tagInterracial LoveWimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 07

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss Ch. 07


The stunning 38-year-old blonde wife of Myron now felt more nervous and more frightened being with a man than she had ever felt before.

The young, dark stud was easily controlling Mona's head by the back of her neck and by her long, bright silky blonde hair.

Mona's beautiful face was already partially coated with the black man's thick seed and as red as a ripened beet. He now had her positioned with the right side of her face flush onto the hot, leather seat on driver's side of his car. The interior of his car was just beginning to cool from the air flowing through the vents of Je'Quon's Corvette.

Mona was literally bent over and positioned by the younger black stud to make her more accessible for him. Mona was unconsciously accommodating with her low-heeled, sandaled feet laying flat on the gravel pavement of the parking lot. Her backside pointed upwards towards the hot summer sky as the young black stallion gazed upon her from behind, contemplating his nest move.

Mona could feel the black stallion's firm and masculine hands touching her perfectly-formed, heart-shaped ass. He felt her through her moist bikini bottoms. It was as if he were testing the ripeness of a melon at the local food market.

"Now, that's what I call an ass, girl!" Je'Quon said.

His approving tone was evident as he groped and fondled the older blonde woman's succulent asscheeks.

"You're one fine piece of ass." He concluded.

Mona did not know how to respond. The ravishing blonde wife of the wimpy, pale Myron had been sexually-deprived for so long. Even in her altered and slightly tipsy state, she knew this was something that shouldn't be happening.

"This isn't right." Mona thought.

Despite this, she could not control what she was feeling inside. The much younger black boss of her husband continued his seduction. Fonally, Mona was able to speak.

"N-No, please ... we shouldn't." Mona barely whispered.

She gasped in ecstasy as Je'Quon's already firm grip gew tighter by the moment.

In what can be described as a prone position, the black stud ignored Mona's faint whisper of a plea. He was not anout to stop now. He placed the strong fingers of his right hand over her bikini-covered crotch from behind. They were already drenched and soaking wet while his left hand held Mona's head steadily and firmly in place.

The young, black stud grinned knowingly.

When he felt the dampness of the beautiful blonde's bikini-clad pussy he knew he had her. He rubbed and massaged it gently, then firmly, and continued increasing the intensity by the moment.

"Oh." Mona blurted out.

This slight scream coming from Mona was a little more than Je'Quon had wanted. Afterall, they were in the parking lot of a beach-front resort and he didn't want to attract any more attention than what was necessary.

The dark-skinned stud smoothly and casually removed the red bikini bottoms from Mona's body, lifting her feet up one by one to slide them off rather easily. He placed them to his nose and took one quick sniff of the blonde's scented bikini bottoms before clutching them with his powerful fist. He held them for a moment as if there were a trophy for him.

"Sweet white pussy." He whispered to himself.

Je'Quon leaned down closer to her and placed the crotch part of her tiny red bikinis into her own mouth. He did so in a calculated manner, as if he had done this so many times before.

"You keep them there now, bitch ... we don't need no five Oh coming by and fucking up my shit." He ordered.

"Mmpfph. Mmpfph." Mona mumbled. Her sweet and delicate voice now muffled by the crotch of her own bikini bottoms.

The young, dark stallion then stood upright. His massive and thick black cock jutted outward and seemed to flop around like a fish out of water as he began removing his own tiny bikini speedoes suit.

He fully removed the thin, lighter neon purple-colored lycra-spandex bikinis from his muscular body. He could see the lipstick-smeared lip prints from the gorgeous blonde woman's lips alread embedded onto the large, flimsy crotch portion of his manly bikini.

Je'Quon merely smiled.

Mona was frozen in her bent-over position as the black stud admired her backside. With his own sweat-drenched bikini's in hand he bent downwards to the beautiful blonde's face once again.

He seemed to be thinking for a moment and, with another smooth, calculating motion, he placed the insides of his purplish bikini directly over Mona's face. The inside crotch portion of his bikini was now right over her nose, forcing her to inhale the strong, powerful and musky scent of his masculine cock.

"Now, that's what a real man's cock smells like, girl!" Je'Quon said in a loud whisper.

"Mmpfph." Mona returned, still unable to truly respond.

The strong and pungeant scent of the young, black stud's mammoth sweaty cock and balls instantly began to make Mona dizzy. She knew what was about to happen. She felt completely under the black god's control.

