tagBDSMWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 30B

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 30B

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 30-B

Laura & Lou, Part 4

It had been a month since Laura had last been with Lou. He had left Wilmington suddenly, not bothering to tell her where he was going or why. Desperate for information about him, she had repeatedly called his number until it was finally answered by his sister, Brandy. Laura wasn't certain about anything Lou told her, and this was true of Brandy. She might be his sister, but she might also be his mistress, or even, God forbid, his wife.

But Brandy was friendly on the phone and told her that she might find him at Lulu's downtown after midnight.


Laura checked her watch: it was 12:25. She switched on the interior light of the car for a moment to refresh her lipstick then stepped out of the car, locked the door and smoothed out her tight black shirt and shorts.

Laura felt like she was going to explode from the combination of uncertainty and lust. Laura, you've got to calm down, she told herself then took a slow, deep breath and headed down the sidewalk toward the little bar about a block up from the Cape Fear River.

Laura's body felt light and powerful, as if she had complete control over every nerve and muscle. She tore her eyes from the small sign alerting the public that if they walked another twenty feet they would be at Lulu's entrance to check her appearance in the window of a parked car. The black shirt, as tight as it was, showed off her rounded breasts and thin waistline, and one couldn't possibly miss her long, tan legs in the denim shorts.

Lost in her thoughts, of what pleasures the night might bring, Laura suddenly found herself grasping the door handle and a moment later stepped inside the bar and into a fog of smoke. John the bouncer, greeted her at the door.

"Hey John, what's up?" Laura asked.

"Oh, hey Laura, how're you doing? Geez, I ain't seen you in ages."

Laura pulled a cigarette out of the pack she had in her purse. "I'm doing well, thanks. I'm just lookin' for Lou. Hey, you got a light?" Just as John was lighting her cigarette, she spotted Lou behind the bar, obviously unaware of her presence.

"Lou didn't say anything about you stopping by... Is he expecting you?" John asked.

"Oh, no, I don't even think that he knows that I know he's back in town. Brenda mentioned he might be here." She flashed John a devilish smile and left him at the entrance, made her way to the bar, hopped up on a vacant stool and took a deep drag on her cigarette. There was something about the sensuality of a cigarette that Laura couldn't help but associate with sex.

He's so fucking beautiful, she thought, recalling how he had made her come the last time they were together.


Lou turned away from two guys he had been talking too and noticed her just as she was exhaling a cloud of blue smoke. He stared for a moment. There was a brief glimmer of surprise in his eyes, and then smiled. Laura returned the smile, only hers must have told everyone in the bar that she wanted to fuck him.

"Hi Lou, how're you doing?" she asked casually.

"Laura! What the hell are you doing here?" Lou laughed. "I mean, it's great to see you. I just didn't think that you'd be walking in here."

"Well here I am. Can you hang out tonight after you get off work?" On the exterior, it was an innocent enough question. But the reality of it was that she might as well have asked him if he wanted a blowjob, or to have her submit to some other perversion he happened to think of for her.

"Sure," he said, laughing his slow laugh. "Sure," he repeated. "Great, now can I get you a drink?"

"Do you have Vodka and Grapefruit juice?"

"You got it, Laura. Be right back."

She threw four dollars on the bar when Lou brought her the drink. She was glad, very glad, that he was free for the evening, both in the sense that he wasn't doing anything, and that he wasn't seeing anyone. Laura was never sure with him.

She hung out at the bar, drinking, smoking and flirting with several guys until closing time, but seldom took her eyes off Lou. She was preoccupied with imagining herself alone with him, stripping his clothes off, running her hands over his body, kissing her way down his stomach, slowly licking the head of his cock, and then engulfing it in her mouth.

At closing time, Laura headed over to the Jimmy's, a local greasy spoon that was open all night to wait for Lou to finish closing out the bar. She tried to think of something other than Lou, just to pass the time more quickly. But failed; no other man had ever made her feel the way he did.

When Lou finally walked in she broke into a wide smile as he slid into the seat next to her. "I'm not hungry," he said, "Are you ready to go back to your apartment or do you need to grab something to eat?"

Laura left some money on the table and followed Lou out to the parking lot.

