tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 45

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 45

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 45

A Friend Happens By

It was a Sunday morning, the maid was off, and Val was catching up on household chores including cleaning and laundry. As she was finishing up, Joe surprised her by fixing lunch for the two of them.

Joe was finishing off his roast beef sandwich when he looked at Val and asked, "What did you enjoy the most?"

She knew exactly what he was talking about; what they had talked about most of the time since that eventful night, and she smiled lovingly at him and replied, "So many things, the other man... the other woman."

"What about having two men at once?"

"Oh, that was really hot!"

Joe smiled and nodded. "Want to do it again, I mean, with someone new?"

Val stared at him for a moment, wondering just what he was up too, and how it would affect their relationship and marriage. In her mind, there was no question but that she'd enjoy the hell out of having two men again. It was her favorite fantasy, and having lived it once, there was nothing she wanted more.

"Val?" he asked, and waited for a response.

"Oh... Sorry dear... you caught me off guard with this."


"I'd be interested, but only if you want it. You know me, know what I like. But I don't want to get into something that will impact our marriage. That's first and foremost, Joe."

"Frank Baumholtz called me this morning."

"Frank... OH!"

Frank Baumholtz was Joe's best friend from college. They had double dated a number of times, and a few times, Joe had made love to Val in the front seat of his car, while Frank did his date in the back. A few times after Frank dropped his date off, he would drive while Joe and Val enjoyed more sex in the back seat.

One night Frank had parked, then turned and blatantly watched them. With Val enthusiastically giving Joe a blowjob, she happened to open her eyes to find Frank watching her. He had grinned down at her. Then she had heard Joe's voice calmly asking if she'd mind if Frank watched them.

Val recalled exactly what transpired after that. She had raised her mouth off Joe's throbbing cock, and stroked it slowly. The thoughts that raced through her mind at Joe's question came back to her again after all those years. She had kept jerking Joe off, and had to pause before answering because she was so excited that she couldn't find her voice.

Finally, she managed to blurt out, "I don't mind... in fact, it's kind of exciting." Then she had returned her attention to Joe's waiting cock, wondering if Frank intended to climb into the backseat with them and fuck her while she blew Joe. To prove to them and herself that she really didn't mind she had turned her head, caught Frank's eye, and winked at him, halfway hoping that he would climb over the seat and join them.

He didn't, but Val was thrilled to hear Frank say, "Man, you are one lucky son-of-a-bitch. I've never seen any girl enjoy sucking a cock like she does."

Joe grunted, and in a husky voice was barely able to say, "Yeah... she is good at it. You love to give head, don't you, Val?"

Val had taken him from her mouth and holding his member inches away from her lips, looked directly into Frank's eyes and answered, "Mmmmm, I guess I do."

She had taken Joe's cock back into her mouth, and made him cum, and sucked him dry, without ever taking her eyes away from Frank's.

She had loved him watching her, and later she had told Joe. After that night Frank had watched them do just about everything. Val discovered that she enjoyed the sex more with him looking on. Later she had discussed her feelings with her roommate, Bernie. Bernie admitted to having and acting on similar feelings. Both girls considered themselves exhibitionists of sorts from that day on.

Joe's voice brought Val out of her reverie, and triggered a new series of lustful thoughts by telling her that Frank had asked him if Val was still the sexiest lady in the world. Val felt a tingle in her cunt. But she laughed, and said, "How flattering. Frank's still a big tease."

She managed to hide her disappointment when Joe changed the subject to his money making schemes, and soon tuned him out, by picking up a novel and pretending to read it until he left the room.

She tried to visualize how Frank might have changed in the five years since she had last seen him. Had he put on weight? Had he gone bald? Or was he more good looking than ever?"

She left the room and headed to the bathroom and masturbated while seated on the toilet, envisioning Frank climbing over the backseat and taking her from behind while she kept going down on Joe that night. Completing a fantasy she had kept dormant for several years.

The itch was still smoldering that night when Joe grinned at her and said, "Frank wanted to know if you were still as hot as you used to be. I told him you were even hotter; that I had all I could do to keep up with you."

Val felt herself grow wet, but reacted by punching Joe playfully on the shoulder and saying, "You'll have him coming in his pants, Joe. He'll think I'm some sort of uninhibited wild woman."

