tagLoving WivesWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 64

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 64

byParis Waterman©

June, 1990 - Val's Pregnancy Story.

The lounge at the posh Tennis Club at Wrightsville Beach was virtually empty, except for a group of six women who had been drinking steadily for two hours following their weekly tennis match.


Valerie, the wealthiest of the women, had come to understand that her husband had been using her to further his business career, first pawning her off to the wife of the richest banker in the area, Wanda Carlson; and then with Gerry Attric, who opened the door allowing Joe into a money laundering venture with a number of shady characters. She had gone along, but when he attempted to set her up with a more recent business acquaintance named Murray Roundtree, a complete stranger, she refused and had thrown Joe out of their bedroom. Val went through a period of remorse, and when Val finally relented, she went to his office intent on making up with him only to catch Joe in the act with his secretary. Humiliated, Val sought advice from her friends and lovers, Wanda and Gerry. Gerry gave her a plan, which she followed; and now, while still married to Joe, she was being paid handsomely to remain his spouse in name only.

After several days of not talking to her husband, Joe, followed by arguments that went nowhere, Val realized that if he were using her as 'property,' it would follow that he would be using other women in the same manner. And so, after another consultation with Gerry Attric, she agreed to act as Joe's wife at public and business affairs, regardless of whose company he was in. She would not besmirch his or their reputations, and agreed to never argue with him about his other women. In return, Joe agreed to give her a personal allowance of ten thousand dollars a month. She did not ask how he could afford that figure in addition to the everyday household expenses. He also signed an agreement which stated that should they ever get a divorce, Val would receive half of his assets at that time.

Gerry had persisted in reminding Val that she was still a very good-looking, twenty-eight year old, with long, raven hair, and a wild, animalistic body consisting of perky, albeit moderate breasts -- her own, for that matter -- that sat high on her slim torso, and she often freely admitted, collagen enhanced lips. Her sudden wealth and style of dress would set her apart from her peers. She had not worn undergarments of any type for the last two years; almost always wore low-cut dresses with subtle slits in the sides that rose perilously high on her long, slender legs. Her rear end could be said to "jut out." It was certainly one of her main attributes; coveted by many men. It had also been rumored that she had a penchant for anal sex when sufficiently aroused.

Following her trip to Atlanta with Wanda and Gerry, and the frenzied participation not only of her own, but of everyone in attendance as the couple on stage ignited watching their sex show; Val had begun nurturing an idea. Today she began putting it together.


Next to Val, sat Janet Fitzgerald, an attractive, small breasted, thirty-four-year-old woman who was seemingly preoccupied with something other than the current conversation going on at the table. Janet was possessed of a head turning ass; and wonderfully shaped legs. She was also sporting a poorly administered head of dyed red hair. Janet was also an alcoholic, and was wrestling with the fact that she had caught her husband, Nick cheating on her with another man.

Janet had just finished her latest drink, and was nervously shaking her left ankle, trying to catch the waitress's eye without calling attention to herself.

Sitting to Janet's right was Natalie Stevens, a slim, short-haired brunette of twenty-eight. Natalie recently had her breasts enhanced from 32 AA to 34 C. Like Janet, she too had a great ass, and shapely legs. Her one desire in life was to become pregnant, but unfortunately, her husband, Vic had a weak sperm count. She was well aware of this weakness on his part, and because of it, she was thinking of looking for another, more virile male.

Vic, her husband, was thirty, and played squash daily. He was an above average golfer with wavy brown hair and at six feet even, ruggedly handsome. Unfortunately, Vic was also a chaser, bedding every woman he could, and his latest conquest was none other than Laura Strand.

Then there was Bernice (Bernie) Grunfeld, Val's long time best friend. Bernie was a slightly overweight, twenty-eight-year-old blonde, with unusually big breasts, who was currently having affairs with an 18 year-old high school senior, who happened to be her lawn-boy, and Joe Marcolina, Val's husband. Bernie's husband, Jon was a thirty year old banker. He played a lot of golf, loved the Carolina Panthers and his best friend was Vic Stephens. He didn't chase around like Vic, but he did stray from time to time.

Sitting alongside Bernie, was Katy Dide, a thirty year old divorcee, with fair hair, moderate breasts, and good legs. She was considered attractive by the other women who had no idea she was bi-sexual, and looking to seduce one or more of the women present.

