tagLoving WivesWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 44

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 44

byParis Waterman©

Vic and Natalie – Decision Time

Vic came home in a good mood. He'd finalized a profitable deal with Nick Fitzgerald and Joe Marcolina that would result in his moving from spec-homes to custom-built homes that cost thousands of dollars more. He wanted to take Natalie out and celebrate.

"Honey, I'm home!" he called out on entering his foyer. "We're celebrating! Just tell me where you'd like to go and it's a done deal!"

Natalie met him in the living room. "You look happy," she said.

"I am. I certainly am happy. I just closed the greatest deal you can imagine ...."

"And you want to celebrate," she said somberly.

Vic caught her mood, realized it didn't match his own and was puzzled.

"Baby, what's wrong?"

"What's wrong?" she said, repeating his words and then forgot everything she'd planned on saying. All her pre-planned arguments went out the window. "The only thing I want to celebrate is having a baby."

Caught completely off-guard, Vic could only sputter, "What the fuck?"

She rattled off what probably should have taken fifteen or twenty minutes to lay out. "I want a baby. I want you to impregnate me. If you love me you'll do it. If you refuse than I can't help but feel you don't really love me. If you don't love me I want a divorce. You've known that I want children; you know I wouldn't have married you if I'd known you didn't."

"But ... but we've never even talked about it. I use a condom every time we have sex. I mean ... think about you're body. I mean, stretch marks ... and ... and even your shape ... it gets ... distorted ...."

"Vic, if you love me. If you want our marriage to last, you'll give me a child."

"I ... Jesus ... I need some time to think ... I need to think about this, Nat. really I have to think...."

He turned on his heel and stumbled from the house, got in his car and drove off, ostensibly to think, Natalie told herself. But actually to seek advice from one or more male colleagues.

Joe Feels Val Out

For the two weeks following the foursome, Val and Joe remained mostly at home. They talked constantly about that memorable night; about what they had done and how much they had both enjoyed it. Their conversation usually ended with them fucking themselves into exhaustion, followed by a good nights sleep.

Both Gerry and Wanda called during this time. Both were eager for another visit, albeit, without the other being present. And that presented Joe and Val with a big problem. They valued both Wanda and Gerry's friendship, needed it, in fact, to continue their suddenly lavish lifestyle; but didn't want to anger either of them. Val had gone to see Gerry three times and Wanda twice. Joe had liaisoned with Wanda on three occasions, but because of Wanda's strong feelings against Gerry, another foursome was not going to take place unless another male partner was found.

Wanda had suggested several other men to take Gerry's place, but none met Val's test - a test designed to protect her and Joe from being blackmailed or otherwise used for committing to that type relationship. Wanda said she understood, and that she "Would keep looking for new talent."

Gerry Attric seemed satisfied with the occasional dalliance with Val, and did not press them for another group session.

Joe kept bringing the foursome up, bemoaning the fact that they had not videoed the event. And every so often, Val tingled on hearing him say how he would enjoy watching her with another man.


A month passed, Val and Joe were in bed fooling around before making love.

"I love to watch your nipples get hard," he said, his voice dripping with huskiness.

"Mmmmm," Val murmured, lost in a lusty day dream.

"I like the way they feel. Have I told you about that?"

"Yeah," she said thickly, "They tingle – I can feel them sort of contracting. It's a wonderful feeling, especially when it happens with no touching, just getting erect, aroused. No, don't stop. Rub them."

"My nipples do it too, I mean, you probably can't tell..." he said, and stopped talking.

"Oh, but I can tell."

He changed the subject slightly; Val didn't seem to take notice.

"You know, when we put the mirror up beside the bed, it was to get a little more thrill out of it. And, it works. I love watching you fuck me. So do you."

"Yeah," once again her voice seemed far away.


"Huh? Oh, what? I'm sorry, I was somewhere else."

"But you're here now?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm right here, baby!"

He lay beside her, holding her breasts against him, his cock against her belly. She put her knee over his waist and kissed him.

"God, I love you," she said hotly. "When you're inside me, when you're fucking me, I think about a lot of things. Sometimes I recall other times we've done it, like this morning I was thinking about how you felt the last time you put it in my ass. Not that I wanted it there this morning, I was just thinking about how great it felt."