Joe kissed her, and said softly, "You are, and I love it... but if your appetite gets any bigger I'm not sure I can keep up with you."

Then he kissed her again, and they cuddled for sleep. As Val drifted off Joe's words came back to her. Do I want too much sex? Was Joe kidding about not being able to keep up with me?


Several days later they were lying in bed tightly wrapped around each other's nude satisfied body. Joe had just screwed her head off and Val was shivering as she came down off the high wondering if she were some sort of nymphomaniac. I like sex. No, I adore it. I like doing it with women as well as men. I like being watched doing it, and I like multiple partners. I may be somewhat oversexed; I'm ready just about anytime. I never turn Joe down, and he's almost always ready.

Now as she lay there catching her breath she was thinking of what she would do to him next. He loves for me to give him head and I love to do it. Yeah that's what I'm going to do.

Val was aware that Joe would follow by going down on her until she couldn't stand another lick. Then he would make love to her again, and only then could she sleep. She sighed and began to caress his penis until it became rock hard.


When Joe came home from work the next day, he mentioned that he had told Frank about their sexual appetite conversation. Val wasn't really surprised at this. In fact, she had expected something along these lines ever since Joe had mentioned Frank's name.

"He said to tell you he'd be happy to help you out anytime."

"Did he now?"

"Oh, yeah," Joe laughed nervously and then dropped the subject. However, that night after going two rounds with Joe, Val found herself wondering how Frank would compare to Joe.

She was stunned when Joe interrupted her reverie to ask, "Did you enjoy fucking Frank?" He'd had the strangest expression on his face when he'd asked the question. Val decided to answer truthfully. "I'm not sure. But how did you know I was thinking of him when we were doing it?"

"When you came you moaned "Fuck me harder, Frank"

"I did?"

Joe nodded and kissed her tenderly, "Yes, you did."

"Oh, Joe, I'm so sorry!"

"Please don't apologize... it really is okay. I admit it surprised me, but it was me that brought the subject up. And, we all fantasize. Hell I've had some lulu's"

"You think of other women while making love to me?"

"A few times"

Somehow that didn't bother her, but made Val feel better about what she had done. She lay there thinking about everything and then asked, "When is he coming to town?"

"Two weeks from Friday," he said laconically.

"I thought it would be sooner," was all she said in reply, telling him that her cooperation was a done deal.

"He'll be with us for a week."

"A week, huh?"

"You have no idea how much Frank wanted to fuck you in college."

"Oh, I think I know."

It was as if Joe hadn't heard her. He went on, "Remember how he used to watch us... well after those times... after I dropped you off at your apartment... he used to tell me how lucky I was, and how much he would love to be in my place with you." "I can imagine."

"But he never made a move on you... did he?"

"No, darling, you don't hit on your buddies girl, at least you're not supposed too."

Val found herself wondering what Frank would be like... wondered if his cock would feel different... taste different. Then realized her panties were getting wet, and forced herself to concentrate on what they would be having for dinner that night.


Val did arrange to meet Wanda at Talbot's and mentioned Joe's arrangement with her and his old college buddy.

"He's pawning you off on an old friend?"

"He's not exactly pawning me off. I knew Frank back in college too."

How well?"

"Well enough... but I never had sex with him."

"What did you do with him?"

Val started to fidget, and Wanda laughed, and said, "My, we are thinking naughty things aren't we."

"Wanda! I'm thinking no such thing!"

"You most certainly are. I know you too well, Val."

"If you must know, he used to watch Joe and I do it in the car."

"More than once?"

"Um, yeah, more than once."

"How did it start?"

"Um, we were double dating and both couples got it on. After that... it seemed that he would drop his date off whether we all had sex or not, and Frank would drive around while Joe and me had at it in the backseat."

"That was a strange relationship."

"Yeah, it was. One time, we were parked. Frank was behind the wheel and while I was... going down on Joe I realized he was watching us... me, from the front seat."

"That's it?"

"Well, I also recall Joe asking if I minded Frank watching."

"Didn't that seem strange to you?"

"Yes, but after thinking it over I concluded that I didn't mind him looking at us."

"He was looking at you, not Joe."

"I know. I know."

"Look, Val, I truly love you, you know that."

"Yes, and I love you too, Wanda."

"You certainly enjoyed being doubled by that old fart, Gerry and your husband. I think you want a repeat performance, I wouldn't mind one either to tell you the truth. But perhaps with someone other than Gerry."

