Winter Trails


I parked the truck near the trail-head. Last night was the first snow of winter, and six inches of fresh powder covered the parking lot. No other cars were there.

Just like we planned.


I set up my phone on the dash so the camera was pointed at the trail-head. Then my wife opened the app on her phone (originally a baby monitor app) and checked the stream. Everything looked good, even with the snow falling there was 3 bars of 4g and we could see the trail entrance clearly. Since this was the only entrance to this trail we would be able to tell if anyone came hiking behind us.

My wife opened the door and a rush of cold air came in. She stepped out. I checked the phone camera one last time, knew I was stalling, then grabbed my backpack and followed her. She was already entering the trail and I ran to catch up with her, my boots crunching through the deep snow.

One of the main reasons we picked this trail was because it went straight into thick forest. There was no open views or areas, and it had lots of small winding side trails. And the snow falling cut the visibility even further.

We hurried up the main trail, then took one of the side trails we had scouted out earlier. It meandered around a bit, then we came to an old stream bed. We had been walking about 5 minutes. My wife looked at me, and I could tell she was a little nervous because she whispered even though no one could have heard us anyway.

"check the phone"

I checked, the app was still showing the trail head and no other vehicles parked. Not that we expected anyone else to going hiking in this weather.

"no one"

She grinned back at me, and her teeth started chattering.

"let's go"

She grabbed my hand and started walking down the trail faster. Her hand started trembling a bit and we had been together long enough that I knew it wasn't just from the cold. Suddenly she took a quick look behind us and we turned off the trail into the forest. We went a couple steps then stopped and listened. I was sure no one was following us, but we are both careful people by nature and we really didn't want to get caught since this was our hometown.


I took it out and swiped the screen. The app popped up and I almost jumped. I showed her the phone. A green Subaru had just pulled up. I looked at her.

"you want to keep going?"

Her eyes went distant for a second, then she looked up at me.

"yes, about six minutes right?"

Earlier that month we had timed how long it took to walk up the trail, just to be on the safe side.

"yeah, that's if they happen to take this trail"

She grinned at me again, and I could see that her face was starting to get flushed. I felt my face get hot too and nodded.

She turned around and walked deeper into the forest. I checked the time on my phone, 7:42, then quickly walked after her. We had picked out a small clearing around five by five feet a little ways off the trail. It was the only area that was relatively flat that we could find in our scouting trips last month. The downside was it was partially visible to the trail we had just turned off of, but that was why we had set up the camera and monitor app.

She was practically running ahead now, and twenty seconds later she got to the clear spot. It had a clean white layer of flat snow.

As soon as she got to the spot she reached down and pulled her sweater up and over her head. She was still facing away from me and I watched her long black hair sway against her pale back. She quickly tossed her sweater aside and started pulling her boots off.

I took my backpack off and tossed it in the snow, then started taking my coat and shirt off. She turned around to face me, throwing a quick glance back at the trail, then unzipped her jeans and pulled them off along with her panties. Then she pulled her sports bra off and was completely naked.

Her face was fully flushed a deep pink, and her mouth was open and I could hear her breathing getting faster. She had that distant look she gets when she is really horny, and I felt myself getting hard just watching her standing there in the cold.

She started shivering. Her nipples were scrunching up more then I've ever seen them before, and she reached up with one hand and started grabbing her breast and pulling on her nipple. Her other hand went down between her legs and she started stroking up and down.

Her mouth hung open and she started to let out soft moans, while her eyes narrowed to slits. The snow was falling heavier now and starting to melt on her body. She was lost to the sensation, moaning and stroking herself as she shivered.

I felt like I was going to cum in my pants just watching her and hearing her moan, so I switched my focus to getting my clothes off too. I untied my shoes and took my pants and boxers off, then my socks and boots. I started shivering hard as the cold hit me. I looked over.

She was looking at me but still had that distant look in her half closed eyes. She crouched down and then laid on her back. She gasped a little as the snow contacted her back and clenched up for a couple seconds. Then she closed her eyes, relaxed her body into the snow, and let her thighs drop open.

She moaned, this time a little louder, then resumed stroking herself with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other.

I walked and stood over her pale body, watching her masturbate and started stroking my cock gently. It had been a while since I'd seen her get this turned on so quickly and I didn't want to cum until she was ready. She reached over and grabbed a handful of snow, then rubbed the snow all over her clitoris. She gasped again and started rubbing faster.

She opened her eyes and looked up at me, mouth open and panting. Her eyes went to my cock and she watched me stroke. She started making small involuntary jerking movements with her upper thighs, she was getting close to orgasm.

She took her eyes off my cock and back up to me, her eyes showing me that she was near her peak. She moaned loudly.

"cum on me...cum all over me."

I took a step forward so I was standing over her stomach. I stroked a few more times but I knew I couldn't hold it any longer. I shot out into the cold air, and all over my wife's flushed and shivering face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting my cum fall onto her tongue, and started a high pitched moan. Her whole body started to clench, and she rubbed her clitoris while stretching her legs out. She went still, just her hand moving between her legs, holding her breath, and turning her head to one side.

Her hand stopped rubbing. Her body went still for a second, her face clenched tight. Then she came. Her legs squeezed together, then opened, then together, then open. After a couple moments she flipped over onto her knees, which she usually does after she comes and started breathing deeply, trying to catch her breath again.

I went over to my backpack to grab a towel and get her face cleaned up. When I turned around she had shifted so her ass was pointing toward me. She was rubbing herself again, this time sliding a finger slowly in and out of herself.

She whispered something but I couldn't hear what it was.

"what was that?"

"...fuck me"

It was the first time in six years of marriage I had heard her say anything like that. I just stood there for a couple seconds, half stunned. The way she said it...hungry and commanding...

I walked over, kneeled behind her, grabbed her hips, and shoved my now hard cock into her. She let out a long slow moan that turned into a cloud of steam in front of her. I stood still, trying to regain control, I felt like I was going to cum again.

She pushed her ass back into me, shoving me even deeper inside of her. Then she started bouncing bounce and forth. She turned her head to the side. Her eyes were closed, my cum was still all over her face and dripping down into the snow.

"fuck me...fuck me hard"

I grabbed her hips tightly and started pounding her, knowing that I wouldn't last long. I told her I was going to cum soon.

"cum in me, cum in me, cum in me"

I had never heard her beg like that and it was too much for me, I pulled her deep onto me.

I felt her tightening around my cock, then her whole body went rigid again. She pushed her face into the snow as another orgasm washed over her. I sprayed into her, my body pulsing along with hers, both of us panting hard as we came together. We tipped over into the snow, still connected and trying to catch our breath. After a minute of resting I tapped her butt.

"i think we need do do this more often"

She let out a little laugh and I stood up to get the towel. I helped her up since she still couldn't open her eyes, then helped her clean her face. We were still in a light giddy mood, but I was starting to feel really, really freaking cold and she was shivering hard now.

Suddenly I remembered the Subaru. I grabbed the phone out of my backpack, swiped it. 7:51. nine minutes had passed, enough to get up the trail. I showed my wife.

We quickly got dressed and went back to the main trail.

No footprints except ours, they must have went down a different side trail. We looked at each other, grinned, then went back to the truck to warm up.

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