tagNovels and NovellasWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 58

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 58

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 58

March, 1990 -- Julie, Joe's other Mistress

Joe Marcolina swiveled around in his leather chair and looked out the large window at City Hall and the Thalian Hall, which were essentially one and the same structure. He was on the phone, waiting for someone to answer.

"Hello. This is Joe Marcolina, from the Bank of Wilmington. I'm calling for Mr. Lambertson, please."

Joe listened for a moment. "Yes, I understand, but we have deadlines too..."

Joe gave the party on the other end his full attention, scowled and said, "Yes, well, Mr. Lambertson owes me a call. He's applied for a substantial loan..."

He listened some more then interrupted them; "Well I require more than just basic information from him. Can I ask you a question? Yes, about when he plans to begin excavation on the Marquis Mall, about obtaining the required permits... that type information. And I would add that I've attempted to reach him five times, not counting this call."

Joe listened to the other party, frowned then rubbed his nose. As the other party talked, he plucked at a nose hair and held it up to the window examining it.

He laughed into the receiver. "Oh... yes, I know, but just who is Lambertson? Does he even exist? He never answers his phone, or returns my calls."

After a moment of conversation Joe grimaced and said, "Yeah, okay. I'll leave my number. But if I don't hear from him by tomorrow morning, I'm tossing all the paper work on the project in the garbage."

When the other party protested that type action, Joe replied, "That's right. He can find another bank. I don't work with ghosts. Sorry, I didn't mean to bring you into my problem zone. Yeah, thank you. Goodbye."

Joe's phone rang the moment he hung up.

"Hello, Marcolina. Oh, hey, Les, yeah, you too.

"Oh, yeah, I was out there last...Wednesday. Shot a 74. Ha, ha! No, I'm not lying!"

"Joe, you got a minute?"

"For you, Les, I got five!"

"Joe, I'm sure you can understand our need to cut corners around here."

"Oh, sure, times are tight."

"We've got us a problem with Mr. Eddie Jones."

"Jonesie? He's a good man, Jonesie."

"Joe, the dumb bastard has dug himself a great big hole, and quite frankly I don't know what to do about it."

"Go on."

Les took a deep breath and said, "It sorta goes like this, Joe. About four months back, Mr. Jones used the company Visa card to pay for a hooker over in Myrtle Beach."

"Yeah, I remember that. We chewed him out and decided to forget about it. It was what... three hundred?"

"Five hundred, Joe, but you're right; we forgave the incident at the time."

"What did he do, use the card again for another hooker?"

"No, not quite. It was the hooker used the card... well, she used the card numbers, and stayed at the Beachcomber from that night until... let's see, last Thursday. Of course, we just received the Visa Statement this morning."

"Jesus! How much has it cost us?"

"$9600, Joe."

"Christ on a crutch! That's a lot of money."

"Yes Sir, that's a lot of money."

"How much does he make a year?"


"He can't possibly pay us back. He's got family, and you know how that goes."

"I know, Joe. That's why we're talking."

"Fire him. Give him three weeks notice, or is that too much?"

"No, that's about right. We could go four, but under the circumstances...."

"No, make it four. He's a decent guy, and the girl made a fool out of him... and us. No sense in being cheap about it. Oh, and give him a good reference. He didn't rob us, she did. He just let his dick cloud his brain."

When Les failed to reply, Joe said, "We all right on this, Les?"

"Yes, Sir. I'll get working on his termination right away."

"Don't forget the reference letter; I'll be getting a call or two from prospective employers. I want to tell them he's an all right guy."

"Got'cha, Joe."

"Bye, Les."

Joe glanced at his Rolex, and leaped up, and went to his office door. Julie Markrop looked up from her desk, "Yes, sir?"

"Julie, please see to it that I'm not disturbed for the next ... say forty-five minutes, will you?"

"Yes, Mr. Marcolina. Does that include any calls from Mrs. Marcolina?"

"No calls at all. I need to concentrate for the next hour or so."

He closed the door to his office and sat down, recalling the fantasy-meets-reality that occurred almost daily at this time. The previous week, Joe had happened to hear a conversation as he passed by the partially open door of the break room. He had not dared to look in on them, but stood just outside and listened as "Eve" recounted how her date had shown up with an offering of strawberries and whipped cream; and ended up nibbling the berries out of her pussy and belly-button.

