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With Moms Help


Jill sat at the kitchen table with her head in her hands. One look and you could tell that she had been crying for a long time. Bill, her husband, had brought their 19-year-old home and sent him to his room. Then he had slammed the door on his way out, saying he would be back later.

Bill had about all he could take of Ben. He had been an outstanding student and athlete until the end of his 11-grade year. He started running with the wrong crowd and had been using drugs and alcohol ever since. They had tried everything they knew to make him stop and nothing had worked. He was about to cause trouble between his mother and father if something wasn’t done. Bill had just picked him up at the jail for the second time. He had failed the 12 grade and was now repeating it. If he didn’t change he was going to fail it again.

Jill could not imagine what went wrong. For most of their lives they had been a close family, and now it was about to come apart. She tried to keep them together but Ben didn’t help the cause any, and now Bill had all he could take. He was ready to kick Ben out of the house and would have if Jill hadn’t begged him not too.

Jill was still a young woman and she really looked good. The trouble with Ben was starting to take its toll on her. She was only 39 and looked ten years younger. Bill was the same way. She was about 5’5’ and a hundred twenty pounds were stacked on her in all the right places. Her hair was natural blond as the hair covering her cunt could testify. In her 39 years only Bill and her doctor had ever seen that part of her. Her breasts were large and high on her chest. They were the first thing most men noticed when they met her. Only later did they realize that she was also a beautiful woman.

Bill was also a find looking man. They made a beautiful couple when others looked at them. He was over 6’3” tall and weighed close to two hundred pounds. He could have had any of several women that he came in contact with each day. He remained faithful to Jill and never cheated on her. This mess with Ben was about to make him do something he didn’t really want to do. Sex with Jill had dwindled down to nothing. The stress they were both under didn’t make for the most romantic of evenings. They never knew where Ben was, are when he may walk in.

Ben was like his father. He was about the same built and color. Where he use to be well groomed his hair was now spiked and he had errings in his ears. He didn’t know himself why he did some of the things he did. He would swear that he would not do it any more and then he would be right back doing it again. He knew that he was on the last leg with his father. His mother would not let him go but if Bill said he had to get out she could not stop him.

Jill didn’t know what time Bill came home during the night. He was asleep on the couch when she went down to breakfast the next morning.

He woke up as she was putting breakfast on the table. He was in bad way. He had spent most of the night at a bar and the drinks were now telling on him. He struggled to the bathroom and washed his face, which made him feel some better. He joined Jill already at the table.

“I’m sorry about last night. I just couldn’t take it any more.”

“I know what you mean but there must be some way to get through to him.”

“Well I’m open for any suggestions, we can’t continue the way we are going.”

“I think I may have a talk with your sister. Do you remember how much trouble they had with Hal a few years ago? They must have done something because he turned his life around and will be graduating from college next year.”

“Talk with her and find out what they did. I am willing to try anything at this point.”

A few days later Jill was at Robin’s, Bill’s married sister. “I need to ask you for some help.”

“Sure, be glad to help anyway I can, what do you need?”

“We are having a terrible time with Ben. He has been in jail twice and he is going to fail again this year if we don’t do something to make him turn his life around. I know that you were having a hard time with Hal and suddenly he straightened up and is now in college. What did you do to help him out?”

“His father and I never told anyone what turned him around. The only reason that I will tell you now is I know you really need some help. You must not tell anyone other than Bill what I tell you. Bill will have to go along with it for it to work anyway.”

“I promise I want let anyone know. We just need all the help we can get now.”

“We had to come up with something that Hal wanted more than the drugs. He didn’t have any girl friends and I had caught him masturbating more than once. I also caught him peeping at me when I got out of the shower. I knew that he watched me everytime I put on my suit and went to the pool. We finally decided that I might just be the one thing that he wanted enough to stop what he was doing. Tom was like Bill at that time, he was willing to try anything.”