Gruffly he said, "Get in your car, I'll follow you home."

Laura got in her car and found her hand was shaking so much she had trouble starting the car. He blew his horn and started to leave. Laura, panic stricken, managed to get the engine going and pulled out of Jimmy's lot and caught him at the light. She gave him a pleading look and he waved her on. Thanking God for the favor, Laura led him back to her apartment.


She couldn't keep her eyes off him as they stripped. The clean lines of his muscles, his broad, bare chest, and the glow of his skin illuminated only by the streetlamp outside held her captive. This evening, she thought, was going to be very enjoyable.

Lou's first words jolted her. "Get on your hands and knees." And, when she had, "Back up to the edge of the bed and spread your legs."

At first he only caressed her, gently rolling her left nipple between thumb and forefinger while his other hand stroked her pudenda. As the desire coursed through Laura, she arched her back. Suddenly, he abandoned all contact and Laura moaned at the loss. Just as suddenly, he was at her entrance pulling on the backs of her thighs as he slammed into her. The grip on her thighs and his rough passage through her vagina hurt. One hand went to her right breast, the other to her clitoris. He stroked her as she moved back and forth against him until he had filled her with his meat.

Laura was so swept up in the fire soaring within her that she was only vaguely aware of his hands returning to her thighs. He pulled her back against him as he throbbed inside her and released his seed. It was the only thing holding her up when he let go. She collapsed on the bed, and he covered her with the sheet then dabbed the linen several times between her legs until the semen-induced stain saturated that portion of the sheet.

"I'm gonna take a shower," Lou said, getting off the bed. Laura laughed, she had dreamed of showering with him. "Sure, I could use one too."

"I didn't ask if you wanted to join me. I want you to stay here. I want to smell the sex on you when I come back."

He left her there, stunned and hurt by his words. But she remained in place until he returned wearing a towel and carrying a glass of wine in each hand. Lou set the glasses down on the bedside table, and beckoned to her. Feeling whorish, Laura crawled from the bed and moved decadently toward him on hands and knees. She watched his cock rise through half-closed eyes; watched him spread his legs as she neared him.

"Crawl through and lick my ass," he said tersely, and she did, hoping he had taken the trouble to clean himself back there. When he felt her saliva dripping from his anus, he reached for a glass of wine, and with his other hand grasped her head and guided her back from between his legs.

"Have some wine," he said, handing her the glass.

Laura accepted the glass, thinking, I want him in me. I need... what do I need? It hit her at that precise moment. I need him to bring me to life!

They did nothing but sip their wine for the next several minutes. Thousands of thoughts flitted through Laura's mind, but none remained after he reached for her empty wine glass and stood it next to his on the bedside table.

Robot-like, Laura resumed a position on all fours and presented her ass to him. Lou's calloused hands rubbed her cheeks in circular motions, massaging the flesh, squeezing them, making them his. Laura remained silent, biting her lower lip to quell the urge rising up in her throat to scream his name... to beg him to fuck her... to punish her.

Lou's middle finger dawdled at the edge of her spidery hole, and Laura jerked only to quickly apologize and return to her original place. That earned her a sharp pinch on her ass. She was successful in stifling the moan that would have followed, and merely shuddered when his finger began an insistent circling of her rectum, but did groan with satisfaction when his finger forced its way into her anus and began to plow deeper.


"Oh yes, my master ... you pleasure me," Laura blurted, recalling the rule he had set down for what he considered acceptable behavior on her part. It occurred to her that he, on the other hand, had no rules ... he could do anything to her... anything.

"You are beginning to learn, Laura. You are really beginning to learn." He let a moment pass then cupped her pubis from behind and pulled her short curly tuft of pubic hair in a signal to be quiet and still. Laura froze, the anticipation almost overpowered her.

A second, then a third finger entered her anus, widening that entry by half its original size. Laura prepared herself for his penile entry, hoping that he would have some lubrication and not tear her apart when he took her that way.


Laura's head snapped up in astonishment.


A second blow landed on her ruddy ass cheeks. Then, before she could even form a protest, his warm hands were instantly massaging her ass where he'd just slapped it.

Laura didn't try to escape. It never occurred to her. She did, however, try to absorb what had just happened. I must have done something wrong, but what? Perhaps he'll tell me.

