tagErotic CouplingsWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 35

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 35

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 35

April, 1988 -- Joe's Proposal to the Bankers

It was the fourth year of Val and Joe Marcolina's marriage. They now had a three-year old daughter, Caroline; and were returning home from a social dinner at the home of the most prominent banker in Eastern North Carolina, Edwin Carlson. Joe was in the business of banking, and doing fairly well at it. By nine in the evening, Joe was half drunk, unusual for him, but his proposal to buy up as much coastal and ocean front property as possible with loans from the banks controlled by the men at the function had been well received.

His proposal was centered on the new I-40 connection between Raleigh, North Carolina and Wilmington, North Carolina. He felt that the connection between the two points would virtually treble the area's population. With the baby boomer generation rapidly nearing the age of retirement, it was a certainty that many would be moving south, and now Wilmington would, or could be the choice of many.

His plan was simple enough. Buy key pieces of property, and then sell them back and forth among themselves, each time increasing the land's value so that when the land rush began, the price of land would be artificially inflated some three to four times actual value. The key bankers at the meeting thought it a splendid idea, and as a consequence, Joe Marcolina was going to be a rich man, a very rich man.


Val leaned into him as the limo wound its way to their small home on Wrightsville Beach. "I'm so happy your deal met with approval, Joe. How soon will it be implemented?"

"It's already underway. I started without their okay," Joe told her. "I was concerned going in to the meeting. I didn't want to worry you, but I borrowed as much as I could and bought some very nice properties for next to nothing."

Val smiled and gave his thigh a light squeeze.

"And by the way," Joe added, "that was very nice of you to butter Carlson up. I was concerned about him. But you apparently have him wrapped around your finger."

"Not him so much," Val whispered in his ear. She was taking no chances that the driver might hear what she was about to convey to her husband.

"Oh?" Joe said, and then waited to hear the rest.

"I hope you're not angry with me," she said, beginning her confession.

"So, what have you got to tell me?"

"I don't know if I dare."

"Try me."

"Okay, but remember, I did it mostly for you... and your proposal, right?"

Joe nodded, impatiently, and said, "Go on."

"It was Mrs. Carlson, um, Wanda. You must have noticed her. She was the silver blonde in the pale blue gown."

"I know her."

"It, um, has to do with something we've discussed over the last six months or so."

"Get to the point, Val," Joe said, hating the way she came at things so obliquely that it took forever until she reached the meat of the subject.

"Well, we were talking... and, please remember it was you that brought it up in the first place."

He held himself in check, and remained silent. She would get to it in a moment he knew. Joe glanced out the tinted window of the limo, and noted they were perhaps five minutes from home.

"You know," Val said, "you've urged me to try different things."

'Oh, shit, what's she done?' he wondered, and almost bit his tongue from the sudden concern.

"Like I said, Wanda and I were talking, and..." she paused, and then with a rush, whispered, "... I let her lick my pussy, Joe."

"You what?" Joe said, not believing his ears.

"Are you angry with me?"

"No, I'm not angry," he said, then remembered the driver might be able to hear them, and lowered his voice. "Val, I'm confused. Please, tell me exactly what happened. No, wait; let's keep it until we get home."

Val nodded her agreement, and then fidgeted until the limo swung into their driveway, where the driver leapt out and opened the door for them. Joe tipped him, and opened the front door to their large cottage just off the Inter-Coastal Waterway.

He helped her off with her wrap, tossed his dinner jacket over the back of a dining room chair, and led her to the sofa, where they both sat. "Tell me," he said.

"I licked hers too," Val began.

"You didn't!" Joe said, his jaw hanging open in surprise.

"I did. And I loved it! It was terribly exciting."

"Tell me," he said again. He recalled her and Bernie doing it shortly after they had first met. Of course, Val had set him up with Bernie first... was it deliberate? he wondered, and not for the first time.

"What shall I tell you? You don't want all the details, do you? Are you a dirty old man?"

"I want as many as you care to share with me. How did it come about? Did she speak to Carlson about my proposal?"

"I asked her to put in a word, yes."

"Good," he said. "All right, I won't say a word. Please, continue."

"Maybe, just maybe, I had drunk a little too much to fast."

"Oh, Val...."

"Anyway, you may recall me volunteering to help Wanda in the kitchen."

