tagSci-Fi & FantasyWitch in a Clock Tower Ch. 01

Witch in a Clock Tower Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Skald's

Birthdays suck.

I sat in Skald's nursing a beer and really couldn't help feeling sorry for myself. Now usually I'm not the melancholy type but it was the day before my birthday and my mind was on the future and really couldn't get past the end of a fruitless year. My job had pretty much become obsolete and I hadn't the skills and really (though it was hard to admit) the drive to start a new career. I was living on borrowed time, just waiting for the day that the powers that be noticed I was redundant. The Bright Ones had come down from their homes in the heavens and their imps, golems, and homunculi could do for cheep what I had spent the better part of a decade and a half making a pretty good living at. To top it all the Pretty People had found Skald's, my favorite watering hole, a few days before and decided that it suited them well so all their hangers on had found it too and that just made my dark mood blacker. I should have been more grateful for what they had done for us what with ending the war and all but they still annoyed the shit out of me. Walking the earth like the gods themselves and shaping it to their whims with waves of their hands, almost but never really paying attention to the rest of us only to go mucking about with our affairs just the same. In turn we wanted to worship them. We wanted them to lead us and give us our heart's desires. I couldn't stand that. I really hoped that humanity had more dignity than that. I really wanted to have more dignity than that, so despite it all there was nothing I wanted from them.

"What about sex?"

"Hmm?" I put my drink down and looked at the woman who had pushed up to the bar next to me. Bright auburn curls made a cloud around her round face from which huge grey eyes stared at me. I was drunk enough that I rose to the bait. "What about it?"

"Would you ever do it with one of them?"

"I doubt I'd ever have the chance."

"Oh really? Are you not the one fond of saying that anything is possible?"

I took a sip from my drink. "I said that back when I was in school. I was a moron when I was in school."

"What makes you think that you would never have the chance?"

I went back to scanning the crowd as I answered. "I'm nobody. I have nothing to offer. And I look like the Pillsbury doughboy."

"Oh looks do not matter to them."

"Sure they do. Why do you think they all look perfect?"

"Perhaps their own looks can matter to some of them but they do not care about what someone they are interested in looks like."

"I've never seen Ozymandias with a woman on his arm who didn't look like a sex goddess. He likes them airbrushed with nice firm tits and a big round ass."

"True, but not one of them started out that way."

She had me there. I leaned back and looked at her, "They could do that couldn't they?"

"A little pull there, a tug here. Anyone can look like a fashion plate." She leaned against the bar. "Let us take you for instance."

"Let's not."

"True, you could stand to loose weight."

"Uh huh. I'm working on that."

"You would not have to. Your face is rather pleasant, though I do not much care for glasses. Your body is a bit square. Even without the weight you would be big." She gave my arm a poke. "Big muscles, nice pectorals, a tight ass. You would shape up very well without much work."



"And I'd have a nice big schlong too?"

"Of course! You could fuck for days."

"Uh huh."

"So you have a sex god body. Would you do share it with the sex goddess who gave it to you?"

"I have a choice?"

"Always." Her fingers started drawing circles on the back of my hand.

"Huh. I'd get to keep the beefcake body and new schlong if I said no more sex?"


"So what's the catch?"

"None you would object to."

"Ok, so why me and not the schmuck sitting next to me on the Metro on the way home tonight."

She shrugged. "A chance meeting. You make her laugh. She lets the beer go to her head. She wants to try you out."

"Try me out..."

She leaned in close as if sharing a secret and I could suddenly smell her. Roses, apples and something. The bar was abruptly a little too warm.

"She wants a new partner. Not another sorcerer, she cannot trust them any more. She is lonely, so she goes looking for someone to keep her company and stumbles upon you."

"Uh huh." I took a sip of my beer.


"So what?"

She brought her face up to mine. Her big grey eyes took over my world. "Would you do it?"

"I don't know."

"Why not?"

"I'd be her toy."

"Your pride could not take it?"

"I..." suddenly it was hard to breath, "Yeah it'd be hard."

She pressed herself against me. Her body was strong, eager. That something behind the roses really started turning me on.

"It takes courage to admit that." She breathed into my ear and her hand pressed against the front of my trousers. I turned my head so my face was in her hair and inhaled until the roses made my head spin. Her hot breath washed over me and she moved herself against my body and I pushed back. My whole being vibrated as I forced my crotch into her hand urgently wanting her despite the people surrounding us.