It was at this time when Je'Quon's cell phone rang again. He didn't want to take the call but reluctantly did so, quickly flipping it open to answer.

"This better be important." He answered.

Mona could hear the conversation over the soft R and B music playing in the background from the car radio. The heat inside the car was murderous, despite the soft stream of air coming in.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'll be there around 9. Now, let me finish fucking this white cunt and I'll hit 'ya up later, nigga!" Je'Quon told his caller.

Je'Quon closed his phone and looked down towards what he viewed as his next conquest. Again, he admired the roundness and firmness of the 38-year-old blonde woman's bare ass.

He slapped Mona's right asscheek hard.


The sound echoed through his new 'Vette and parts of the parking lot.

The young black slapped it even harder a second and a third time, which sent Mona nearly howling in a muffled pain through the the bikini crotch stuffed into her own mouth.

Je'Quon felt Mona's pussy again. It was still wet and dripping. His huge cock was still hard. Non-chalantly, he placed the enormous head of his cock into the pretty blonde's drenched pussy.

He continued from behind her.

Mona gasped.

"Mmpfph!" she moaned.

She could feel the thickness of the young black stud's monstrous cock entering her as he slid it into her inch by inch. She was awestruck by it's pure size and thickness, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as Je'Quon pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her tightness, another inch by another inch by another inch.

"How's that feel, bitch?" Je'Quon asked.

"Bet 'ya never felt anything like this from that giraffe-sized pussy boy husband of yours." He yelled.

Je'Quon began ramming his massive cock into Mona harder. At this point, only 8 of the stud's proud 12 inches were inside Mona's white pussy. But, it was enough to make her squeal and writhe in a combination of pain and pleasure.

"Oh my god!" she screamed, her voice still muffled by her own bikini bottoms.

The young, black boss of her wimp husband was now determined to sink every inch of his manhood into her. He placed his strong hands onto her back and unfastened her red bikini bra, removing it like he was an expert. Mona's full, pale and astonishingly perfect breasts were now exposed.

"Stop! Please stop! It's too big." Mona yelled.

She could barely annunciate her words.

But, the young Je'Quon ignored her plea. He increased the intensity two-fold, then three-fold. He began pounding, pummeling and pulverizing the beautiful blonde woman's tight pussy with such fury and power. He wasnted to fuck Mona into complete submission.

"P-Please ... no more!" Mona continued begging.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" Je'Quon commanded.

"You're gonna get fucked like you've never been fucked before and you're gonna get fully nigga-fucked today ... you got that?!" He yelled.

The intensity was almost unbearable for Mona. She nodded, in agreement, as her muffled voice strained to answer.

"Yes. Yes, Ok. Yes, Sir." Mona replied.

That is when Mona came for the first time.

It seemed like years since her last orgasm from a man. Yrt, this was an orgasm like she had never felt before. It was an orgasm given to her by a real man. A black man.

The black adonis could easily feel the flood of wetness coming from the older blonde beauty's pussy. Still, he was not fully satisfied. He was not close to finishing her.

Je'Quon forceably shoved another two inches of his black cock into Mona's sopping wet pussy From his commanding stance behind her, his thrusts grew even more fierce and powerful. This was something Mona could never had imagined possible. He grabbed her smooth, pale hips to gain more leverage and held her tightly. He continued pounding away. His firm and well-sculpted, sweaty dark thighs bashed against the back of her thighs and ass like some sort of machine.

Mona's eyes rolled further into the back of her head. The pain and the pleasure were nearly unbearable.

"You like that nigga' cock, don't you bitch?" The black stud asked her.

"You're mine now, aren't 'ya cunt?" He yelled.

"This sweet white ass is gonna be nigga-owned from now on ... ain't it, ho'?" He asked.

The near brutal pounding of Je'Quon's massive cock inside her nearly sent the ravishing blonde beauty into convulsions. The words this black stud of a man used when speaking to her sent chills down her spine. She felt completely and utterly used and contolled by him in every way.

The furious pummeling of his black cock inside her was too much for her to handle. Mona quickly came again. This time, with even more intensity.

"Aahhh. Ohhhh. Oh My G--!" she screamed through her bikini bottoms.

"That's right, my bitch. That feels good, don't it?" He asked proudly.

The black man then felt Mona faint.