"No, but go on."

"Wanda asked me to help with the salads; and as we were placing the ingredients on the plates, she said, "Do you have any idea why your husband was invited to this meeting?"

"Well, I suppose it was..."

Wanda bit her lip, and said, "He wants you."

"What? Who wants me?"

"Edwin, my husband, wants you."

"Your husband wants me? But why?"

"Every once in a while he needs a new plaything. I've come to accept it."

"Why on earth would you... accept that?"

"He pays well."

"But... you're married. Why on Earth...?"

"He's so rich he could dump me off at the nearest corner; I'd be helpless to do anything about it."

"But, why does he want me?"

"You're very beautiful, for one."

"But that's preposterous!" I told her. "My husband would never allow it!"

"I'm sorry," she said, "but your husband would do anything to ingratiate himself with Edwin and the others. He's a banker, and any banker wants money and power. These men can open that door for him."

Val turned to Joe and said, "And that's true, isn't it Joe?"

Joe stared at her, but said nothing.

Val took note, but decided to go on with her story. "My shoulders started shaking, and tears rolled down my cheeks onto the plate in front of me. Then I felt Wanda's arms around me, and despite not knowing her at all, I relaxed.

"Hey", Wanda said, "I want you to know that I don't like it one bit ether."

"How do you know?" I asked when I had calmed down a bit.

"I know my husband. He's done it before. You may have noticed that we're the only attractive women present."

I looked at Wanda, the anguish was visible in her big, brown eyes. We looked each other in the eyes for a long while, when we were interrupted by the harsh voice of Edwin's associate from the Dining room. "Hey, any problems in there?"

"No," Wanda called out, "we'll be right out."

"I know you can't really trust me, after all we've just met," Wanda said. "But if you're willing to follow me, we can give our men a lesson. "Are you with me?"

I forced myself to answer. ".... Sure. Exactly what are you up to?" I whispered, as Wanda shouted "Coming!" to the men right after.

"No real plans. But I like you, so we might have a ball out of this." The woman winked mysteriously. With that, she turned on her heels and went back. Still mystified, I followed her with the salad bowl. Not fully ready, but knowing that you wouldn't be likely to notice, and as for the others... well, men were men, they seldon note anything about women except for their breasts and rearends.

On reentering the dining room, I said, "Here you are! Sorry to keep you waiting," and started to serve the salad, while Wanda busied herself with the wine. I tried not to look at any of them, but because of Wanda's remarks, I did catch several expectant looks from Edwin Carlson. Eventually, we sat down to join the others, and I found myself sitting between you, Joe, and Edwin Carlson. Wanda sat directly across from me, and while I thought it odd, I didn't pursue the thought very far.

"Nothing much happened during the first minutes of the meal; conversation about your proposal dominated the meal at first, then fell off to a variety of subject matter ranging from a recent messy divorce to the coming ACC basketball season.

"Well, you were there, so you know that. I couldn't find the energy to play my usual role very well, so I pretty much kept quiet. I received several compliments from the other women about my dress, and one woman had admired my earrings.

"Joe, you remember when I dropped my fork?"

"Yes, I recall that... what on earth caused you to be so clumsy?"

"Someone's foot was rubbing my leg."

"What!" I never saw any such..."

"How could you? It was going on under the table. You probably recall me apologizing for my clumsyness, that I told everyone I'd bitten the inside of my cheek."

"Yeah, I remember that," he said, trying to remain calm.

"Gargle with salt water," a woman named Chatsworth said to me, without bothering to stop eating herself. But that foot kept caressing me underneath the table. I exchanged a look with Wanda, and knew with a certainty that it was her foot I was feeling.

What was she up to? I wondered, but it felt rather good, and I made a mental note to ask her why she was doing it at the first opportunity; meanwhile I allowed her to continue.

Which it did. During the whole course of the meal, her foot stroked my calves, and seemed to go higher and higher all the time. It felt electrifying at times, silky smooth at others. I had started the meal with my legs crossed, but found that without thinking I had put my legs aside, allowing the intrusive foot to touch both legs. I was having a hard time keeping up on the topics at the table. Wanda, on the other hand, had no trouble partaking in anything said, while working underneath the table. I had to hand it to her: she was good at both.

