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Winter Change


Hi all here is a story I hope you all enjoy about my wife Becca and me, Mike, on our recent vacation. We had been looking forward to escaping the cold for months. As evidence I got Becca two new bikinis in the middle of Winter just to keep our hopes up.

After lots of strenuous "researching" I had them picked out and ordered awaiting the day Becca got to try them on. Finally the moment arrived and I got to see her come out of the bed room in her new blue bikini. She is only 5'5" but every inch looked delicious to me her brunette hair looked extra vibrant against the tiny blue triangles covering about 30% of her pert 34b breast. The color contrasted her light tan enough to not notice we hadn't been in the sun for a few months. Her fit body showed off the hard work at yoga class and when she spun the cut was everything I hoped it was a small Brazilian showing plenty of her good sized round butt that was about the size of half a basket ball. Excited I told her to try the next!

This one was black and sexier it was a banadeu top which squeezed her boobs together a little showing off some seductive cleavage and the bottom framed her hips beautifully before disappearing between her plum butt cheeks. I couldn't hold off any longer and moved right in putting her on her back sliding the bottom aside and licking her fresh shaved pussy. After a few min she turned over showing me her luscious ass as I slid in doggy and held the bikini to one side. As we fucked her boobs fell out of the top and swung freely adding to the hotness. Finishing on her back so not to stain the new bikini she smiled and commented on the wardrobe malfunction.

Fast forward to finally on vacation laying on the warm beach! Becca wore her black bikini as we walked down the beach for a long way. I couldn't help but notice people watching us as we went by and was happy everyone enjoyed me so much, lol, I was under no illusion I would look to if such a beautiful full butt was ambling by only slightly cove by a black bikini. After a while we sat down to eat and with in a few minutes a couple came up to us and started chatting. Some people have a gift for conversation and these were two of them.

My gaze kept darting over the beautiful women who turned out to be MeMe, she was about the same height as Becca but straight black hair matching her dark black skin, I don't guess weight often but she was about 140 with most of it in her curves the cleavage between her D cups was like a vortex sucking my gaze in and when I managed to pull my eyes away they quickly were drawn to her tremendous butt or in this case a real big booty. Glancing up I noticed jon was similarly entranced with Becca so I didn't feel bad. We talked about all sorts of thing until the heat got ridiculous the girls, now friends, got up to go jump in the ocean. We watched saying nothing just enjoying the swaying asses as they walked away before Jon commented " I love MeMe's ass, god when she fucks its all over but in the perfect way". I was a little shocked since this was the first blatant talk of sex.

"Come on Mike." Jon laughed. "Beccas got to be amazing to."

Shaken out of my silence I agreed and we easily transitioned into talking about our girls amazing attributes. Once the girls got back they informed us of their plan to meet up for drinks and dancing that night.

With the sun heading down we split off and went to our hotels to get ready. Shower, change, drink, fool around, put on clothes and all of a sudden a few hours had passed and we needed to leave to meet Jon and MeMe by 11. Becca looked great but I might have been biased since I picked out her black clingy dress that had a slit in the front to her low ribs and backless back down to the top of the swell from her butt, here the dress clung tight to her fit ass cheeks before ending 5" below her butt.

As we walked in to the club Jon and MeMe were right there drinks in hands. MeMe was sporting a yellow dress that had a halter top and showed plenty of side boob to make any guy double take the tight form fitting lower part might have been loose on many girls but her voluminous butt stretched the material to its limits. Drinks went down fast as we migrated to the dance floor for a great mix of pumping bass to make everyone want to move.

Becca is no slouch at dancing and when she really wants to can hypnotize guys with her butt control moving it every which way as she gyrates around. As the music thumped and drinks kicked in we danced close hands drifting over each others body. Jon ran to the bathroom and instantly MeMe was surrounded by eager guys entranced with her curves. She let them crowd as she spun and moved up and down. Jon got back and smiled asking if he could join us since MeMe was busy. Becca facing me nodded she was fine as he moved in behind sandwiching her between us his black hands on her hips as she ground her body up and down.

After a few song I went to grab drinks and MeMe followed and helped me bring them back we cheers downed our shots and MeMe dragged me to the dance floor she worked her thick butt on my dick feverishly and guided my hands around her body. I noticed Becca half bent over doing her dirty dance and got a clear view down her dress of her perk boobs swinging to the beat. This went on for another hour occasionally all of us switching to dance with other people.

After last call we piled in a cab and went to Jons hotel. No thought was given to it it just seemed right. MeMe went to the mini bar and pulled out some champagne popped the top and with out any hesitation slipped her dress off standing topless in her black thong and high heels. Jon made no mention so the party went on we drank a bit, I watched her boobs swing around with each movement and we put on some music as it came on Becca to dropped her dress with no hesitation, her perk boobs jutting out nipples hard and her round ass framed in a black g string.

