tagGroup SexWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 42

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 42

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 42

The Foursome, Act Two

Val was in the midst of a tremendous climax and clung tightly to Gerry as she bounced up and down on the spear he had lodged deep in her cunt.

"Oh, Gerry, you old bastard," she managed to grunt, knowing he loved her talking dirty. "Do me like this, do me like a little rag doll!"

Looking on from only inches away, Joe grunted out his own encouragement. "Drill her, man! Fuck the little slut! Bang her pussy! Fuck her till she begs you to stop!"

Gerry laughed inanely, and cupped his hands under Val's ass. It's doubtful that she even felt it, so involved was she in the orgasm rippling through her system at the time. But Gerry had ideas too.

Joe realized where he was headed and called out, "No, Gerry. Don't go there!"

But Gerry did go there; and Val let out a loud, moaning sob, "Ohhh fuck, yesssss, stick that finger in my butt."

"Gerry, cut it out. I've never had her back there!" Joe complained.

Ignoring Joe's complaint, Gerry calmly asked his cock humping wife, "Do you take it there? It looks kinda small, maybe tighter than Wanda's. But I think you might like it there too. What do you say?"

"Jesus, Gerry, you've fucked me silly everywhere else . . . if you're man enough to get it in there, it's fine with me."

"All right then, I'm gonna put you down and ass fuck you right now!"

"Yeah, grease me up, motherfucker!"

Gerry slathered the lubricant on his cock, and then inserted a thick gob into her asshole.

Val barely twitched.

Wanda cautioned her, "Val, sweetie. This might hurt some. You be sure to tell us if it does and we'll make him stop."

"Um, thanks, Wanda. I appreciate it, but I've always wondered . . ."

"You never let me do it," Joe protested.

"I know, and I'm sorry, Joe. But this is a special occasion, one that I want to remember the rest of my life."

"It's your funeral," he said, but Val saw how hard his cock was, and knew he was as excited about it as she was.

"Joe, baby?"

"Yes, Val?"

"You can put it in my other hole."

"You want us to double you?" he asked, incredulously.

"Well, yeah. I guess I do. Any way you can get in on this Wanda?"

"I think not," Wanda answered after considering several possibilities. "But if I think of a way I will, okay?"

"Wonderful. You think hard. Now, are we ready, gentlemen?"

"How do you want to do this, Val?" Joe asked.

She thought about it for several seconds, and then said, "Joe, get on your back." While her husband obliged her, Val instructed Gerry to wait until Joe was firmly in her pussy before attempting to stick it in her rear.

Val lowered her lithe body down on top of Joe, and stuck his rigid cock into her pussy, and then sighed with satisfaction. Uttering a little grunt, she leaned forward, looked over her shoulder at Gerry and hissed, "Okay, you nasty sonofabitch, you know what to do, don't you? If you wanna put it in my ass, you gotta do it like this!"

The older man moved into position behind Val, being very careful to avoid touching Joe, and placed his prick against her starfish, now glistening with the anal lubrication.

"Huh-huh-huh," Val groaned, as her breathing rate tripled from the adrenalin pumping through her blood stream the moment Gerry pressed his knob against her puckered flesh.

Wanda chimed in, saying, "Remember, Gerry, go slow. Go very slow. You've got a virgin there."

Joe was moving in and out of Val's pussy, although he wasn't trying for any form of deep penetration.

Val's eyes were tightly closed, and she bit her lip as Gerry resorted to using his thumb to widen her anal channel.

Joe began to fuck her normally, and Val responded to it, telling him how good it felt. And all the while, Gerry kept preparing her for his anal entry.

"I think," Gerry said after a few minutes had passed, "you're about ready."

"Go for it," Val blurted, wondering if she would be regretting it later.

Gerry's cockhead found it easy entering her ass, but since his cock was one that flared out, becoming much thicker on the shaft than the crown, he was forced to halt after gaining about two inches.

"Didn't hurt," Val offered her relief evident in her voice.

"Not there yet, love," Gerry grunted, and rammed his cock into her.

"Ohmygod!" Val shrieked.

Wanda punched Gerry on the shoulder. "You bastard," she screamed, "I told you to go easy!"

"I'm all right! I'm all right!" Val groaned.

"She's okay, Wanda," Joe said interceding on Gerry's behalf.

"Men," Wanda huffed, "you're all bastards!"

Meanwhile, Gerry had pulled out of Val's backdoor, and applied even more lubrication to the two of them.

"Ready, Val?" he asked tenderly.

"Go for it, Gerry," she said stoically.

