tagErotic HorrorWolf Hunt

Wolf Hunt


The first I knew that I was being hunted was the arrow that sliced my shoulder. Its silver tip burning the skin as it grazed the flesh near my neck. Another couple of inches and it would have been my throat.

I spun round and scanned the tree line, the nails of my hands extending into claws. A slight tingle in my eyes and I was sure they had taken on their sky blue colouration. They always did when I released the wolf within. I controlled the power and urge to let my lupine side free. Many of my kin had met their end because they weren't able to keep their beast under control.

I watched the tree line for signs of the next attack which I was sure would come. Ethereal fingers of fog glided through the tree as the waning moons light shattered and broke on the outstretched limbs of oak and pine, falling to earth in silver shards.

I allowed my lungs to fill with the night bourn smells of the forest. Two scents caught my attention, another wolf. A bitch if my nose didn't deceive me and the fragrance of roses.

The next attack when it came was two pronged. Another silver tipped arrow flew out of the mist while a wolf attacked from the undergrowth to my left. I was expecting the arrow and was able to snatch it out of the air. The wolf attack I wasn't expecting.

She launched herself at me and I felt teeth close on my shoulder. Ripping flesh and touching bone. Through the haze of pain my beast gained a little more control and I felt my muzzle elongate and my fangs push through my gums. A growl escaped my lips. The force of the attack threw us both backwards to land heavily on the ground. My ability to keep my beast under control paid off. Still in mostly human form I was able to gain the upper hand in the fall. Quickly rolling onto my feet before my hunter had time to react to my fall I was soon on my feet with the wolf bitch held in one arm. Holding her to my body by her throat, I held the arrow, which I still had in my hand, to her chest. I scanned the tree line again in the hope that this wolf meant something to my attacker. At this moment it was the only advantage I had. I moved my hand as if to plunge the arrow into the wolfs heart.

"No!" the voice that came from the depths of the mist was female and had a musical quality to it.

"Come out of the mist where I can see you." I commanded.

The figure that emerged from the mist took my breath away, I felt the beast relax its control and my muzzle returned to it human shape. My attacker seemed to materialize from the very mist itself. The figure was defiantly feminine; in fact she was the image of perfection. She walked with a natural grace and confidence that spoke of both strength and agility. Dressed in black from head to foot her choice of clothing allowed for both ease of movement and to compliment the soft curves of her body. Soft, flowing black hair with streaks of white cascaded over her shoulders reaching well below her waist. She wore a leather vest which revealed the soft pale skin of her arms. Intricate tattoos could be seen and I had no doubt that there was some mystical purpose behind them.

Just watching her I could feel passion rising again and the animal made itself felt once more.

"Drop your weapons" I demanded "and I mean the ones I can't see as well, or the bitch here suffers a broken heart" she striped off the harness that held a pair of cross swords over her back and various other bladed weapons from her clothing. "Now step over there." I said once she had dropped all the weapons that I could see. She moved away from the weapons. "If you are going to hunt me then at least have the balls to face me claw to tooth. Or maybe you don't have it in you to face me"

"I'll put you down like the dog you are" I was impressed, there was real hatred in those words.

I brought my mouth to the ear of the wolf and whispered a silent chant and its body slumped in my arms. I saw concern flash across my hunters face.

"Don't worry she will just sleep for a while." I said as I gently laid the wolf down......I had no desire to harm one of my own. No sooner had I released my grip that the hunter launched herself at me. I had expected this move and braced myself of the attack what I didn't expect was the jet black wings that unfolded behind her and lifted her into the air. Instead of hitting me she gripped my arms and lifted me a few feet into the air. She wasn't strong enough to carry me far but she was strong enough to launch me into the truck of a nearby oak. Pain erupted across my back with the impact and I fell, landing on my face.