"Jesus Christ," Joe said, "I can't believe you two were playing footsie with all those prominent people at the table. I mean, what if you two got caught?"

"I wondered the same thing, Joe, but decided that Mrs. Carlson would extracate us with some pre-planned excuse."

"Anyway, as we were sipping the last of the entrée wine, Wanda's foot suddenly moved up. I remember blinking, but remained silent as her toes gently circled around my knee, then went even slightly further up my thigh. I was having a difficult time keeping a casual, pleasant look on my face while the foot continued its examination of my thighs. I glanced at Edwin, and then at you, neither of you seemed aware of what was going on under the table. But I did catch Edwin trying to peek down my dress, and silently cursed myself for deciding on the low-cut dress in the first place.

"Wanda's foot had passed my stocking tops, and was now pressing against bare flesh. I felt a familair flush of excitement in my belly; and for the first time considered how it would be to engage in sex with the woman whose foot was teasing me."

Joe knew better than to bring up that time with her and Bernie, and remained silent.

"I was brought back to the moment by a question from one of the men across the table. I responded to him, as my cheeks turned red; and I prayed that no one had noticed. I made eye contact with Wanda, and saw that she had noticed that and more. Wanda had a slightly wicked smile on her face, but beyond that gave nothing away as to the game she was playing with me under the table.

"It occurred to me that Wanda was a bit too proficient at this game, and had probably done it before to another, innocent woman. That thought vanished instantly when Wanda's unerring toe came into contact with my pussy, rubbing against it through the silken lingerie I had on. Something inside me wanted to make me close my eyes, lean back, and enjoy the game. But my mind kept raging at the same time. Had Wanda fed me a line of bullshit about her husband? She was certainly well beyond any pretext other than that of my outright seduction. Where was this going to end?

Val laughed, and Joe asked, "What's the matter?"

"Well, for one, she took her foot away, Joe. I realized that Wanda was asking me to help her out in the kitchen with the deserts. So I reluctantly rose from my seat, swaying just a little doing so, and both Carlson and you noticed."

"Yeah," Joe said, "I thought you might have had too much wine, but then remembered you'd only had the two glasses."

Val laughed, and said, "If only you'd known the reason then! Anyway, once in the kitchen, Wanda spun me around and pressed her body against mine. A moment later she had captured a breast in each hand.

"What the hell?" I blurted, more in surprise than anger.

"Shut up! You love it, or you would have moved my toes away," Wanda half snarled.

"Joe," Val said, "I swear to God, I could feel her breasts against my back and her hand on my hip. You know, I've never done anything like it before, not even when I was a teenager," Val said, conveniently forgetting her many dalliances with Bernie.

She continued on, saying, "I'd have thought I'd feel awkward, or even repulsed, but instead I got outrageously horny in a second or two. It was as if time stood still. When I felt her hand slide slowly up my ribs and then round to touch my breast, I felt like fainting. I leaned back into her and let her do what she wanted."

Joe smiled, and said, "I'd have loved to have seen that."

"Yeah, you would, you dirty old man," Val said, and gripped his thigh tightly.

"Next, Wanda whispered that she could feel I was wearing a garter belt, and stockings like she was. Then she whispered, "And no panties, right?"

"I don't know how I got the courage, but I whispered back: "Why don't you see for yourself."

"You really said that?" Joe asked, knowing she had, but wanting her even more aroused than she already was.

"Umm, she felt, and I was sopping wet!"

"You are really exciting me, Val."

"Anyway, she said, 'Let's serve this fucking desert, and then make some excuse and get the hell out of there. We can meet upstairs. My bedroom's there.'"

"The plan, such as it was, worked like a charm. Moments later we were in the bedroom of her suite with the door locked. She turned me around, and fell to her knees in front of me. When I felt her hands slide up my legs, I reached down and lifted my skirt. Two seconds later her mouth was on my pussy, and I thought I'd die! She reached in, and with her thumbs, spread my pussy open and my knees almost buckled!

"Joe, it was so wild! And it didn't feel as if I was cheating on you, because it was a woman."

Joe opened his trousers, and took out his cock, and slowly began stroking it.

"In a few minutes I was close to coming. Then I stopped her, and said, "Are you certain no one will come in here?"