“To make a long story short, The next time I caught him masturbating I just didn’t turn and leave like I usually did. As he sat there with a towel over his cock I asked him if he would like for me to do that for him. He was totally shocked, but I could tell that was what he really wanted. I told him I would not do it until he straighten up. When he got his life turned around then I would help him. He promised he would but he had promised before and failed to carry it through. This time he did and you can see the difference it made.”

Jill sat there in a trance. She could not believe what her sister-in-law had just told her. “Did you carry through with your part of the deal?”

“At first it was hard to do, but he had changed and I had promised so I had to pay off. His father went along with it. That is why you will have to tell Bill. If he want go along with it then you can’t do it and keep your marriage.”

“How long did you do it for him?”

“I still do, that is why he is home every weekend.”

“I don’t think it will work with Ben. He doesn’t really look at me that much and I don’t know if Bill would go along with it.”

“If Bill is as tired of running after Ben as Tom was Hal then I think he will be glad to see you do it. He may just a kick out of it. As for Ben, I am sure that he has given you the eye more than once. You just weren’t expecting it and didn’t watch him. Does he masturbate?”

“I haven’t really caught him but I am sure that is what he is doing in the bathroom at all hours.”

Jill left her as confused as before. She told Bill that night what His sister had said. “I can’t believe Robin would do something like that and that Tom let her.”

“That is what she said and still does when he comes home on the weekends. It is up to you if we try it. You have to be willing to let me go to him if he keeps his part of the bargain. I don’t know if he is interested in me like that.”

“Oh I am sure he will be interested I have seen him watching you when you didn’t know it. I said that we had to try something if this works good if not then you don’t have to carry out your part of the plan.”

Jill started watching Ben closer. She realized that he was watching her more than she knew. She started wearing shorts more around home, and she purchased a new swimsuit that let him see more of her. She could not believe she was trying to set up her son. She now knew when he would sneak off and masturbate. She finally made up her mind and with Bill’s blessing set out to catch him.

It didn’t take long. He had been helping her clean the pool on one of his better days. She wore a skimpy suit on purpose that day. She knew that he had got several good looks at her tits when she bent over in front of him. She could see that he had a bulge in the front of his suit. She had never noticed before that he was so well built.

When they finished he put up the tools while she went into the house. She watched him carry the last of the stuff to the storage building and he didn’t come right out. She just knew that this was the time to catch him. She walked across the lawn to the door of the shed. It was partially open and she could see him with his suit down around his ankles. She pushed the door open and before he knew it she was standing before him. He nearly fell trying to pull up his suit and stuff his big cock back in it. She was surprised to see that his cock was at least as big as his fathers. “Put your suit on and come in the house, I want to talk to you.”

As she turned and left the shed he could have just died. He hated to go in the house and have to face her. He hoped she didn’t asked whom he was thinking about. He always thought of his mother when he jacked off. He took as long as he could before he finally headed for the house.

Jill still had on her swimsuit that had got him excited in the first place. She wanted him to picture how she would look as she masturbated his cock for him.

When he came in the door she motioned for him to sit at the table and she sat down across from him. His head was staring straight at the table as she started talking. “I saw what you were doing in the shed and I think I know why. I am going to make you an offer and it is up to you if it works. You have been taking drugs and drinking. You have done everything possible to screw up your life. Your father is ready to kick you out of the house. If you will straighten up and start doing right then I will help you with your problem. Don’t you think it would feel better with my hands on your cock than it does with yours?”

Ben’s head had popped up when he heard what she said. He couldn’t believe his mother would do that for him. His dream was coming true, at least part of it was. “When would you do it?”

“As soon as you show me that you will not be going back to your old ways.”

Ben couldn’t agree quickly enough. “How often will you do it?”

“Let’s say once a week as long as you stay straight. The spiked hair has got to go along with the earrings. You must be a model student or the deal is off.”

“What will dad say about it?”