Joe slapped her pussy with his erection.

"Ugh! Yeah, that's good! Oh, I'm so ready... c'mon, slip it in me right now."

He entered her and kissed her shoulder.

"Oh, yes, just stay like that..."

He plucked at her nipple.

"Oh, yeah! Nice. You know, sometimes, I wonder what it feels like to be a guy... what it would be like to have a cock, to fuck a woman – me, or Wanda, or.... Hey, you still with me?"

"Can't you feel me? I'm hard as a rock. You feel wonderful and I love you."

She pulled him on top of her and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him deep. Then, she rolled back again. "I feel you deep inside. I love you, too, especially... Ah! Christ that feels good!"

They kissed, and kissed again before Val completed what she had started to say. "And then, sometimes I pretend. I pretend it isn't you, that it's another guy."

Suddenly, Joe's interest in her conversation took on a new meaning. "Anyone special?"

"No, that's what's so wonderful. When you're inside me I can pretend it's anyone. Sometimes it's an old lover; sometimes it's one of our friends, or even strangers."


"Yeah, sometimes I fantasize it's some guy I saw on the street, or I make up something really weird or sexy or..."

He began moving inside her again.

"Yes, slow. Like that... Not too much... I don't want you to come. Not until you've told me your part... Does it bother you, what I said?"

"You mean about other guys? No. Hell, no. See, sometimes I do the same. All the things you said. The other day, I was thinking about one of the girls I used to screw in high school. I can still see the way her tits used to bounce when I fucked her. And when I see a girl on the street I like the looks of I'll think what it might be like taking off her clothes and fucking her. And I know you must do that, too."

"How do you know? How could you know?"

"Sometimes we go out, and we come home and you're hot to trot, and you climb all over me. You're all wet and slippery and ready. And you close your eyes. I've always figured you're pretending I'm someone else."

"Really, I thought I was a little better at it than that... Oh! That's it, do that again! Yes... No... turn me around. Can you see us in the mirrors?"

"Yes. I love it this way. I can watch while I play with your tits."

"You know, Joe, I can tell when you're fantasizing, too. You get this far-away look, and I know you aren't fucking me it's Wanda, or someone else. You know what I do then?"

"No. Am I deep enough?"

"Get in a little further. Go for the G-Spot. Ah, yes... You know when you're like that, I try to guess who you're thinking about and want to fuck you like she would.

"How would you do that?"

"Mmmm, I'd just do it differently. I don't know exactly... improvise, I guess."

"No wonder its so much fun. Maybe I should tell you about it before."

"Maybe. We ought to talk about it more. Must be lots of times we can do that. But there's lots of times I just want you. Nobody else."

"Like now. Have I got your attention now?"

"All the way. This is wonderful; I haven't been so hot in ages. And I don't want it to end for a long time yet. You okay?"

"Yeah, not going to come for a while yet. But you feel so good. Want to get up?"

"On my knees? Sure. Can we do it without disconnecting?"

They wriggled and struggled for a while until he was on his knees and thrusting into her from behind. For some time they moved against each other, their thighs slapping wetly.

"God, I love that." she said into the pillow. "Okay if I come?"

"Yeah, go ahead. I've got a while yet. Let it rip."

She moaned and cried out her pleasure, then began to hum happily to herself. Finally, she spoke again.

"When I'm like this, I can pretend anything, you know. I can't see you, can't see the mirror. I don't have any idea who's behind me."

"Just one of us boys, lady."

"You could be anyone," she giggled. "Tell me, are you white or black?"

"I'm whatever you want, lady. Nice of you to ask me up here. I thought you looked great on the street, but you look a lot better like this. You want me to ask one of my friends to join us?

"Oh, I love it so, and I love playing with you like this." She reached into her crotch to caress his balls.

"Just call me Tony, lady. Should I call my buddy, Andy?"

"Not right now, Tony, maybe next time you bring him with you. Right now I want you to fuck me hard and shoot it all in me."

"You know how guys talk," he whispered.

"No, tell me, how do guys talk?"

"At dinner the other night... the night we went to the theatre?"


It was Ellen, Bernie and Heather..."

"And Jon, Matt and Heather's blind date..."

"Hardy," he said, helping her out.

