tagLoving WivesWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 37

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 37

byParis Waterman©

May 6, 1989 - Meeting Gerry Attric

The following night as they strolled up the walkway to the front door of Gerry Attric's palatial mansion, Val was extremely nervous. Contrary to their agreement, she had discussed the matter with Wanda, and learned that Wanda saw no harm in the matter. "He may be looking for that fourth for us. It may be that he's not quite sure about how to go about it. This way, he can control things to some extent. And you will be in a position to provide me with feedback, as well as having tested the water before we all jump in."

They rang the bell and Joe asked, "The bikini, you did bring it?"

"I have it in my purse... it doesn't take up much room," she laughed nervously.

The door was opened by a male servant. Standing just in back of him was Gerry Attric who gave them a warm welcome, shaking Joe's hand and giving Val a big hug. Then he held her at arms length and looked her over. She had dressed in a very short mini-skirt and a low cut blouse with only a wispy little bra covering her nice firm breasts.

She knew she looked sexy, and smiled at him when he said, "Joe, your wife is such a gorgeous woman."

Joe smiled and replied, "She is... in a lot of ways."

Val was surprised to find that the way Gerry was looking at her and the manner in which she was being discussed gave her a tingle. Ordinarily, Val would have been disgusted with both of them. Instead, she said, "How about a drink? I could sure use one."

Attric led them to the large mahogany bar and introduced them to several other couples before excusing himself. They got their drinks and strolled around, taking things in. There were lots of people that neither Val nor Joe knew. The house was huge, really a mansion, and it wasn't long before they saw an oversized swimming pool through a floor-to-ceiling glass wall.

Just then Gerry returned with a great looking woman on his arm. He introduced her as Kimberly and said, "Joe, you're in banking, aren't you? Well, so is Kimberly. I bet you two have a lot in common."

Kimberly had on a swim suit under a cover up. Her suit was brief, and she looked great. The cover up she wore was open and not really hiding anything.

Val noticed Joe's eyes coveting the woman, and also knew that Kimberly had noticed and apparently didn't care if Val liked it or not. She took Joe's arm in hers and turned him away, but not before she gave Val a superior look that said, See, I took your man away just that easily. But not to worry, I'll throw him back after I'm finished with him.

Val would have gone after her, but Gerry touched her elbow and diverted her attention.

"Did you bring your suit?'" he asked genially.

Val laughed, realizing Gerry had put Kimberly up to her antics. She held up her small purse, "Yes, in here."

Gerry raised an eyebrow, and Val laughed again, and said, "It is pretty small; I'm almost embarrassed to wear it."

Gerry glanced over to where Joe and Kimberly were just going into what must have been a study, or a library. They were talking animatedly, and Joe cast a quick look back at his wife, who smiled at him and shrugged her shoulders.

As if from off in the distance, Val heard Gerry's voice, and realized he was telling her that he couldn't wait to see her in the bathing suit.

She put her hand lightly on his chest, and looked up at him. "Since you have my husband occupied at the moment, why don't you show me where I can change?"

Gerry smiled, and winked at her and took her hand in his, and led her toward the staircase. As they walked slowly up the wide stairs, Val glanced over her shoulder to see if she could catch one last glimpse of her husband and the slut he was with. But they were gone... at least out of her sight for the moment.

Val wondered what she was going to let Gerry do. He had been looking at her like she was something to eat. She almost gagged thinking about him eating her. She looked at him and said, "Where is your wife tonight? I haven't even met her."

"Oh, Elizabeth isn't here," he replied. "There was a small emergency with her mother and she flew to Maine to be with her."

Val laughed softly. "Then you're free as a bird this evening, aren't you?"

"I do have this feeling that I'm soaring up in the clouds with you on my arm, Val."

She laughed, suddenly delighted with him. "You do have quite a line, Gerry."

They reached the top of the stairs and turned down the hall, and Gerry slid his arm around her waist as they walked. She leaned into him comfortably as he told her, "My bedroom is at the end of the hall. You can change in there."

He looked at her for a moment and said, "You are a very beautiful, very desirable woman, Val. I hope Joe isn't the jealous type."

"I've never given him anything to be jealous of," she quickly replied.

"And what about Joe? Has he given you anything to worry about?"

"Are you referring to that slut he walked off with?"

