tagLesbian SexWith Strings Attached Ch. 04

With Strings Attached Ch. 04


Note: I have been looking for an editor for this story without success. If anyone is interested please contact me.


Alice simply lay in her bed beaten; she had long given up trying to loosen the bindings, and she had more pressing concerns. Last night she had several drinks and her bladder was in desperate need of relief. Yesterday after a marathon day of shopping, photo shoots and 'lessons' all she wanted was for Nicole to go away and leave her alone. Now, a few hours after getting her wish she was anxious for her return.

Turning her head once again towards the clock Alice noticed it was approaching 10:30 and she was worried of wetting her bed for the first time in since she was four. However her fear was eased as she heard someone entering through the front door. Listening intently Alice followed the footsteps across the entry, up the steps and towards her room. However it was there that they abruptly stopped.

Lying there tied to the bed Alice once again become worried. What if it was a family friend coming to check on her, Miss Belmont did have a set of keys. Did she see her tied to her bed? Alice cringed at the thought and mentally cursed Nicole for butting that perception of her neighbor into her head. Or what if it was an intruder. Alice didn't want to be with Nicole but she also didn't want to be seen like this by an acquaintance or worse yet by some robber. No any other person other than Nicole would only make matters worse and Alice was now hoping that it was her mistress, her tormentor returning for another day.

Not hearing any sound for a few moments Alice's nerves were starting to get the best of her and she was getting impatient from the pressure on her batter. "Nicole are you there?" Alice quietly called, "Please I have to go to the bathroom," continued Alice with a bit of urgency in her voice.

"Nicole!" barked Nicole as she appeared in Alice's door. "I thought that we established what you are to call me."

"I'm sorry mistress," responded a frantic Alice as she squirmed against her bindings. "It's just I have to go to the bathroom really bad and I didn't know where you were or who was in the house. So if you could please untie me I will do my best to remember."

"Puppet you have to understand that we show our true nature when we are under the most stress. Last night when you thought I was mad at you, you professed your love for me. That was your true feelings without your mind getting in the way," commented Nicole as she pulled off the blanket covering Alice's body.

"Just now you were worried about who was in the hallway. You called for me because I was the one you were expecting the one you wanted," whispered Nicole as she pinched Alice's nipple.

Alice gasped at the remark and the pinch. She was not revealing her true feelings at times of panic. Just the opposite, she did not know what to say to a jealous girlfriend and I love you just happen to pop into her head. Yes she wanted the person entering her house to be Nicole why would she want to be found by anyone else tied to her. And if she had to be with Nicole then that was the person she wanted to be in the house. However all this was secondary to her need to pee.

"You have to understand that I know what is best for you, for us, and you have to start trusting me and follow my lead or else this relationship is doomed," stated Nicole as she gently fondled Alice's breasts.

"Yes mistress I promise I'll try harder, just please let me go to the bathroom," pleaded Alice desperate for release and willing to go along with anything so long as she could get to the bathroom.

"Trying is not good enough puppet," growled Nicole. "You must realize that I am perfect for you; that we are perfect for each other or else you would not have fallen in love with me so quickly. I have also taken it upon myself to mentor you in the ways a girl can please another girl and thus I'm your mistress. True I am your girlfriend but our proclivities don't lend themselves to a regular relationship. I'm dominant and controlling by nature and your submissive and passive," Nicole added dropping her hand to Alice's pussy.

Alice once again pulled at her bindings and let out a groan. She was trying to ignore the urgency to pee and Nicole playing with her pussy was focusing her attention on the one area she did not want to think about especially as she was dealing with Nicole.

"However your mind has not fully accepted this relationship and we have to work at removing that," explained Nicole. "Puppet you know you like girl's you said so yourself. And I also know I'm the first girl you have been intimate or for that the first person you have ever been intimate with and we have jumped into this relationship with both feet. So I know you don't have much experience and its natural to be nervous but I'm willing to help you with that. You also enjoy the games we play, but you are always hesitant when we start. It seems you are still ashamed at who you are but don't worry I intend to crush those barriers."