Gerry took her at her word, and in two thrusts had his cock halfway up her ass.

"OH!" was the only sound Val made. But to the others it was significant in that it was a sound of surprise rather than pain.

In short order, both Joe and Gerry fell into a rhythm of alternating their strokes and Val began to get a sense of the true pleasure derived from being double fucked.

"Wanda!" Val called out. "Can you see? Is it all the way up my ass?"

"Not quite," Wanda told her. "But it will be."

"Oh, Jesus, it feels . . ."

No one answered her, nor asked any more questions. Both men were working hard to make it a memorable time for her, and not one that would be looked back on with regret.

Wanda left them for a moment and took a strap-on from her purse, then stood watching them, as she calmly attached the instrument to her body.

"Can you hear me, Val?" Gerry asked.


"I'm in all the way. I've bottomed out, so to speak." They both laughed giddily at his pun.

"Don't stop now," she said. "Keep on giving it to me."

Joe's cock flopped out of her pussy, and she moaned at the loss. Gerry took advantage and began to pump harder, making it difficult for Joe to reenter her pussy.

"Oh, God!"

Gerry pumped harder.

"Gonna cum!" Val yelled.

Joe managed to reinsert himself into his wife's slippery cunt, and Val's body began to quake, as both men plowed into her nether holes. She sobbed giddily, as she felt both cocks meet with only millimeters of flesh separating them.

"I'm coming, but don't stop, please, don't stop!"

The next series of thrusts sent her over the top, and she came hard. Both men kept fucking her until they emptied themselves into each of her holes. Spent, both Gerry and Joe rolled away from her, only to be replaced by Wanda, who covered her face and breasts with fevered kisses.


Val lay there, exultant at having been double fucked by her two lovers, and with Wanda's kisses and touches keeping her near the edge of coming yet one more time.

Val knew she should take a shower; she had a goodly amount of sperm coating her body. But she really didn't want to wash the glorious aroma of her cunt, and their sperm and sweat. She inhaled deeply through her nose, capturing as much of the sexual odors as she could.

'Mmm, I love that smell,' she sighed to herself.

"Well, darling," Wanda whispered into her ear. "If you're not going to clean up, I want to play with you some more."

Val turned to face the other woman, and opened her arms in welcome.

"Your lovely ass seems to have fascinated the boys. Would you mind if I took a look?"

"Help yourself . . . hey! What's that thing you're wearing?"

"It's just a little old strap-on, Val honey. Don't let it bother you."

"Don't let it bother me? It's bigger than Gerry's, that's for sure."

Wanda ignored Val's protests, recalling how she all but demanded Gerry be allowed to plunder her rectum. But she treated Val's rump with reverence, kissing both cheeks and then sliding the edge of her hand up and down the crevice between her cheeks.

"I must admit," Val purred, "that does feel nice."

"Val," Joe said, trying to warn her.

"Don't be a spoilsport, honey. If I could take both you and Gerry, I should be able to take Wanda's strap-on."

"Oh, baby," Wanda cooed, as her palm caressed Val's flanks, "this skin is like ivory. And resilient . . . why I'll bet it's as soft and firm as a baby's."

"I think you're full of shit, Wanda," Val laughed, "but keep going, it feels great."

Wanda joined in, laughing along with her, and at the same time used the opportunity to manipulate both of Val's buttocks with her hands.

"Mmmm," Val groaned appreciatively, and parted her thighs, hoping that Wanda would tease her pussy or perhaps her clit. When Wanda refused to take the hint, Val raised her ass in the air. Wanda immediately nuzzled her face in the cleft just above Val's puckered star. Val sighed and shoved her ass even higher.

Using the thumbs of both hands, Wanda opened Karen's ass and buried her face between Val's buttocks, plying kisses everywhere but the other's rosebud.

Both Gerry and Joe now sported full erections. They wanted to mount the two women, but held back, knowing intuitively that any interruption on their part might end the games they had been playing forever.

Wanda sighed. Everyone heard it, and all eyes were riveted on her, wondering what she would do next.

Joe feared for Val's safety, Imagining how his ass would feel if Wanda were to put the strap-on in him.

Gerry watched amused, for he had allowed Kimberly to fuck him up the ass the previous month. In fact, he had initiated the session and had to instruct the beautiful but fairly simple-minded model in its use.

Wanda, pausing to allow any reticence on Val's part to subside, cupped Val's cunt in her palm to feel the wetness, and thereby measure her state of excitement. She decided Val might require some additional treatment so, turning Val's left leg to the side and using the copious supply of juices available, slid mostly on her chin into Val's vaginal entrance and sent her tongue into the gaping pink hole.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, don't stop! Don't stop! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna CUM!"

