tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 47

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 47

byParis Waterman©

Laura Answers the Ad

She hadn't heard from Vic Stevens in three weeks, couldn't call him either, for it was highly likely that Natalie, his wife would answer the phone. Finally, in near desperation, Laura dialed the number after having worked up a reason to speak with Natalie should she answer.

She did.

"Hey girlie, it's Laura."

"Hi!" Natalie replied. "Just a minute, let me go into the other room."

Laura heard music in the background, probably NPR, but it softened to a muffle as Natalie walked to the other end of the house.

"That's better," Natalie said. "So? How was that party you went to Saturday? Did you have fun?"

"Hmm, fun. I wouldn't say that."

"Why? Didn't you see Val and Joe?"

"Yeah, I did."

"What about that guy? Um, I forget his name, but Val mentioned that you two might hit it off."

"Spenser. Yeah, he was there."


"Um, I went home with him, actually."

"You tramp! That's great!"

"I wouldn't have admitted it, but Val had the effrontery to call him and ask... and he told her, the bastard!"

Both women laughed, and then Natalie asked, "So, was he terrific in bed?"

"Not really." Laura said as she settled down on her loveseat and worried a cuticle while looking out the window at the rain splashing on the cobblestoned street in front of her apartment. "I don't even know why I did it. I should know better by now. He's in a completely different orbit from me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, hon, but it was probably quite a thrill for him, the sophisticated southern woman and all."

"I doubt it. I'm such a dumb ass."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. So it's a one-nighter; it wasn't meant to be. He's lucky he had a shot with you. Besides, I'm glad you're getting back out there, after that bad experience with Lou and all."

That comment pissed Laura off, but she hid it well, saying, "You're sweet," then placed a finger in her mouth and feigned vomiting.

"Hey, Laura, why don't you come on over? Vic could put some burgers on the grill, and we can rent a two handkerchief movie or something."

The thought of being in the same room with Vic made her shiver with excitement. He was an excellent lover, and the sooner she got it on with him again the better. But being in the same house with him and Natalie would be a major risk and was sure to piss Vic off.

And so, Laura gave a heavy sigh, and said, "Thanks, Natalie. But I don't know. I'm not feeling very sociable. I'd probably just bum you and Vic out."

"No! You should come by. It's better than moping around and being sad, right?"

"I won't be sad."

"But you'll mope, I know you. Listen, forget that Spenser creep. You're way out of his league, anyway."

"Mmmm, probably. Thanks for saying so at any rate. You're a good friend, Nat. Anyway, I should do some laundry. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

"All right, sweetie," and sounding too happy that Laura was not coming over, added, "Happy laundering."

After Laura hung up, she considered her options: I could go to the grocery; this apartment needs a good cleaning; I should try to finish that Nora Roberts novel; maybe I'll rent a movie and order a pizza; my mother probably wonders why I haven't called in so long; maybe a pedicure would cheer me up. The weekend stretched in front of her with its possibilities, but it just made her tired. Maybe I'll lie down for a little while, she thought. I certainly didn't get enough sleep last night.

Her bedroom was inviting. She loved the deep green comforter that she'd found on sale a few months ago, loved her thick goose down pillows, her little bedside table. She pulled the window shades and snuggled underneath the comforter. As she started to relax, she realized how stiff her neck had been. That's what I get for abandoning my comfy bed, she thought.

She lay still for a few moments, but couldn't slow her brain down. A mélange of sexual episodes rushed past her mind's eye. She pictured the purple dildo and how Marta's dark lips had looked wrapped around it. An electric thread zipped through her pussy, and she unbuttoned her jeans, scootched part way out of them, and rested her hand on her mons. She'd always been able to soothe herself at night by pressing gently on her pubis. It wasn't sexual, really, or maybe it was and she just hadn't known any better at the time.

She wished she had a dildo of her own. She'd always been a strictly clitoral gal when she played with herself, but she couldn't help wondering how a rubber cock would feel in her mouth. Would it taste bitter? Would its dumb stiffness make her gag? What about in her pussy? She once had a lesbian friend who raved about them, said she could come all night with her silicone friend.

Sighing, she pulled her panties to the side and delicately grazed her slit with two fingers. Shivers ran through her abdomen, making her want more contact, but she wasn't going to give herself that satisfaction just yet. She tickled her inner thighs with a feathery touch, imagining Milton's furry goatee against her soft skin, Alex's tongue in her mouth, Marta's hands clamping her ankles and spreading her wide open.