"Right. Thanks. She has had so many its hard to keep track."

I heard Matt growl to Jon when you served him the soup, "Her breast brushed my arm. I thought my cock would come out of my pants and grab her. Man, I can't tell you—she just looked at me sweetly and her smile almost made me spray my shorts. I swear, I don't know about you guys, but as long as she's around, I'm going to have a hard-on."

Then Jon said, "The first time I saw her I wanted to fuck her," which seemed to sum up how they felt about you.

"Did my sister's date say anything?"

"Did he say anything? He... what's his name again?"


"Yeah, well, Hardy listened to them and whispered to Matt, '"I didn't get to see all of her with the light behind her like you guys, but when she came by to collect the soup dish, instead of looking down the top of her dress, I leaned back and got a good look at her ass. You know, I wouldn't have taken a look like that, but her old man seems to be egging us on, don't you think?' "

"Hardy then added that when you leaned in to fill his water glass he got a sideways glance into your top. But what he said next staggered me. 'She caught me looking – gave me a really sweet smile. He must be good in bed. She probably wouldn't be with him if it were just money.' "

By the time Joe had finished describing what the men had said about her, they were humping frantically, grunting and slapping until Joe cried out and collapsed, sliding off her back to lie beside her. She turned to him, wrapped her leg over him, and pressed her breasts against him.

"That was lovely. Thanks. Did you know I came again when you did?"

"Sorry, no. I was in another world."

"I guess that's what you mean, isn't it? You think if we tell each other about our fantasies, we can help each other enjoy them."

Val smeared her sex across his belly, wetting him.

"Yes. It was wild knowing you were fucking someone else in your head. It was incredible."

"Looks like we've got a new idea, here." She rolled up and looked down at him, planting her sweaty breast in the middle of his chest and reaching between them to pull him against her belly. "You better be careful."

"Why? Because you've got hot pants like me? Are you afraid of something?"

"Well, I suppose it could get out of hand... "


"Suppose pretending doesn't cut it? Am I supposed to let you watch me fuck some guy you bring home? Am I supposed to let you fuck some bimbo you come across and bring home to diner?"

"If I do, you want to watch? You want seconds?"

"Wow, I hadn't thought of that... Have to think about it... But, you know what I mean."

"Well, tell me. If we both agree to try something, is it all right? I mean we're just talking fantasies here."

"Are we? Are we really? Seems to me it's not much of a step from pretending you're fucking some slut to really doing it."

"I thought we were just talking about our fantasies, Val."

"Fantasies, my ass, we're talking about adding other people to our bed. We've already done it with Wanda and Gerry."

"Don't forget Paris."

"I'll never forget Paris."

"So you admit you like added another person to our bed."

"Or persons, Joe... we've had a memorable foursome."

"I know, I know, we liked it. I know I did, and I'm pretty sure you did. The only reason we haven't had a repeat is because Wanda dislikes Gerry."

"Jesus, Joe, you're hard again. Put it in... Oh, yes. I love the feel of your cock. Don't move... You're right. I wouldn't mind another foursome. But with different partners. Maybe another couple, but I don't know if that would be smart."

"I agree with you," Joe said. "Whoever we select will have to meet certain safety standards."

"Like what?"

"I don't know. We'll have to think about it. I'd rather not involve people we currently socialize with... it could get sticky if the relationship sours."

"What about going off to Hilton Head, or some place other than Wilmington?"

"Good idea. Or, we could go back to Paris."

Val laughed delightedly. "Yes, but that's rather expensive for a night of delight. Oh, lord, Joe, I think we'd better talk some more about this."

"Why, so you can get off again?"

"No, I mean, I'm not ready for that. Not really fucking other people."

"It was your idea, you know. And, after all, you used to screw a lot of guys before me. At least, that's what you told me."

"Yes, yes. Those guys were invited in by my hormones more than me, though. But, right now, I'm thinking of making it more of a game."

"Okay with me. Just tell me when you want to play for real. How about we do it again?"

"Yes. This time, slow, slow."

They made love again, missionary fashion, rubbing their wet bodies together in a slow, steady rhythm until they both came, kissing and hugging and moaning.

"You have great ideas," she murmured. "And I know who you were fucking that time. Me."

