tagInterracial LoveWimp Loses to Young Black Boss

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss


A True Story.

At the age of 49, Myron felt that he had reached a certain degree of success in both his professional and personal life.

He had worked diligently throughout his academic and business careers to be in the position he now was. He had put the failures of his past love life far behind him, and he was now going on his 14th year with this corporation.

Myron had provided his beautiful wife of 14 years with a beautiful 5-bedroom home in the burbs and all the luxuries that his six-figure salary could afford. He also had a relatively-large nest egg saved from the first 12 and half years of his career following college. He had invested wisely.

For Myron, things were seemingly perfect. His 38-year-old wife, Mona, was a strikingly-beautiful blonde of 5' 6" and 122 lbs. with an impressive 34DD-23-35 figure. She looked 10 years younger than her age, and still turned many heads.

The only thing missing in his life was a child, which Myron was unable to provide. But, he optimistic that this could still happen someday, and everything else was going well.

Things hadn't always gone so smoothly for the tall, timid and noticeably "geeky" Myron. Throughout high school he was never successful with the girls, dating no more than once or twice. His lanky 6' 7" tall and 215 lb. frame was unathletic and somewhat undernourished for his height. And, his shy and passive demeanor prevented him from even attempting to ask many girls out. When he did, he was usually rejected.

Myron had an intense attraction for the cheerleader type. To him, they were everything he ever wanted - beautiful, athletic and feminine. But, Myron was far from the athletic type that these girls appeared to attach themselves to. To him, it seemed as if every beautiful white cheerleader he had his eye on was dating one of the black players from the track, football or basketball teams. Myron didn't quite understand why back then. In his mind, he was a straight-A student on the young execs committee and had a future. More often than not, Myron found himself cowardly slithering away like a big coward when he was around these cheerleaders. But, as graduation approached he remained eager to move onto college.

Myron was given a partial academic scholarship to a small, midwestern college in Michigan. He had several other offers, but he wanted to stay within driving distance of his family. His family was the typical middle-class, midwestern family barely making ends' meet, and Myron was very close to his mother.

In the past, others had described Myron as a big "momma's boy" but that did not affect his decision to sign with U Tech. He would be only 200 miles from home and felt as if this was the farthest he wanted to be from his mom. He would have half his tuition paid for as long as he maintained a B average, and that was good enough.

About three weeks before the start of the school year, Myron drove up to U Tech to get situated into his dorm room. As he passed by the recreation center and gym he noticed the U Tech Cheer Squad practicing on the infield of the track and field area. He thought to himself how nice it would be to get to know one of these girls as he stepped inside William's Hall.

While inside, he browsed around and even watched a racquetball game for awhile before deciding to head back to his dorm room to call his mom. That is when he ran into Coach Lester, the school's basketball coach.

U Tech had never participated in a basketball program until two years before. Coach Lester was in his 50's, and was a Phys Ed coach from a nearby high school. He was asked to start up a basketball program two years ago. The small midwestern town was within 30 miles of some of the larger cities in Michigan, but had only particpated in volleyball, track and field, Golf and Tennis. None of the major college sports.

The small college town was 100% white and the college student-base reflected that. But, Coach Lester had aspirations of getting a better basketball team together before the school year began. He was getting desparate as the season approached, and needed a couple of more players.

When he saw Myron's 6' 7" frame slowly walking away from William's Hall, he approached the young freshman. Coach Lester tried to persuade Myron to come out for the team. Initially, Myron was not even remotely interested. But, as he glanced over Coach Lester's broad shoulders and spotted those cheerleaders jumping around in their frilly little skirts, he thought to himself that this could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

The unathletic Myron grew even more interested as the coach described how he would receiving a full scholarship for both his tuition and boarding, if he signed up for 4 years. Myron was convinced. What better way to take care of all his expenses, he thought. Gleefully, he ran back to his dorm room and called his mom. He told her the good news. His mother was a bit startled by the news, knowing that her son had never before played any sport. But, she shared shared in her son's enthusiam and congratulated him. Myron gleemed as his mother told him how proud she was. "Thank you, momma." Myron replied.