Standing behind Katy at the moment, was Laura Strand. Laura Strand was silently fuming, having lost her doubles match because Valerie double faulted at match-point. Laura was another divorcee, thirty-one years old, an average looking brunette, who happened to be sexually frustrated. Endowed with large, firm breasts, a trim ass, and good legs, her slightly less desirable attributes were her squashy tummy, and masses of dark hair. She also had dark hairs on her upper lip, and had vowed to have them removed, hopefully by her next payday.

Bernie got everyone's attention, and told a quick joke: "How conceited is this guy? Well, he calls out his own name when he has an orgasm."

Laura jumped in with, "Oh, oh, I've got one. I heard it over at the salon while getting my nails done. What's the difference between a G-Spot and a golf ball?"

She waited, and when no one answered, said, "A guy will actually search for a golf ball."

There was a good amount of laughter among the women, and then Val offered, "Why is divorce so expensive? Because it's Goddamn worth it!"

"I've got one," said Katy Dide. "What is a Yankee?" There was a short pause before she followed with, "The same as a quickie, but a guy can do it alone."

"Boo!" shouted Val and Janet. But then Janet shakily asked, "What does a Christmas tree and a Priest ... have in common? Ready? Their balls are ... just for decoration."

Bernie was back with another quickie: "Okay, okay, anyone know the difference between 'Ooooooh' and Aaaaaaaah?'" She waited a moment and then laughed roguishly and said, "About three inches."

That broke everyone at the table up, and Val motioned for the server to bring another round of drinks.

Katy had another, and asked, "What's the difference between purple and pink?"

"The difference between purple and pink?" Natalie said. "I ... I have no idea."

Laughing so hard she spilled some of her drink, Katy blurted, "The grip on his dick!"

All the ladies enjoyed that one, and although it took Natalie an extra second or two to actually get the meaning, she laughed along with the others from the start.

Janet said, "Got another for you guys ... Um, what's the difference between a Boyfriend and a Husband?"

And before anyone could respond, she blurted, "45 minutes."

The server was handing out the latest round of drinks when Laura piped up with: "Why do men find it difficult to make eye contact with us?"

"They make eye contact ..." Natalie said with some trepidation.

"No they don't," Laura said, "And the reason they don't make eye contact with us is because breasts don't have eyes."

"True! Oh, that's so true!" Janet laughed.

Natalie said, "Can I tell one?"

"Sure, Nat, go ahead," Val said, and the others nodded.

"Okay, what is the difference between medium and rare?"

"One's pink and the other's medium," Laura said off-handedly.

"No, I'm afraid not," Natalie smirked. "Actually, six inches is medium, and eight inches is rare."

"Jesus, leave it to Natalie to tell the best one of all," crowed Katy. "Well done, Natty, girl!"

Then, brushing a lock of hair from her eye, Katy said, "Not to change the subject, but, do you remember the night you got pregnant, Val?"

Before Val could respond, Katy broke eye contact with her to glance at the attractive rear end of a waitress hurrying past.

Bernie Grunfeld, seated directly across from Valerie, snorted. She thought she remembered the night she had conceived some four years earlier. Then again, she'd been drunk, and had never been certain. What complicated matters was the brief fling she'd had with a bus boy at a ski lodge the week before; making paternity a question best determined by a DNA test.

Valerie ignored Bernie's indiscretion and responded to Katy's question soberly.

"Yes, Katy, I do. I remember I was real excited about one particular date with Joe after ... when we were married about a year. Jeez, I must have spent hours getting ready ..."

"Don't we all?" Janet Fitzgerald threw in. Valerie gave her 'the look' and Janet, clearly more intoxicated than the others, realized her gaffe and remained quiet thereafter.

Non-plussed, Val picked right up from where she had been interrupted. "I even bought a black silk, wraparound skirt," Val said. "And a stretchy, black silk and Lycra ribbed T-shirt, with three quarter sleeves."

Val glanced at Natalie Stevens, a confidant of long standing, and rolled her eyes. "Oh, yes, Nat, I intended to get good and laid that night ..." Val paused to laugh along with the others, and then resumed her story.

"The major thing I did in preparing for the date was, well, to depilate my nether regions."