"I locked the door; I'm not foolish, just starved for you, Val. I've wanted you since I first laid eyes on you."

"I found that I couldn't speak. I just kept thinking of all the nasty, forbidden things we were about to do."

"Tell me if I do something you don't want me to do," Wanda said softly. Even her voice made me quiver. I remember she reached out and stroked my cheek with the back of her hand. My arousal went up to another level.

"She took both my breasts in her hands. I couldn't breathe. She squeezed them. 'God, I love the feel of your tits,' she said, and I practically came.

"Almost without my knowing, she removed my gown and my bra. She began again, this time slowly licking my belly, eventually moving up to my breasts. It was unbelievably wild; I mean the way she did it, licking the very edge of my areolas, and pressing her palm down on my pussy.

"We kissed, and then Wanda was running that marvelous tongue of hers along my ears, throat, nipples, and belly. I had never wanted to climax so badly in my life, and she knew it.

"I began to thrash about on the bed, totally out of control the second she put her face between my legs and held her tongue on my clit. Then it was back and forth, from my clit to my pussy. A second finger quickly followed the first inside me. She was sucking on my clit when her fingers reached my G-spot.

"She had me right on the edge and kept me there. God, it seemed an eternity before I lost all control and started to come and come and come.

"We lay there for a few minutes, me totally naked; Wanda fully clothed. I sat up and reached into her gown and brought out her left breast. It was about the same size as my own. Maybe a tiny bit more pendulous, with a large, dark brown nipple. I used her own technique on her, licking her ears, throat, and shoulders before sucking on the exposed nipple.

"We continued that way until Wanda gently pushed my mouth away, sat up and slowly removed the rest of her clothing, and we were both naked."

Joe said, "Don't leave any details out, Val."

"I'll try not to," she replied.

"Jesus, you're making me hot," Joe told her, as her ran his hand along her upper thigh.

"Well, think how I felt," Val said, defensively, for she was not certain that her husband really appreciated her actions with Wanda.

"Did you go down on her?" Joe asked.

"Mmmmm," Val growled hoarsely. "After the way she made me feel, of course I did."

"What did she taste like?"

Val ignored his question, and said, "You know, she wasn't trimmed like I am; she was completely shaven."

"That's good to know," Joe said, still squeezing and twisting his erection.

Val slid onto his lap and kissed him. Her mouth opened. Her tongue moved insistently. He opened his mouth to hers, allowed her tongue to enter. His arms were around her, loosely, and she put her arms around his neck and twisted herself against him, her back arching, her thighs sprawled openly across him. She took one of his hands and placed it between her thighs.

"That's where she spent most of her time," Val said, her voice filled with wanton lust.

"I asked you how she tasted," Joe reminded her.

"Like hot, creamy velvet," Val groaned; and slid from the sofa in a quick, fluid movement. She stepped out of her high heels, peeled her evening dress over her head, ignoring the fact that doing so played havoc with her carefully coiffed hairdo.

Joe looked on, running his eyes over her body. "Damn, you have one fine body for an old lady," he said, with a big smile.

"Yeah, I wonder what I'll look like when I hit twenty-eight," Val giggled. Her twenty-eighth birthday was a week away.

Joe stood up, took hold of her, and carefully laid her down on the bear-skin rug. He mounted her, not bothering to remove any of his clothing. As always, Val was noisy, moaning and talking, wildly antic through every piece of familiar foreplay through the final culmination of their sex. As always, Joe was silent; focused and skillful, until the moment of ejaculation, when he buried his face in her neck, and clung to her savagely while their mutual spasms passed.


They lay beside each other on the bear-skin, her head rested on his arm. She rolled her head toward him. "So, do you want to hear the rest?"

"Of course I do," he said, and kissed her softly, and with what she knew was great yearning for more sex.

"When I started licking her, her sex appeared to glisten, and her labia seemed to have swollen to the point that she was open to me... or my mouth.

"Joe, she had a divine taste to her. Once I got going... I tried to emulate what she had done to me, you know? Well, she couldn't keep still at all. She told me to turn round so she could lick me too. It was so wonderful. It added to the excitement that you were downstairs with all the other guests, and might even have heard my screams.

"We both came fast and violently. I just kept on sucking her, and she groaned into my pussy when she finally came. We had just finished, when her husband came looking for her!"

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