tagLesbian SexWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 65

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 65

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 65
Natalie and Katy

An hour and ten minutes later, Natalie, freshly showered and wearing her sexiest lingerie, but no bra, parked her car in Katy's drive and walked unsteadily to the front door of a small cottage a block from the ocean on Wrightsville Beach. After a moment's hesitation, she rang the bell.

"Come in. It's open," Katy called out. And with only the slightest trepidation, Natalie entered Katy's for the first time.

Natalie was impressed with both the size of the interior and the furnishings. Both were more than a pleasant surprise to her. She had not heard of Katy's good luck and the inheritance that an Aunt, whom she'd hardly known had left her when she died. Katy had moved in, fixed the place up and was enjoying her new life of leisure among the hoi-polloi of the beach set.

But it was the sight of Katy herself, standing midway in the large living room that took her breath away. Katy wore a pair of white six-inch heels, a white garter-belt, white hose and nothing else. Her breasts were saucily impressive, even alluring in their firmness, and her areoles were completely pebbled, with her half-inch nipples jutting out invitingly.

Natalie was amazed at the small size of Katy's waist, and it took a moment before she was able to absorb the sweeping curve downward and then outward, only to melt into a set of lovely haunches and lush thighs. But it was her mons, framed by the garter-belt and the lines of her groin that astounded Natalie. For it was prominent - full and fleshy - covered by a wealth of fine, silky, dirty blonde curly hairs through which Natalie could just make out the full lips of her sex.

Natalie wet her lips with her tongue, blinked three times and then as if in slow-motion, sank to her knees in front of Katy.

Extremely conscious of Natalie's devouring eyes, Katy found herself almost giddy from the tingling of her desire for the woman now kneeling before her, gazing transfixed at her sex with undisguised lust.

Katy waited a moment, and then her hand gently cupped Natalie's chin tilting her face up and slowly drew the other to her feet. She kissed Natalie then, softly at first, then more urgently. Natalie felt herself responding, her mouth opened and her tongue slipped softly inside Katy's mouth, licking against her teeth and then sliding sexily against her tongue. Natalie had never kissed another woman like this; she found it different than kissing a man. It was softer and gentler, yet sexy and exciting. She sighed and her body seemed to melt as Katy took her in her arms and held her closer as the kiss went on and on.

She's far more pliable than I thought, Katy told herself, and coaxed Natalie back into a kneeling position before striding to a nearby table-stand from which she produced a thick, black collar. Returning to Natalie, she secured it around her neck.

Then Katy deliberately moved away from the kneeling brunette, picked up a leash, and fastened it to the collar while Natalie furtively watched her every movement.

"On your feet, my little bitch!" Katy growled. Natalie quickly rose to her feet only to lose her balance when Katy yanked on the leash. She stumbled into the kitchen, managing to grasp the tabletop to keep from falling.

Katy was upon her in an instant, pulling Natalie's top over her head and exposing her breasts. She took a long look at them, noting their delicious fullness and the tiny nipples that pointed outward so prettily. There was already a thin sheen of sweat covering Natalie's pale skin, and a small rivulet ran between her recently enhanced breasts.

Natalie felt the intense scrutiny and grew flushed, then swayed uneasily as she waited for what was to come next.

When Katy hopped up on the kitchen counter, Natalie knew it was to be tit-for-tat and readied herself to go down on her. After all, this was the woman who had brought her to two orgasms, seemingly in mere seconds in the powder room at the tennis club. In fact, her body was still vibrating from them -- and worse, craved still more. Therefore she was more than willing to return the favor, or at least try to do so, for she could not imagine having the skills to perform cunnilingus nearly as well as Katy had on her.

Katy ran the leash between Natalie's legs and drew Natalie right to her moistened cunt. She was somewhat surprised at the lack of resistance on Natalie's part, but readily accepted it as her due. Natalie, although a novice at going down on a woman, tried to emulate what this woman had done to her earlier and proved quite successful. For after only three minutes of licking and sucking, Katy groaned, and sent a gush of love juice into Natalie's mouth.

A moment later, Katy was urging Natalie to, "Do my clit! Lick it! Lick it! Lick it!"

Natalie found Katy's clit to be twice the size of her own, but attacked it feverously, nibbling on it with her lips as Katy loudly bellowed, "Yes! That's right! Oh, that's it! That's it!"

And came again.