Alice closed her eyes, her body tensing up and a moan passed through her mouth as she bit on her lower lip. She was becoming desperate. She needed to pee and her body was becoming aroused causing her to focus more attention on keeping both under control. However Nicole was also spelling out their relationship and how she was intending to train Alice and control her life. But once again Alice lacked to mental power to handle all these issues at once.

"Thank you mistress," cried Alice.

"Puppet from this moment on I will not take any arguments or hesitation from you, I'm in charge and until you can come to terms with who you are you will be punished. If you do not like it we are through, no second chances. I do not want to be with a girl who cannot accept who she is. I have been there and done that and have no desire to do it again. So are you going to be a good girl and listen and obey your mistress?"

"WhWh...Wh....at ever you say mistress but please I have to pee," cried Alice.

"Alright, I'll release you on one condition," replied Nicole as her hand moved up to caress Alice's hair. After you pee you will make yourself presentable, put on what I give you and come back here and put your lessons to use and play the seductress to me. I want you to kiss me and play with my body to arouse me and then you are to eat me to orgasm. I want you to express your willingness to be with me."

Alice shivered at the thought of taking the lead role. Up until now she was going along with Nicole's lead, now Nicole wanted her to take the lead. However Alice felt she had little choice in the matter to begin with and it would allow her to relieve her bladder.

"As you wish mistress," answered Alice thankful she is finally going to be able to get to the bathroom.

An hour later Alice stood in front of the bathroom mirror staring at her reflection. She had just spent a majority of that time primping herself for Nicole, after barley making it to the toilet. Alice felt very uneasy about making herself pretty for another girl but her face after several attempts looked perfect, her eyes made up to perfection and her lips covered in bright red lipstick. Her legs were encased in a pair of white stay up stockings with a wide band of lace at the top and displayed in a pair of white stilettos. Alice had to admit that her legs did look good and the heels helped her ass to firm up and stand out more. While Alice had gone without underwear numerous times over the last four years this was the first time she had ever worn a thong and she was surprised by the effect, the lacy white thong road high on her hips giving the illusion of hips. Even her breasts, long a point of shame for Alice, looked better. The white lace push up bra gave her a hint of cleavage and gave them enough cover that they were not the main focal point of her body. Alice had to admit that the outfit did look sexy. But she still could not get over her unease about what she was about to do. After wanting a relationship for over four years and having to live with Kim's for the past several months she was finally in one, however she wanted a relationship with a guy not a girl and a very dominant girl at that.

Feeling she could not delay the encounter any longer slowly strode to her room in a deep mental fog; the sound of her heals echoing through her mind. Yes she had kissed Nicole many times over the past few days and had done things with her that she never expected to do with another girl but this was different. Now Nicole wanted her to play the lead. Up until now she could justify what she was doing because she was being forced and just had to go where Nicole took her. Now she had to actively participate and sexually satisfy another girl.

Stopping just outside her door Alice forced a slight smile on her lips and turned into her bedroom. Looking into her room she was taken aback. Nicole had stripped down to her underwear, black bra, thong and stay up stockings, and was lying in the center of her bed half raise on a pile of pillows with a seductive smile on her face. Looking at her there was no question what was occurring, she was waiting for her lover.

Alice just stood there for a few moments taking in the sight before her. Alice could only stare, as Nicole was indeed a very pretty girl, a beautiful face, large lush breasts and a body that would make a centerfold envious. And it was all laid out before her, waiting for her. Alice could not help but feel envious as she could not see any of the hang-ups she hand with her own body with Nicole's. Her body was what Alice wish she had, what she thought was perfect. Her gaze followed the bend of her leg up to the curve of her hips and on to the two large mounds on Nicole's chest. These were large breasts, real breasts and not two saucers like Alice's own. While Alice looked like she was not old enough to drive, Nicole looked old enough to walk into a bar. While Alice barley had any hips Nicole had an hourglass figure and while Alice didn't even need a bra Nicole had a pair of breasts that could fill anyone's hands. Alice could not help feeling inadequate and this only heightened her mental anxiety.

