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With Strings Attached


Alice stood in front of her mirror doing her daily stretches. It was not that she was into yoga or anything but for 10 years she was into ballet and simply continued the stretching exercises even though she gave up dancing almost four years ago. Looking up Alice could not help but release a sigh of frustration. Standing at only 5'4 and weighing 115 pounds, she looked more like the 15-year-old ballerina she used to be. She had yet to round out and was still an A Cup so from the neck down she still looked like a young girl. Her face one the one thing Alice was proud of. With long red hair running all the way down her back, bedroom eyes and a beautiful mouth she was often told she had the face of a model.

However Alice didn't feel that way. Here she was at the start of winter break, halfway through her senior year, and she never felt more alone. Her parents had left earlier that evening to go to a seminar in Boston, where they both grew up, and now she had the house to herself of the whole week. Not that it made any difference. Alice's subdivision, like many other subdivisions in Phoenix, was populated mainly with retirees. In fact Alice's only true friend was Kim who was expected to arrive within the hour for a sleepover and have some fun without considering a curfew. Not that a curfew had ever caused a problem for the girls in the past. No being average and going to an all girls school takes away much of the excitement of being a teenager. In fact at eighteen Alice had yet to kiss a boy, and was the reason that caused much of the recent rift between them.

Before they were inseparable and had no secrets between them. Alice even told her how her parents were the anonymous leaks about the university's true research for the military. The official story was they were studying the effects of long-term fatigue on the human body. However being as anti war as they are, her parents did not believe it and were able to acquire some reports that showed they were researching the effectiveness of several interrogation techniques. Well you can imagine how embarrassed the school and military were when the true purpose was made public. The school said accepting the grant was a mistake and pulled out of the several year research program but they were still very interested in finding out who released the information. Alice's father, the activist he is, was one of the suspects however they had nothing linking him to the crime scene. He always had a secret laugh at this since he worked with my mother on the crime and all of the physical evidence they had was hers. So long as they did not suspect she was involved they were in the clear.

However this started to change several months ago when Kim starting seeing David, her first boyfriend, and started having experiences they could not share. It seemed overnight all she talked about was David this and David that.

However Alice could not understand why Kim continued to date him. Yes he was cute and paid attention to her but he has this evil vibe to him and seems to be very much outside of normal teen behavior even accounting for his Goth image. Every time Alice tried to talk to Kim about this she would get defensive and claim that she was just jealous a good looking guy was interested in her. She has even started to dress Goth herself and hang more with his friends. Suddenly Alice felt like Kim was keeping secrets from her and they were drifting apart. That is what this weekend was supposed to help fix. Alice made a commitment to myself to accept Kim's new life, David and his friends and was going to be supportive.

Upon hearing the doorbell Alice broke her trance and made her way to the front door. "Freedom" yelled Alice as she opened the door her face going from excitement to disappointment. Standing outside was Kim followed by David and Susan all dressed in their Goth gear.

"Hello Alice," Susan replied with a smile on her face as they walked past her and into the living room.

Tonight was just supposed to be just the two of them, and she was supposed to be going out with David tomorrow. Now instead of goofing off like old times Kim would be hanging on her boyfriend and she would be stuck entertaining Susan. Of all of his friends she rubbed Alice the worst. She was always looking for the advantage and always wanting the control the show.

"Alice, a change in plans," Kim said excitedly. "Susan's cousin has access to this great party tonight and she can get all of us in."

"A party, who's throwing it?" inquired Alice.

"It's being held at the old Hamlet Dinner Club" interjected Susan. The owners son, a friend of my cousin, is throwing the rave."

"I don't know," replied Alice. "If we get busted and we have to contact your parents they will go nuts."

"Don't worry not just anyone can get in" replied Kim. "That's why we need you. He is keeping entry tight and only people he knows and their friends are going to be allowed in. However Susan's cousin doesn't want to go without a date and we thought you could be that date."

