tagSci-Fi & FantasyWishing for Redemption Ch. 01

Wishing for Redemption Ch. 01


A huge thank you is owed to everyone for their encouragement and advice. Another thank you goes out to my editor ghostdaddy27 for his assistance and catching my little whoopsies.

And now, I welcome you all to the next piece in John's story.


John woke feeling a little better with his head resting on the table. Grimacing a little from a still neck, he sat up and rubbed his face. As he reached for his now luke-warm coffee, the most beautiful voice spoke from behind him.

"I see my Master has awoken."

John yelped in surprise and jumped almost three feet into the air. As he turned and came down, his foot caught against the chair and he fell flat on his back, cracking his head against the ground. Staring at the ceiling for a few moments, he amused himself by counting the stars he saw. He shook his head to clear it and looked to where the voice came from.

His eyes fell on the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen.

"Who the hell are you?" John demanded. "How'd you get in here?"

The woman lowered her head as she spoke.

"I am your Genie Servant. You opened my vessel."

"Genie?" he scoffed.

"Yes, Master."

John took a moment to actually look at her. She had fiery red hair that curled gently, pale skin and a toned, lightly curved body. He had to guess a bit because she was wearing thin clothing one would see on the old, crappie Genie shows.

"Prove it," John demanded.

"Your wish is my command, Master," she said softly.

"Damn," he thought. "She's got one HELL of a voice." Out loud, he said, "I wish for a pound of solid gold on the table."

She seemed to hunch into herself a little. "I am sorry, Master. I should have explained my limitations. I cannot grant that wish. Punish me as you see fit."

"What the fuck?" He shook his head and stood. "I'm not going to punish you. Please, let's go sit on the couch and talk."

He held his hand out to her. She tentatively took it and gracefully rose to stand eye to eye with him, which surprised him a little as 6'3". A shy smile slowly blossomed on her bow-shaped lips. Unable to resist, he glanced down and had to make sure he didn't start drooling over what he estimated were E-cup breasts. Quickly, his eyes snapped up to see her smothering a mischievous grin. He grinned sheepishly back as he looked into her emerald eyes.

Turning, he led her to the couch and sat as she sat on the cushion next to him, legs nearly touching.

John had to clear his throat twice before he could speak. "So what are these supposed 'limitations' that you mentioned?"

"Well, Master," she began. John raised a hand, interrupting her.

"Please, don't call me 'Master'," John said with a pained look. "My name is John."

"As you wish Mast...John," She grimaced. "That will be difficult as it goes against my nature."

"Your nature?"

"I was created to be a gift to a powerful man of great wealth or importance that found favor with a Genie King. I would have been his first wife, or at least in charge of his harem to keep his other wives ready for him or one of his favored guests."

John blinked in surprise. "Harem?"

She nodded vigorously, causing interesting things to happen under her translucent clothes.

"Yes. It's my function to grant my Master's ever sexual fantasy and wishes."

"Such as?" John asked as he leaned back to look at her again, a slight bulge appearing in his slacks.

She noticed and gave him a shy, mischievous smile. "For one, I can help you take care of that."

He raised an eyebrow as his hands moved to unzip his slacks. "Alright, prove to me that you're a Genie and, as you said, 'take care of it for me'."

Her smile was like the sunrise as her eyes flashed gold for a moment and he felt a tingle somewhere behind his eyes. He blinked and realized he was suddenly naked.

"Wait, what the HELL was that?" he demanded.

"What was what?" she replied in confusion.

"Your eyes flashed and my head tingled." He was getting a little nervous now as he realized this might not be some kind of sick joke.

She cocked her head to one side in confusion and it happened again. Flash. Tingle. He almost jumped off the couch. Her expression crumpled into fear as she disappeared and reappeared back on her knees, head bowed, in front of him.

"Forgive me, Master," she said, near to tears. "I didn't explain more fully. I am ready for punishment."

He blinked in surprise again as that trick sank home and for a few moments; he kept glancing from where she was and where she had been. Then he noticed she was trying to suppress her trembling. Moving carefully and slowly, so he didn't scare her, he dropped to his knees with her and gently raised her head to look at him.

"We can talk about 'punishments' later," he said with an evil smirk. "For now, just explain. This is a lot for me for me to take in at once. I thought you were a prank by some friends trying to cheer me up."

Tingle. Flash.

Her eyes went wide as she silently mouthed 'oh' when she finally understood his meaning.

"Now, would you please get up?" he asked gently. "Let's sit back on the couch and you can explain things. I'm just surprised, not upset."

Her eyes flashed again as she smiled and he was indeed back on the couch, although she wasn't entirely. He was lying length-wise across it and she was straddling his hips. His flagging penis immediately reversed itself and a slow, dreamy smile blossomed on her beautiful face as she certainly noticed. When she spoke again, her voice had taken on the husky timbre of arousal.

"What shall I explain, Master?