Wanda found herself unable to contain her own excitement, and sent her right hand between her legs, pushing past the strap-on's harness and rubbed the engorged shaft of her clitoris with her fingers.

But she retained her concentration on seducing Val's ass, and allowed the fingers of her free hand to run over the inner slopes of Val's delectable globes, now spayed to their fullest extent.

Wanda gave Val's cunt one last, long, lingering suck and moved away, intent on continuing to mouth Val's sweet ass. But Val shuddered and came, squirting stream after stream of clear fluid that was clearly not urine, soaking a large area of the Egyptian cotton sheets with the syrupy discharge.

"Jesus Christ!" Joe yelled, "She's squirting!"

"Has she ever done it before, Joe?" Gerry asked.

"No, never!" Joe replied. "Well, maybe... I'm not sure!"

"Val, have you?"


"Ever squirted before?"

"I...I...I don't know! I mean, I didn't know..." Val said helplessly, as the last jet was propelled from her cunt onto the sheets.

Wanda wanted to try to capture the squirting fluid, but thought Val might not appreciate it, and she did want to fuck her with the strap-on, and so she let it pass, not even offering a comment.

When she thought it appropriate, Wanda said, "Did you cum hard, Val?"

"I sure did. Did you see that?"

"Yes, you squirted."

"But, Wanda...I swear to God... I can't recall ever doing that before."

"It's okay, Val, it happens. With most women it's rare. But there are women who can do it...well, almost on demand. I mean, they put on shows for an audience."

"What?" Val said and shuddered. "They put on shows?"

"A sort of variation on the male strippers. Bringing in a female to show them up, if that's possible."

"Jesus, it takes all kinds, doesn't it?" Val said, still reeling over the shock of what she had thought was peeing uncontrollably in front of everyone.

"I guess..." she paused, and then said, "It can happen again, can't it?"

"Of course it can, but don't worry about it. The next time, if there is a next time, you'll know what's happening and will react accordingly."

"I guess," Val said, but it was evident she still couldn't believe what had happened to her, a grown woman, still learning about her body.

Wanda diverted Val's thoughts by placing her mouth at the other's anus, and tickling it with her tongue.

"OH! Now you've done it," Val grunted, "I'm going to cum again!" She shook through a fairly heavy climax, but did not squirt a drop.

Wanda decided the moment was about right to use the strap-on, and quickly inserted first one finger and then a second into Val's ass.

Val grunted, more from pleasure than discomfort, and Wanda continued to widen the anal opening. When she was satisfied with her work, Wanda pulled her fingers out and with one smooth motion, rammed the strap on in.

"Huh?" Val bleated in surprise.

"It's in, Val," Wanda whispered, "almost all the way in."

"It kinda hurts," Val protested. Wanda eased the dildo back out, leaned forward and after kissing her tailbone, eased two, then three fingers into her.

"How's that?"

"Seems okay," Val conceded, and anxious to get on with it, said, "Let's try it again."

Gerry took that opportunity to whisper to Joe, "I hope she hurries it up. I need to fuck someone pretty bad."

Joe nodded worriedly. "She could put Val out of commission with that thing."

Wanda heard them, and told them, "Go to hell, the both of you. You're not getting any pussy until I've fucked her ass, and that's that!"

She continued caressing Val's flanks, and occasionally, her pussy. It was Wanda's plan to titillate the other woman, keeping her arousal at the highest possible level. Then, when Val sighed and appeared to relax her sphincter muscles, Wanda drove the dildo into her, steadily and relentlessly and managed to avoid ripping her anus open. Rather Wanda used the dildo like a snowplow clearing a snow-filled street, opening the fissures and surging on through.

As Wanda continued working the dildo into her, Val found herself humming with pleasure. There was no gigantic orgasm, but there was an intense pleasure. And it stayed with her, not departing after a few short lived seconds. In fact, the tingling sensations would remain with her for the remainder of the evening, obliterated at times by more powerful orgasms but returning after that orgasmic surge had left.

Wanda kept thrusting and might have continued until exhausted, but for the entire time that she was working the dildo in and out of Val, she was toying with her own clit. So when she brought herself off, she suddenly felt drained of energy and stumbled away from Val, the strap-on flopping crazily about until she reached down and grabbed it, and then sat down on the floor, giddy with her success.

Val, trembling from the inner sensations roiling through her body, looked at her husband and croaked, "Joe . . . I can't describe how terrifically sensitive I am down there right now."