"You want to set me up with Susan's cousin so you can get into a party," said Alice with a bit of hesitation in her voice.

"That's pretty much it," answered Susan still unable to wipe the smile off of her face. "But don't worry she's great."

"She," Alice screamed. "You want to set me up with a girl so the three of you can get into a lousy party. I mean would you have actually bothered to ask me to go if you did not need me as your perverted party gift. No, you're going to have to find another girl to be your ticket in. Alice's tirade ending with her bursting into tears and running to her room.

How could Kim even think of asking me to do that though Alice, but the answer was simple, her mom. Ever since we started high school she would start telling us stories about her college years or her 'lesbian years' as she called them. The wild things she and her friends used to do and how her only regret was not starting earlier. Not that she wasn't happy with my father it was something she wanted at the time and was young enough to do it. In a way I think my mom wanted me to follow in her footsteps. As a child she enrolled me in ballet, not may boys in ballet and when it was time for me to go to high school it was the Kennith Academy for Girls. Actually it was Kim's parents that wanted to send her there, to keep her away from the pressures of being around boys, they are very controlling that way. And since we had become such good friends in the nine years of ballet together I wanted to go there too. Not that her parents liked me being her friend, no my parents were too liberal for there tastes but we were close. When I mentioned it to my parents my father laughed at my conservative choice but my mother was very supportive and was actually excited about my choice. I didn't think much about it then but my mom started going into detail about her experiences and how it is important to keep and open mind and try different things. Not that she talked much about boys. Kim always though it was funny and kept teasing me about how I could not make my mom happier then to have her walk in on the two of us going at it. No Kim knew these stories and how much I didn't care for them. She had no right to ask this of me.

With a quite knock on the door Kim poked her head inside the room and saw Alice crying on her bed. "Alice are you okay? Look I'm sorry for the way Susan told you about Nicole, she sometimes doesn't take into account the feelings of others," said Kim as she sat at the edge of the bad and stroked Alice's hair.

"Kim that request was way out of line. This was supposed to be our night together to talk and have some fun. Instead you bring David and that bitch here to ask be to date some girl."

"Alice I do want to spend tonight with you and I still want to sleep here after the party. Its just David called with news of this party and from the sound of it, it is going to be great, free drinks music and it's being held in an old club so it is going to be like those Hollywood parties we keep hearing celebrities getting in trouble at. Anyway I told him I was hanging out with you tonight and he said that was perfect because we needed to find a date for Susan's cousin if we were going to get in and after hearing the stories about your mother."

"Kim you know I'm not like her. Because of her dam stories I'm labeled a lesbian," said Alice as she sat up and wiped the tears from her eyes. "Besides you know I'm not interested in girls. I want a boyfriend and I don't want my first date ever to be with a girl. We go to an all girls' school, there are no boys in this neighborhood and the only guy who knows I exist is your boyfriend David. My life is socially awkward enough. I don't need this on top of that."

"Alice it's just pretend," said Kim grabbing hold of Alice's hands. "You have been saying we never do anything that is worth remembering. Well this will be a conversation piece. So you go with us to the party and hang with Susan's cousin no big deal."

"But it will be me doing it not you" countered Alice.

The host doesn't live anywhere near hear so none of our schoolmates should be there. If anyone questions it just tell them the two of you are just hanging out. Besides you are going out East for college so nothing will follow you anyway.

"Well I still don't like the idea of a girl trying to get intimate with me," replied Alice.

"If she tries anything just shut her down, tell her you just met and you want to be sure before doing anything serious. Just tell her you're not that type of girl."

"Ho or better yet," stated Kim as she jumped off of the bed. "Remember how we used to kid about how Kathy and Gwen are such cock teases. Always pretending to be interested in guys on just so they could double date and get a free dinner and movie."

"Yes so," replied Alice.

"So since this is just a pretend date why not do the same. I mean we used to joke about going to parties and stringing some guys along just for the fun of it. You could do it tonight."