While these thoughts flittered through her mind, the sting evaporated under the warmth of his hand's caresses. She began to breathe deeply, and a combination of pain and pleasure roiled through her senses. Her muscles tightened and she bore down in a soul searching attempt to control the passion building inside her. Somehow the feelings and emotions she is experiencing seem familiar.


A sharp pain soared through her followed instantly by a twinge of pleasure! Her pussy twitched. He must have seen that, he had to have seen that! Laura thought.


Laura's back arched. Her rump rose up, begging for more. The muscles circling her abdomen clenched then contorted until a ticklish feeling enveloped her.


"Ugh!" My God, that was Lou, he's moaning"


"UGHHHHH!" The moan erupted from deep within Laura's belly. Dear God! It's not him... it's me!

The last smack was followed by Lou mashing his face against Laura's ass and thrusting his tongue into her cunt. A desperate guttural sound escaped Laura's mouth as she backed into his face, wiggling her rump in an attempt to get his tongue deeper inside her.

With her ass still stinging and her flesh fairly steaming, Lou's hands reached up and opened her wide for his assault. The lips of her labia were stretched wide as he tongued her sopping wet cunt, and then licked her swollen lips, mingling his saliva with her gushing juices.

Pain was followed by euphoria as he smacked her ass again then his teeth clamped down on her outer labia.

"AHHH!" Laura screamed, obviously smarting from his teeth. But with the following slap her entire being shuddered; the strength in her legs deserted her, and she crumbled to the floor.

Non-plussed by this, Lou jammed his erection into her cunt and plowed away. Body flat against body, back to stomach, he fucked Laura hard, pushing her across the floor with each stroke, his hands under her cunt, fingering and rubbing juice slicked clit.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!" Each thrust produced another crude grunt from her mouth until it seemed to her like drums echoing in the air from a distant fantasy land. But this is no fantasy. It was all too real. The drumming was her head banging against the heavy leather of the recliner across the room from where they started.

In an effort to meet Lou's relentless pounding, Laura climbed the chair with her hands, knees on the floor, resting her hands flat against the lower back of the seat. Lou didn't miss a single thrust. Still fucking Laura, he reached around and roughly pinched her nipples; pulling, twisting, sending little sparks of fire throughout thousands of Laura's nerve endings. A deep swell built up from within; a rush of blood twisted through her veins; and with every stroke, with every twist of her nipples, it amplified, becoming stronger and stronger until her mouth opened wide and a bloodcurdling scream erupted, vibrating the very foundation of the house.

Laura's body stiffened then strained against the onslaught of his cock; the chair was now wedged tightly against the wall as she tried to escape the terrible yet exquisite too good to be true pinnacle of truth.

I love it! I don't care if he kills me!

Lou fucked her even harder. Laura's cunt twitched, tightened, and clamped vise-like on him as yet another orgasm washed over her. Her breath quickened and he fixed a hand over her mouth just in time to muffle the second scream.

Laura couldn't think; didn't even try. She sensed that something was near another of her openings and bit it, trying to draw it into her; trying to absorb all he had to offer. A grunt of pain escaped his mouth. He yanked his hand away to grab her hair, pulling hard on it as he came, pumping his hot lava into her throbbing cunt triggering another climax or extending the same one; Laura didn't know or care anymore. They moved violently together, creating a storm of sweat and body fluids; and the scent of raw sex filled the air like the cloying odor of sulfur that appears just before a tornado hits.

Several minutes went by, and as Laura's senses returned, the only sound in the room was their ragged breathing. Laura was still on her knees, her upper torso rested across the seat of the recliner. Lou's cock was slowly sliding out of her sore, brutally used pussy. His panting body collapsed over hers and they lay together for a time until he stood up, pulled Laura to her feet, and helped her walk into the bathroom.

She half sat, half leaned against the bathtub and watched him urinate in the toilet. After shaking the residue from his penis, he lowered the seat for her, placed a hand on her shoulder and shoved her toward the toilet.

It took Laura a moment to let go, but she saw that Lou was busy retrieving some fluffy towels and not staring at her and peed until her bladder emptied, then patted herself dry with toilet paper

Lou pulled back the shower curtain, leaned over the edge of the tub and turned on the water. "Get in, Laura."