Gerry broke in on them, saying, "Are you up to sucking me off?"

Val looked at him strangely. She shook her shoulders and then her head, tossing her hair aside and out of her eyes. "Why the fuck not?" she said.

Joe watched open-mouthed as Val caught Gerry's hard cock in her hand, and kneeled down in front of him before taking his cock in her mouth. Gerry groaned, and she pulled it from between her lips and looked at it, then began licking it, covering the entire cockhead before taking him back in her mouth, sucking and bobbing her head up and down the length of it.

Joe beckoned to Wanda, and she came to him, showing no reluctance whatsoever. Val pulled Gerry's cock out again, and started to stroke him and, glancing over at her husband, said, "Do you like watching this, sweetheart? Do you like seeing your wife suck this big old cock?"

Wanda squeezed Joe's balls, causing him to gasp, cautioning him to say the right thing.

"Oh, God yes, baby . . . you do him . . ." and then to spite Wanda, added, "Swallow his load and pass it on to Wanda."

"Where the fuck do you come off telling her that?" Wanda barked and gave his testicles another hard squeeze.

Val, hornier than ever, was extremely pleased by Joe's suggestion; after kissing the head of Gerry's cock, she said, "Oh, I will, honey, I will." She concentrated on getting Gerry off, tickling his balls, even working a finger into his ass, and all the while laving her tongue around his cockhead.

Moments later, Gerry spurted into her mouth, and Val, recalling Joe's request, was careful not to swallow a drop, but sealed her mouth and moved to Wanda's side.

"No! I don't want any of it!" Wanda protested.

Val used her eyes to plead with her friend, but Wanda demurred again.

"Mum on," Val mumbled, slurring her words with her mouth shut. "Tie it! Duel ike it!"

"She's telling you to try it, you'll like it," Gerry said with a mischievous smirk.

"Fuck you, Gerry!" Wanda said, but when tears began falling down Val's cheeks, she relented, saying, "Oh, shit! Okay, c'mere, baby."

The women went into a close embrace, their mouths sealed against each other. The men watched avidly Val's throat seemed to gather Gerry's sperm into one heaping load and then transferred it to the other's waiting and accepting mouth.

Once the stringy gobs had been transferred, Val broke off the kiss and opened her mouth so that the men could see that her mouth was devoid of Gerry's seminal fluid.

"Be careful. Don't swallow any, Wanda!" Val called out. "Let them see. Open your mouth!"

With a defiant look in her eyes, Wanda slowly opened her mouth to display the globs of semen laying on her tongue.

"There, you guys see that?" Val said harshly.

"Okay, you did it," Gerry said grudgingly. "Now what?"

"Now, Gerry, you kiss Wanda."

Gerry laughed, but moved to Wanda and kissed her. Wanda wasted no time in transferring the load from her mouth to his, and Gerry made a production of tilting his head back and swallowing his own semen.

"I didn't think he'd do it," Joe said, marveling at Gerry. He was certain he himself was incapable of doing it and was relieved when no one challenged him to do it.

They began to talk about their most sordid experiences. Val and Joe had little to offer. Gerry told them of conquest after conquest until waved off by the others. The general consensus was that his stories were repetitious, with Wanda coming right out and stating that they were also quite boring.

"Can you do better, Wanda?" Gerry challenged.

"Maybe," she said. "Stop me anytime if you lose interest, okay?"

They nodded, and she began her tale.

"I had had a lot to drink at a college party my sophomore year. What happened was that I took on ten guys."

"Ten guys?" Val exclaimed. Her mind boggled at the thought. "How?"

"Well, as I recall, it was mostly three at a time, but there was a point at which I had one in my pussy, one in my mouth and a third in my ass, and I was jerking off two others, all at once. They took some pictures . . . thank God this was before the internet. The guy who had it in my ass pulled out, and shot his load over my ass and spine. The others followed suit. My blowjob boy blasted into my face. My pussy boy rolled me over and came all over my tits. I took one of the others into my mouth and he came on my face and hair and the remaining guy came from my hand and got some in my ear and the back of my neck.

"The most degrading part of it... I should mention that essentially I enjoyed most of it, including the semen bath itself. But they insisted that I scoop up as much of it as possible and swallow it. I did, but the combination of booze and cum didn't sit well in my stomach, and I threw up over and over again. I was one sick whore that night."

"Wow!" Val said, awed by Wanda's story.

"You certainly topped me," Gerry conceded. "Would you by any chance care to repeat that performance some evening at my place?"

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