As I got to my feet I was just in time to see her gliding towards me again, what I didn't have time to notice was the big fucking branch she had in her hands. She batted me across the head and once again I was airborne. Landing heavily, I lay there unmoving trying to remain conscious. I was getting my ass kick by a girl. As I lay perfectly still I heard her land softly nearby and advance towards me. She believed me to be unconscious and was coming over to finish me off. I sensed her leaning over me and acting on pure instinct I punched upward. It was a lucky blow that connected with her face. I was instantly on my feet and the few seconds in which she was stunned were enough. I launched another blow to her face and I saw blood in her mouth. Grabbing her arm I threw her against a tree and she landed near her weapons, but she was well and truly dazed and as she tried to regain her feet I took a belt from the pile of weapons on the ground. Walking over to her I wrapped the belt around her neck and dragged her to a tree where I then tied the belt around the trunk. She was going nowhere now, wings or no wings.

I walked round to face her and I could see fear in her eyes even with the defiant look she gave me. Two overwhelming desires surged through my body. The beast within me wanted to taste her flesh, while the man in me wanted to taste fluids of another kind. I would need to satisfy both. As I approached her she struck out with both hands and I had to take hold of her wrists. Pushing her arms above her head I brought my face to within a few inches of hers. The scent of roses filled my mind as I looked into those beautiful green eyes. I noticed them glance quickly to my shoulder, to the bite wound that was still bleeding. There was a hunger in those eyes even though she tried to hide it.

I cannot explain my next actions. There was no reasoning behind them. Shifting my position slightly, bringing my shoulder to within reach of her mouth. She looked into my eyes and something passed between us. Turning she bit into my open wound and drank my blood. Pain exploded in my wound and it took everything in my power not to pull away. Then after a few seconds of her feeding the pain was replaced with a kind of pleasure.

I began to feel the effects of blood lose and had to pull my shoulder away from her mouth. She wouldn't give up her feeding willingly and she bit harder into the wound and I lost a small piece of flesh to her mouth which she swallowed.

Looking into eyes I could see the bloodlust there and my blood around her lips. My own hunger welled up inside me. Moving so that I could hold both her wrists in one hand I used the other to grip her hair. I then brought my mouth to hers and kissed her, my lips meeting hers. She tried to struggle away but my hand held her firm. I tasted my own blood on her and risked sliding my tongue into her mouth, expecting it to be bitten for my cheek but no bite came. I broke the kiss.

"Bastard!" she spat into my face.

I took my hand away from her hair and gripped her throat, lifting her head and exposing her neck. Allowing my eyes to linger over the soft pale skin I entertained images of that delicate flesh being torn by my teeth. Moving my hand I allowed my nails to scratch down her white skin. There was once again fear in her eyes as she saw the hunger in mine.

My hand reached the top of her vest and with one swift movement I tore it open, revealing two beautifully formed breast. I brought my mouth to her nipple and sucked. My fangs pushed through my gums again and I felt them sink into the flesh. Blood oozed on to my tongue.

My passion had reached its height. Reaching round the trunk of the tree I released the knot. The belt fell away from her neck and taking it I secured her hands. Pulling her forward and spinning her round she landed on her back, on the ground. Moving forward I forced her legs apart using my knees. Reaching forward I gripped the top of her leather pants and tore them open, then pulled them down. They came away in my hands. Desperately she tried to scramble out of the way. Grabbing her ankles I pulled her back, forcing myself between her thighs. Pinning her by the throat I used the other to release my throbbing erection.

I leant forward and prepared to vent my passion deep within her. But I looked into her eyes and saw the fear and terror there and I was suddenly ashamed. I was part beast but also part human. I knew that she had come hunting me for the darkness that lay just beneath my surface; also I understood that if I did this act then I deserved to be hunted down like some monster. I was neither beast nor human so I had to be better than both. I looked deep into my huntress' eyes and saw confusion there at my hesitation. She was the most beautiful creature that I had ever seen and to desecrate her beauty would be a sin against my own soul. I felt moisture well up in my eyes at the thought of what I had almost done and a single tear fell from my eye and landed on her cheek.

