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My name is Leah, your ordinary high school girl. I’ve had this crush on my super hot neighbour, Michael for what seems like forever but too shy to act on it. He is a year older and we are friends but that’s it. I have had a few boyfriends but none of them stayed too long, ‘cos eventually they wanted to do it and, insanely, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing my virginity to anybody else but Michael.

Never thought it was him who would take it indeed...

I CAN’T wait... I can’t wait...

My heart was pounding hard as I raced to my room, pre-cum dripping hotly already from between my legs... God, I’m a sex maniac...

But I couldn’t help it... I needed to touch myself badly after seeing Michael half naked, falling asleep without a care in the world, right there on his back yard.

I was only gazing around mindlessly, caught the sight of him and before I knew it I was day-dreaming for almost 20 minutes!

He had gotten up quite suddenly and I, scared that I’d been caught peeping, quickly raced off the balcony into my room.

Goodness, he had the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen!

I thought with him going off to college and I becoming a senior, I would gradually get over him and my... curious obsession but, boy, did he come back hotter than he was before! Maybe it’s something college did to you, I don’t know.

I took off my T-shirt and removed my short, revealing a laced bra and a matching bikini panties, both in black, contrasting my milky white skin... I was tugging with the hook of my bra as I closed my eyes, thinking of Michael’s muscular body...

He had been lying there, no T-shirt, wearing only a tight cut-off, button unfastened... he had the sexiest waist and with only his hips holding the cut-off on, my mind instantly flew to the thought of pulling the denim off his legs...

Once in his sleep, he threw his hands up over his head, stretching that gorgeous frame and down came the cut-off, straining against his hip... and I had waited breathlessly, hoping somehow the zipper would pop open...

Oh, god... My hand ran across my neck toward the back of my head as my frustration built on... what is wrong with this bra...? Finally I yanked the straps impatiently and simply pulled them off...

The breeze coming from the open window seemed like a gentle caress on my exposed breast and I sat on my bed, running my eager hands on my tits, pinching at the hardened nipples...

Soon, hands became unsatisfactory and I visualised Michael’s red, wet mouth closing on my nipple... Moaning softly, I leaned against the headboard; spread my legs, squeezing my breast like mad...

Another hand strayed down toward my drenched panties and started yanking it off my body... I liked wearing sexy undies, though there wasn’t anyone to show them off to yet, and this pair was no different... it was a bikini, laced alluringly and as tight as second skin... With my other hand busy playing with my tits, it took a long time removing the little clothes off my crotch...

Especially when I was distracted with the fantasy of Michael’s warm, strong hand pulling it off me...

“Let me help you with that.”

I shrieked and sat up immediately. My eyes almost popped out when I saw it was him. It was Michael, standing right there in my room...

...his cut-off hanging loosely on his muscular thighs, his hand cradling his engorged cock!

I was fascinated with the sight that I couldn’t talk at all. My eyes glued at his massive organ, long and thick, about 9 inches and as fat as any vibrator I’ve ever seen...

“How... how did you...”

He grinned lazily and nodded toward the window. “I was watching you at first.”

I swallowed, “Watching me?”

“Yeah, then I decided to join in,” he whispered hoarsely as he climbed into bed, demonstrating the words.

“No, Michael – ” the red, wet, sexy mouth closed on mine lustfully and I fell into bed, helpless under his weight. I’d had boyfriends Frenched me before but naked in bed with Michael... it was all mighty different! He caught my hands when I squirmed over the sensation and pinned my wrists high over my head. Furthermore, he used his strong chest to arrest me under him and I moaned into his mouth as he crushed my hardened tits...

He relieved me from the frenzy kiss and I was trying, weakly, to again say no when without warning the hot mouth sucked on my nipple and I gasped, arching my back highly.

Michael chuckled mildly and pushed his cut-off down, getting rid of it before he carried on. He licked, nibbled, bit softly... taking as much flesh as he could before sucking on... I threw my head far back and gasped again as he seized the chance to push my legs apart, holding them in place with his knees.

