tagFirst TimeWith a Working Man

With a Working Man


The construction worker from next door was back at her library again. She'd been researching for her linguistics dissertation while working here for several months and she saw him at least three times a week. He usually went to the history sections and pulled books on any of the various wars around the world, only to come back to the front of the library where she worked to sit down. She'd caught him watching her since he'd first shown up about six months before, working on the reconstruction of some very old, wood buildings on the campus.

At first, it was only a glance or two, now and again, but now she caught him watching her all over the library quite often and noticed him listening when she answered questions for the other students. She herself was a student librarian, having taken up the trade as an income while she completed her dissertation.

One day, while she was working on some paperwork at the Information Desk, he finally approached her. From her time watching him watching her, she'd found him quite attractive; his muscled arms and sun-kissed skin combined with slate gray eyes and an almost shy smiled made her stomach flutter. The latter two she was being treated to for the first time.

"Could you help me find a book? I think it might be in the storage room," he asked politely in a deep, but gentle voice.

She smiled. "Which one?"

He gave her the title and she looked it up in the electronic catalogue. Sure enough, it was in storage. She came around the desk and motioned him to follow her.

The storage room was at the very back of the library, used only for books that had not been checked out in more than ten years. It was very rare for anyone to need a book from the storage room, but it did happen.

She unlocked the door and let him in. Taking the lead, she went over to the manual catalogue; the electronic database only listed the storage room, not the area in it. She spent a few minutes looking for the correct card.

His eyes wandered her body the entire time. She had to fight off a blush, because she was doing essentially the same thing from her peripheral vision.

His arms were relaxed at his sides, with one hand tucked into the pocket of his blue jeans. His chest and stomach were almost visible through his whit tank top. They were just as pleasing to look at as his arms.

She finally located the card and motioned him to follow her again. Again, they would have to go to the back.

When she located the correct stack, she skimmed through the numbers. He waited behind her quietly. She wasn't sure whether it was good luck or not, but the book he wanted was on the floor-level shelf.

Carefully, self-conscious of herself, she bent over at the waist and retrieved the book. When she turned to hand it to him, he was smiling.

"Here you go," she told him.

"Hold on," he replied, flipping open the cover, "I want to make sure it's the one I want before I drag you in an out again."

She was thankful he turned away, because the delicious tone in his voice made her blush. He had somehow made it sound enticingly naughty. She was sure it was just her imagination.

He walked to the table in the aisle way and sat down with the book. For a minute or so he skimmed back and forth from the index to various parts of the book.

"Can I ask your opinion?" He put a finger down on a specific passage. She walked up to his shoulder and leaned on the table to look down at the book. In the process, she brought the top most closed button of her shirt about level with his chin, not realizing that she would treat him to a full view of her cleavage if he looked up.

"Does this passage adequately support the decision it's advocating?"

He looked up just as she started reading the passage. He hadn't realized she'd gotten so close to him and it fueled his resolve.

"It has some interesting language, but for the time period it's accurate. It wouldn't fly now," she shook her head. "It's not a hard enough argument."

She stood up and he joined her.

"I'm writing a critique and this old book was cited as support, but it was dubious." He closed the book on the table. "Look..."

She held her breath; he looked suddenly tense.

He turned and pinned her gently up against the table. She was a head shorter than him and the table pressed up right under her butt.

"I've been wanting to tell you," he started, putting one hand on her hip and bracing the other against the table. Automatically, she braced her hands against his biceps and immediately felt his muscles move as he pulled her closer. "You are so beautiful," he whispered near her ear. He pressed his nose closer, almost against her neck just below her ear and murmured, "So sexy..."

She gasped in surprise and felt a shiver of pleasure as his hot breath tickled her neck.

He whispered into her ear, "I've been watching you for months, listening to you talk. I love it when you bend over to get a book," she flushed, "and I have been longing to touch you."