His cock twitched and he struggled to remember as he drank in her perfectly curvaceous but that was apparently designed for sin. She grinned as she saw him stutter a couple times before he found his voice again.

"Um... The eye and tingle thing?" he stammered as he then realized her clothing was a LOT thinner than he initially thought as he noticed her rock hard, quarter-sized nipple straining against the thin fabric.

She giggled, snapped her fingers in front of his face and he jumped, feeling a little guilty

"It's not polite to stare," she said, suppressing a grin as he gave her a 'hand-in-the-cookie-jar' look.

"Sorry, I just..." he began, then stopped himself and blushed for the first time in over a decade.

Her eyes smoldered as she looked into his eyes. "My Master may use his Genie as he sees fit, but you DID ask to explain."

"Ok, so explain," he said as he casually rested his hands on her hips.

"Human minds are usually unable to see or understand what real magic is or looks like. What you saw and felt is your mind's interpretation of what I actually did..." She paused to see if he understood.

"And that was?"

"My powers allow me to skim your intentions so I may properly interpret what you actually want with any given wish."

"You're reading my mind?" he asked, a bit nervously.

She leaned forward, propping her head in her hands, elbows on his bare chest and wiggled her hips a bit.

"In a manner of speaking. I can't actually read your thoughts unless you allow me to. I'm only looking at what you actually intend with your wish so I don't upset you with an incorrect result."

"Like some of the legends?" he asked.

Tingle. Flash. She nodded.

"There are, or were, other types of Genies, each linked to a specific element like Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Some human sorcerers have managed to capture various Genies while others were punished and put into vessels by a Genie King. Those would usually try to misinterpret your wish in order to get their freedom."

"So what? I only get 3 wishes?"

She shook her head, making some of her fiery hair spill down and caress her cheek.

"Genie Servants like me are a different case. We are permanently linked to our Masters for the duration of our lives."

"So what happens in another, say, 40-50 years when I die of old age?"

"Then I would die as well." She shrugged. "But why would you only want to live that long?"

"Um... Human mortality?" he asked in a 'duh' tone.

She rolled her eyes. "I'm aware of that, but now you may live as long as you wish."

He blinked as that sank in. "You're saying I could live for centuries if I wanted?"

"Or longer," she confirmed.


For a moment, his mind wandered through the possibilities that now lay before him, and then he shook his head. He had more important matters before him, or rather ON him.

"I may not be a mind-reading, super powerful Genie, but I think I know one 'wish' you might want." He grinned.

"And that would be?" she asked in a tone that made his cock twitch. "Oh! Well, what's stopping you?"

"First, you're wearing too much."

She smiled as her clothes vanished, fully revealing her alabaster perfection to his hungry eyes.

"Secondly..." he began.

She yelped as he quickly lifted her, twisted and dropped her onto her back where he had been laying. He used his military-hardened strength and lowered himself over her, only touching her with their first kiss. She moaned, then mewed disappointedly as he pulled back a bit. She bit her lip as he moved to the right and gently nuzzled her jaw and down her neck.

"Who's supposed to be in charge?" he whispered in her ear, nibbling it.

"You are..." She draped her arms over his shoulders. "My Master is in charge."

"Good girl, "he breathed. "Keep your arms to your sides."

"Yes, Master," she whispered, shuddering in anticipation.

Slowly, almost agonizingly slow, he began to explore this statuesque creature that welcomed his touch. Being careful to only let his lips touch, he kissed a line down from her chin, to her neck where he gently bit her. She moaned happily. Continuing on, he kissed over one shoulder, then the other before moving still lower. He moved down to the valley of her copious cleavage, then slowly kissed a circle up each one in turn as if climbing those soft, delicious peaks.

"Please..." she panted, hands clawing at the couch.

"Please what?" he asked as his warm breath tease one diamond hard nipple.

"Touch them," she begged.

He traced a small, wet circle around her left nipple, making her gasp and shudder slightly. When he closed his mouth over it, she inhaled sharply at the sensation while one hand gently teased the other. Chuckling softly, he moved back up to look into her eyes. Her eyes held a sense of wonder with a hint of frustration since she couldn't move her arms.

"Please take me..."

They kissed. Their tongues danced in harmony as he moved one hand down to finally touch her dripping pussy. Gently, he stroked his fingers from bottom to top, finding her clit and slowly drawing circles around it with one finger. She bucked against his hand when he found it.

"Master..." she panted. "Hands?"

He chuckled. "Very well."

She sighed in momentary relief as she reached down towards his iron hard cock and her eyes went wide as she felt his solid 8 inches and was barely able to close her hand around it. Looking down, she made a silent 'Wow' and looked back at John's nervous face.

"If you think it's too much..." he began, only to be silenced by her gently fingers on his lips.

"When you released me from my vessel, I was formed into the perfect match for you from what you see as the 'perfect' woman. Don't worry."

With that, she gently guided him and he slowly slid the tip inside her. They both gasped at the sensations that went rocketing through them.