Gerry laughed, and brushed against her right breast. She ignored the contact and noted that they were standing before the bedroom door, which he opened and led her in, closing it behind them.

"Uh, Gerry? Am I supposed to change with you here?"

"I would love to watch you, Val."

"Well, my sweet man, that is tempting but...."

He stepped closer, and pulled her into his arms and said, "Val, you know I want you."

Val relaxed, and let him hold her in his arms. Slowly she let her body mold into his. She had already conceded the fact that he was going to fuck her, but was concerned about Kimberly with her husband.

She smiled up at him, and said softly, "I couldn't help but notice that from the moment I saw you. You were devouring me with your eyes." She felt his manhood growing against her, and sighed. Joe wanted her to go along with Gerry, she reminded herself.

Gerry knew she could feel his hard cock against her. She didn't seem to mind at all. He pressed harder, and let his hands drop down to her cute, pliant ass cheeks through her dress. Val grinned at him and said, "Gerry, this is nice, but dangerous. I'm not exactly dead to your... charms. But I'm not sure my husband would approve."

There, she had dared to raise the question, and she nervously awaited his response.

"Joe is probably in her pants right now. As you know we have some considerable business dealing with one another. There is an extremely large amount of money coming into play, and Joe has asked to be made one of the players in the deal. I agreed, with one proviso - that you become part of the deal."

"I...I didn't know," Val replied, suddenly shaken. Joe had led her to believe he had brought her here to acquire a fourth in order to satisfy Wanda.

"Joe is in a downstairs room, he probably has Kimberly laid out on the pool table as we speak, and you... you're right here, in my bedroom."

He pulled her tighter against his cock.

"Gerry... what are you doing? Oh, damn!"

And he was kissing her. He was quite good at kissing, and Val enjoyed it immensely. Then she felt his hands under her skirt and on her ass. Moments later, his roving hands were inside her brief bikini panties clutching and grabbing her bare ass. Throughout the initial fumbling, Gerry continued dry-humping her, ramming his erection into her mound and pussy.

Val became aroused and thought fleetingly, You told me to do this, Joe. I hope we're not sorry.

The kiss broke and Val, through half-lidded eyes, said, "Gerry honey... you know... oh, God, you're making me so hot. Is there any chance someone might happen in on us?"

"No, it's my home; no one would dare violate my private space," and his hand moved inside her panties to the front and found her curly hair and the very moist opening between her swollen labia. Gerry sent two fingers into her open sheath and Val gasped.

"Oh, Gerry, baby," she moaned, "What are you doing to me? Oh, damn!" Val squeezed his arm letting him know that he was arousing her.

"I'm going to strip you, first, and then I'm going to fuck you silly, my sweet Val. If you tell me to stop, I'll try, but I don't know that I will be able to. And as for your husband... Kimberly will keep him occupied. I'm paying her a king's ransom to make sure he's diverted from looking for you."

"She's a hooker?" Val blurted out.

"Of course, and a highly paid one at that," he said, lowering the top of her dress but leaving her breasts encased in a frilly, lace bra.

"Would I be prying if I asked exactly how much she's getting?"

"Kimberly is getting a thousand dollars an hour. That is, per working hour, the remainder of her time is uncompensated."

"Oh," she exclaimed.

"She's definitely worth it, Val. But you... you're worth ten times that."

"I am?"

He was laughing as he popped her left breast free of the bra and gazed in wonder at her perfectly formed curves.

"Magnificent!" he murmured then realized he owed Val an answer. "Yes, ten times what she earns... easily."

"You're paying Joe to take me to bed?"

"No...no! Please don't misinterpret my remark. Kimberly is chattel, a form of property if you will. You, Val, are the unattainable, or almost unattainable."

"What are you giving Joe for me?" Val was not at all indignant; she had already made a conscious decision to let him have her. But her curiosity had gotten the better of her. Joe had known in advance, and not told her.

"There is... a business deal. Joe wants it very much. I cannot tell you more than that."

"All right," she said, "if that's the way it is."

"I'm sorry, but that is the way it is."

Val surprised him then, putting her hand under her exposed breast and tendering it to his mouth. Gerry didn't hesitate, and slurped her strawberry-tipped bud into his mouth and suckled contentedly.