She made the token. "Please," she breathed, "someone might come in here and - "

"No one comes back here," he chuckled, sending tingling shivers down her spine. "I didn't think they would appreciate me expressing my desire out there." He pressed his growing erection against her, eliciting a breathy moan. "I've been wanting to talk to you for months, but it's taken me this long to work up the courage to approach such a beautiful woman. I realize you're a student here and I probably shouldn't - "

He'd been breathing hard the entire time, trying to control himself. He broke off when her hips twitched. Squeezing against her, he moaned into her neck. She whimpered as she felt every nerve in her body fire. He moaned as he brought his lips just up to her ear. His hips bucked gently, and he croaked, "Oh, God, I need you."

She jumped slight and stuttered, "But I'm - "

He cut her off with a kiss, lightly pressing his lips against her, his hips were moving of their own accord in a rolling rhythm. He moaned deep in his throat as she started to return the kiss.

In one smooth motion, his hand found their way onto her thighs, just under her mid-thigh kirt and hiked it up as he sat her on the table. He spread her knees and was treated to her perfect white panties. He needed to press himself against her hot, soft core, even through his pants.

She startled as he pressed against her; she felt vulnerable, but it sent a thrill through her blood. Her hands gripped his biceps, squeezing as he nipped the sensitive skin of her neck. Her mind whirled as his nimble fingers discovered a nipple through her clothes and a broken moan escaped her lips.

For a moment, the world froze. He ceased all movement except to whisper in her ear, "All you have to do is say 'stop'."

His heavy thumbs were being withdrawn from their task, making her breasts ache. He slid his hands down to her sides, stroking her sides just above her hip, up and down. She was taking deep breaths, but there was no way she could stop now.

Before she could formulate speech, his left hand slid around her back and he braced her as he pushed himself against her heat again. They both inhaled sharply as their mutual pleasure flooded through them. The flood of heat and desire that raced through her, washing her ordered thoughts away. His resolve was fueled, but his discipline was waning.

He set up a rolling gait in his hips, kissing along her neck, nibbling her ears, and gently thumbing her nipples. Before long she was lost to everything but the moment. She didn't feel him open the first few buttons of her shirt and only noted in passing the change in sensation as he pulled her bra down one side at a time. She didn't register the change in his position.

She cried out in surprise when simultaneously his tongue contacted her nipple and his thumb began drawing large, lazy circles over her clit. Her body arched and she rotated her hips back. He swiftly took advantage dragging his erection up and down over her moist panties.

He wanted to pull off his pants and lay on the table to watch this woman ride him to a glorious climax. He was already on a tenuous grip with his self-discipline, but he'd gotten some pretty obvious signs.

He was having trouble containing himself; he felt like his pants had shrunk three sizes. He gasped and pulled her totally against him, firmly but gently. She pulled her arms in just in time and this man suddenly encircled her.

Taking a deep breath, she pressed against him, pushed her hands down. At first, he thought she was actually trying to push him away, but then he felt her tugging on his jeans. His mind raced three steps ahead, where he was already buried deep inside her. He tried to force his body to slow down as he leaned back to allow her better access. He reached back and pulled off his tank top.

She tugged open his jeans and quickly freed him. He moaned as she handled him, fighting the urge to pump his hips. She wrapped one hand around his pulsating cock and stroked his length a few times before his hand snapped down to grab her wrist, stopping her.

"Not yet," he rumbled, "I'm not done with you yet."

He pulled her reluctant hands away and carefully pushed himself up against the top of the wet spot that had been developing in her panties. The wet texture of the cotton against his tip made his entire body tense in the effort not to simply mount her and go.

She felt his body stiffen, but that only served to push him harder against her, almost managing to press the head of his erection into her through the panties.

All sensation surged to that spot and she cried out. It had been a while, but her body hadn't forgotten the feeling. Now, her body craved it.

He moaned in frustration, gritting his teeth. "Please," he pleaded in a husky whisper, sending shivers from her neck down into her belly with every breath. "Give me what I need." His voice was raw with enforced control. His eyes were feral, locking hr gaze.

That perverse pleasure in the very back of her mind surfaced and she slowly rocked her hips, moaning softly. Her eyes drifted closed and her lips parted for the delicious sounds that emanated from her. As he began to move with her, she felt like her body would shatter she was trembling so hard.