Then Lou was putting those clamps on her nipples, and later how he'd applied the hot wax to them with her blindfolded. Christ he'd had a weird imagination! But he'd known what buttons to push, and Lordy could he fuck! Aloud she admitted to herself, "Ah, but I burned that bridge, probably better off that way . . . but still and all."

With her mind conjuring up both real and imagined events, her fingers wormed their way into her sexual passageways and she got herself off before wearily dropping off to sleep.

* * *

The next few days were subsumed in the usual routines. Laura worked long hours, but by Thursday evening, she started feeling lonely. She phoned Natalie and since Vic was out of town they made plans to meet for dinner at a new Ethiopian restaurant.

Laura arrived early and picked up the new issue of her city's free weekly from the rack inside the restaurant's doorway. The place wasn't very crowded. A lithe hostess swathed in ocean-colored silks flitted toward Laura and led her to a booth. The busboy brought her water with a pale slice of lemon in it.

Flipping through the newspaper, Laura scanned the "Other" column in the Personals section, looking for freakish ads to show Natalie when she arrived. Most of the headlines were bland or illiterate -- "I'm Hi N-R-G, R U?" "Gaze into my Crusty Blue Eyes!" "Dreamer-Savant," "I Love Curvy Ladies," "Fresh Start Together." Her eyes were drawn to the "Ships passing" section, where people left cryptic messages to each other. One ad had a bold header: "Your wildest curiosities satisfied. Intrigued? Cum, meet your new Master. Contact LT2346."

Laura felt her insides prickle. This wasn't placed by some cretin like Lou. This was short and to the point. This person knew what they wanted and assumed the reader who answered would as well. But was it a man or a woman? She reread the advertisement, then carefully ripped it out and put the scrap in her wallet as Natalie approached her booth.

"Sorry I'm late. Is that this week's Nova?" Natalie asked as she slid into the booth.

"Yeah. You want it?"

"No, I'll grab one on the way out. I may have some fish that needs wrapping. Hey, do you want to order a carafe of honey wine?"

Laura enjoyed the meal and talking with Natalie, but she felt as though she were observing herself from across the room. Her thoughts kept circling back to the ad. Midway through the meal, she excused herself to use the restroom and as she sat down on the toilet Laura spied a gleaming patch of liquid in her panties. The prickly feeling in her abdomen intensified.

When she got home, she dug the slip of paper out of her wallet and read it again. She made a pot of coffee, took a shower and still wrapped in the damp towel, came back to the slip of paper that seemed to have her mesmerized. She let the towel fall to the floor, picked up the phone and dialed the Personals number. The automated voicemail system assigned her a code number. Her voice sounded small and nervous as she left her message: "Hi, I saw your ad in the Nova. I, um, wonder... um, how would you satisfy my curiosities? My number is ...."

Laura hung up and sat waiting. She had fallen asleep in the chair and was awakened at 3:30 when the phone rang. "This better be an emergency," she said groggily, thinking it was Lou with one of his vile, obscene drunken calls. She had all but forgotten her earlier call until she heard his voice.

"I'm fully aware of the time, and I'd appreciate your using a more civil tone."

"What? Who is this?" Laura, confused, didn't recognize the voice, and her Caller ID said that the number was unknown.

"You may address me as Master Alex. I am returning the message you left this evening."

"How did you get my number?"

"Ah, either you are still half asleep, or an imbecile. Which is it?" His voice had the huskiest timber to it that she had ever heard outside of certain television commercials. Her loins shouted that she had better meet this man. For his voice told her that this was a real man.

"I ... I ... I'm awake now. Sorry, I haven't been sleeping to well and... well, you're right, I was half asleep. I did call you, didn't I?"

"At 12:30, yes. You saw the ad, right?"

"Yes. It ... I found it intriguing.

"Do you have to be at work in the morning?"

"Yes, I'm afraid I do. People depend on my being there."

"All right, I understand. One has responsibilities, one adheres to them."

"Yes, um ... did I understand you to say you prefer being called Master Alex?"

"That is correct. What do you go by?"

"Laura ... Laura Strand."

