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Winter Night


It was the beginning of winter and myself and my best friend Amber decided to head off to my parents log cabin for the weekend to catch the new ski season. We had been planning it for months and couldn't wait to get there and see the beautiful sights and enjoy the hot tub as well. It was a cold December afternoon and we packed up the car and drove up North before the snow got any worse.

Once we had arrived there we got everything unpacked and headed down to the local bar for some food and drinks. We both decided to get some tasty burgers and one cocktail turned into a few too many. It was the first night and we were both pretty drunk. As we left the bar the snow had gotten real bad so it was hard to see the path home, but we made it back.

Amber got the fire on and made us some coffee to try and sober us up. I thought to myself this going so well as it's been a long time since we got to spend time together as we are always so busy with her work and other commitments. We sat by the fire warming up with our coffee and just caught up on life.

Amber headed to the bedroom to get changed out her wet clothes, as she emerged from the room she was wearing this very low cut purple silk night dress. It hugged around her gorgeous slim figure and you could see her bust almost bursting over the top. She looked incredible, in this moment I could feel a pulse run right through my wet pussy. I was so confused as I have never looked at my best friend this way. I brushed it off to being drunk and headed into the room to get changed into my own night wear.

I came out the room to find Amber laying across her stomach by the fire on the rug with her legs spread reading a book. I could see right up her dress, where I could see her smooth pink pussy. It looked so perfect and juicy, I felt myself getting really horny. I joked and said she needed to close her legs as I could see everything. At this point the moment turned before I knew what to do. She turned to me and said "I wanted you to see everything". I was trembling I had no idea what to reply, she walked over and grabbed my waist and kissed me. I felt like my whole body felt that kiss, it had felt like electricity took over my whole body.

"I know you're nervous, but I have wanted you for so long. Let me take all of you in tonight". I nodded and she lay me down by the fire. She caressed every part of me, starting at my breasts she sucked and licked all around my rock hard nipples. I started to take some control and while she was playing with my breasts, I started slowly rubbing my clit. I had never felt so wet. This turned her on so much, she told me to keep playing with my self while she watched playing with her own perfect pink soaking wet pussy.

Crawling over to me she dipped her down and started licking every inch of my pussy. In doing so she inserted two fingers into massaging my inner pussy while circulating her tongue around my clit. I couldn't help but moan. I could feel myself about to explode on to her tongue. She then entered her tongue deep in my pussy and started fucking me with her long tongue. My back arched and I came all over her tongue. She lapped every single bit of juice up before grabbing my hair and demanding me to fuck her with my mouth.

I went down on her and slowly licked my way up and down her beautiful wet pussy. She tasted so sweet and rich, I couldn't get enough. I started fingering her so slowly making sure I was pressing her G-spot. Before I could catch a breath she came all over my face. Fuck she tasted so good, I could never get bored of her juices.

We both got up and she asked me to bring my pussy to hers. I placed my legs in between hers as both our dripping wet pussy's got together. We started riding each other, feeling both our clits rub off each other made me ever wetter. It got faster and faster until finally both our pussy's came together, nothing felt better than her throbbing wet pussy cum into mines.

We lay there on the floor exhausted and in such surprise of how much we both wanted to each other.

As we lay there falling asleep, I was worried this may be a drunk one night thing cause I knew I wanted more of her pussy and her beautiful breasts that were so perfectly round and bouncy.

Will we do this again? I thought before I drifted off.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/29/18


As discussed by others the fantasy is good but grammar and sentence structure is horrendous. Mine is disgusting to so when I noticed it and am offended by it, it must be really outrageous.

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by Anonymous03/04/18


Just terrible writing.

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by Anonymous03/03/18

Written in haste

Good plot but needs editing

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by jenorma201203/03/18

not bad

A little short,not much build up but still a good story

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