"I adore, Gerry."

"I don't, but I can understand your feelings for the man. He is a gentleman and performs well in the sack. I just don't like him personally."

"Christ, Wanda, why am I so horny all the time?"

"Are you... really?"

"Yes, I don't understand it. Sometimes I think I'm a fucking nymphomaniac."

"Are you hot right now?"


"There's a rather large changing booth off to your left, see it?"

"Wanda are you serious?"

"Get your sweet ass in there. I'll distract the salesclerk and then join you. We shouldn't need more than fifteen minutes judging from the state I'm in."



Val had expected Joe to bring Frank home with him and had dressed casually for the occasion; black slacks and a white blouse. What caught her by surprise was the fact that both of them were drunk. What was wrong with that bastard? She was also surprised at what came out of her mouth as they stumbled into their chairs in the living room. "Shit! Shit! Shit!"

"There there, Val, it's all right," Frank said doing his best to comfort her. "Joe isn't as goody goody as you thought. He got shitfaced after jes a couple of drinks."

"HEY!" Joe bleated. "You got me fucked up. I didn't know how strong those drinks were!"

With as much sarcasm as she could muster, Val greeted Frank. "Hello, Frank. Long time no see."

"Yeah... it has been a while, Valerie. It sure has been a while. How 'bout a little hug? A good hug always makes people feel better."

Frank got up and tottered over to Val, who stood her ground while Joe snickered in the background. "Easy Frank, I'm not sure I want to....Mmmph!" He hugged her to him and kissed her. His breath reeked of gin, and she groaned when he jabbed his crusty tongue into her mouth.

It was over almost as soon as it began. "There, that wasn't so bad, was it? Now why don't you give your hubby a nice kiss as well?"

She stared at him incredulously. Who was this cretin to order her around?

"Go on Val, just one little kiss. He's your lovey-dovey, ain't he? One kiss can't hurt, can it?"

"Then you two will leave me alone?" she asked, already disgusted with the two of them. She tried to remember if she had ever seen Joe this inebriated before and decided she hadn't.

I'll give him a kiss and get both of them off to bed. If necessary I'll sleep on the couch. She told herself.

She kissed her husband and found Frank waiting impatiently for his.

Despite herself, she moved to him and gave him another kiss.

"That wasn't so bad now, was it?" Frank said, wiping his mouth on his sleeve. "You're excited, aren't you? I know you, Val. You're turned on, admit it. Go on, Joe, kiss her again. She loves it."

"I don't love it. You're talking nonsense, Frank. It would be best if the two of you just went to bed. You'll feel better in the morning."

"C'mon, Val... gimme some tongue," Frank sputtered.

"No, Frank. No!"

"Don't be shy, it's normal to get ... to get all aroused when two guys are making a move on you," Frank said, and started to lower his pants.


"C'mon, Val, let's see those tits!"



"Are you going to let him rape me?"

"He's not raping you, honey. Sides... you said it would be a good idea to fuck him."

"I did not!"

"Sure you did. Said you couldn't wait to see his dick."

"I never...." Val cursed herself for ever mentioning the fact that she'd found Frank attractive back in her college days. She cursed Joe too, for bringing him into their home.

Then she cursed her husband aloud; "Joe, you son-of-a-bitch, get him out of my house!"

"Lemme see 'em, baby!" Frank mumbled and grabbed her right breast, squeezing it hard enough to make her wince with pain.

"Let go you dumb bastard!"

"Gotta love these tits of yours , Val sweetie."

Val was struggling with his mauling hands and looking to Joe for help.

Joe held his hands up in a 'What can I do?' stance.

"Hey, lift your arms up," Frank said, breathing heavily. "I don't want to tear this nice blouse." He twisted her left nipple and a bolt of pain shot through her.

"Shit, I love these tits of yours!"

"Stop! Goddamn it Frank!" she seemed to be losing hope of controlling the situation. "No, Frank, please don't! You're hurting me!"

Joe staggered over to an easy chair and flopped down in it.

Frank had her blouse unbuttoned.


Frank's hand scooped her left breast out of its bra cup.

Still struggling with Frank, Val heard her husband say clearly and distinctly and not a trace of drunkenness, "Hasn't she got great nipples?"