"Seven p.m., 35 Front Street. I'm on the third floor. The entrance door will be open. Knock twice and remove your shoes before entering my space. Good night, Laura Strand."

* * *

The next day at work felt surreal to Laura, who found herself looking at the clock repeatedly. Her meetings droned around her as she drew patterns of interlocking vines in her notebook. She wished she could go home for the rest of the day, but if she missed her deadlines, her colleagues would bear the brunt of her irresponsibility.

At 6:15 she shut down her computer and left the office. The evening was brisk, with a steady breeze off the ocean that deepened the chill. She was glad that much of the rush-hour traffic had dissipated by the time she left -- how pissed would Alex be if she'd been caught in traffic on college and been late for the appointment? As it was, she had trouble finding a parking place near the building on Front street. It was 5 minutes of 7:00 when she arrived.

Laura found the entrance ajar and went in, closing the door securely behind her. She climbed the three flights of stairs, marveling at the fact that there was not a squeak from any of the obviously very old steps on the staircase.

She almost forgot to remove her shoes before entering the loft. And that is what Master Alex had for his quarters, a gigantic loft that ran almost free of walls or barriers of any kind.

Laura took two steps inside the loft and suddenly Alex loomed beside her, towering over her five-feet five inches.

"Hello Laura."

"Master Alex."

"Please stand over there ...in the corner."

Laura did as she was told. She met his eyes and saw that he stood about six feet, was more chunky than chiseled, yet still appeared to have a strength that was denied to most men. This was manifested in his hands, which in Laura's judgment, were huge. His head was cleanly shaven and he had steel-grey eyes that seemed to see right through her.

"Now, tell me Laura Strand, why are you here?" The authority in his voice stirred the juices in her pussy.

"To be treated roughly; to receive tumultuous orgasms, and to reach untold pinnacles of pain and pleasure."

"Well stated, Laura Strand, but you left out gagged and completely dominated."

Laura laughed nervously. "Yes, well, that too."

"On the desk to your left is a contract. Please read it carefully, then either sign it, or leave."

She moved to the desk, picked up the contract and read it slowly, nodding at certain paragraphs. Having finished reading the document, she picked up the pen lying on the desk and with a certain flourish, signed her name to it, and putting paper and pen down, returned to the corner where she had been told to stand earlier.

"So you've experimented in bondage before, Laura Strand?"

"Yes, well, he called it bondage. I'm not so sure. Nipple clamps, preventing me having orgasms for long periods of time."


"Yes, some. But mostly he used me as a fucktoy."

"He fucked you in various ways but denied you a proper climax?"

"Yes, but not always. I did get to come at times."

"Laura Strand, from this moment on you are to call me Master, or Master Alex. Your safe word is Stop!" If you utter that one word I will, in effect, halt what I'm doing, or I should say what we're doing, and set you free. Is that agreeable to you?"

"Yes, Master."

"Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I am an animal trainer. I work mainly with tigers and lions," he noticed Laura looking into the shadowed area of the loft and laughed. "Not here, Laura Strand, not here. I work the big cats, the ones used in the circus. I am not a circus performer. I train the animals and then turn them over to the people who perform with them under the big top. I also occasionally work in the film industry in the same capacity. In a sense I will train you too, Laura Strand. I will bind you in many uncomfortable positions. I will take you orally, vaginally and anally. I may have someone else take you in those ways as well."

"I know," Laura said. "It was in the contract."

"Good, I'm glad you actually read it. It is awkward to have to point out certain salient parts to a sub after the fact."

"Um, Master Alex, may I ask what is in store for me this evening? Oh, and is there any assurance that I'll be able to walk and act naturally tomorrow?"

"You will be hog-tied, gagged, whipped and spanked as well as fucked anally for starters. Walking tomorrow might be ...difficult, but certainly not impossible. You might bring a pillow to sit on if it won't call attention to you."

"Thank you, Master."

"What would you say your level of pain tolerance is on a scale of 1 -10, Laura Strand?"

"Um, I ... I'd have to say ... probably, seven, or eight, Master."

"Seven then, good Laura Strand. Now just a bit of protocol. I expect you to thank me each and every time I strike you with my hand or other instrument."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master."

He strode over to her in three long steps, took her by the throat and squeezed.

"You belong to me now, don't you?"

"Yes, Master Alex. I belong to you."