“He doesn’t like it much but he is at his wits end. This is your last chance to have a home to come home to. We will start today if you are ready. One slip and it is off.”

Ben’s cock was hard in his shorts as he imagined what it would be like to have his beautiful mother playing with his cock. He went to his room, and in the bottom of his closet was hidden a bag with the marijuana in it. He got the bag and carried it back down to his mother. When he gave it to her he said, “I want be needing this any more.”

Jill was glad he was going to try to change. She hadn’t really given it much thought as to what she would do if he did carry out his part. She may be embarrassed a little at first but she was sure she would get over it. After all she had bathed him many times when he was younger so it wasn’t like she hadn’t seen him before. The only difference was now he was full grown with a man size cock.

The change in Ben was quick and everybody from his mother and father to his teachers could not believe the difference. Jill could see from the way he watched her everyday that she was the reason for his change. He no longer tried to sneak peeks at her or make out like he didn’t see her when she wore her swimsuit. His eyes were constantly on her and he didn’t try to hide it from her. Only when his father was around did he watch what he did.

Jill, for her part, wanted him to see her. As long as he wanted her then maybe he would behave. She would go out of her way to give him an extra peek when Bill wasn’t around. She still wasn’t sure how Bill was going to take her going to Ben’s room and masturbating him. At first he thought it was a good idea but as the time came closer he had his doubts. Then he would remember how he was before and knew that it was for the best. Sometimes when he thought about Jill taking care of Ben’s problem his cock got hard. It was something of a turn on for him. The sex between Jill and Bill had improved as Ben changed.

Ben and his mother were out by the pool one afternoon. She was in her usual bikini that she wore to remind him that he must stay changed. “Mom, when will you know that I have changed for good?”

Jill knew that what he really wanted to know was when she was going to take care of her end of the bargain. “Report cards will be out in a couple of weeks. We will see how they look and decide then. Don’t worry, I want back out on you.”

The closer it came to the time to take care of her part of the deal the more she felt reservation about it. When it was only an idea that would help straighten him out it didn’t sound so bad. The closer the time came the more she worried about what she would do and how Bill was going to take it.

Finally the day came when Ben brought home his report card. He had straight A’s! “See mom I told you I was over all that other stuff. Will you come to me tonight?”

“Let me talk with your father first. Maybe it will be tonight are tomorrow night.”

“You are not going to back out on me are you?”

“No. I just need to talk with your father first. I don’t want to have a problem with him.”

When Bill came home she showed him the report card. He said, “I guess it’s left up to you then to full fill our part of the bargain.”

“If it is alright with you I will do it tonight.”

“I don’t like it much but a deal is a deal, and we did talk about it before we started. I just hope he doesn’t start back doing the same things again.”

“Bill, I didn’t tell you everything. I told him that I would do it once a week as long as he stayed straight.’

“Why did you agree to that?”

“I just want to make sure he stays straight. Once a week isn’t very much to keep him out of trouble. Besides, once I do him the first time it want be so hard to do him again.”

Jill could barely eat as her stomach was turning flips at what she had to do that night. Ben was just as bad. His cock had been hard ever since she had told him that tonight was the night. Bill wouldn’t admit it but it excited him to know that his wife was going to give their son a hand job.

Jill and Bill got ready for bed. Bill had climbed in bed when she came from the bathroom. She had on her nightgown, but it wasn’t one of her sexy ones. “I guess I may as well go and get this over with. I will be back in a little while.” She put on a robe over the gown. There was no way he was going to see much of her body as she jacked him off. Picking up a towel she left the room.

The lights were off in his room but she could see him in bed from the light coming through the window. She walked over and sat down on the bed next to him. He had a sheet pulled up over him. The neared the time for her to come to his room the more afraid he became. His cock was sticking straight up in anticipation of what was to come.