The suckling kept me from sitting up, something I tried desperately when I felt his fingers pushing the crotch of my panties aside. I was very wet down there and Michael groaned when he rubbed at my slit up and down.

It felt so good I was momentarily lost in ecstasy. Michael continued milking my breast while his hand rubbed my pussy as I lied breathless and intoxicated... but soon, the noisy, splashy sound of my juice hit me back into reality and I freaked out.

“Michael – we can’t...”

He groaned and tried pushing me back into bed but I was panic then... Half naked in bed with your hot neighbour ready to fuck you! It was huge for a virgin like me.

Finally, he lost patience and, back into aggressor mode, he weighed me down with his heavy frame, kissing me silent as his trembling hands yanked my panties off me.

Then, once again, he spreadt me and pushed his big cock right before my entrance.

“I want you,” he whispered. “And I want you now.”

With that, he took hold of both my wrists, again pinned them high over my head and rammed his cock in.

“Ohhh... nggghhh... Michael – ”

“God, you’re fucking tight...” he cursed over my moans. Mercilessly, he slammed into me deeper and broke me.

“Jesus Christ,” he hissed, stopping dead on his track.

My eyes were closed tightly, They didn’t exaggerate when they said it hurt!

I opened my eyes and caught the sight of him. Michael, my gorgeous crush, wet and taut with lust; his face slightly pale with guilt... lying right on top of me, his big, thick cock inside my cunt...

“Oh...” I closed my eyes again, wanting to absorb the sensation fully... unintentionally contracting my vaginal muscles and squeezed his cock tightly.

“Fucking hell!” he screamed loudly and immediately started screwing me. I bit my lips as the huge monster barged in and out my tight hole, Michael’s hands holding me still as he shoved his hard tool into me over and over and over and over...

He pounded into me a full minute before I came, the most satisfying climax I’d ever had. His fucking made the sexiest, dirty squashy sound as my cum poured out in abundance...

I came back to earth finding Michael still at it, grinning his lazy grin at me as he hammered on into me, his cock hard as ever, stretching my pussy to the utmost...

Michael was half-sitting now and both his hands were on my ass’ cheeks, spreading them wide as he continued thrusting himself into me. Both hands weren’t very still and soon I found myself breathlessly trying to take all the sensations as it felt like he was assaulting me from every angle...

My pre-cum gushed out in flows as he played with my asshole, rubbing it on while his cock forced nonstop into my soaked cunt...

“Ngghhh... Michael, Michael!”

“You gonna cum again, babe?” he asked in a low, breathless voice. “Cum for me, Leah, pour your honey all over my cock...”

Saying so, he inserted his finger into my asshole and I exploded.

“OOOHHH... Gawwwd...” His cock attacked me still and impaled on the other hole, every squirm I made threw me higher with ecstasy. I rocked on with the climax and when I came down, Michael groaned heavily and I felt hot, steaming liquid shot into my pussy, spraying all over my hole and flooded down the bed.

We lied still for what I thought was half an hour before he finally blurted out, “Man, you’re sizzling hot for a virgin.”

My face burning, I slapped his hand weakly.

“You...! You stole into my room and... and...”

“And I fucked you. Screwed you, did you and did you good,” he smiled his lopsided grin again.

Climbing slowly back on top of me, he started licking my neck, knowing I wasn’t used to it, not at all...

I squirmed and moaned breathlessly. “God, I love your sexy little sounds...” Michael stuck his tongue far out and danced down the length of my sensitive neck.

I squirmed some more and his hands instantly flew down my breast and ass as he pushed his body closer against me.

“Goddammit...” he mumbled. “You shouldn’t take off your clothes with your window open... Don’t you know that?”


“Have you forgotten our windows face each other directly?” Michael nibbled at my shoulder as I hung tight on his. “Don’t tell me you don’t know I watch you everyday anytime I want – and let me tell you, ‘anytime I want’ was most of time...

“And today, I’ve got the biggest surprise...”

Feedbacks and votes are mightily welcome and I'd also like to say thanks to snowtiger69 and whisky7up for the encouragements. I'd wanted to respond but it's hard to navigate around here!

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