She pulled back and looked at me and my eyes were drawn to her bright red luscious lips as they turned up in a smile. She leaned forward so our foreheads touched.

"You can keep the -- schlong -- if you say no." I gradually realized that my bulge down there was pushing against my fly so hard that it was almost bursting. She pressed her lips against mine and her tongue slid against mine and filled my mouth with liquid fire and honey. Then, reluctantly, she pushed herself away from me. "For the rest you have to say yes," and with a wink over her shoulder she started sashaying through the crowd.

I stood there catching my breath not sure what to do. My whole body was buzzing in time with the bulge in my pants and I resisted the urge to poke at my crotch in public. Was it really bigger? Was she what I thought she was? She had to be. Why would I start talking about to her about sex in the first place? I sat there throbbing and actually felt it getting smaller. I wondered if she meant what she had said. I grabbed my half full beer and finished it then ordered another one.

"Hey!" Bran said pushing back toward the bar, "Nice tonsil hockey! You get her number?"

"Tonsil hockey?"

"Looked to me like you wanted to bend her over the bar, right? That would be one hell of a birthday party. She coming back?"

"...don't know."

"Don't know?" He shook his head, "Shit, you can't let ass like that get away."

"No... That would be bad..."

"Bad does not cover it." He started peering around the room. "Dude, she's sat down with her friends. Get your butt over there."


"That will be one hell of a party. I'm serious. Invite her to the beach tomorrow. See if her friends want to come."

I watched her laughing with another girl with skin the color of fine chocolate and wondered mussily if there was a whole coven sitting by the dance floor. Something told me I would never get another chance so I slowly got up and absently picked up my glass.

"Oh hey. You got protection?"


"Dude! Condom? Fuck, you are hopeless." Bran dug out his wallet and handed me a couple of foil wrapped circles. "My advice is do not stop until you have to use both of those and no balloon animals."

"Sure, no balloon animals." I stuck them into a pocket and took a sip of my beer and started pushing through the crowd. I wondered if this was some kind of birthday prank. I just couldn't figure out what the point was. Get my face slapped my birthday eve? Quite the riot. As I got closer I noticed that everyone was giving her friends plenty of space and I stepped into the circle around her table. I watched her as she wrapped her lips around a crawdad and sucked at it. She caught me staring and just looked back at me. She daintily put the shell on a plate and leaned forward and gave me a view that started things buzzing below my belt again and then she stood up with a smile and stretched out her arms and I walked into them. One hand intercepted mine and took a second beer from me that I had no memory of picking up.

"Hefeweizen. How did you know I love wheat beer?"

I gazed into her eyes which were laughing at me. "Someone told me I guess."

She hummed while taking a sip, "I bet you even know my favorite drink."

I thought about it for a second. "Cognac."

"Favorite food?"


"Favorite color?"


"Mmmm, you are good." Her lips brushed mine.

"Are you going to introduce us?" someone said.

Names went back and forth and I didn't remember a one. I saw huge brown eyes and bright green ones. Giant grins with perfect teeth. I was in the lion's den and smelled like fresh blood and bar-bq sauce. I really couldn't keep up with the conversation but then I really didn't want to. I was far more entertained by watching these Glorious Ones playing with each other.

Somewhere in there Snuri showed up and started squeezing themselves into the postage stamp that was Skald's stage. Yeah that's how long ago this was. Snuri was still a bunch of young punks playing little dives. I could say things about premonitions and fame, fortune but I'd be lying. At that moment I had no clue about what was going to happen to that bunch of kids tuning up their kits. Lot's of things were going to happen but I was just watching Helmut fiddle with his banjo and staring at Kyala's ass and having really dirty thoughts.

"You like girls' asses, hmmm?" My sorceress whispered in my ear.

I cleared my throat. "Um yeah I guess I do."

"Mmmm. How would you go about enjoying an ass like that?"

My dirty thoughts became downright wicked and my pants threatened to rip open.

"That would be a show. Do you think your friend Bran would like to watch you bend that singer over the bar?"

I just ducked my head. She leaned against me and chuckled. The dark queen across the table looked over at the stage and a her face lit up with a huge grin.