A minute passed, and then, coming out of her reverie, Katy kissed Natalie softly on the lips, and then led her into the bedroom. She sat next to Natalie on the bed and kissed her again. Then with her hands on the other's shoulders she pressed her gently backward so that Natalie was lying on her back, with Katy looking down at her.

"I'm going to show you how two women make love," Katy softly whispered into her ear.

"I thought we. . ."

"We've done nothing yet. Believe me, lover, nothing compared to what's coming."

Katy lowered her mouth to Natalie's. Both women's mouths were open, and Katy's tongue licked over Natalie's teeth and gums. Both women moaned as their bodies mashed against each other, and Natalie couldn't believe how aroused she was; at how this woman was making her feel. A liquid warmth spread outward from her pussy as Katy's hand stroked her side enroute to the outer slope of her breast.

Her fingertip flicked gently across the tiny nipple and Natalie moaned softly as the nipple stiffened.

"Mmmm," Katy murmured as she lifted her lips from Natalie's and lowered her head. Her mouth opened and her tongue flicked out licking the resilient nipple, flicking across the tip before her mouth closed around it sucking it gently. Natalie's hands came up and stroked her hair as Katy licked and sucked the newly rock hard bud. Her hand drifted down, running across Natalie's tummy and then stroked her bottom, moving in slow, ever widening circles.

Katy lifted her mouth away from the nipple briefly to say, "Mmmm, do you like my work so far?"

"Yes," Natalie replied, the single word drawn out in a long hiss.

"Oh, dear," Katy whispered making her voice that much more erotic as her finger glided lightly through the thick bush covering Natalie's cunt. "You are so wet. So ready for me, aren't you?"

"Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Ready and wet . . . for you," Natalie replied, breathlessly.

Katy laughed delightedly and let her nail scratch slowly through the thatch of dark pubic hair until arriving at Natalie's opening. Natalie shivered as wave after wave of secret pleasure rocked her body.

Katy laughed again and eased herself away from Natalie, who moaned with frustration as Katy stood up and looked down at her, "Want to taste my titties?" Katy asked seductively while cupping her breasts in her hands.

Natalie nodded.

"Tell me."

"I want to taste them, Katy. May I?"

"Yes, yes, you can. Now, sit up."

Natalie sat up in front of Katy, who released one breast while moving a hand to the back of Natalie's head. Her other hand offered her nipple to Natalie's lips.

"Kiss it."

Natalie pressed her lips to the proffered nipple, felt it hard against them.

"Now lick it."

Natalie let her tongue lick across the nipple.

"Up and down."

"Now, side to side."

Each time she did as she was told.

"Good girl," Katy sighed. "Now, suck it gently."

Natalie reflected that having Katy leading her like this made it easier for her. Again, it was as if she was not responsible for her actions.

Katy's hand was stroking her hair as she gently pressed Natalie's head to her breast while she greedily sucked it in, taking as much of her breast as she could, licking and sucking her soft skin and hard nipple.

Katy swayed her shoulders, tugging Natalie's head from side to side, as she kept her lips firmly attached to her breast.

Katy sighed happily, "Oh, yes, you are good at this, Natalie. Do you like my nipples?"

Natalie nodded, making the breast in her mouth quiver. Katy giggled and teasingly lifted up, pulling her nipple away from Natalie's hungry lips for a moment. Natalie's head lifted for a moment to follow her but she evaded her lips.

Natalie had her thighs clamped tightly together trying desperately to give some stimulation to her throbbing pussy. Katy took note of the other's hips as they rolled back and forth.

"That's so nice," Katy cooed and gently took a handful of Natalie's hair and pulled her head across to her other breast.

"Now this one, sweetie. Just like before, kiss it first. Mmmm, now lick it. Oh, yes, I love your tongue, Natalie. Now suck it."

This went on for several minutes, with Natalie returning to the original nipple two more times before Katy tired of it and, after sticking her tongue in Natalie's ear, abruptly commanded, "Suck your own nipples for me."

Natalie complied, surprised with the ease of being able to accomplish the act as she had never considered doing it before. Then as Natalie was beginning to truly enjoy the sensations she was creating, Katy pulled on the leash and steered Natalie back to her juice covered cunt.

"Smell it, lover," Katy said.

"Mmm," Natalie sighed after inhaling deeply and breathing out.

Katy's fingers traced their way around the other's face, and then slowly lifted away. Her pussy was hovering only inches away from Natalie's waiting lips, but Katy did not move closer. Instead, she moved back a little, and the hand that had been caressing Natalie's face began tracing little circles around and around on the smooth skin of her belly.