Choking her a little harder, he asked, "Just so we have it crystal clear. You're going to do whatever I ask of you. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master," Laura croaked.

"You're going to do it why?"

"Because I want it, Master."

"Wrong!" He slapped her across the face. It was not a light slap. "You want to please me! I don't give a fuck what you want!" He slapped her again, muffling her slightly tardy, "Yes, Master!"

"You will, I know you will!" His hand shot out and gripped her blouse at the color and ripped downward, leaving the blouse shredded. And with a lightning like movement, Alex tore the brassiere off Laura's chest with a ferocity that stunned her.

He doesn't just train wild animals, he is one! she thought fleetingly. A bolt of pain jarred her back to the reality of the moment. He was pinching her nipple harder than Lou ever had! She was supposed to do something ... what was it?

Alex slapped her across the breast and then repeated it.

"Thank you, Master! Thank you Master!" she blurted remembering her role.

"You learn fast!' Alex said, viciously stretching her nipple out and then slapping her breast again. "You may also say, thank you Sir, Laura."

"Thank you, Master!"

He bent over and bit her left nipple, slapped it and bit the right and slapped it too. "Thank you, Sir! Thank you, Master!"

Laura's thank you's became a ritual chant as Alex, after binding Laura's hands behind her back, bit, choked and slapped her, only to be quickly followed by the required, "Thank you, Master!"

He spun her around so fast that her face smacked the wall behind her, then hiked up her skirt and gave her six quick slaps on her ass cheeks, reddening them to a rouge color. Laura followed each of them with the requisite, "Thank you Sir," but added "May I have another?" following the third slap.

Alex saw through her actions and doubled the number of slaps intended for her ass, saying only, "You turn a nice color red, don't you?"

"Yes, master, thank you. May I have another?"

"No, you may not, but thank you for asking."

Turning back to face him, Alex began slapping her breasts harder than he had her ass. He was striking her so fast that Laura could no longer keep up with the thank you's and resorted to a series of "Oh's" and "Huh's" instead. Changing tactics, Alex grabbed her throat and squeezed. Laura's eyes began to bulge.

"Open your mouth!"

When she complied, he sent four fingers into it, two pressed down on her tongue, the others seemed to be walking their way down her throat. This wasn't happening, but Laura thought it was so and began to gag. He slapped her face with the other hand, saying, "Open wider!"

She tried. His fingers came out, inexplicably followed by her tongue.

"Oh, you want to suck my cock, don't you? You want my cock in your mouth don't you?"

"Yes Sir, I want to suck your cock!"


"To please you, Sir! I want to please you, Sir!" she cried desperately. He slapped her three time across the face, once across each breast.

"Look, is that a tear I see?"

"It's a tear of pleasure, Sir!"

He caressed the side of her face then kissed her ear lobe. With an almost gentle touch Alex eased Laura to her knees. Her mouth opened as wide as she could manage as he took his cock from his trousers and teased her open mouth and protruding tongue with it for several seconds, and then rammed it down her throat causing her to gag helplessly.

To her credit, Laura did not pull away from him, but fought the gag impulse, overcame it and took him in until his pubic hairs were against her lips.

Alex now had one hand on her throat and one in her hair, guiding her back and forth on his pulsing prick. He gave her time to gasp a lungful of air then went deep, then back all the way out, letting her lick and suck the precum from the head of his penis.

Laura had a bad moment when her saliva drooled from her mouth onto his cock. Alex wrenched her head away from his cock and yelled, "Lick that shit off of me! You are to keep me clean, do you understand?"

He added four slaps to the face as Laura was trying to reply: "Yes, Master ... Sir!" Immediately her tongue was licking any and all traces of saliva from his member.

"I told you that you belong to me tonight, didn't I?"

"Yes Sir!"


"Yes Sir!"

Ramming his cock into the furthest reaches of her throat, he calmly said, "Well impress me!" Moments later Laura was gagging repeatedly, but trying to take him even deeper.

"Choking a little bit?" Laura gagged as she tried to swallow the salvia before it ran the length of his cock and angered him. He relented a little, allowing her to concentrate on the head of his cock while cautioning her to "Keep it clean."

Alex glanced down at Laura's breasts, noted the nipples were now stretched out to almost an inch in length, and he had not contributed to that extension except for slapping them several times. She's getting off on this; he thought, and readied himself for the next stage of the game.

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