"Please..." she gasped. "More..."

Slowly, he pushed until he felt that indescribable barrier.

"You're a virgin?"

She nodded, eyes still closed. "That's the last step of our bond. Please..."

He made a quick thrust then held there as she tensed, virgin no more. After a couple of moments, her eyes opened and she nodded. Slowly he began thrusting in and out, her pussy hugging him like a silken glove. With each thrust, he went a little deeper until he was completely buried. They locked eyes and they both saw the same thing in the other...Paradise.

Slowly, he began pumping in and out, determined to make her cum first. She wrapped her long legs around his waist in an effort to get him as deep as possible. As they continued, they quickly found their harmonious rhythm. She let out quiet squeaks and moans as heat began to build in her core. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer with her tight passage playing him like a concert pianist. He could already feel his balls stirring. Fortunately, he felt her begin to tense and become more erratic as she tried to pull him into her. Thinking quickly, he scooped her up, still impaled, and began fucking her hard and fast. Then it happened.

A nuke seemed to go off between them as they simultaneously erupted into orgasm. She screamed louder and louder as she felt him shoot rope after rope of cum splashed inside her and clamped her entire body against him, vibrating like a plucked guitar string.

They sat there for a few moments while her spasms subsided and his breathing became less ragged. They both slowly came down from their mutual mind-blowing orgasm. After she stopped shaking, he felt something drip onto his shoulder.

"Hey," he said softly, pulling back to look into her tear-streaked face. "Why the tears?"

"Some Masters just take what they want. Others simply ignore their Genie until they're needed. The rare few..."

He interrupted her, knowing where that was going. "The rare few actually give a damn."

She nodded.

"Well, if you're bonded to me for life, just know that I've been through hell lately. I have days where I get pretty down as memories come back."

She tilted her head, curiously. "Like what?"

He sighed heavily. "You can read my thoughts and memories as long as I allow it?"

"Yes, but you don't have to."

He shook his head before it could stray down those dark alleys and looked at his DVD player.

"Well, it's almost lunchtime. Do you wanna go get something or do you want to stay in?"

She shrugged. "Whatever my Master wishes."

John rolled his eyes, then saw her suppressed grin. He scowled and her face began to fall apart in fear just before his fingers began dancing up her ribs. She clamped her arms against his hands to stop him, but they kept right on going as she collapsed against him, laughing.

"Master...is...so...cruel..." she gasped.

"Oh really?"

He renewed the tickling with increased vigor and she began to try to struggle away from him. She almost managed it until he grabbed her feet and began tickling them instead. After he started, she started thrashing so hard that he stopped for fear of being kicked in the head. She lay there panting for breath for a few moments, then sat up.

"Genie will have to get even with Master for that, "she said ominously.

He chuckled, then realized her nude state. While he most definitely approved, she'd sunburn to death in 30 minutes in the summer sun.

"What?" she asked as he shook his head.

"You've just reminded me of two things. First, you don't have any clothes. Secondly, I don't even know your name."

He spoke as he stood and by the time he reached out to help her up, she was instantly back in the outfit he'd first seen her in. She took his hand and stood as well.

"Clothing is part of my anonymity abilities."

She instantly changed her clothes into a hunter green tank top, tight jeans and white tennis shoes.

"What about me?"

"Only if there was no other option. Masters are expected to maintain their own homes."

"No fair," he grumbled as he made his way towards his bedroom.

His dignified sulking was interrupted when she smacked him on the ass. He glared as she swayed past him towards the bedroom. Once inside, she yelped as he nearly tackled her onto the bed with another round of tickling. She managed to thrash around enough to keep him at bay by wrapping her legs around his waist and batting at his hands. He managed to trap her hands above her head and flopped on top of her, making her 'oof'. They gazed at each other, smiling. He hadn't felt this happy in far too long but knew this still had a long way to go.

"You still didn't answer my second question," he pointed out.

She shrugged. "I don't have one. Masters have to choose whether their Genies get one and what they are if they do."

He knew instantly what it should be. It just felt...right.

"Hope," he said simply.

Her eyes slowly went wide as that sank in. She began to cry again.

"What is it?" John asked as he held her close.

"I'm the luckiest Genie in the world. I was claimed by a Master with a good heart."

"I'm nobody special."

"You were to the woman in the pictures in the hall," Hope countered. "Who is she?"

John stiffened and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, staring at the ground with a stony face. Hope sat up quickly and reached out to him, sensing his sudden flare of unbearable pain.

"My wife," he said softly.

"Where is she?"

There was a long, pregnant pause, then he sighed.


Hope gasped. "Master, I'm so..."

"Don't," he interrupted harshly and she flinched back.

She tried to touch him then flinched again as he spoke in a dead voice.

"I want to share a memory with you. 6 months ago. December 24th, 0235 local time to where I was."

She gasped as he gave that command. A split second later as her powers brought it to her instantly, she gasped even harder as she fell back as the memory began to play...

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