Je'Quon removed Mona's bikini bottoms from her panting mouth as her head collapsed onto the hot leather car seat. He also pulled his own bikini bottoms from her head, releasing the sweaty crotch portion she was forced to inhale during the fucking.

But, after nearly 40 minutes of intense pounding of the white wife's previously under utilized cunt, Je'Quon was still not satisfied.

He continued battering and hammering his monster-sized black cock into her bruised pussy as her limp body began to spasm with what felt like a third orgasm ready to explode.

Even in her passed out state, Mona's body was reacting to the extreme pummeling of Je'Quon's gargantuan-sized black cock.

He would not relent.

His mule-sized cock was now at it's full potential. He had buried all 12 thick inches of his dark cockmeat deep inside the blonde wife's now seemingly lifeless cunt. He pounded away like a jack-hammer as Mona finally regained consciousness, discovering that she was being fucked all along.

She could feel the black stud's immense cock growing deeper inside and thrashing around at her cervix like a battering ram. Her used, worn-out body could hardly move. Yet, her stud continued using her as if she were some sort of rag doll.

It was all for him now and all for his pleasure.

Her pussy was already swollen and bruised. The pain caused by his massive black cock increased with every full stroke he used.

After another 10 minutes of the barbarous pounding, the young Je'Quon began flooding Mona's beaten cunt with his thick seed. She felt the hot stream pulsating against every centimeter of her insides. It was like a stream that would never end.

Je'Quon yelled in conquest. "Ahh. Yes. Fuck Yes!" He screamed.

He took Mona by her wet blonde hair and pulled her pretty face to it's side, now partially facing him. The black adonis then pulled his enormous manhood from Mona's already pummeled pussy and released the remaining thick seed from his swollen cock onto her. It completely and totally drenched the left side of her face and hair. To Je'Quon, his potent seed now adorned her face like a badge of honor. He victoriously smeared it across her full, crimson lips to taste.

Mona was spent.

Her pale body quivered from the intense multiple orgasms she had just experienced, and the intense heat from within the scorching car. She breathed heavily as her chest moved inwards and out. Her heart was thumping unpleasantly fast. Her pussy was was just abused without mercy.

With the right side of her face still pressed against the leather seat of the car, Je'Quon once again took a fistful of her beautiful, natural blonde hair. He pulled her up by it.

Je'Quon controlled her like the Raggedy-Ann doll she felt like as he pulled her still nude body up to her feet by her hair. He pulled her up onto the parking lot pavement and then placed her back into the car seat.

She was now facing him, again.

Mona breathed more steadily. She still felt a bit tipsy and high. And, she was more than 90% incoherent from the ravaging fuck she had just received.

"Here. Put this back on." Je'Quon ordered, handing Mona her red bikini top.

Mona complied in silence.

She struggled to get her bikini bra back in it's proper place as Je'Quon leaned over and started the car's engine. He proceded to turn on the air conditioning of his black 'Vette and grabbed another marijuana blunt cigarette from the glove compartment.

The young black then handed Mona her bikini bottoms. She slowly slipped them on as Je'Quon put his own back on to cover his dark, muscular ass and cock.

Even with the passenger car door wide open the air conditioning felt good to Mona. She felt somewhat relieved by the cool air. The 38-year-old blonde remained barely coherent. Her reddened face and flushed cheeks burned as the cold air hit it with soft gusts.

Je'Quon grabbed the wine bottle from the car floor. He took a sip.

"This shit's warm." He snarled, disapprovingly.

He pulled a bottle of cold water from the backseat cooler and immediately swallowed half of it. He then handed the remainder to the exhausted blonde beauty.

"Take a drink." He commanded.

The incoherent Mona was barely able to grasp the cold bottle of water that she needed so desparetely. She gradually brought it to her lips to gather the cool, refereshing water before letting the opened bottle fall to her lap.

Her eyes were glazed over and half shut.

"Here, put some more of this on, bitch!" Je'Quon directed, handing Mona the golden metal tube of her L'Oreal lipstick.

Mona accepted it. Without much thought and still in her barely coherent state of mind, she applied another fresh coat of the drum beat red colored lipstick to her lips.

Je'Quon was standing right before her. His cock and torso a few inches away. Her feet were on the ground of the lot's gravel pavement as she sat sideways in the passenger seat of the young black man's Corvette.

It was almost as if Mona was struggling to stay awake.