"Kim we where just saying things for the fun of it. I don't think I could string someone along."

"Yes you could. Alice none of us expect you to doing anything more then fake an interest in her. Play up the tease and have some fun with it. Come on it would be fun."

"I still don't like it."

"Alice please I need you there. When I drink I loose control and David is getting a little demanding. I don't know how far I want to go with him and I would love to talk about it with you after the party. Besides you can tell me how your date went, I hear she's rich and if looks anything like Susan well..." Kim said with a smile on her face.

"If you want me to do something like this she better be rich and beautiful," Alice said with a giggle and wiping her eyes. "Just remember you own me big time and if I want to leave we leave no questions or complaining and above all else no one can ever hear of this, especially my mother."

"But it would make her so happy," said Kim trying not to laugh.

"You're not helping your argument," growled Alice.

"Okay I swear not to tell another living soul."


"She'll do it," shouted Kim as they walked back into the living room.

"Terrific," replied Susan. "Now we just need to get you dressed for the occasion."

"I really do not have anything Goth," replied Alice hoping to get away without having to dress like the others.

"Well it's more of a fantasy party than a Goth party, sort of Halloween in December. Since you are going on a first date I think you should dress to impress. You go to that private school so I think the innocent little schoolgirl look would be perfect." Replied Susan grabbing Alice's arm and leading her and Kim to her room as David settled in front of the TV.

Ten minutes latter Alice was standing in front of Kim and Susan in her school uniform, which consisted of a white long sleeve blouse, black vest, red tie, red and black plaid pleated skirt, white knee socks and black dress shoes. "Well what do you think," asked Alice while striking a pose, "acceptable party material."

"Is that the standard skirt length", inquired Susan.

"We go to an all girls school so there are no worries about us flashing boys so the rule is the skirt has to reach the end of your pinkie and its tradition to wear your skirt no longer than that. Why do you think Alice and I are so comfortable in short skirts," explained Kim as she showed off her flared black mini.

"Really, and they complain the public schools are getting too sexy," laughed Susan. "However it still looks too normal, we need a more fantasy schoolgirl look. Do you have any stockings?"

"I have a pair of white mid thigh stay ups from my cousins wedding," replied Alice.

"Great get them," ordered Susan.

"Alice can you still fit into a size 1," inquired Kim. "If so you could try one of your older uniforms; do you still have any from your freshman year?"

While technically a size 3 now Alice could still squeeze into a size 1. However while she had yet to round out in the hips she had grown several inches taller these past four years and her breasts had grown a little making her old cloths a little short and tight. But be that as it may she pulled out one of my nicer freshman uniforms and started to undress. The stockings went on easily and ended about mid thigh. The skirt had an elastic hem and while stretched it still fit but the growth sprit had shorten its length. Instead of ending at her fingertips it now stopped at her palms. The shirt was a little tight but she was still able to button it up however it ended two inches before the skirt, again the growth sprit. She put on one of her old school tie's, which now ended above her belly button, and slid on the vest. The vest itself was made of a thicker material and had very little give so while the rest of the uniform stretched to cover her slightly bigger frame it was a struggle to put on. Alice had to exhale and quickly start buttoning from the bottom and the fact that the vest had eight buttons was both a blessing and a curse. It meant that she had to fight with a lot of buttons but after finishing she did not have to worry about the vest looking like it was going to explode.

Walking to the mirror Alice was shocked by the image she presented. Expecting to see an image of her squeezed into a uniform that looked comically too small she was shocked at the image before her of a woman wearing an extremely sexy school uniform. All of her issues with her body were gone. The vest clung like a corset and compressed giving her an hourglass figure. However the vest was a little looser in the bust and made her look like I had boobs for the first time. The skirt was short and she would have to watch her steps carefully and if she bent over any one behind me would see a bright white moon. But thanks to the vest and flair of the skirt she now had an ass. And legs, which were punctuated by the stockings giving an extremely sexy look to them. In this costume she not only had the face of a model but had the body of one as well.