Captivated by the husky, sexy, sound of her low voice, and horny as hell from the details, he'd retreated to his office to let his hard-on subside. When it didn't, he masturbated at work for the first time.

The next day, he had almost forgotten about the two women, only to be jolted into a masturbatory frenzy on discovering he could hear them from the safety of his office.

Thereafter, he made it a point to all but hang out a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his office door. And almost every day thereafter, he was stoking himself one-handed, with either his head or the stethoscope pressed against the wall, where a dark spot was now discernible.

His secretary had received explicit instructions to hold all calls and not interrupt him for any reason at this hour each day. He informed her of his 'special' project, he had many 'special' projects and this wasn't an unusual request for him to make.

He got out some hand lotion and a handkerchief, placing them conveniently close at hand on the desk. The first time he had tried this, he'd blown a load all over the bottom of the desk and the carpet. He'd spent twenty very embarrassed minutes removing all traces so the cleaning staff wouldn't notice the stains; thus, the need for a handkerchief.

Four minutes later his cock kicked with a sudden pulse of blood. He heard the two women giggling and talking quietly. He heard the office door shut behind them. With an urgency that caused him to drop the stethoscope he'd borrowed from a medical friend, and customer.

Cursing silently, Joe very carefully placed the stethoscope against the wall, settled back in his chair with his other hand gripping his erection.

"... couldn't believe it when the phone rang and he insisted I answer! Vinnie was just getting ready to go down on me. Well, I didn't realize it at the time, but the whole thing was planned. Somehow, he and Gerry found out I was seeing both of them, and decided to teach me a lesson!"

"No! What happened? Please! I want all the details!"

There was a crackling noise.

"Do you want my other pop-tart? It's raspberry."

"Yum, my favorite!"

Joe waited impatiently through the sounds of rustling wrappers and soda cans being opened.

"Ahhh, that tastes good!"

Joe heard her put the can down. He was still amazed at the clarity of their voices through the thin wall. He made a mental note to never hold an important conversation in his office. Better to walk in the park across the street.

Joe had christened the one drinking, Eve. He didn't know who this woman was. But her voice made him cum like a hormone enraged teenager every afternoon at four, and this despite his weekly meetings with Bernie, and several times a week with his wife, Val, neither of whom was bad in the sack. He knew that she liked wild sex, Diet Coke, junk food and (now filing it away for future reference) raspberry pop-tarts.

And, Joe thought, it might just be a coincidence, but could the Gerry, or Jerry, she'd mentioned, possibly be Gerry Attric? Were that the case, it would almost be too good to be true.

He refocused his concentration so intently that he could swear he could hear the sound of their nylon-clad legs crossing and uncrossing, as his 4 pm goddess recounted every sordid detail of her evening.

Joe's went up a notch when "Eve" resumed speaking.

"Anyway, like I said, Vinnie told me to answer the phone. I was, like, 'Now! No way!' but he picked up the phone, and handed it to me. I got a shock when I heard Gerry on the other end! He was calling from his car phone.

"'Hey honey, it's me! What are you up to?' he asked, after I said "Hello."

A second later Vinnie bit my fucking clitoris so hard I saw stars. Well, you know how hard it is for me to be quiet during sex?"

"Eve" waited for an "uh-huh" from her friend, "I KNOW I yelped a little, but Gerry didn't say anything about it. So I told him I was watching a movie. Now, Vinnie is sucking and licking me, and I'm sooo wet my pussy is making these slushy-like noises. I was really worried Gerry might hear something. I mean, he's pretty adventurous and all, but the one time I asked if he fantasized about threesomes he was like, "Two women getting it on, far out!" And he went on about that, but never mentioned anything about two men and a woman, you know? And I don't think he'd be real happy to know I'm seeing someone else, even though we haven't said that we're exclusive."

Joe sighed, and applied a squirt of lotion to his boner, then started to stroke slowly up and down, lingering on that all too sensitive spot on the underside of his shaft, breathing deeply and slowly to control the build-up of his arousal. He hated to cum when she was still in the middle of the story, because then he couldn't really enjoy the rest of it until his batteries were recharged, and even under these circumstances that took about twenty minutes.