Nicole continued to simply lie on her back waiting for her, and did not show a single sign as to how to proceed. Realizing that Nicole was not going to offer any hints as to what she was supposed to do she strutted over to the side of the bed and placing her hands on either side of Nicole's hips leaned over and give Nicole a soft kiss on the lips. The placement of her hands was no accident as her subconscious was making the most of the situation and used this opportunity to explore the parts of Nicole's body she envied so much. Alice was cautious with the kiss as she was unsure as to how Nicole wanted her to proceed and continued with this soft kissing hoping to feel some sign as to how she should advance but so far Nicole only reached up to place her hands on her hips.

After making-out with Nicole for several minutes Alice's feelings of inexperience and immaturity began to overtake her feelings of dislike and uneasiness about kissing a girl. Her nervousness started to change from having to seduce Nicole to not being able to. Blocking out her hang-ups about kissing a girl Alice climbed on top of the bed and straddled Nicole's hips. Wearing stocking a number of times before Alice always got a thrill at how sexy they felt as she rubbed her legs together. However this time that feeling was even greater as her silken covered legs made contact with Nicole's silken covered legs. Alice almost forgot where she was and that was kissing another girl as she gently rubbed her legs over Nicole's. "Stop it," her mind shouted. She's a girl and you do not get aroused by girls not matter how erotic her body may feel."

Focusing her mind once again Alice started to kiss Nicole a little more heavily. However in the back of her mind Alice still thought of Nicole's soft thighs pressed between her own; her soft yet firm stomach under hers and the sense of arousal within her nipples as her lace covered breasts came in contact and rubbed against Nicole's two laced cover orbs. This time the resulting tingling traveled down to her clitoris and this started to concern Alice that her body was yet again not going to listen and distract her from her mission. However her train of thought was broken and Alice again ignored her body by Nicole's hands moving up to hold her head and she began to hear a soft mewing from Nicole.

Nicole on the other hand was enjoying Alice's troubles in taking the lead. When Alice first started kissing her she had to suppress the desire to laugh as the kisses were so innocent, so reluctant. As Alice continued she did not want to give Alice any positive feed-back, she wanted her to see how uncomfortable it was to be with someone who did not actively participate and to further show Alice her predisposition to be a follower not a leader. However she did place her hands on Alice's hips to stop her from rubbing her legs and crotch against her. She wanted Alice to think of herself as pleasuring a girl and not someone with an imaginary penis. As Alice became more aggressive Nicole finally felt Alice was seriously starting to get into it she rewarded her by showing a little interest in Alice's effort to arouse her.

Feeling she was finally starting to make some progress Alice started to slowly rub her hands over Nicole's shoulders and stomach and feeling she needed to step up her game she reluctantly guided her hands up to Nicole's breasts. They were much more firm than Alice expected and as she groped around the edge of Nicole's bra, a strong sigh from Nicole was incentive enough for her to continue. However for that to happen she needed to get Nicole's bra off and for that she needed to get to the clasp on Nicole's back. Breaking the kiss Alice sat up on top of Nicole's crotch. Looking down at Nicole she reached out and slowly pulled Nicole into a sitting position and wrapped her legs around Nicole's waist. Pressing her body against Nicole's she once again felt Nicole's firm breasts press into hers as she snaked her hands around Nicole's shoulders and pulled her head in for a kiss. As the kiss continued Alice lowered her hand and with the ease and practice of a girl removing her own bra for several years quickly snapped it open. Breaking the kiss Alice sat back up pulling the unclasped bra with her and looked into Nicole's eyes for some sign as to how she is doing. Seeing an expectance stare Alice leaned in for another kiss, this time pushing her tongue between Nicole's lips like Nicole had done to her so many times before. As the kiss continued Alice pushed Nicole back into the bed and lying on top of her unconsciously started to rub her legs against Nicole's once again. She started to caress and play with Nicole breasts as she slowly kissed her way towards them.

Nicole had to bit her tongue to keep from moaning as Alice's hair teased her skin and the effect her mouth was having on her body. While Alice's naïveté showed by her inability to coordinate her actions into a seamless act Nicole was already excited enough that even with her inexperience Alice was still making her highly aroused and she could not hide the dampness of her pussy.

