tagFetishWishes Do Come True

Wishes Do Come True


You had me kneel in front of you, placing the collar around my neck. It felt so good to once again have it around my neck, to know that I am yours and that I'm expected to fulfill your every desire.

After climbing onto the bed, sitting back against the pillows against the headboard you ask, "Do you remember what I want you to do?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I reply eagerly looking lovingly into your eyes, "You want me to cum on your tits, spread it around with my cockhead, then lick them clean for you."

"Very good!" You smile back. "And why do I want you to do this for me?"

"Because I am yours to direct for your pleasure, because you like me to be your cumslut, because it pleases you, Ma'am." I answer a little sheepishly, "And because I enjoy serving you this way, too."

"Climb up here and let's get started then," you order sexily. As I straddle your body, you notice that my hard cock is already starting to drip. "This won't do," you say as you take it in your mouth, running your tongue across my cockhead, tasting my precum.

I run my fingers through your beautiful auburn hair, careful not to tug or to try to control your actions without permission. I know that you love my hands in your hair, though, and know that it will please you. As I do this, you place your hands on my thighs sliding them around to the back and up to my ass cheeks; squeezing them lovingly and giving them each a playful swat. I moan, "Thank you, Ma'am."

You then begin squeezing and stroking my ass as your mouth slides slowly up and down my shaft. You know the effect this will have on me - causing me to build up more cum.

Your mouth comes completely off my cock and you lick down the underside to my balls, licking each one before taking one in your mouth. You gently suck it between your lips, playing with it with your tongue; then repeating it all with the other.

"Very smooth, cumslut," you say as your mouth comes off my ball. Your tongue slides back up and down my shaft a few times before you scoop more precum from the leaking tip.

"Thank you, Ma'am." I moan again as you tease my cock and stroke my ass. "I'm happy to stay smooth-shaven for you."

I gasp on the last word as you've slid a finger between my ass cheeks and pressed it slightly into my ass, "I see you applied the lube to your ass after cleansing it for me." You smile wickedly as you work half the finger into my ass. My cock twitches in your mouth as you do.

"Ungh! Yes, Ma'am." I moan again as you begin working the finger, then a second, in and out of my ass as you still lick and suck on my cock.

Suddenly, your mouth is off my cock and your fingers pop out of my ass. I look down wondering if I've done something wrong or for a new direction. "Stroke your cock with one hand and pinch your nipples with the other. I want to see those nipples pulled out from that chest, too!" you smile, but sternly.

As I eagerly comply with your latest demands, you slide your hand under the other pillow, bring out lube and your feeldoe. My eyes widen as I realize what's going to happen next. My cock swells in my hand with added excitement.

"Lick," is all you say as you hold the dildo end up to my face. I do as I'm told, licking around the head, then up and down the shaft. "I may just have you do that with a real cock sometime." My cock twitches in my hand again, letting you know that your dirty talk excites me.

You squirt lube onto the feeldoe, using the fingers that had been in my ass to spread it completely around on the shaft, then those fingers are pressed back into my ass to deliver the rest of the lube to where it's needed.

"Don't waste that precum!" you scold as a large drop is about to drip onto you. I quickly scoop it up with my fingers and suck it into my mouth as I'm always expected to do while masturbating. I love the sweet creamy taste of my precum and you know it. It turns you on as much as it does me.

As my hand begins stroking my cock again, I feel the head of the feeldoe pressed against my asshole. "mmmm..." I moan as my hips involuntarily press my ass back against it. You keep it from going in, knowing this would be my reaction, lightly circling my asshole with the tip.

"Say it." sternly.

"Please, Ma'am." almost a whimper.

"Say it!" commandingly, as your free hand slaps against an ass cheek. At the same time, you've pressed the head into my ass.

"Please, Ma'am. Please fuck my ass with your cock and make me cum hard for yooou!" I plead hungrily, submissively.

The last word climbs in pitch as you shove the feeldoe quickly but gently up into my ass. "You like for me to take your ass, don't you cumslut? You like the feel of my different cocks in your ass, don't you? You love it when my hips are thrusting in and out of your ass, too, don't you, cumslut?"

"Yes, Ma'am! I love for you to use my ass for your pleasure! I love my ass to be filled and stretched!" You're working it in and out of my ass in tempo with my strokes now.