Val began to squirm as he did something with his tongue that she had never experienced before. With a nonchalance Val found disconcerting, Gerry freed her other breast and began teasing that rapidly stiffening tip until she moaned for him to suck that one too.

Gerry went from one nipple to the other for some five minutes. By this point Val had found his erection and was squeezing it, trying to jerk him off although his penis was still constrained by his slacks.

Finally, he let a nipple pop from between his teeth and said, "Time for us to shed our clothes, darling."

They separated momentarily and quickly removed the remainder of their clothing, leaving it in two piles on the floor beside the bed. Then they embraced in the middle of the bed. "I would love to take my time and eat that darling pussy of yours and then fuck you every way I can think of, but I do have guests, so we don't have much time."

"I'd love for you to do all of that too," Val replied, looking at his sizable boner, "but I need you to fuck me just now."

Gerry wasn't a very large man, but his penis had a healthy length and thickness to it. The swollen head was a deep purple hue, and the taut skin of the shaft was shiny even in the soft light. Val's hand circled most of the shaft and began to jerk him off. With the soft giggle of a teenager in the backseat being naughty on a Friday night date, she plunged her mouth down upon him, taking in the swollen blue veins near the surface of his love muscle, and felt him pulse as her tongue laved his corona. Then Val allowed him further entry, and he reached the back of her mouth and held his ground. She closed her lips tightly around him, sucked in her cheeks, and pulled her head back, drawing him back out of her mouth until his cockhead was between her lips again. Gerry's head rolled back, and only a quiet gurgling was heard coming from his throat. He placed his hands on top of her head, and pumped his hips back and forth fucking her face.

Val delighted in this action. She loved giving head - always had - from her first experience in the loft of her church after choir practice when she was fourteen.

"We... we better get on with the fucking," he gasped, and she released him from her mouth and he rolled away.

Laughing and feeling silly, Val hopped off the bed and ran to the large window overlooking the swimming pool. She leaned forward, hands on the thick painted white windowsill, feet spread slightly on the hardwood of the floor. Her hair fell in simple, long waves as she parted the gauzy curtains and peered out at the various couples around the pool. Her husband wasn't there, and she hid her disappointment, reasoning that he was still in bed with his slut.

Val glanced down and saw her breasts inches from the glass of the window. She angled herself so that her nipples rubbed against the cool, air-conditioned panes, and turned to look back at Gerry. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, stroking his tumescent cock, and staring at her.

Val laughed, realizing how she must look to him, and then gave him a come hither smile as her hair lightly grazed the windowsill. He moved to her, his right hand snaking around her side to press in on her belly. Val's lips parted as her arousal soared. Gerry's other hand slid up her spine to the back of her neck, to the back of her head and pushed it down so that she was certain to see his hand on her belly... and then down to her cunt.

"Ahhh," Val moaned with satisfaction at his knowing touch. His fingers slid into the slipperiness between her warm labia. Her heart was racing, the anticipation almost unbearable. He fingered her slowly, surely, found her spot and caused her breath to come in short exhilarations. Moments later, she was whimpering, begging him to put it in her.

But he didn't. He pulled his talented fingers out of her and drew them in a slimy, wet, slug-like trail to her breasts, and then to the hollow of her throat.

"Fuck me! Please, fuck me!" Val moaned.

Val stopped begging when the fingers entered her mouth, and she contented herself with sucking the residue of her juices from them. She pushed against the windowsill, and then away from it and into the solid feel of his rampant cock.

"C'mon, Gerry... damn it, take me!" she moaned.

It was Gerry's turn to laugh, and as he did, he lined his erection up with Val's glistening pussy and entered her from behind. Val quickly spread her feet further apart, not to allow him a deeper penetration, but to balance herself so that she could withstand the pounding cock she knew lay in wait. She began to rub her clit each time Gerry pumped into her, and established a rhythm that had her well on the way to her much needed orgasm.

For some reason Gerry stopped humping her, although his hands remained on her hips.

"Ahhh, no! Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Gerry resumed fucking her. But now he was changing the angle of each stroke and thereby careening into and off of hitherto untouched areas of her vagina. And when he increased the tempo of his thrusts, Val realized that she had been coming for some time and had not realized it.