The coach had called for practices for the all-white basketball team to begin at the end of the week. When Myron arrived at the gym he was greeted his teammates. It had seemed that Coach Lester had put together a makeshift group of all taller than average white players to field his freshman team. The sophomore and varsity teams had not been established and this team would go on to be the school's first varsity group after the next two seasons.

It soon became obvious to the new coach that his team was below average. He had already set an aggressive 32-game schedule for the regular season but felt preseason games, or practice games would be a better way to get ready for the season. Coach Lester set up 4 games with Baker College, an inner city team. Baker was one of only 5 other small colleges on the schedule. The schedule had already seen U Tech playing Baker College 8 times during the upcoming regular season, and U Tech would play the other four teams a total of 6 times each. The coach could only manage the 4 practice games against Baker, tho, and was optimistic about improving his team's chances. The practice games were to be played over the next two weeks, two games scheduled for each of those weeks.

At practice the next day, Myron noticed the Freshman Cheer Squad pacticing inside. It had been raining that day. As the girls practiced their routines on the court next to theirs, Myron grew distracted. The coach barked out orders for the team to be more aggressive, but Myron's attention was somewhere else.

He had noticed Becky Collins, a beautiful fair-skinned, redheaded irish girl from Iowa. She was a vision. Becky made eye-contact with him and Myron timidly returned a smile. After practice, the shy Myron could not find the courage to speak to her ... but as they walked towards the locker rooms their paths crossed. A simple "hi" from Becky was all it took to put Myron into a state of bliss. "H-Hi" he returned, nervously, and they began to talk. And, Becky was truly beautiful.

Becky Collins was the epitome of the midwestern girl-next-door, with her 5' 4" 112 lb. frame and 34D-22-34 figure. Her bright blue eyes and long, lustrous auburn hair sent chills all down Myron's spine. She looked like a sweet, angelic type, with a body to die for. Becky was a former gymnast and a cheerleader during high school, and had received a cheerleader scholarship. Myron instantly ffell in love.

He would end up talking to young Becky everyday after practice for the next several days. Shy and timid, he didn't ask her out at all during those first few days. But, they did go for a dinner and a movie after Becky suggested it.

Myron was the perfect gentleman during their so-called "date" as he nervously walked young Becky back to her dorm. He swallowed the lump in his throat and then asked Becky if they can do this again, after tomorow's practice game. "Sure". Becky replied.

Myron walked across the campus to his dorm room on cloud nine. He felt as if Becky was now his girl and he was proud of the decision he made to join the team. For Myron, this offered him the opportunity to meet Becky and he rushed home to write her a sappy love letter, describing her as "the girl of his dreams," which he had planned on giving her after that first practice game. To Myron, everything was going along so well. He even called his mom, again, to tell her he had met a girl whom he now referred to as "his girlfriend".

Myron's mom seemed proud of him. She was pleased that everything was going in the right direction for her son.

When game time came for this first practice game the next day, Myron was anxious to show off a little for his "new girlfriend." With the rest of the team on the court, he watched as the all-black inner-city freshmen team from Baker College trotted onto the court. Myron's assignment soon came into focus. He was to play the forward position and guard against a boy named Tyrok.

Tyrok looked very athletic but he was only about 5' 10" tall. A darker-skinned boy from Detroit who had a solid physique. Myron reasoned to himself that since he had a 9" height advantage over Tyrok and should do fairly well. But, this would not be the case.

The black boys from Baker humiliated the white boys from U Tech by a final score of 118-31. The game was even more lopsided than the score indicated because more than half of U Tech's points came from the foul line. The U Tech boys got "hammered" by the boys from Baker, and Myron managed only 1 point from the free-throw line while Tyrok scored 42 and completely dominated the matchup.

It was embarrassing for Myron to lose so badly, but even more embarrassing was the manner in which Tyrok and the rest of the black boys from Baker College "rubbed it in". During the extremely one-sided game Tyrok and the other black boys flirted with the 15-girl U Tech Cheer Squad. They showed off for them by running up the score, and even calling Myron and his team names, like "a bunch of wussy boys" and "big pussies". Coach Lester pleaded for the team to ignore these comments, explaining that they were just part of the game. But, they were hard to ignore. After the game, young Tyrok even even laghingly made the comment, "We'll be back in a few days to kick dat' ass again". He said, as he walked off the court. Myron just couldn't believe how "mean" this black boy was being.