"Dancing!" she clapped and strode out to the floor to watch the band. Another fellow, tall with long legs, unfolded himself from his chair and said "Terpsichore calls."

"Do you want to dance?" My witch hummed in my ear. I stared at the stage not sure. Dancing was not something I did. Once I watched a video of myself spazzing out and pretty much swore I would never do it again no matter the provocation.

"Say yes." She whispered in my ear,"Please say yes."

"Sure," I said an found myself walking out onto the floor.

As I crossed to the stage Menni lifted his sticks, Kyala walked to the front and struck a pose, Diel counted off, Helmut did some crazy twanging whoop and then the place was jumping. And jump I did, right off the cliff without even looking over the edge first. Did I spaz out or was I the lord of the dance floor? I have no idea. My goddess just grabbed me and twirled us around rocking, hopping sliding, jigging and laughing. They passed me back and forth as if I was some prize and they danced as if there was nothing more joyous than dancing with me. Their gleeful enthusiasms lifted me out of myself and hours passed, sets came and went without a break and the whole room, the whole damn bar swirled and rocked in ecstatic glee. And then the lights went out. An amp squonked and died and all the regulars shouted, almost in unison, "FUCK THE GODS OF ELECTRICITY AND THE MOTHERS THAT BORE THEM!" then Skald, swearing in six languages, went to the breaker box in back room to set things right.

Breathless I staggered through the gloom of the emergency lights back to a table and she wrapped her arms around me again. We stood there in the middle of the crowd and she put her head on my shoulder and breathed in my ear. I just leaned against her her there in a happy stupor and after a bit I felt her lips against my neck. She then proceeded to slowly cover my face in kisses. She pushed me down into a chair and lowered herself into my lap. She opened my mouth and put her tongue in it. We luxuriated in that for a long time and somewhere in there the lights came back and someone said something and she pulled back and laughed. The conversation swirled around me and I grabbed a beer and thoughtfully nursed it for a bit and watched the crowd recover from its momentary movements in the dark.

I lowered my eyes and noticed that her skirt had hitched up exposing a thigh and I became curious and put down my drink and my palm on her leg and dreamily started stroking it. She had strong legs, graceful legs, dancer's legs. Her skin was smooth and warm and slowly my hand went up her skirt. With each little circle I dared to go a little further until I got to her hip and I found that she didn't have anything on underneath. She shifted her weight and I looked up and found her watching me. I grinned and let my hand travel on to her ass. I cupped her gently and just enjoyed the feel of her round and soft in my palm. I gave her a gentle squeeze and then another and was rewarded with a gentle laugh. She turned back to her friends and left me to my own devices which I had lost all control of and I started kneading my fingers into her. I brought my other hand up and let it travel along the other side of her thigh until it was deep between her legs. She shifted opening the way for me and I became bold and put the back of my hand against her mons and started stroking. She leaned against my head and whispered "You need to be careful."

"Oh?" I said as I decided to try to see if I could get a finger into her.

"I've been known to eat horny boys."

I kept stroking and found her lips.

"Really." the back of my knuckle reached warm and wet. "I can think of worse ways to go."

"If I get a taste for you I won't let you go."

"I thought that was the point of this." I breathed.

"Hmmm," she whispered as my middle finger slid against her lips, "Maybe I will keep you." I plunged my finger into her molten pool. She leaned back, closed her eyes and started rocking to the music and I managed to get a second finger in. I brought my thumb up and found her clit and gently pinched it and was rewarded with the tiniest of gasps. Encouraged I started rolling my hand in a little circle and altered thrusts into her with brushes against her clit. It wasn't long before we were thrusting in time to the music and it seemed the guys on the stage were egging me on because they kept kicking it up a notch. My fingers became wet and slick as I started searching for her spot, thrusting and twisting. It wasn't long before she started coming, her whole body shuddering as she wrapped herself around me. I sat there bemused at what I had just done with so many people around. My eyes met the long legged fellow's and he just smiled and nodded. The dark queen slid by us and planted a kiss on the top of my head and disappeared in the direction of the bar.

"Come on" my witch whispered into my ear and pulled us both up and around the dance floor. She danced and whirled before me drawing me on down the hall behind the stage. One of the doors to the little bathrooms popped open just as she walked up to it and a girl came out. Their eyes met and my enchantress gave her a look overflowing with desire and licked her lips. The girl stood there like a deer in headlights and I'm sure she would have followed my witch right back in and let herself be ravished if she hadn't noticed me and flushed and fled. My goddess chuckled and leaned against the door frame and beckoned me in.