He seemed to be growing inside her, and she found this unbelievable. Reflexively, she tightened around him, trying to compensate as the giddy, spinning convulsions of a tumultuous orgasm rushed in on her. The last thing Val saw before blacking out was her husband looking up at her nakedness exposed in the window; and after that, nothing.

In actual time it was only a few seconds that Val was out. She revived to find herself in Gerry's arms, his wet cock pressing against her belly.

"Oh..." she gasped, and slowly sank to her knees and took his still swollen prick in her hand. She looked at it and saw the freshly painted fingernails of her middle finger and thumb meeting, and, pulling her lips back, she filled her mouth with his essence. Fleetingly, she recalled seeing Joe looking up at her as she came, and so she forced herself to concentrate with animal-like preoccupation on the head of his cock.

Val's full, so-red lips pulled back as her head moved in a trancelike motion, her hand slipping moistly along the length of it. She was breathing faster and faster, as he swelled against her cheek.

Gerry groaned with pleasure, and suddenly, Val pulled back, unsheathing him in the process, and whipped her head from side to side as if needing to clear her brain of a cloudy, sexual haze. Her long hair fell forward across her face and mouth, two strands clinging to her full red lips.

He reached out and gently pried them away, hoping to replace them with his throbbing prick. She smiled at him, silently thanking him for his considerate move, then slowly stood, rubbing his cock along the length of her body as she rose.

Gerry kissed her then, and with a hand under each of Val's thighs, lifted her and slid his steaming cock into her glistening cunt. A moment later, his mouth nibbling the hollow of her throat, he was transporting her across the short distance from the window to the bed.

He lay on his back and Val rode him hard, grinding her cunt into his pelvis until she fell forward in giddy exhaustion, her hands landing deep in the mattress on either side of his head. Gerry laughed as he spit a strand of her hair from his mouth, and then pulled Val to him, rolling over on top of her. He kissed each breast, and then sucked each nipple. Slowly he moved down her belly, licking and tickling until reaching her cunt. There, he began to tease her clitoris, his eyes on hers the entire time.

Val was still panting from her time on top, and when he sent a finger into her, her breathing changed to uneven, raspy gasps. And when he replaced the finger with his steely cock, she croaked a series of unintelligible words and came as hard as she had on her wedding night with Joe.

Minutes later, Gerry whispered, "Are you all right?"

Val didn't answer him.

"For Christ's sake, Val, are you all right?"

One eye fluttered open.

"Val, can you hear me?"

"I... I hear you," she murmured.

"Are you all right?"

"Mmmmm, I'm wonderful. Will you please put it back in?"


"Put it in! For Christ's sake, put it in me!"

To his credit, Gerry didn't hesitate, but drove his cock into her demanding slit, parting her twin labia as his greasy shaft sluiced almost full length into her.

"OH!" she grunted, and with a very satisfied smile, said, "Yeah... give it to me!"

Val had almost forgotten that Joe was fucking that whore, but not quite, as she thought, I'll have Gerry wanting to fuck me every night of the God damn week, how do you like that, Joe, you motherfucker?

With Gerry pounding his meat into her, it didn't take either of them long to reach an explosive climax. They collapsed in each other's arms and lay there feeling the small twinges of after pleasure tingling through their bodies

After a short time, Val sighed, and said, "That was wonderful, Gerry, but we better get back to your party."

"That was fabulous, Val. I love the way you fuck. I sure hope this wasn't a one-time thing."

Val sighed again.

Gerry looked at her, and asked again, in a softer tone, "This isn't a one-time thing, is it, Val?"

She looked at him, smiled and squeezed his limp cock, which was still inside her, and said, "Not as far as I'm concerned. I love the way you did me. If it will feel that good you can have me anytime, anywhere, and often too. But we have to consider Joe."

"Ah, yes, Joe," Gerry said as he untangled himself from Val's body. "Joe made a present of you to me. Did you know that?"

"I didn't actually. But I suspected something... he insisted that I bring a skimpy bikini...."

"Yes?" Gerry said, urging her on.

"We had discussed... um, adding a third to our bed, but I had no idea...."

"It would be someone as old as me," Gerry said and laughed.

"Well, you're not so old... you proved that tonight. But I had thought it might be a woman."

"The truth is Joe wants in on a business scheme of mine. I hope after this evening you won't be angry with me... I'm telling you the truth because I do want to continue our relationship."

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