She moved to the edge of the tub, paused for a moment, then set her right foot in the tub."

"Laura ...how do you feel when I give you an order?"

Unable to admit that she liked it, Laura whispered, "I... I'm not sure."

He scrutinized her for a second, reading between the lines and nodded. "And how did you feel when I spanked you?"

She lowered her eyes in embarrassment. "It felt ..."

She closed her eyes. "It felt really good... but it has to be wrong."

"I'll decide what's wrong, but just know this, it isn't. It's just who we are."

Laura's eyes opened wide with alarm. "What do you mean, it's who we are?"

Lou leaned over to turn the water off. "Calm down. Nothing's wrong with either of us. We're dominant, submissive, me and you. I'm the Dom, you're the sub."


"Were you going to say something?"

Laura realized that she is unable to think straight when he treats her this way, and stared blankly at him.

She raised her head and tried to focus on his face. "N...no..." she stammered.

Lou smiled at her and turned the water on. "Good, get in."


Ten minutes later Laura still lay in the water that was rapidly cooling.

"C'mon, Laura, get out of there, Lou said softly. "Our company should be here any minute."

Dumbly, Laura nodded in response, "Company?"

"Dry off, I'll be waiting for you in the bedroom."

Laura was standing outside the tub drying off when she heard the unmistakable sound of the doorbell. Her body froze in place. Who has he summoned here? She wondered. She never thought about selecting the word 'summoned' as being unusual, accepting it as normal for her current situation.

She finished drying off and walked naked into the bedroom to see who their visitor was.


Lou was smiling as he turned toward her. "Laura, this is Meg. Meg, Laura."

The women nodded at one another but stood in place awaiting Lou's order.

"I think Meg is over dressed, Laura," Lou said and left it at that.

Laura nodded and walked up to the other woman, a plain looking brunette, and lifted her head by placing a finger under her chin.

"Get a good look at one another," Lou said. Meg's face lit up and she seemed to bask in his words. Laura grew more daring knowing that Meg had to know Lou and she had been intimate before her arrival. Laura ran a finger down Meg's neck to her shoulder and felt her shiver. Lou doesn't know that I've been with a woman before, Laura thought, or that I enjoy being with them.

She looked downward and watched as Meg's nipples hardened through the dress she was wearing. My God, Laura thought, this woman's nearing her orgasm and I haven't even touched her sexually!

Laura glanced over at Lou. He was watching the two of them, a smirk filled his face. Laura pushed Meg's brown hair from her face to see it. She was not as plain as Laura had thought at first. There was a subtle beauty to her facial features. The fact that she wore no makeup whatsoever, had disguised that from Laura.

Laura's nostrils flared as the scent of Meg's sexual arousal reached her nose. Meg started to smile causing Laura's hand to drop away. Laura saw disappointment in Meg's eyes as her hand left Meg's body.

"Kneel!" Lou barked. Both women dropped to their knees.

"Laura, find a hairbrush!" Laura jumped to her feet and scurried to her purse, rooted through it until she came up with a hairbrush then looked at Lou for her next command.

"Get behind Meg."

She quickly knelt behind Meg. "Take down her hair and brush it out for me". Soon Meg's brown hair was about her shoulders and Laura was very sensuously brushing it. Meg seemed to be soaking up the sensation of being prepared for whatever Lou had in store for her.

"Change places!' he said after a while. And while Meg brushed Laura's hair, Lou emptied a bag on the bed and carefully laid out a collection of sexual aids. He found several pairs of C-clamps and began fixing these in the corners of the bed. The bed was unusual in that it rested on a platform rather than a frame. This meant there were no feet on the bed, an aid of sorts for bondage.

Next he affixed the bondage straps to the clamps with climbing carabineers which are wonderful gadgets because they can be disconnected quickly in the event of a safe word.

Lou slipped behind Meg and unzipped the dress to the crease of her ass. He heard her utter a short gasp, but she made no effort to pull away, nor did she stop brushing Laura's hair. He stopped her for a few seconds and pulled the dress over her head and arms, then motioned for her to continue. She was stripped now except for a light blue thong.

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