"Naughty...little girl," he bit through grit teeth. Squeezing her hips, he came to a decision. "Flip over," he croaked.

Confused, maybe even hesitant, she complied.

Pushing her skirt up, he inserted a finger into the far side of her panties at about mid-cheek. He ran his finger down along her skin at an angle. She was already trying to meet him when his finger reached her hot, wet entrance. She looked tight, but he was sure she was ready for him

He pulled her wet panties out of the way with the one hand and pressed the middle finger of the other into her heat. She moaned and wiggled, but he stopped at the first knuckle. He pulled and pushed in several time, but only to that depth. She was panting and only his body kept her from scooting forward to impale herself on his finger. Partly to tease, partly to appease, he finally plunged his finger as far in as it would go without discomfort. Slowly he pushed in and pulled out until he was sure he had spread her juices around some. Then he added his index finger and quickened the pace ever so slightly.

Her body and breathing, and likely her pulse, followed the beat set by his fingers. He could feel her becoming tense and heard the tone rising in her cries. He had to decide quick whether he wanted her first to be his fingers or his penis. It was close, because he really did want both. There really was no chance though. He shoved on hand in his pocket and pulled out the condom. A great deal of practice allowed him to put it on one handed while still paying enough attention to his lover.

In a single motion, he pulled his fingers out of her, producing an almost popping noise as the suction release, and inserted the head of his erection. He slid just a little farther easily before the muscles tighten and she became rigid. Waves of convulsions rolled through her body. Every nerve in her body screamed pleasure as he pushed his hard cock in and out as best he could against her squeeze.

"Damn," he gasped, "you're almost too tight, babe. You've got to..." he moaned as her inner muscles twitched around him, "...to relax."

"It's so hard," she moaned in a slur.

He wasn't sure whether she was referring to him or relaxing. Nevertheless, he felt her muscles loosen enough for him to slide in another inch. Again he alternated between deep and shallow thrusts, moving her juices around to allow him more access. Just as he finally managed to fit himself into her fully, he felt her tense and quickly rubbed his middle finger over the puckered hole currently above the one he was plugging.

She came hard as he passed his finger over the entrance to her butt. She had no idea why that had excited her, but she had no thought to spare for it. She felt herself shaking as he pushed into her, fighting some of the tighter contractions of her orgasm.

Suddenly he sped up his pace, making her moan loudly. She cried out in surprise as his middle finger, wet with her juices, slipped into her tight little butt. Working his finger in a slow off-beat to his thrusts, he felt his own orgasm building at the base of his spine. If he wasn't prepared for her next orgasm, he'd lose his load long before he wanted to.

He continued to plunge into her, there was almost nothing that could stop him now.

"Come for me, baby," he growled. He started moving his finger more rapidly in and out and felt her jerk in response. Her breath shortened as he continued to whisper his request to her in varying ways.

She flushed and squeezed his finger out as she came. He had to stop moving completely to keep from losing himself to it. As she convulsed around him, pulsations squeezing up and down his cock, he bit his lip to try to keep control. He was going to lose it, but he had just enough time for what he wanted.

"Over," he rumbled, pulling out. "Now."

She squeaked a protest as she turned over and slid up onto the table. She watched muzzily as he repositioned himself. He tilted her at her hips, spreading her legs farther until her heat was inviting him again. He pressed against her, the tip of his erection kissing her heated folds.

"Look at me," he croaked, fighting for these last few seconds.

As soon as their eyes locked, he plunged into her again. Her eyes grew wide and he watched her sink back into the pleasure. He rode her until they both climaxed.

Outside, the head librarian was ticked. He hadn't seen his coworker in nearly an hour and there were patrons waiting. He'd decided to check the storage area after having tried the back room and paging her. As he entered a patron he'd seen several times before, but never back here, was leaving.

"What are you doing back here?" the head librarian snapped him.

"A librarian was helping me," he waved the book he was holding.

Over the man's shoulder, the head librarian saw his coworker coming. He'd seen how this man looked at her and found this highly suspicious; and he felt a little jealous.

"This book was filed in the wrong place," she explained with a shrug.

They left, but the head librarian noted an odd scent in the air.

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