"Precum." I look down into your eyes as I coat my fingers in it, raise them to my lips, and suck hungrily to clean them. I can see the lust, love and pleasure in your eyes as you play with one of your nipples. I scoop up another helping of precum as your hand slides down to start playing with your smooth-shaven pussy.

Knowing that you are now playing with your pussy turns me on even more. As my precum starts flowing more freely from the prostate stimulation caused by the feeldoe sliding in and out of my ass, your wrap your lips around my cockhead and start sucking on it. I'm jerking my cock in sync still with what you're doing to my ass, pinching and tugging on my nipples as I do.

"Oh God, Ma'am! Thank you! I can feel my cum building! Unnngh!" I moan as I feel the phallus bottom out in my ass.

You take your mouth off my cock suddenly, "Make sure you don't cum in my mouth, Lover. Remember, I have a job for my cumslut!" Your mouth goes back onto my cockhead as I keep stroking and bucking my hips back and forth to meet your thrusts.

"Ungh! Yes! Ungh! Ma'am! Unnngh!" I moan as I know my cum is barely being held back at this point. I can hear your fingers as they squish in your sopping wet pussy. This pushes me closer still.

Suddenly, you pull your mouth off my cockhead with a plop. I look into your eyes with surprise just as you turn on the vibrator in the feeldoe, on it's highest setting and pressing it as deeply in my ass as you can.

"Oh... My... God...!" I exclaim as my cock begins jerking and shooting creamy cum on your tits. I'm careful to make sure they both receive some. You turn the vibrator back off, then guide one of my hands back to the base, replacing your hand with mine.

"I want you to keep that in there, work it in and out some as you lick my tits clean, my sexy cumslut," you instruct before taking my cock in your mouth to capture the little bit of cum still hanging on the tip.

"Yes, Ma'am," I respond as I slide down to straddle your thighs. I catch some of my cum as it's about to drop from a nipple, sucking on your nipple hungrily a bit, nipping it as I release it. You moan in satisfaction, watching me lick my cum from your breasts, scooping it with my tongue, savoring it, swallowing it as I know you love me to do.

"Suck on my other nipple, too," you direct. I do so, glad to please you as needed. As I slurp and lick the rest of my cum from your chest, you ask, "Do you know why I had you keep the feeldoe in your ass, my wonderful hungry little cumslut?"

"Umm... No Ma'am. I have no idea," I lie just a bit, playing along with the teasing that we both so enjoy with each other.

"Lick my pussy some and make sure I'm nice and wet. If you make me cum, I'll reward you," you say with a wicked, naughty, sexy smile on your face - my favorite smile of yours.

Your pussy is already so very juicy wet that it's running down to that gorgeous tasty rosebud that I also love to service for Ma'am as often as she desires. I run my tongue up your thigh as you pull your legs up a bit toward your chest to give me better access. As I swirl my tongue around your asshole and dip into it to get your juices, you moan with your own pleasure.

"Oh, such a naughty boy!" you exclaim. "Stay there for a bit. Show Ma'am how much you love eating her ass. Mmmmm... That's it! Stick that tongue in as deep as you can! Oh! Ungh! Mmmmm."

As I tongue fuck your sweet delicious ass, more juices run down to feed me, joining my cum on my mustache and beard, coating the tip of my nose as well. The smell of your arousal, the taste of your ass and juices, has my cock already starting to stir again.

"Ooooh, Baby, that feels sooo good! I may just have to have you fuck my ass later!" you sigh as I get my tongue in as deep as I can, my nose pressed into your pussy. "Of course, I'm going to slip the bulb end of the feeldoe in my tight wet pussy in a few minutes and fuck YOUR ass first!"

My cock twitches and grows harder at the thought of you fucking my ass. The "mmmm" that escapes your lips tells me that you've seen my cock twitch and know that I'm excited to be fucked by you - a desire that you'd never gotten to even try with any other man. You grab my ears, gently tugging my head up to your juicy pussy.

Your labia are swollen and darkened, the inside a beautiful shade of pink, as I run my tongue from bottom to top, flicking my tongue across your clit before taking a lip between mine, tugging it gently, savoring your taste on it. I quickly lick as much of your juices as I can, grinding my nose against your clit.

Knowing your body and that there will be a prize for making you cum, I lap at your pink juicy inner folds a bit more, then shift my attention to sucking on your clit, nibbling on it, sliding a couple of fingers into your pussy. You taste so damn good - I could do this for hours.