Jill reached out and touched his face and leaned down and kissed him on his cheek. She could feel him tremble as she touched him. She knew that it was probably as hard for him as it was for her. “Are you ready?” He couldn’t speak, just nodded his head. Jill slowly turned the cover back. She didn’t know whether he would be naked are have on his shorts. When she turned the sheet back she saw he had on his shorts. His bare chest was about to burst with the excitement he was feeling.

“Don’t you think we need to get these shorts off?” He nodded again and raised his hips for her to pull them down and off. He lay on the bed completely naked before his mother. His cock was throbbing with each breath he took.

Jill wondered just how to go about doing him. Should she go fast and get it over with are take her time and really make him feel good. Her first thought was to get it over with as quick as possible, but then she thought how hard he had worked the last six weeks and knew he deserve better than that. One thing she had in her favor was that she really liked to play with Bill’s cock and she was beginning to like the idea of playing with her son’s.

She spread the towel in her lap so she could find it when he started shooting. She was sure that he was going to have a load. Jill but her hands on his chest and slowly moved them lower. As she crossed his stomach she could feel him take a deep breath. Soon she touched his cock. She didn’t wait and tease him. When her hand closed around his cock he climaxed. It took her by surprise and the first load hit her in her face. She quickly grabbed the towel and covered his cock with it, but not before another shot hit in her hair. She held his cock as he finished cumin.

“That sure didn’t take long.”

“Mom I’m sorry I just couldn’t help it. I have been wanting to do this so long that I couldn’t wait.” He sounded like he was about to cry when she took the towel and started cleaning him up. She released his still hard cock and leaned down and wrapped her arms around him.

“Don’t worry, that happens a lot the first time.” She kissed him on the cheek again and held him until he quit shaking.

“Will you do it again, he asked?”

“Well, we did say one at a time but since you went so quick I quess I can do it again.”

“Thanks, I’ll try not to go so fast this time.”

Jill raised up again and moved her hands back down his lean body. When her fist wrapped around his cock she realized that he was really as large as his father was and that was pretty large. She slowly moved her hand up and down his still hard and slippery cock. With the other she gently lifted his balls and played with them. Within seconds he was ready to cum again. She could feel him swelling and knew that he wasn’t going to last very long. She stopped moving her hand and let him calm down before moving again.

Jill knew how to make it last a long time. She had come in with the idea of getting it over with fast but now she wanted to make him feel as good as she could. One thing she hadn’t counted on was how it was making her feel. Her cunt was soaking wet and she hoped Bill would be ready for some sex when she got back to the room.

She had held him back as long as she could but he was reaching the point of not return. She started moving her hands faster as he bucked his body up and down. Again he started to shoot. This time she was ready and covered him with the towel. When he was through she wiped him off and kissed him gently on the lips as she got up from the bed. “Was that as good as you thought it would be?”

“Yes, it was even better.” Jill turned and walked to the door. “Thanks mom, and next week would you please wear your other gown?”

Jill left the room and closed the door behind her. She entered her room and saw that Bill was still awake and waiting on her. He sat up in bed as she came in. He was naked and his cock was rock hard. She stripped as fast as she could and pushed him back as she climbed on top of him. She reached for his cock and brought it to her juicy soaked cunt. She settled down on him all the way to his balls. Like Ben she was cumin before she reached bottom.

She didn’t give Bill time to cum. “You must have really had a good time in there?” She was recovered and once again fucking him with every bone of her body. Soon they both climaxed. Jill was thinking about Ben while Bill’s cum poured into her soaking cunt.

As they rested she told Bill just what happened, and that she had done him twice. She left out the part where he had asked her to wear something else the next week. They made love again before going to sleep. That was the first time in a long time that they both enjoyed sex with each other.

The next week couldn’t pass fast enough for Ben. Jill really felt the same way. She and Bill had fucked every night and it was better than ever.

Finally Friday night came again. Ben was already in bed when she was ready to leave the room. “Hurry back, I am hard already.” If he noticed he didn’t say anything about the gown she wore tonight. It was one of her sexier ones and this time she didn’t put on a robe.

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