In her altered state, she applied the lipstick several times thicker and sloppier than she usually did.

Je'Quon looked down at her. He lit his marijuana cigarette and turned his hack to Mona. His powerfully-sculpted ass which was clad in the whisper thin fabric of the opaque neon-purple-colored lycra nylon spandex bikinis now faced her, no more than 5 inches away.

"Kiss my ass, bitch!" Je'Quon ordered. "Kiss it now!" He confirmed his order.

The gorgeous blue-eyed blonde wife of the passive Myron stared blankly at the young, black stud's bikini-covered asscheeks. She was in another world. Defeatedly, she simply obeyed the black boss' demand. Her limp grip of the lipstick tube caused her to drop it. It fell carelessly to the gravel lot as she continued staring directly at Je'Quon's ass.

Without another moment's hesitation, Mona leaned over and daintilly placed both of her hands on either side of the black man's hips. He stood facing away from her. She placed the first kiss on his bikini-covered muscular asscheeks before placing a second one, and then a third.

"That's right, my white bitch. Kiss a real man's ass." Je'Quon said firmly.

He took another "hit" of his blunt cigarette.

Mona continued. A fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh kiss to the black stud's asscheeks made the young Je'Quon hard again. There were now seven full lipstick lip prints from the blonde's lips adorning the light purple fabric of the black boss' strong and masculine asscheeks.

For Je'Quon, this was just one of the statements of conquest a dominant black stud would want.

Je'Quon then turned around and faced the still nearly incoherent Mona.

She could see his massive bulge stretching the pouch of his bikini. Again, it was an ominous sight to her. She felt flustered and looked at it in awe. Even the lipstick prints and smudges from earlier on still adorned the black man's bikini-covered cock pouch.

"Well, bitch. What are 'ya waiting for? Suck me again." He commanded.

Mona paused.

She didn't think she could possibly handle anymore. Her brief pause was met with a stern and unapproving tone of voice from the young, black stallion.

"You heard me, didn't you?" He asked firmly.

He grabbed the blonde's hair and pulled her straight to her knees before him. Now, he had the stunning blonde wife of his subordinate kneeling before him. And, she was kneeling on the dirty gravel of a parking lot for him.

"Take it out and suck it, bitch!" Je'Quon demanded.

Mona simply obeyed.

She began sucking the immense black cock before her. From her knees, she submitted to the power of this overpowering young black Master.

The black dominant now took her full, blonde hair with both fists. He proceeded to use her mouth, once again.

"You'd make a good mouth whore too." He told the blonde beauty.

Je'Quon was much quicker this time, fucking Mona's already swollen mouth for another 5 minutes before he began to blow his substantial load.

Mona could only manage swallowing the greater part of it as the young black stud withdrew his cock from her used mouth. He then plastered the blonde's flawless face with yet another coat of his thick seed.

Mona began choking on what seemed like a pint of the black man's cum. This time, her choking was even more apparent.

Mona realized the overwhelming power of this young man standing before her.

She knew that she could not resist him.

Her pussy ached and quivered as he unloaded streams of his seed onto her face. The black stallion roughly used her mouth for his own pleasure.

It felt so unreal to Mona. Yet, in some ways she felt as if she now belonged to something bigger and more powerful in life than her own.

With a single and swift move, Je'Quon pulled the blonde woman back up to her feet by hair. He placed her back into his car as Mona leaned back into the plush leaather seat to gather more of the cool air streaming in.

She closed her eyes and drifted into sleep.

The young, black boss looked down at his newest conquest.

"Another white bitch is mine." He thought.

A satisfying grin traced his lips. Yet, it seemed so routine for him. So casual. So nonchalant.

For Je'Quon, it was exactly this way.

Je'Quon decided to let the beautiful, blonde wife of Myron rest. The woman that he had just fucked into total submission was now passed out and completely worn down by the near brutal fucking he had bestowed upon her.

Graciously, he would allow to rest for just awhile.

Back at the flat rocks a few hundred yards away, the tall, timid and passive Myron remained fast asleep. He had been waiting for his wife and his young boss to return from their so-called "walk" to see his new Corvette car.

Still, the thought of Mona being with another man was foreign to Myron. It never really crossed his mind before. The 48-year-old nerdy white man was more embarrassed by the way his stern young black boss was treating him and the way he spoke to him in the presence of his beautiful, blonde wife.

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