"Mmmmm... you are so good at that," you moan as I savor your clit between my lips. I curl my fingers, seeking that certain special spot. "Oh my, you... are... determined,... aren't... you?" you gasp out. "Make me cum, my talented sub!"

I suck even harder on your clit, sliding my two fingers in and out of your pussy, and adding a finger to your ass too. Your gasps and moans are becoming more rapid and shallow, your strong sexy thighs are now squeezing my head, your heals digging into my shoulder blades.

"Yes! Oh yes! Ungh! Oh! Mmmmm..." You are pinching and tugging on your nipples, squeezing your breasts, as I work on your pussy. It won't be long now. I start flicking my tongue rapidly across your clit as I keep it engulfed in my mouth, my fingers still curled in your pussy.

"Oh! Ungh! Yes! YES! Yeeessss!" you cry out as your orgasm takes over. Your thighs clench my head even harder, your heels digging into my shoulders as you arch your back and coat my face and hand in your delicious glorious juices. Your head goes back in ecstasy and you pull and twist your nipples as you reach the pinnacle of your orgasm. As your thighs clamp down harder on my head, I take your clit gently between my teeth and flick it with my tongue even harder and faster. "Oh... my... god...! Yes...! Oh! Ungh! Ungh! Aaaaah!"

"Oh, my hot hungry sub, you did a wonderful job making me cum," you smile lovingly as you pull my face to yours, kissing me and tasting both my cum and yours on my lips. "Mmmmm... We taste so good together. Why don't you stay right where you are while I move around behind you..."

"Yes, Ma'am," I try not to sound too eager. You slide out from under me, running a finger from my shoulder, down my back to my ass cheek as you move into position. I can feel the goosebumps form along the trail.

"This feeldoe looks so hot in your ass... And I'm so tempted to spank it til it's red," you say as your lubing your end of it, wiggling it in my ass on purpose to tease me. "But I'm anxious to fuck your tight ass. Besides you'll either do or say something later to give me a good reason, won't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I respond, thinking of how good it feels when you spank my bare ass, how wet you usually get doing it, how much I drip; and also thinking of how you usually have me make love to you while you keep it warmed...

"It'll be easier if I take this out a moment to get it in me. I want you to reach back with both hands and use a couple of fingers to hold your ass open as I pull out." I am happy to comply as I reach back, a finger on each hand ready to hold my gaping ass open as you ease out the feeldoe.

"Look at that hot open ass with two fingers in it and room for me to squirt some lube in it!" But before you do, I feel your cheeks against the back of my hands, your tongue wiggling in my spread open ass.

"Mmmmm..." we moan in unison as you quickly press your nose against the base of my spine, your tongue as deep in my ass as it will go. This is something we both agreed on early on when discussing turn-ons and kink - asses are to be played with orally as much as possible. Nearly daily cleansing of each other is just another part of foreplay for the two of us. "Tell me what you want, my handsome, sexy manslut!"

I am all to eager to answer the correct way at this point. My ass belongs to you and I need what you want and need just as much as you, "Please, Ma'am. Please fuck my ass with your long hard cock. Please use my ass for your pleasure!"

I hear the feeldo's bulbous end slip into your pussy just before I feel the addition of some cool lube squirting between my fingers into my open ass. Oh, it feels so good, especially knowing what you're about to do. As you get into position behind me, I steal a glance in the mirror on the dresser beside the bed. Our eyes lock in lust, love and desire as you press your cockhead into my opening, my fingers sliding back out of the way as you begin to slide an inch or two into my ass.

"Mmmmm..." I moan as you wiggle that first little bit around in my ass. You tease with a couple of short in and out strokes, but since you'd been toying with it while I masturbated for you and then had me keep it in there while cleaning you, you know I'm ready... "Ungh! Ooooh!" I moan as you grab my hips, pulling back on them as you thrust your cock all the way into my ass in one hard fast thrust.

"You like it when I take you deep, don't you, slut?" You're staying in deep, making short thrusts of an inch or two in and out of my ass.

"Mmmmm... Yes, Ma'am." I'd been fucked in the long before with a strapon, but never the way I have with you. With you, it feels wonderful, sensual, loving - though at times you take me passionately like an animal.

You pull back until just the head of your fake cock is in my ass, making short teasing strokes in and out. This is payback for when I do the same with your pussy. Looking into the mirror, I see the evil smile on your face and you can see my desire. Your smile is replaced by a playful surprised look as you suddenly thrust all the way in again. "I will admit, I DO love it when you tease me like that. Do you like it too?" You ask as you lean forward, your hard nipples lightly touching my back as you reach forward to play with mine.