"Right. And I was loving you. I think we have some interesting times ahead, if we just keep talking about it."

"Watch out, though. You've got me thinking, and you've got me interested. We've always been good with sex."

"I guess we just never really talked about how far we're willing to go with it. I think you were right," she said.

"Of course I'm right," he grinned. "But what about?"

"If we're really careful it's going to make our love life a lot better. But right now, I'm going to sleep. Good night, darling."

Vic and Natalie – Decision Time, Part II

Vic headed for the Country Club bar where he met with several so-called buddies, mostly golfing associates, none of whom he would seek advice from.

It wasn't until he was on his fourth martini that he saw Gerry Attric walk in and sit down at the bar. Vic left his table and joined Gerry at the bar.

"Am I intruding on anything, Gerry?"

"No, not at all," the older man patted the stool next to him. "Join me. What are you drinking?"

"Martini's," Vic replied, and before he could add that he had one back at his table, Gerry caught the bartender's eye and had him make another drink for Vic.

"Advice," Vic began then paused. "Need some solid advice on life, Gerry."

"I've been around a while, Vic. I'm not the quintessential advisor, but I might be able to help. Is it financial, or love life advice you need?"

"Aw, my wife, Natalie ... she wants a baby. I don't know that I do."

The bartender approached with two fresh drinks and set them down carefully in front of each man, then walked briskly away.

"Well, I will say the problem isn't a unique one," Gerry said after taking a sip from his brandy. "It's probably one that many couples face. Women have an inner need to reproduce. Men too, for that matter. It's a matter of keeping the species going, you see?"

"I'm not sure I do, Gerry."

"Well it's fairly obvious that women need to bear children. Almost all do. But there are always exceptions. Some had difficult pregnancies, or aren't as comfortable in the role of parent as they thought they would be. Even lesbians want to have children and they usually can't tolerate a man climbing on top of them. But in order to have a child they will.

"Men, on the other hand, are like the bee, wanting to pollinate every damn flower they come across."

"Nice analogy, Gerry." Vic smiled.

"Thank you, but I'm drifting away from my point. I think many guys say that they don't want kids because they are content with their lifestyle of either being single, or if married, don't want the responsibility of raising a child. Two things come to mind in that regard. One, the guy isn't willing to remain with his present partner and a kid would tie him down, financially and socially. Two, the guy doesn't see how a child or children might add to their life rather than take away from it.

I know it's a dilemma, Vic. I mean it's really a mixed bag. Some guys have a kid and then walk away from it, saying to hell with the consequences. And there are consequences. Some even do time for walking away."

"Yeah, Dead-beat Dads, I know."

"Yes, I think that group deserves that title. But I really think ... and I mean no reflection on you, personally, Vic, but maturity plays a role in this situation. Some men don't want to raise children right now, maybe not in the future, but for sure not now. Most of the men I know who don't or didn't want kids just didn't want the lifestyle or the responsibility. A few didn't think they would make good parents. Some did, some didn't. That's something a person doesn't know until it happens.

"Now your wife, Natalie, has an inner clock ticking, it's telling her it's time to have a child. Believe me, Vic; the clock won't stop ticking until she goes into labor."

'You're telling me she won't stop nagging me about it."

"I am."

"Pardon me for saying it, but you don't have kids, do you?"

"No. My wife, my first wife had two miscarriages. My second wife can't have children. I regret not having any. I feel I've missed out on one of life's greater pleasures. I say this knowing there's a great deal of heartache in raising a child as well."

"I don't know," Vic said disconsolately.

"Vic, I've known quite a few men who didn't want kids, but ended up with them later. A couple of them really did change their minds on their own, but not the majority. The majority of them changed their minds because either their wives nagged them until they broke down or there was an accident and they were forced to step up. After they had them, they were happy and usually had another, but it wasn't their first choice.

"But once taken, it's a step that cannot be retracted. If you love your wife, consider her wants in this regard. If, and I'm very serious here, if you don't, then don't have the child. But do her the service of getting a divorce and moving on. That way you lose some cash — I suspect you've plenty — and you both go on with your lives."

"Thanks, Gerry. You've certainly given me a lot to think about."

"Yes, well let me add one more thing."

"What's that?"

"Do your thinking with a clear head. Don't let alcohol cloud your thought process."

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