Natalie could only lay back and watch as the fingers dipped lower until Katy extended her forefinger and ran it slowly along the lips of Natalie's cunt. It was like watching one of those speeded up films of a flower; the finger stroked slowly up and the slick pink labia parted to reveal the moist pink flesh inside.

"Please," Natalie was almost sobbing.

"Please what?"

"Please do me."

"Do you, how?"

"Taste me!

"Taste you? Oh, you mean like this?" Her finger stroked up and down for a moment then she brought it to her lips.

Natalie moaned, partly with frustration, partly from the unadulterated desire she had for the other woman.

Katy sucked the juice from the tip of her finger, and said, "Perhaps I should taste you properly, you think?"

"Please!" Natalie pleaded.

Katy grinned and positioned herself between Natalie's thighs. Ever so slowly she lowered her face to Natalie's glistening cunt. Then, with her tongue sticking out to its furthest length, she lapped at Natalie, long, slow licks, up and down the fur lined entrance.

Natalie writhed beneath her and screamed the second her tongue made contact with the hard little lump of her clitoris.

"Are you ready to cum for me?"

"Almost," Natalie replied in a faint voice.

"Let's get you there," Katy said with a giggle, and then flicked her tongue back and forth, going faster and faster, listening to the rate of Natalie's breathing increase with almost every stroke of her tongue.

Natalie began panting, and her hips started to shake.

"Oh, don't stop! I'm almost there!"

She jammed her pussy into Katy's face, sliding it from side to side for several seconds, and then she exploded with her climax.

Katy never paused in her cunnilingus, but kept licking and sucking, and brought Natalie off two more times in quick succession.

Finally, unable to take any more, Natalie cried out, "No more! Please, no more!"

"Oh, but you taste so wonderfully good," Katy told her.

"Good, good. I'm glad you're pleased. But please, no more. Not now anyway. Let me do you, okay?"

Katy nodded sagely. "All right, but you rest a bit first. Just lay there for a few minutes, love. Think about how good you're going to make me feel and how you're going to make it happen."

Several minutes later, Natalie roused herself and hovered above Katy's crotch. She leaned forward, taking her face to a point directly over Katy's breasts.

Bending her head a few inches, she blew softly on Katy's left nipple until the pebbles rose up around the nipple. Katy was caught off guard and moaned happily, then groaned as Natalie's teeth closed down on the stiffening bud and bit softly on it.

Katy was both delighted and confused. She couldn't figure out what was coming next, and wondered just where this neophyte came by this expertise.

For example, Natalie trailed her long hair over Katy's skin, magnifying the intensity of her arousal; and she administered a series of erotic caresses interspersed with the occasional nip of teeth, or gentle scratch of her nails, seemingly knowledgeable of exactly what sensations she was wringing out of her lover.

Katy's confusion stemmed from the fact that Natalie apparently knew just when to vary the touch, or nip, or lick with another gambit. The net result was to bring Katy to the very brink of a spectacular orgasm and then pull back leaving her hovering over that great precipice without actually falling into it and the ecstasy that went with it.

Katy bit her lip and refused to beg for Natalie to bring her the release she sought.

But somehow, Natalie sensed this and increased her seductive moves. Her mouth jumped from nipple to nipple. Her hands relentlessly caressed every portion of Katy's body but never ventured close to her pussy.

Katy twisted her hips trying to bring her hand to her pussy, but Natalie just smiled and moved her hand away each time. Katy's whole body seemed on fire; her skin glistened with a thin sheen of sweat as she began panting for breath.

Then, just as Katy was about to beg her to end the lovely torture, Natalie relented. Her fingers glided up and down the opening of Katy's cunt then one slipped inside.

"Oh, that is so sweet, Katy. You're so wet and open for me."

She leant over Katy, and with her hair dangling down and across Katy's face, she kissed her as her finger located Katy's clitoris and rubbed furiously on it.

Katy came in a nanosecond, erupting volcano-like, with a gushing and spurting of fluids that shook both participants.

She moaned into Natalie's mouth and sobbed, trying futilely to capture some semblance of breath as her body convulsed with the overwhelming sensations of the magnificent climax she was undergoing.

When Natalie saw Katy regaining some sense of awareness, she bent over her and kissed her gently and laughed into her mouth.

"That was incredible," Katy husked.

"Thank you," Natalie answered happily.