"Then Gerry starts getting all phone-sex on me. "Mmm, wish I was there with you. I could be licking you all over while you try to concentrate on the movie. You know how you like it when I lick behind your knees? Well, picture this; you'd be leaning back on the couch, bare-ass naked under your short skirt. I'd kneel in front of you, lift your legs up onto my shoulders, and lick ever so slowly up your left leg, nibbling first on your toes, and then moving from ankle to knee. I'd spend about ten minutes driving you crazy sucking on the crease on the back of your knee, and then moving even slower and licking up further... towards your upper thighs... and then...."

"Oh, my God!" the other woman exclaimed, clearly excited by "Eve's" story.

"So, Gerry had me panting just talking to me, and Vinnie, animal that he is, is sucking my twat, apparently oblivious to this torrid conversation I'm having on the phone.

"Honey, I'm actually panting by now, but Gerry knows I turn into super-slut when he strokes the backs of my legs, so I know he wouldn't think anything of me making some noise while he's talking to me. Oh, there was even one time he made me come. We were watching a porn movie, and he kept rubbing my legs; then he got that feather out, you remember?"

Her friend made vague, agreeing noises, not wanting to distract "Eve" from her current recollection, and Joe groaned softly regretting the fact that he'd missed that particular day's recounting.

"I didn't even stop to think why Vinnie wasn't acting suspicious about this phone call. I mean, he's got two fingers kinda rolling around down there, and he's holding my pussy open with his other hand. I can feel a big one coming. I mean, it feels to me like two guys are making love to me, instead of just one, you know? Meanwhile, Gerry keeps going on about how he'd lick up the other leg, and then finally he'd get to my pussy, only he'd just tease me for a little while first. He says, 'Then I'd stop everything, I'd just blow air on your little clit. You're so wet, your juices are pooling underneath you.'

"I'm all, 'Oh my God, Oh my God, stop teasing me. I can't take it. Lick me!'

"It was crazy, I was listening to Gerry, and his voice had me really going. Meanwhile, Vinnie... was actually blowing on my pussy... like Gerry was saying, and my hips were gyrating, wanting a cock inside me like you wouldn't believe.

"So I blurt out, 'Make me cum! Somebody, make me cum!"

"I heard Gerry's laugh first. A second later, I realized Vinnie's laughing too. The bastards were in it together! And here's me, not suspecting a fucking thing, moaning about how, 'I've got to cum, please make me cum.' "

"That was terrible... those bastards, teasing you like that," came the sympathetic voice of her female friend.

"I wasn't really thinking straight by then. Finally, Vinnie starts up again, pushing what feels like three fingers up into me. I'm stuffed full, he starts pistoning them in and out like he does with his cock when he's getting ready to cum. Oh; I'm into it all right. I even dropped the phone and opened my legs as wide as I could so he could dig a little deeper, you know?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean," her friend half-moaned.

"Suddenly, Vinnie gives a pinch to my clit and I explode. I mean... did you ever cum so hard your whole body spasms, and your mind goes blank?"

"Oh, Christ, I wish!"

Joe moaned and came into the handkerchief he had standing by for that purpose. When he'd finished, he was surprised to find he was still rock hard, and resumed stroking himself.

Eve was talking again. "You won't believe what happened next. He hangs up, and the damn doorbell rings! I didn't know whether to shit or go blind. I mean, Vinnie's lying there, his cock standing straight up in the air, grinning like an idiot.

"He says, 'Aren't you going to get that?' "Like nothing's happened!"

Joe was stroking himself. There was no urgency now; he'd cum once and the second time was still away off.

He heard "Eve" burp, and knew she'd finished a soda. Her friend giggled breathlessly, and then evidently drank deeply of her own soda, for she burped too. Both women laughed nervously.

"I was finally starting to catch on. Vinnie bounced off the bed, his cock still rock-hard, grabs my hand, pulling me out of the bedroom and down the hall to the front door. I'm too stunned to do anything but follow. He throws open the door, both of us naked as the day we were born and there's Gerry, his shirt untucked, pants unzipped, hard-on tenting his shirt, grinning like an idiot!

"I was pissed at both of them, but since Gerry was the one that scared the shit out of me by ringing the doorbell, I took it out on him, beating on his chest with my fists and yelling, 'You asshole, I can't believe you did that!'