Several of the other women raised their eyebrows at this. Natalie blushed in embarrassment, having shaved her pubes two weeks earlier in a futile attempt to get her husband's sperm psyched up enough to impregnate her. To Nat, Val's statement was a reminder that she had better get busy with the razor and soon, or risk the wrath of her husband who had made it clear he loved a clean-shaven pussy. This time, Natalie told herself, I've got to get him inside me. He loves going down on me and that means I have to go down on him. Then bingo, like clockwork, he spurts in my mouth, and that's that for the night.

"I'd never done this before," Valerie said, leaning forward on her elbows, and unconsciously inviting the others to look down her scooped neckline at her pear-shaped tits. "But it seemed like a nice surprise for Joe. I wasn't going to say a word about it. I'd let him find out through his own initiative."

She giggled, and took a healthy gulp of her apple martini before going on. "After my bath, I rubbed lotion all over my body, and walked around naked for twenty minutes or so, allowing it to soak in before I dressed. Then I pulled the black top over my head, and smoothed it down over my body," she mimed the action for the others' benefit. "It was really skin-tight, and then I put on the black silk wrap skirt, which was longish, with a bias cut ... you've seen it, Katy," Val said, gesturing in Katy's general direction. Katy nodded her assent.

"It was clingy in just the right way... not to mention that walking or dancing would reveal a nice flash of leg. I put on some black sandals to complete the outfit, and, oh ... no underwear. Joe was in for a double surprise: no underwear beneath my silk clothes and, well, my smooth as silk pussy."

"Are you still bare there?" Katy asked, as she signaled their waiter for another round of drinks.

"As a matter of fact, I am," Val said, and smiled serenely at Katy. "Are you?"

"Umm, no, never had the nerve to do it," Katy replied, and then flushed; thinking of how appetizing Val's pussy must look. She vowed to try to get Val to show her ... and wondered what pretext might do it. Who knew what might happen?

Natalie had to pee, and excused herself, with a pleading glance in Val's direction. Val nodded in understanding and Natalie went to the powder room.

In the powder room stall, Natalie sat trying to pee and thought back to that morning. She had just emerged from the shower and was standing in front of the large mirror in her bedroom, sighing regretfully. Then she touched her face, and thought, well, the bloom of youth is gone. What am I, twenty-eight? She grinned wryly at her reflection and said aloud, "Vic used to tell me my skin was as smooth as a peach." She pointed a finger at the reflection and asked, "And how long has it been since he told you that, huh?"

Natalie hefted her recently enhanced breasts with her hands and thought, a lot of good this has done you. He gave it to you twice after getting these fixed, and nothing since. It's been over a month now. He must have something on the side. He must. I'm not that bad, not really. Turning away from the mirror, she picked up an eyebrow pencil and redrew her left eyebrow and looked back at herself in the mirror. Sometimes it's more important to say things like that ... even when they're not true. She ran a hand through her dark brown hair and frowned. I need to get this touched up again. Jesus, it seems like I was at Norma's only a week or so ago.

"Money," she said, spitting out the word derisively. She began to cry, then abruptly stopped, and wiped her face of tears with a Kleenex. Looking in the mirror again, she calmly began applying her moisturizing cream. If anything, she told her reflection, my skin has the texture of a grapefruit now.

Smiling now, at her caustic wit, she finished applying her makeup with a tiny smudge of beige eye shadow, the smallest trace of eyeliner, and the minimum amount of mascara ... the type that didn't clog the lashes, and lastly added some lip gloss. She began to feel better.

"Anyway," Val said, resuming her story, "the dance club was smoky and dark. We took a little table along the wall and ordered drinks, which we barely sipped, as we were dancing most of the time. We danced to everything. Fast, slow, and in between."

"Lovely!" Bernie chirped, "Most men won't set foot on the dance floor. You're so lucky, Val."

"Thanks, Bernie," Val said, and frowning, picked up her drink and raised it to her mouth. She paused, and looked over the brim at the other women. Should I really go with this? She wondered, and then swallowed the remainder of the martini. Thusly fortified, she told herself, to hell with it, let 'em have it; they asked for it.

"It was those in between numbers that got me into trouble. Joe is a great dancer, and by the way, we moved very well together. The problem was ... if it was a problem, we seemed to get hotter and hotter as we danced. Especially to the numbers that called for a bit of slowed down body contact, and a certain amount of movement."