"Now that is more fantasy," stated Susan as she walked around Alice.

"I feel like the school slut wearing this," said Alice unable to look away from the mirror. "This skirt is so short you can see the tops of the stockings and the curve of my butt."

"Well we want to make a good first impression," replied Susan as slid her hands over the snug vest. "But it still seems to be missing something. Do you have any high heels, preferably four inches?"

"Your moms stilettos," shouted Kim as she hurried out of the room.

As Alice was wobbling back to the living room Kim grabbed her hand and said, "thanks for going through with this for me. And if makes you feel any better you look HHHHOOOOOOTTTTTTT."

"Actually it does make me feel better," replied Alice. You're my best friend and I'd do anything for you, even if it means dressing like this and going on a date with a girl. I just hope she doesn't get the wrong impression."

"Dressed like that there is only one impression your giving," said Kim with a smile. "Just have fun. Every guy in the place will be eyeing you and you'll be safe. You are there with your girlfriend. You can do what ever you want and no one will touch you."

"Except for her," replied a worried Alice.

"Please, so you get felt up by a girl," said Kim as she cupped Alice's breasts. "We checked each other out when we were twelve. What is the harm in it?"

"Quite playing around you two, remember she's taken," ordered Susan, "we have a party to get to. Dave get up we're ready to go."

It was a thirty-minute drive to the Mesa district and all the while Alice just kept thinking that she must be insane for doing this. First I'm going out on a date with a girl I have never met and I have absolutely no interest in girls. Second I'm dressed like a schoolgirl going on stripper for a first date with a girl I never met before. I cannot think of any situation that I would feel OK dressing like this and yet here I am going to a party to meet a blind date. Lastly this sounds like it is going to be a wild party and outside of Kim I know no one. If I was meeting a guy I had no interest in or going somewhere people would recognize me I would never in a million years agree to wear this. So why did I agree to wear it for a rave and to meet a girl.

Looking out the window Alice could see why they are so clam about being caught. The Mesa district was recently bought out by eminent domain and all of the businesses are closed. The club itself will be torn down just after the New Year and hence why the host is unconcerned about it getting messed up.

As David parked the car Alice could see that Susan was right about the style of dress for the party. The people ranged from Goth to leather to just plain fantasy and a number of the girls are dressed just as scantily as her. However everyone else looks to have either followed a dark theme or bright club wear. Alice was the only one that seems to have gone for the sexy innocent look.

As they walk to the door Alice was thankful they live in Phoenix. The summers may be hot but the winters are very mild. And considering her exposure she very thankful something is going my way tonight.

With the music playing and the drinks flowing Alice's nerves settled down a bit and she started to enjoy my time with Kim and surprisingly also with Susan and Dave. However she could not shake the feeling that Susan was hiding something.

"Lets dance," shouted Kim as she pulled Alice to the dance floor.

"Having a good time," Alice asked and they swayed to the music.

"The best," replied Kim. "Thanks for agreeing to come we haven't been out together in a while. Are you nervous about meeting your date?"

"Well ya. I don't know the first thing about how I'm supposed to act. I mean am I supposed to be the boy or the girl? Is there supposed to be a boy?"

"I can't help you there. Maybe we can call your mother for some advice," said Kim as she grabbed Alice's hands to keep her from hitting her. Just pretend to be a vixen out for a night on the town and let her do the work. Who cares what she thinks. Or do you want this to be more than a one night thing?" Kim said with a smile.

"I'm not interested in it even being a one night thing" breaking her hands free from Kim's grip. "Tomorrow I switch back to the home team. But at least David and Susan are opening up to me. So far tonight David has not been showing any of his usual bad traits towards me."

"I'm glad, but just remember he is mine, so hands off," replied Kim as she moved in close behind Alice and started grinding.

Alice chuckled at the thought and just closed her eyes any swayed to the music.

"Your date has arrived and your presence is needed at the table," said David cutting in between the two girls.

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