"Vinnie grabbed me from behind and holding my arms still, said, 'Now, why are you acting like the one who's been wronged, when you've been two-timing us, Little Miss Slut?' "

"Gerry's nodding his head the whole time, while he steps inside and shuts the door. 'No wonder you didn't want me to come over last night or tonight. You had fuck-dates with Vinnie! If I hadn't decided to drop by last night and persuade you to take pity on me, I'd never have run into Vinnie on his way out the front door. We realized what was going on, and went for a drink down at the bar to plan how to teach you a lesson. Lucky for you, we were so turned on at the thought of fucking you together; we kind of got over being mad. You must have hinted at a threesome at least a dozen times. Be careful what you wish for, isn't that what they say?'

"I knew they were both still hot for me; and that was a big turn on. So I thought what the hell? You only live once, right? Vinnie still had me pressed up against him, but he'd let go of my hands. I reached behind me and grabbed his cock, and took Gerry's hand, and led them down the hall to the bedroom.

"Jesus, girl, you live dangerously!"

"Yeah, right! Let me tell you, you ain't been fucked until you've been double fucked. Those boys were all over me, and I loved it. They'd been hard for at least an hour, so I took pity..."

Joe was startled to hear "Eve's" friend snort derisively, and say, "I doubt pity was involved at all. You...."

"Fuck you! Anyway," Eve laughed, partly at herself, partly at her friend, then ..."I got some rubbers out of a drawer; ribbed ones."

"I like them so much more than the plain ones," her friend said agreeably.

"I slid it onto Vinnie; Gerry's watching, caressing his dick, you know? Then I got on top and slid all the way down his cock. Mmm, what a fabulous feeling to take it all in once. It's a little unexpected for the body, you know, so it's this almost... forced feeling. He gave this caveman groan, wow, so sexy... and started bucking up against me right away.

"Gerry watched us for a minute, then got behind me and started rubbing up against my ass. I expected it; that boy takes any excuse possible to go through the back door. I looked over my shoulder at him; then nodded towards the bottle of Astroglide and the condoms on the bedside table. He sheathed himself, lubed up his cock, and then slid a couple of fingers into me, wriggling them around to spread the lube inside my ass. When those fingers came out, I took a deep breath, pushed out, and his cock slid home.

Joe was surprised that he hadn't cum again. His cock was rock hard, he couldn't recall ever being this aroused, and yet he knew his load was a long way from spilling. He increased his masturbatory pace, listening to "Eve's" story and yearning desperately to see her face.

Eve was still regaling her friend with the double-penetration.

"I never done it, you know? I've thought about two guys and how they would do me, but I never done it."

"Trust me, you'd love it. Just as long as they take their time, and you're really hot for it. Anyway, it didn't take long for the boys to lose it, maybe five minutes, but we were moaning and groaning and thrashing around all over the bed form the very start.

I came twice in a row, right away. Vinnie kept at me, saying how tight my pussy was and all... then he started hammering away in these short little thrusts that means he's about to cum. But Gerry beat him to it. He said my ass was unbelievable, then gave out a Tarzan yell and grabbed my hips, pushing in as deep as he can. I felt his cock swell up inside me; next thing he's coming in the condom. A second later, Vinnie's cock is pulsing, and I feel him cumming inside me.

"I wanted to cum one more time, but as much as I tried to coax them into getting up for it, they couldn't; not right then anyway.

But it wasn't that bad. I mean I did cum a couple times and then they both hugged me and told me how great I was. All in all I'd do it again."

"I bet you would. Maybe I would too, given the chance."

"Well, the chance don't come that often, you know? I mean, nether guy mentioned a rematch, or anything."

"Oh shit!" Eve, blurted out, "I'm late for my hairdressing appointment!" The two women hurriedly scraped their chairs back, threw away their trash and headed out the door.

Joe leaned back in his chair and reluctantly put his dick away; resolving to give Val a good fucking later, and did. But for the rest of that day and the next he was consumed with finding out "Eve's" identity.

Marty and K.C. - Two Weeks Later

"Getting involved with me has cost you a lot hasn't it?" he said.

In the elevator, he pushed the button for 9 and when he turned to her, she kissed him. Her tongue darted out, bumped against his teeth. He opened his mouth, his upper lip a dull pain, tasted the sweet tang of the vodka, felt the softness of her breasts against his chest.

The elevator bonged and the door opened onto the corridor. She smiled and pulled away from him. He followed her to her door. Down the hall, an ice machine hummed and clattered.

"Come on in," she said, opening the door. "If you want, we can still call room service, get a drink."

"No, I'm good," he said.

She went into the bathroom and he heard water running. He turned a nightstand light on, stood in front of the mirror. He heard the water shut off.

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