"I thought I was your first," Katy said giving Natalie a look a new-found respect.

"My first woman, yes; not my first lover."

"I don't understand," Katy said the puzzlement evident on her face.

Natalie kissed her, and said, "I give great head, or so I've been told, and more than once. I figured giving head is giving head. A prick or a pussy, how different are they to pleasure?"

Katy shook her head in disbelief. "Well, I don't know. I do know that you are fantastic at it. Want to have another go at it?"

Needing no further inducement, Natalie went down on Katy again, this time on the kitchen floor, and in six fevered minutes, brought her to another shuddering climax. As she shook off the last remnants of that powerful orgasm, Katy sat on the cold floor tile, and looked at Natalie.

Natalie's eyes were closed; her body was spread out on the floor, arms out to her sides, legs spread slightly. Her eyes were closed; her breasts rose and fell as she strove to recover her breath.

"Natalie, you darling, that was wonderful. I could just lie here and melt away," Katy sighed, "but I have to return the favor."

Katy got to her knees and opened a drawer that housed the knives and forks and drew out a feather she had put there just for the occasion.

Natalie, eyes still closed, moaned giddily as Katy applied the feather in light caresses over her skin. Her body stiffened in anticipation of what had to be coming next. Goosebumps rose on her breasts, and her nipples hardened to tiny points.

Noting the reaction, Katy laughed and said, "Suck your tits for me again."

The brunette hastened to comply, and Katy tossed the feather aside and leaned down close to the sweaty, sticky pubic hairs surrounding her cunt. Natalie's thighs spread eagerly at the touch of Katy's fingertips, and she uttered a low moan and the nipple fell from between her full lips as Katy's fingers traced a moist path between her legs.

"Oh, so lovely!" Natalie exclaimed as a finger dipped into her moistened slit. And, as Katy's mouth moved to cover the dark thatch of pubic hair shielding her cunt from sight, she brought her fingertips up to Natalie's mouth. A low growl came from Natalie's throat as she tasted her own juices.

With a wicked smile, Katy went to work on Natalie, nibbling on the side of her neck caused the now eager Natalie to growl and arch her back.

Katy smiled inwardly, and licked the length of her throat while stroking the tops of her breasts with her fingertips. Her mouth closed down on one of Natalie's nipples and she sank her fingers into the brunette's hair and pulled gently.

Natalie moaned softly.

Katy's mouth worked its way expertly over her breasts, nibbling, sucking and pulling; alternating the delicious torment with an occasional flick of the tongue over Natalie's most sensitive points.

Natalie shuddered, and Katy took that as a sign to move further south. She stroked Natalie's belly and she responded by reaching between Katy's legs, attempting to finger her in return. Katy's hand traveled to that point where the upper thigh meets the torso and tickled Natalie there.

And when Katy's fingers began to search the private folds and confines of Natalie's cunt, Natalie pumped her hips and moaned, "Do me! Please make me cum!"

"Not yet, my sweet," Katy said huskily.

In response to those words, Natalie struggled forward, desperately trying to force herself over the tormenting fingers. Slowly, Katy tugged her fingers loose, and pressed her face into her lover's welcome heat. Folding back the small hood, she caught Natalie's emerging clit with her free hand, and rolled it gently, savoring the feel of the responsive clenching of her lover's thighs around her head. She turned her face away and sent three fingers into the ever widening opening, thrusting harder this time, establishing a rhythm that was quickly matched by Natalie's heaving hips. Katy's tongue lapped at the wetness oozing from between her thrusting fingers, occasionally drifting away to the cleft between her ass to capture the stray rivulet of juice headed for her asshole.

Reading Natalie's signals with an ease that came only from long experience, Katy pulled back, holding Natalie's pulsating pussy open with the red-polished tips of her fingers. She counted to three, then pinched Natalie's clit, drawing a shuddering gasp from her. Holding her there for several long seconds, Katy brought Natalie to the edge.

"Talk to me, Natalie. Cry out for me."

Natalie drew a shuddering breath and pleaded, her voice barely above a whisper, "Please, Katy . . ."

The late afternoon sunlight streamed through the window, and glistened in the sweat on Natalie's trembling flesh. Katy pulled her fingers from her pussy and reached up to Natalie's face and caressed her lips coating them with the other's juices until Natalie attempted to catch them between her lips. Then with a satisfied yelp, Katy returned the fingers to the warmth of Natalie's cunt.

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