She made eye contact with each woman before continuing on. "As I said earlier; it was the in betweens got me into trouble."

Laura Strand automatically clenched her thighs together. She was watching a fortyish, handsomely groomed man at the bar. She wondered how she might go about letting him pick her up without her girlfriends noticing.

"I have a vivid recollection of what happened next," Val said. "We were returning to our table following "Sunshine Superman," and Joe pulled me onto his lap. I felt his erection through the back of my thin skirt. I remember the band had begun to play a sexy version of Monk's, "Round Midnight," with a vocalist who sounded so much like Bobby McFerrin I couldn't believe it.

"Joe slid his hand over my upper leg, and finding the split in the skirt, moved his hand up my bare thigh."

Janet was half-listening --- half-staring into her empty glass. She wanted another drink more than anything else at the moment.

Katy unconsciously licked her lips, imagining it was she caressing Val's smooth thigh. She had heard a rumor that Val swung both ways, but in the two years she'd known her, she had not gotten any signals leading in that direction.

Natalie returned to the table, sat down and resumed listening attentively for several minutes before her mind began to wander. She had begun to think about trying someone else to get her pregnant and the idea's appeal began growing on her.

Bernie was trying to pay attention. But her mind kept wandering back to the previous week, and the two men who had fucked her brains out. Robbie and Joe, Val's husband. My Gawd, if he brags about it, the whole neighborhood will know. Jon will find out, and probably wring my neck.

Val kept talking, "When it became clear to him that I wore no underwear, he gave me this goofy grin that always made me hot, and of course I was already hot enough."

Leaning forward on her elbows again, she said, "Then he touched me, and groaned aloud on discovering that my pubic hair was gone." She looked around the table, and gave them all a lewd smile. "Oh, God," he breathed, "I don't believe you."

All but one of the others was now raptly attentive to Val's every word. The exception was Janet, who only half-listened ...

concentrating more on the almost empty contents of her glass.

Val knew she had them in the palm of her hand, and said, "His fingers stroked my smooth shaven interior lips, and he whispered, "'Valerie, I can't believe how wet you are!'"

"My God!" Natalie exclaimed for several reasons. Val's story had gotten her hot, and the idea of finding another man to impregnate her, had made her even hotter than she'd been in weeks. Added to this mixture was the fact that Katy Dide's hand had just landed on her thigh, clenching and unclenching it. For some inexplicable reason, Natalie had placed her hand on Katy's, and given it a gentle squeeze in return.

"Indeed I was," Val said. "He pulled his hand away then, and I wondered if something was wrong. He was shifting around on the chair, and then I realized he was unzipping his slacks. I had to assume then that he was fully exposed behind me ... I was very glad for the club's darkness."

As Val nodded at Natalie in understanding, Natalie gave Katy a look that none of the others noted, for they were all concentrating on Val's story; all but Katy that is.

"Then I felt the slick material of my skirt being pulled up beneath me -- because it was a wrap skirt, nothing was revealed in front --and the next thing I knew, Joe was inside me without a condom, which in itself was exciting. And then he stayed perfectly still like that, deep inside me, not moving. That restraint was one of the things I'd always found sexiest about him. I tried to keep still, too, though I knew I had less self-control than he did, and it was an enormous effort for me. I hovered on the edge of orgasm as we sat like that all the way through "Angel Eyes. And by the time they got to "Body and Soul," the feeling of him inside me, bare and tumescent, was too much to bear."

Janet, having given up on another drink lest the others know her for the alcoholic that she was, zeroed in on Val's story for the first time, wondering hazily when Nick had screwed her last. She was not surprised to discover that she could not pinpoint the occurrence. I must have been out of it, she thought somberly. Maybe I need help.

Natalie felt Katy's hand drifting higher, and with brief eye contact, warned her away. Katy ignored the look Natalie sent her way, letting her hand glide under Natalie's flowery shift; halting only on reaching the edge of her underwear. Natalie closed her thighs, attempting to prevent any further exploration by Katy's probing fingers. Unperturbed, Katy kept her hand moving in a small circle, testing Natalie's patience, confident that she wouldn't protest in front of the others.

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