Myron felt degraded by these events. He was feeling more than a bit dejected, yet still wanted to talk to Becky. He wanted to take her to dinner and a movie, and perhaps a walk afterwards. At least this is what he had planned.

Myron approached Becky after the humiliating defeat. "Do you still wanna go to that movie, Becky?" He asked her. Becky was also humiliated by the team's performance. Some of the other girls had called them wimps, and she didn't quite feel up to going out anymore. "No. Not really." she said. "I just don't feel like it now". She finished. Myron was further dejected.

"Well, ok. Maybe tomorrow then?" he asked, hopefully. "Yeah, maybe?..." Becky replied. The defeated Myron didn't know what else to say. He pulled out the love letter her had written her from his gym bag. He handed it to his girl.

"I wrote this for you, Becky ..." He nervously stammered. Becky took the enveloped letter from Myron's hands and told him she would read it later.

"Well. okay ... maybe I can call you later, Becky?... would that be okay, Becky?" Myron asked meekly. The young beauty just grabbed her pom-poms and headed towards the door. "Yeah, sure... maybe." she returned as she walked away.

But, Myron only got Becky's answering machine in the 3 attempts he made to call her that night. He felt awkward trying so hard to talk to her. He only managed to talk to her for a few minutes here and there during the next few days, leading up to that next practice game.

Myron felt that if he did better in the next game he could impress the girl he was so infatuated with. However, what was once a ray of hope for the lanky Myron turned to despair during that next game.

The black boys from Baker pulverized the white boys from U Tech even worse. The final score was 129-19 and it was even worse for Myron, who did not score a single point. His opponent, on the other hand, the young Tyrok scored 44 points, slam-dunking in the much taller Myron's face no less than 6 times. Tyrok pushed him around the court the entire game.

It was an embarrassing defeat for the white boys from U Tech and Myron was humiliated by Tyrok's trash-talking during the game. To make matters even worse, he saw Tyrok standing there and talking to Becky after the game. Coach Lester had just finished a post-game talk and there he was, talking to "his girl" and touching her cheek. Becky was just accepting this without protest.

Myron started to walk over there but then cowardly stopped. He was already well-beaten up from the game and didn't want to hear any more of that trash-talking from the young black boy. Timidly, he waited for Tyrok to finish talking to his girlfriend before he approached her.

"Hi, Becky ... can we go out tonight and talk?" Myron asked. Becky seemed a little shy and as her eyes looked down at the floor. She spoke softly.

"Wow, You guys really got beat bad". she said. Myron blushed. "W-Well, uh-yeah I guess so ... but ... well ... it's just a practice game and we hope to do better next time". He said.

"Oh, okay ... well tonight's not really good for me, tho' ... I mean, me and some of the girls were invited to a party tonight and ... well ... we think we're gonna go." Becky said.

Myron didn't know what to say. "Oh." he replied. "Well, uh- will you call me when you get in then?" he asked of Becky.

She simply looked up to the tall, nerdy Myron with her shy, sheepish blue eyes, almost as if she was lost in the thought of something else. "yeah, sure ...I'll try to". she answered. But, that phone call never came.

Myron had waited up til' past midnight hoping for that call. Many, if not all, of the white boys from U Tech were without dates that Saturday night. Myron had overheard some of the other guys saying something about the girls having some big party, so Myron reasoned that it had to be some sort of a "girl's thing". Maybe a pajama party?

But, that next day was Sunday and Coach Lester had called a special practice session for 9 o'clock that morning. Myron thought he would see Becky there, since the Cheer Squad always practiced the same time as the team did.

But, Becky wasn't there at the start of practice. As a matter of fact, 9 of the 15 girls on the cheer squad weren't there. Rather, they stumbled in about an hour and a half late looking like something the cat dragged in, like they had been up all night, partying ... or whatever?!!

Now more desparated, Myron approached Becky after practice and told her that he had writen her another letter last night. He told her that he was thinking about her all night long. "Oh ... how sweet." Becky said as she took the 4-page letter from Myron's limp fingers.

"I'll open it later ... but I'm tired and need to get some sleep before tonight!" Becky said in a whisper.