Straightening up again I put away my manhood and stood up. I looked down at her prone figure and saw her stare at me in uncertainty. Something burned in my chest which resembled the passion that I had almost given in to, but this was something different and stronger. Could I possibly feel love for this beautiful instrument of death? She had come to take my life and would have not have taken it without a seconds thought about what she had done. To her I was just a monster to be wiped off the face of the earth.

But I am not a monster and I couldn't violate or kill her while she lay helpless before me. I knelt down beside her and I saw the fear return and it saddened me, but I just reached forward and with a talon I severed the belt binding her hands.

"See to your wolf" I said as I released her. "And don't worry I'll move on, out of your territory."

As the binding fell away from her hands she scrambled away from me and as quick as lightening she had regained her bow and had an arrow notched and aimed straight at me. Well what did I expect? I turned away from her.

"Stop!" she commanded but I just turned my back on her and proceeded to walk away. Any second I expected an arrow to strike me. But at that moment I couldn't have cared less. I'd almost become the monster that people expected me to be and I might just deserved the arrow. "Stop I said!" even when shouting her voice was captivating, but I kept on walking.

I heard the whoosh of large black wings and my huntress glided to earth in front of me, no weapon in hand and held her palm up to my chest to stop me. As I stopped the last of my beast retreated within me and my features returned to their human state.

My eyes locked on to those of my huntress and I saw great curiosity there as well as something I couldn't identify.

"Why did you stop?" she asked, her voice now soft and gentle.

"Because I'm no monster" it was all I could think of to say.

We looked deep into each other's eyes and I saw an understanding appear with hers. Now I knew that I no longer had to fear an arrow in my back from her bow.

I moved to step past her but was once again I was stopped by her palm on my chest. Looking down at her hand I noticed how delicate it seemed and how gently it pressed against my skin. Slowly the hand moved up and touched my cheek bringing my face up to look into her beautiful green eyes again. As I watched she stepped forward and brought her face towards mine. She closed her eyes as she touched my lips with her own and her hands moved around my face pulling me into a deeper kiss. There was sweetness to her tongue as it gently explored the edges of my mouth. Our kiss was slow and passion filled.

In a movement perfected with long hours spent training in a dojo she moved her leg around mine and twist at the hip, she used my own weight to drop me to the ground. I went down unresisting and she was instantly lying with me, her long graceful legs moving either side of me. While she lay on top of me her hand moved between us and I felt her fingers brush against my swollen erection. Moving with great skill she released my erection from the restriction of my pants. I gasped as I felt her fingers encircle my shaft and without breaking away from our kiss she raised her hips only to lower herself onto my engorged manhood. As she eased herself down she broke our kiss to let out cry of ecstasy.

As she sat on top of me she slowly moved her hips manoeuvring herself up and down my shaft. I brought my hands up to her perfect breasts but she took hold of my wrists and pinned them each side of my head, bring her nipples to my lips.

Greedily, like a starving man I took one into my mouth and sucked and licked for all I was worth, driving the movement of her hips into a more frantic rhythm. Moans of pleasure escaped her lips as my pelvis pushed up to meet her downward motion.

Each movement brought me closer and closer to climax. It took all my will power to hold back until I heard her moans become screams of orgasm. As she reached the peaks of her pleasure I released my own fountain of ecstasy and filled her with my seed.

She collapsed into my arms and she lay there recovering with her head on my shoulder. My arms encircled her and a whimper of contentment issued from her mouth. As she lay on top of me, my spent manhood still inside her I knew that the love I felt was being returned with equal force.

After a while my manhood began to swell again and she lifted her head to look at me with a playful smile on her face.

"We should continue this back at my place," she said moving her hips to feel the movement of my quickly swelling erection "in the comfort of my bed chamber." All I could do was nod my head in agreement. "What is your name?" she asked

"Darkiss, ......Darkiss Howl"

"Hi Darkiss, they call me Darkrose."

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