"Yes, Ma'am, I love it too. I'm glad it pleases you when I do it to you as well. Ah! Mmmmm..." I finish with a gasp and a moan as you tug, twist and pull on my nipples, grinding your hips into my ass.

"I'm going to pull out for a minute. When I do, I want you to grab the pillow, roll over, slide it under your ass, and pull your legs up and back for me. I want to finish looking into your sexy blue eyes."

"Yes, Ma'am." How can I be anything but eager to comply? I fell in love with you long before we met in person, fell even deeper the first time I looked into your beautiful green eyes. Knew I had to have you for life after the first time we made love and 69'd afterwards. I quickly do as you've requested, your cock sliding back into my ass as I pull my legs back.

"Play with your nipples for me," You grab each thigh near the knee and begin long slow thrusts. I begin tugging, twisting and rubbing my nipples as I know you like. My cock is half erect from all the prostate stimulation, leaking precum all over my lower abdomen.

You reach down with one hand, scoop up some precum on your fingertips, rub it on each nipple, then press those finger tips to my lips. I greedily open my mouth and lick and suck them clean, just as we both love me to do. The next scoop gets rubbed on your own nipples and licked off your own fingers. "Mmmmm... No wonder you licked my titties so clean. You taste wonderful today."

You reach down and grab my ass cheeks next, my legs suspended by your body being pressed against them, my legs wrapping slightly around you. Your thrusts become more passionate, deeper and harder. The look on your face tells me the other end of the feeldoe is working its magic inside of you. "You really do enjoy this, don't you?" Your tone says you ask it partly as my Domme, but partly as my true love.

"Yes, Ma'am... Ungh... And I love even more when I know it excites you. I love you! Ungh..."

You thrust hard and fast after my answer, closing your eyes for a few moments as you really get into what you're doing. I watch the emotions, concentration, and lust play across your face and watch your perky tits jiggle, your nipples hard, as you get completely lost in fucking my ass.

When your eyes re-open, I can see the lust, the love, the passion for us and for what we're experiencing - all displayed in your eyes. You release your grip on my ass. Your thrusts slow, and then you stop as you complete another slow thrust into my ass, your hips pressed tightly against my ass. You rock and twist your hips against me, much as I do when I'm inside you.

"Can you hold your legs and play with my breasts?" you ask.

"I think so," I use my elbows to support my thighs as my hands wrap around your breasts, my thumbs and index fingers beginning to play with your nipples.

"Oh god! That's it!" you moan as I do. "Things are going to get really hot now!" As you say this, you wrap one hand around my precum-slickened cock and start stroking it, your other hand snaking back and under you to turn on the built-in vibrator.

"Oh god! Aaaaah!" I exclaim as the vibrations work their way from my anal ring inward to my prostate and on to the base of my cock.

"I want you to cum when I tell you to," you say, looking me sternly, lustfully, in the eye; the passion showing deep in your eyes.

"Ungh... Yes, Ma'am... Please make it soon..." I moan, lost in the sensations you're giving me through all of my senses.

The next few minutes are lost in a blur as you buck your hips, thrusting in and out of me, stroking my cock in time with your thrusts, my hands and fingers rapidly teasing your tits and nipples.

"Oh god, I'm about to cum!" you shout. "Cum with me! Ungh! Aaaah!"

You thrust deeply one last time, I can feel your pussy's spasms as they cause your phallus to twitch in my ass. "Yes! Ungh! Aaaah!" My cock starts spurting cum, some of it reaching my chest, my ass clenching your stiff cock buried in my ass, causing me to cum even harder. We both are loudly moaning for several seconds as our orgasms roll on until I'm covered in my cum and your juices have coated your thighs, my ass, and the sheets.

You smile lovingly at me, satisfied with the orgasms we just shared, "This won't do," you say as your fingers scoop up some of the cum about to trickle over my side. You raise your fingers towards my mouth, then quickly stick them in your own.

"Now for that reward I promised earlier," you say as you ease your cock first out of your ass, then out of your pussy, dropping it onto the foot of the bed. You then lick the cum from my cock and quickly begin licking the rest of it from my belly, the little bit off my chest, then a quick suckle of both of my nipples before snuggling up to me, kissing me, sharing my cum with me again.

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