"Oh, okay ... what's going on tonight?" Myron asked, confused.

Becky was a bit apprehensive, "oh, not much ..." she started, "... just a friend might come by to look at some classes with me and stuff." she concluded.

"Oh ... well, okay Becky ... I-I can try calling you tomorrow, if you like?... maybe I ... well, maybe I will get a chance to write you another letter, if that's okay with you?" Myron asked.

"Sure ... if you like?.." Becky replied, quickly exiting the gym. The wimpy Myron just watched her walking away, gingerly, as if she has sprained an ankle.

The next four days were pretty much the same.

Becky barely spoke to Myron for more than 5 minutes at a time. She was never available to go out and seemed to have less and less time for him. Myron was determined, though, writing more love letters to Becky and slipping them into her mailbox at the dorm. It was always something that was keeping Becky busy.

During Myron's frequent calls, he was greeted by comments like, "My friend's still here ... I can't talk now!" she'd say, or "I'm a little too tired to go out," or even "the girls and I already made some plans".

Myron, beginning to feel a bit despondant, tried reasoning with himself. Afterall, this was all 'new' to her - this relationship they had started - and he decided to continue to take it slow and be that gentleman he knew he was. He would try to be patient and give her time to 'settle' into her new college life.

School was to begin in another week or so, and Myron knew she had to get ready for that too, right? Besides, he still had two more practice games coming up in the next 3 days and wanted to study the playbook more.

What Myron didn't realize at the time was that the beautiful, fair-skinned object of his affection had gone to a party at Baker College several days before, after that second practice game.

It was at this party that the young Tyrok had fucked Becky into total submission, pounding her with his 10-1/2" thick black cock for nearly 3 hours. Furthermore, he had been fucking her no less than 4 times a day since then, in his dorm room 20 mles away or her dorm room. And, he had been making her meet him right after his practices in the gym to suck him off. Becky was more than complaint to Tyrok's demands and was at his beckon call.

Myron's hopes came crashing down during that next game with Baker College, the third game of four practice games scheduled. That is when he discovered what was happening.

U Tech had been dominated and embarrassed in the two previous games with the lopsided losses. Myron was dominated even worse. And, this 3rd game was no different.

The all-black Baker team defeated the all-white U Tech team, 128-12! Once again, Myron didn't score a point while Tyrok, the boy he was matched up against, scored 51. Tyrok's trash-talking continued as he pushed the much taller Myron around the court like he was a ragdoll. The rougher black boy made such "mean" comments to Myron throughout the game as Coach Lester continued to tell his team not to pay any attention to it.

But, there was one comment Tyrok made that started to make Myron uncomfortable. When the young, black boy from the inner city noticed Myron looking over towards the sidelines at Becky, Tyrok (in mid dribble), taunted Myron.

"You like that, don't cha' boy?...." He started almost laughing, "... well, I've been popping that sweet white pussy all week long!" He said. "Wh-What?" Myron yelled exasperated.

Tyrok drove in for another score. He just smiled, laughing almost evilly at Myron's reaction.

For Myron, the game couldn't end quick enough. He wanted to talk to Becky and this time he was determined to take her out, if it's the last thing he did! But, that wouldn't happen.

After the third straight humiliating loss, Myron approached Becky on the sidelines.

"Hi, Becky ... I-I can see you tonight ... I mean, I can take you to a nice dinner and all ... and we can talk some more and maybe go for a walk or something?" Myron said in desparation.

Becky did not answer. She stood there as quiet as a mouse for a few moments, which felt like an eternity to Myron. That is when Myron noticed that young Tyrok had just approached. He was standing right there!

"C'mon, bitch ... let's go!" He snapped towards Becky. "And, go get my gym bag from da' bench!" He ordered. Myron's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe his ears. He was speechless as Becky answered. "Yes, Tyrok ... right away, Tyrok!" she replied in an obedient whisper.

Myron just stood there and watched as the beautiful red-headed irish girl of his dreams scurried across the court to the opponents bench to fetch the darker black boy's gym bag. Becky scurried back to Tyrok and placed the bag at his feet, unzipped it, and pulled out a small sweat towel, before handing it to him. Tyrok just wiped his brow and face with it before wiping off his broad chest. Becky zipped the bag shut and stood up.

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