women actually felt threatened by him, although he had done nothing to them to warrant it.

He was, without a doubt, a cruel person, and some women found that attribute attractive. Laura was one of them.

They met in the Barbary Coast, a decidedly seedy bar in Downtown Wilmington. He hadn't even bought her a drink. They'd met with both of them coming out of their respective rest rooms.

"Was yours as filthy as mine?" he inquired pleasantly enough.

Laura laughed and replied, "I couldn't sit down; that filthy enough for you?"

"No, but it's nice to make your acquaintance."

She realized that unlike most men in this situation, he hadn't smiled at her. It occurred to her that he had a dangerous, almost animal-like aura to him, and that appealed to her.

For his part, Lou intuitively recognized a possible submissive immediately. He tested his theory quickly enough, saying, "I'm about to leave. Want to come with me?"

She took his arm, and without another word they left the Barbary Coast for his apartment.


Two minutes after entering Lou's dingy apartment, Laura was naked and on all fours in front of him.

"Touch yourself," he said in a monotone.

She did and for the first time since partaking in the mini-orgies with Marta and friends, Laura felt a burden lift from her shoulders.

Lou sneered at her and said, "You like me bossing you around, don't you?"

Laura nodded and frigged herself faster.

He moved behind her, spit on her ass and told her she was nothing but a common slut.

Laura never tried to turn and look at him, but kept masturbating.

"Show me how wet you are, slut." With only the slightest hesitation and that because she really didn't want to end the pleasure she was feeling, she dropped to a knelling position and held out a glistening finger for his inspection.

"Lick it clean."

Laura placed the finger in her mouth; slowly closed her lips on it, and sucked it as if it were a tiny penis.

"You have a decent body," Lou said. "How old are you?"

"Nineteen," she replied and waited.

"What do you think of this?" he asked, curious as to her reply.

"What... what do I think? I don't quite understand the question."

"Did I tell you to stop jilling off?"

"No... no you didn't." And she quickly resumed touching herself.

"Have you started to fantasize where this is leading?"

A quick nod of her head told him she had.

"Would that be one cock, or several cocks?"

In a voice that Laura does not recognize, she answers "Lots... lots of them."

"Would you like to see mine?" Without waiting for her answer, Lou exposed himself to her. He was average sized, uncircumcised, and the head of his cock was slightly larger than his shaft. This was somewhat unusual, as Mother Nature usually sees to it that the shaft is the thicker of the two so as to allow the head easier penetration.

"Crawl over to me," he said.

Laura moved to him on hands and knees and paused before his hanging appendage.

"Smell it!"

Her nostrils flared as she followed his command.

"Know what that is?"

"I... I'm not sure."

"It's called smegma."

"I don't..."

"Of course you don't know it! But you have it too. If you examine my cock closely, you'll see a kind of thick, cheesy secretion in my prepuce. Do you see it?"

"I... yes, I think I do."

"You do. I left it there for you to find... and eventually taste. Females have it too. It's found around your clit and on your smaller lips. Haven't you ever noticed the smell?"

"Um, yes... I have noted a strange odor."

"It has an almost aphrodisiac power. I confess to smearing it behind my ears when I'm looking to pick up someone like yourself."

"I... I didn't notice it," Laura admitted, wondering why she had not, for it did have a strong pungent aroma to it.

"Most people don't consciously notice it. But their subconscious certainly does. Oh, yes, it certainly does."

Lou pulled back his foreskin and revealed what appeared to be a definite, cheese-like substance.

"Use your finger, take a sample and taste it."

Laura did as she was told, and tried not to make a face when the smegma reached her taste buds.

"It does taste like a cheese... and it sure smells like one of the more powerful cheeses," she haltingly admitted.

Later, Laura would tell him that the taste of it made her cunt clench. But at that moment she waited for his next command.

"Now you tell me, little miss hot twat, where do you want it?"

"In my mouth, please," Her voice was husky with desire.

"I think not. Now get back down on all fours." Lou watched her face for any sign of rebelliousness, and found none.

"You can start touching yourself anytime now," he said reminding her of where she'd left off.

He allowed her to masturbate for three minutes, and when he saw her really getting into it, stopped her, saying, "Now get your ass over here," patting the sofa next to him.

With an eagerness he found amusing, she clambered to her feet and sat on the edge of the sofa cushion.

"I didn't tell you to sit down, did I?"

Laura blanched at his words and eased herself off the couch and into a crouch.

"Turn around, face the sofa, and present your ass to me."

When Laura had complied, Lou stood behind her and pressed his cock lightly between the lips of her cunt.

Laura sucked in her breath and didn't dare breath until he slowly, almost imperceptibly, began sliding his appendage into her.

Laura bit her lower lip and it began to bleed.

Lou kept moving at the slowest pace imaginable, and Laura found that she was grinding her teeth to avoid groaning with the anticipated pleasure his full length would be bringing to her.

He took at least a full minute to fully enter her. To Laura, it was exquisite torture.

He flexed his love muscle a couple times, knowing she could feel every nuance of movement.

Then, just as slowly as he'd entered her, he backed out. He waited to see what her reaction would be. Would she try to keep him inside her?

But something told Laura not to resist; to go along with whatever he had in store for her. Then she would be amply rewarded.

Holding his cock in one hand, Lou teased the lips of her cunt with it, and after tiring of this light torment, he sent his cock back into her, if possible, more slowly than before.

Laura began to moan.

Lou was waiting for it and slapped her behind three times.

Laura squealed out with the first contact, but managed to contain herself for the next two.

"Bad girl!" he whispered and slapped her five more times.

They passed with nary a whimper from Laura, which pleased him. Still, he decided to let her wait a while before moving on.

Then without any warning, he plunged his member into her, and began a furious fuck, holding her hips to give him leverage as he pummeled her pussy. Laura was groaning with her first climax, when as suddenly as he'd started, he stopped.

He counted to sixty before resuming, but at a much slower pace. This was designed to show her that he was clearly in control. It wasn't long before Lou had Laura in a state where she had no idea as to what was coming next.

He started pounding into her again, stopped, and after a brief respite, eased himself in and out of her pulsing pussy with a slow, regular rhythm.

The only sounds from Laura, other than her heavy breathing, were soft whimpers of pleasure.

Lou sent his hand to her cunt – felt the wetness oozing out of her. He circled her clit, and she moaned, "Oh, my God!

"Like the way I fuck?"

"Oh, yes... Yes, yes!"

"Don't get to like it too much," he told her. "I'm pulling my cock out soon.'

"Oh, please," she pleaded, "Please don't."

He continued playing with her clit as he fucked her slowly.

Other than the occasional whimper, Laura was silent, as she worried that Lou would stop before the elusive mega-earth-shaking orgasm she anticipated hit.

He felt himself readying to explode, and gave her two hard thrusts, and then, with a tiny squelching noise, pulled out of her, denying both of them their climax.

Lou did this with due deliberation, knowing the act would in all probability bind her to him to do with as he wished in the future.

Laura was crying silently as he dressed.

"Get dressed, Laura, time for you to go home."


"Why what?"

"Why did you stop? I was so close."

"If it's any solace, I didn't cum either."

"But why?"

He ignored her question, tossing her dress at her. "When you're dressed, write your name and phone number down on this card," he said, flicking a business card in her direction that landed at her feet.

After she had donned her dress, Laura bent down and retrieved the card, picked up her purse, found a pen and scribbled the information down and handed Lou the card.

As she was wedging her foot into a shoe, he spoke, "You need a ride, or are you close enough to walk?"

"I... I'll walk," she said sniffling twice to hold back the tears she knew would be forthcoming.

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