I went over to the toilet as she closed the door behind us and slowly, gingerly, started pulling my shirt open and undoing my belt. My cock practically fell out and I caught its half hard mass in my hand and just stared at it. I had never bothered to measure my penis back when I was a kid when all my friends at school whispered lies about their size. It just never really bothered me. My lovers seemed satisfied with it and I just left it at that. This was different though. This was so huge I could almost not get my hand around it and it wasn't very hard. I snapped out of my revery when the door lock clacked shut and I looked over. She stood there next to the door and slowly undid the laces on her blouse letting her breasts spill out. I stood there dumbfounded and she chuckled and pulled me close enveloping us in her perfume, sandwiching my cock between us and slowly grinding it against her sweaty pelvis.

I buried my face in the curls of her hair and just inhaled her sent of roses and apples and whatever the fuck that was and for a bit we were nothing but hands, hair, skin, lips and tongues as we twined around each other banging into the fixtures. At some point I leaned down and slid one of her breasts into into my mouth and sucked on it and she just grabbed my head and mashed me into herself encouraging me to suck it even more. I relished the taste of her which was all that something else. I can't describe it. It was something animal, something primal, something that just screamed FUCK at the back of my head and I couldn't get enough.

When I came up for air she pushed me back and said "My turn" as she started stroking my chest. "I will tell you a secret" she said. "I am size queen. Enormous penises turn me on. Giant cunt-splitting shafts that stretch me so far it hurts to fuck are what I dream about when I touch myself." She started kissing me and sinking to her knees. "I want to suck them, I want to swallow them. I want to impale my vagina on them until they split me open. I want to fuck them until they explode inside me."

On her knees she took my cock between her hands and slowly stroked it, just looking at it. She grinned and rubbed her cheek against it and then licked it, stroked it, nuzzled it, nibbled on it, cooed over and when I couldn't take it any more she opened her mouth wide and in a flash took most of it in her mouth and then, sucking and slurping, she slowly slid it back out until just the tip was cradled between her lips. Then she did it again and laughed as she worked it back out of her mouth rocking her head back and forth, stretching it this way and that so hard I that I groaned. The third time she just just left the tip of it against her lips and smiled behind it, her eyes holding a wicked invitation. Somehow she knew what I always had wanted to do to a girl on her knees with my cock in her mouth and she was daring me to do it. Before all this started when a girl went down on me I would leave her in charge but that time I wasn't going to do that. Ever since I knew what a blow job was I wanted to plunge my cock into a girl's mouth and pleasure myself in her throat till I came in her. I suddenly wanted to fuck this stranger's face and I wasn't going to say no to myself that night so I grabbed her hair, closed my eyes and shivered in anticipation of what I was about to do. I felt her mouth open wide and I slowly slid down her tongue until I reached the back of her mouth, there I pushed until I felt her throat stretch around me and I kept going until I was all the way in and half of my cock was down her throat. I stopped and just enjoyed the feeling of her around me, hot and wet. Just the idea that I was buried that deep in a girl's mouth made me the shudder and I reveled in it. Then she swallowed and a ring of tightness went slithering down my cock and when she did it again and I swear I got harder. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved myself in as deep as I could and she swallowed one more time and my eyes must have rolled into my head because I only saw red. As I slowly pulled out she sucked and swirled her tongue around me until I stopped when just the tip was between her lips and looked down. Her eyes sparkled at me and she grinned. That grin made me do it. I renewed the grip on her and she opened her mouth wide and I pushed myself in again until she swallowed it all and I started to thrust, each stroke harder than the last. I smiled when I realized that I had once again matched the beat of the music outside. I caressed her hair and laughed as my head rocked in time and my body became a piston plunging into this gorgeous woman's throat. I gripped the porcelain behind me as my ears buzzed and I lost track of every thought I had. After forever flying in this red, sweating, panting, heaving haze something exploded behind my eyes and I realized that I was coming. I grabbed her head and forced my cock in as deep as it would go as my whole body convulsed as my whole world was these huge heaving gouts of cum slamming down her throat.

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