As she licked Nicole's breasts Alice was comforted by the fact that Nicole's nipples were becoming hard and her body was squirming a little, a sign Alice remembered her body doing when Nicole pushed up her own body's arousal level. Only now it pushed up Alice's level of uncomfortableness. She had never played with another girls body in a sexual way before, had never licked or played with another girl's breasts before. Sure she had experimented for years touching and playing with her own breasts trying to get a sexual response and had even touched Kim's when they were younger and learning about sex. And now here she was lying on top of a girl on her own bed trying to elicit a sexual response. The whole act felt so unnatural to Alice and it was not an activity that she wanted to do and yet she noticed an interest in Nicole's body, her soft curve hips and those two magnificent breasts. Alice couldn't help noticing how smooth and soft Nicole felt as her fingers explored her body and as she played with Nicole's breasts how her own began to tingle. For all of her anxiety about making love to another girl she could not help remembering how these actions felt on her own skin and how her body would react from this type of contact. Alice felt her body shudder and her own arousal level begin to rise. "Stop getting horny," Alice screamed in her mind. "You cannot get horny from this!"

Closing her eyes, Alice took in a small gasp and dropped her head into Nicole's chest and unknowingly stared into the camera. She just could not continue, she did not want to be making love to a girl and she did not want her mind and body to enjoy that at lest not by choice. Yes she was being forced but this time only by Susan, Nicole was just playing the passive participant and Alice could not rationalize this.

"It's OK puppet," cooed Nicole as she stroked Alice's hair, "you are new at this and don't know what you are doing, it can be overwhelming. In time you well become familiar with a woman's body, becoming a good lover takes time and practice."

Upon hearing that statement Alice began the cry. She did not want to be able to work a girl's body. This whole experience was having a very perverse effect on her and she did not like that at all.

"I'm sorry I'm just not used to this mistress," whimpered Alice. "Please don't make me continue."

"It's Okay puppet. I know it's hard but you have to learn. Now puppet this is how I want you to proceed," stated Nicole as she gently caressed Alice's breast. "Start by gently kissing me," explained Nicole as she leaned in for a soft kiss. "I know kissing is new to you but you need to relax, let the kiss happen and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the flavor of my lipstick and the perfume on my body. They are there for the benefit of others. Then as you feel I'm getting into the kiss proceed to a more aggressive French kiss," continued Nicole as she extended her tongue into Alice's mouth. "As we kiss slowly bring your hands to my breasts and gently caress them until you feel them become aroused."

Alice noticed that as Nicole was talking her hands were slowly making there way to her breasts and were now gently rubbing her nipples. Alice closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply as Nicole continued giving her instructions as to how to choreograph the seduction. Her own arousal level was increasing as Nicole spoke and played with her body. She knew Nicole wanted her to try again following her instructions; only this time her mind was too exhausted her body too hungry and thirsty to fight any longer. With Nicole's instructions her body could simply proceed on its own.

Lying back unto the bed Nicole looked up at Alice. "Now puppet lets try it again," ordered Nicole, "just remember to follow my instructions and pay attention to my body."

Alice just looked at Nicole. She did not want to do what Nicole had instructed but she couldn't risk Nicole storming out, she had already done each of the things Nicole had requested her to do and now she just had to follow orders. However Nicole nudging her with her foot broke her daydream, the look on her face told Alice to stop thinking and start doing.

Taking another breath Alice once again straddled Nicole, their nylon cover legs touching and leaned down to gently kiss Nicole. Only this time she let her subconscious lead and did not just take in the feeling she received from the contact with Nicole's legs but also the slight flowery smell from her body, the freshness of her hair, and the strawberry flavor of her lips. As Nicole started to reciprocate the kiss Alice extended her tongue and pushed for access to Nicole's mouth. After a little resistance Nicole opened her mouth and allowed entry. Lifting her hands Alice slowly began to rub and caress Nicole's shoulders and arms. After a few minutes of letting her hands wonder over Nicole's body she guided them up to Nicole's breasts and felt their fullness once again as she explored the base of each. Through the bra they felt firm and warm, the nipples already erect and ready for attention.

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