"Mmmm, yeah," Frank said trying to capture one in his mouth.

A moment later she cringed on feeling another set of hands on her. Joe was tugging her slacks down to her ankles!

"What about this ass, Frank? Is this the cutest, little ass you've ever seen, or what?"

Frank didn't answer him as he had finally gained control of a breast and was sucking on Val's teat.

To Val the scene was surreal. Why were they doing this? She had agreed to accept Frank as a sexual partner. But this... this was rape.

Joe rasped, "Do you like two men touching you everywhere?"

His hand was between her legs from behind, creating a powerful friction between the silk of her underwear and her cunt, which despite her feelings about the two drunken men pawing her, had her aroused.

"Fuck you, Joe!" She spit in his face.

"Listen to the mouth on her!" Frank laughed as he made for the other nipple.

"I know where I want her mouth," Joe said, and laughed. It was a cruel laugh, one she had never heard before. A tremor of fear flashed through her as she realized what a dangerous situation she was in.

"Admit it, Val. You want it." Frank laughed, and Val wrenched her breast away from him, feeling nauseous from his foul breath so close to her face.

"Show her your cock, Frank. That will get her going."

"Want to see my dick, Val?" Frank asked genially.

Val decided to take a dangerous path and caught them off guard by softly saying, "Yes, I want to see it."

"Sure you do," Joe chirped. He's got a nice one. C'mon, Val, let's get started. We're both going to fuck you six-ways from Sunday!"

Val made no movement whatsoever. She just stood passively, wishing she were elsewhere.

"Take his cock in your hand, Val!" Joe snarled, bringing her back to her situation. As she cupped Frank's cock in her palm, Val visualized herself squeezing his balls then running out the front door. She thought about how foolish she would look running away from her own husband.

It's two against one, she thought, how unfair. She sighed and started to stroke Frank, made him harder.

"Oh, that feels good," Frank croaked.

"Hold my balls for me, honey," Joe said. She turned her head and saw that Joe had exposed himself. Reaching out to him with her other hand Val hefted his balls. "Whose cock is nicer? Joe asked.

"That's not a fair question, Joe."

"It's not?"

"No, because whatever I say I'll piss one of you off."

"Like my dick, Val?"

"It's nice, Frank. It's warm and smooth."

Joe was wearing the top half of his pin-striped suit, but was naked from the waist down. Val slowly sank down to her knees, resigned to fellating both men; hoping that would end things for the night.

"Honey, I bet Frank would just love it if you gave that cock of his a little suction.

She scowled at her husband, "You're such a bastard, Joe."

Val realized that there was a bulb of smooth warm flesh pressing against her cheek, and a tangy, kind of moldy odor in her nostrils. It took her a moment to figure what it was, then with a long sigh she opened her mouth to accept Frank's penis.

I could hurt him... but then they'd hurt me. How did I get into this prediciment? I even told Wanda I was a nymphomanic. Fuck it! I'll do the both of them... get it over with. Tomorrow's another day.

Frank's cock was already thrusting into her roof of her mouth. Mentaly Val compared it with Joe's and Gerry Attric's. This one was long and thin, salty with a cheesy smell that she equated with the smega she had once encountered on the crown of Joe's cock. Not caring anymore, she lashed her tongue around it, raised up her neck to allow it deeper access.

As she sucked, she felt Joe's hands on her behind, pulling her underwear down; followed by the head of his cock forging into her cunt. She was very wet and that surprised her. Joe was thicker than Frank and stretched her as he surged into her. Suddenly hungry for more Val moaned and pushed back at him.

But both men were uninterested in her pleasure, only their own. She was only midway up the climb to sweet release with Joe when Frank stiffened, moaned and spurted his sperm down her gullet. Moments later, Joe spasmed and came inside her.

Feeling deprived, Val made her cunt clench around the softening penis as was slipping out of her, trying to hold it in.

A thin stream of Frank's ejaculate had trickled from her lips, run down her cheek, but she didn't notice. It began to itch as it slowly dried and she rubbed it and was surprised to find her fingers covered with his sprem. She almost laughed at her situation. There's probably a lot more oozing out of my pussy, she told herself, and then flinched on hearing her husband say, "Let's do her again, but this time we'll use the bedroom."

"More room on the floor," Frank chuckled as they steered Val into the bedroom only to release her when she told them she needed to pee.

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