Dancing commenced only this time much more seductive MeMe knew how to use her big boobs and would drag them over my body as she pulled my shirt off. As Becca worked circles with her butt Jon peeled off his shirt to fit in. MeMe continued to lead as she unzipped my pants and deftly fished out my rock hard cock she turned and bent over rubbing her massive ass on me as if I needed more of a tease and then quickly dropped to her knees engulfing my cock in her mouth. Looking down her big thick black lips enveloped my white cock and her tremendous boobs swayed as she bobbed her head.

Tearing my eyes from the beautiful view I saw Becce also on her knees licking her way up Jons black hard shaft as he smiled down taking her head and easing her mouth on to is dick. The girls sucked and swirled their tongues eagerly while MeMe alternated burying my dick between her cleavage pumping her boobs up and down. The sound of skin on skin made me glance over to see Becca standing in her heels hands on a chair back and Jon raising his hand for another spank. He let loose with the slap and Beccas ass jiggled side to side before both hands grasped it and spread her cheeks. As he buried his black shat between her white cheeks I laid back and MeMe climbed on top starting off at a tremendous pace bouncing on my cock. Reaching up I cupped her boobs as she worked her hips in magical ways. When I felt myself getting close I rolled her to her back and pulled out spraying my cum on her tits.

We got up off the floor and looked over to see Jon working Becca in a similar position as before only now one leg was lifted up and he was holding it as she held on to the chair and balanced on the other leg. Her but jiggled with each strake and her little boobs snapped back and forth. Jon then pulled out and quickly told her to get on her knees as soon as she did he unleashed on her face a torrent of cum. MeMe was quick to make a joke and keep everything fun offering up new drinks before they went to the bathroom to clean up.

Jon asked if he was right earlier and I had to agree. We all sat on the couch and quite comfortably chatted about how we liked it. Wasn't long before I was getting excited again this time Jon suggested we take turns and told MeMe she was up first. Jon and Becca watched as MeMe backed her huge ass onto my lap slowly grinding until I was hard again. Then reaching down she guided her pussy onto my cock. Her butt wobbled like a girl in a rap video as Jon encouraged her to work it harder reaching around cupping her boobs as she ground her ass all over I could feel the passion she was giving off, I let a hand go down and rub her clit igniting her to a loud orgasm triggering and erection from Jon.

With a little more work she squeezed my cick so much I was ready to cum again and got her on her hands and knees so I could spank her ass I I shot my load over its vast expanse. She eagerly licked Jons cock as Becca came over to help with the last strokes. She massaged my cock and Jon entered her with a rush. He put a hand on Beccas back and guided her to the floor face down legs spread wide his black cock splitting her round but in half. Sitting back I watched him pound his hardest flipping her to many positions before he to pulled out and sprayed on her ass.

Tired we cleaned again before MeMe grabbed my arm and with a glint in her eye suggested we go to my place. Being across the street I quickly weighed the decision and her sensuous curves won me over. Slipping her dress back on we left with plans to meet up in the morning. In the elevator the drunken partier couldn't stop staring at MeMe and telling me how hot my wife was. Asking him what he liked best he couldn't decide but it was obvious he was excited. Reaching around I pulled MeMe's dress down letting her ample chocolate breasts spill out. Urging her forward I told her it was her lucky night. I started to get hard again seeing her head held as the eager stranger furiously rammed his cock into her mouth causing her to gag he didn't lat long but made up for it with intensity before pulling out and blasting away at her boobs.

MeMe pulled her dress top back on as the door popped open and we left the now drained partier. We hardly made it to the room as the door closed I literally ripped her dress off exposing her inventing curves. Following suit of the strange I put her on her knees and rubbed my cock on her face before thrusting in her mouth face fucking her eagerly. MeMe groaned and told me to treat her like the black bitch she was, standing her up I had her turn around so I could see her shake her ass intermittently slapping hard with my palm. I stuck my middle finger roughly into her ass then pulled it out making her lick it for lube before repeating.

Then spitting on her asshole I held her big cheeks wide and put my white cock against her dark hole and shoved in. She groaned loudly as I started to pump her ass pushing hard until she lost balance and fell half on the bed. I kept going pulling almost out then ramming home knowing her big cheeks would soften my blow. One hand pulled her hair while the other started a rhythmic spank loud enough for Jon to hear across the street. Flipping her on her back on the bed I slide two fingers in her pussy as I continued to fuck her black ass.

Thoroughly tired by the time I came I shot deep in her ass the last of my cum for the night. By morning my semen manufacturing was at full blast as MeMe will attest to after waking up to a lengthy face fucking before she swallowed a mouthful of cum. Heading back over to meet Jon and Becca in the morning I commented that she got a nice protein shake to start her day and wondered if Becca was hungry. MeMe laughed and said she would bet Becca had her fill of Oreos. Going inside Becca and Jon where up drinking coffee, Becca was wearing her heels and a button down shirt too small to be Jons and certainly not mine.

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