tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 18

Wolf's Pet Ch. 18


Where was Rhys? He'd sent for him at least ten minutes ago. He paced the floor of his room, impatient for the Archivist to get here. The dream had seemed so real, it must mean something. It must. He was startled by the light knock at the door and rushed to open it.

Rhys walked in noting the disheveled appearance of the esteemed head of the Council. These dreams would kill him if they didn't stop. "I'm here Alistair. What did you want to discuss?" Rhys sat down hoping his friend would do the same. He looked like he was going to pass out any second.

"Caves, Rhys. The women are being held in caves." Alistair looked like a wild man, his white hair in disarray, his bright blue eyes dim and red rimmed. "I saw it in the dream. And you were right, I approached her and she told me I had to find her in the caves and save her. We have to go now and find them." Alistair was pulling out his clothes to dress himself. He looked like he was expecting to rush out the door to find his mate.

"Alistair," Rhys leaned over and grasped his friend's arm, stopping him from putting on his pants. "do you know where these caves are?"

Alistair looked up. "What? No, but we have to find them."

"Then I would suggest we get some help and find out where they are first. This is Carr's territory, he'll know if there are any caves in the area. While we're waiting for him to arrive why don't you take a shower. I'm sure it will make you feel much better." Rhys smiled when his friend agreed.

An hour later Carr was sitting in the room with Rhys and a little calmer Alistair. The shower had helped clear his mind.

"Caves, there's a whole system of caves several miles from town. That must be it. I'll send Brett over there with some back up to check it out. If there's anyone hiding in the caves, they'll find out." Carr was already thinking about who should go. "I'll take care of it. We'll see what we can find out. Alistair, I hope you're feeling better soon." Carr was already on the phone calling Cole and Brett as he walked out the door.

The Betas walked into the Alpha's office and sat down in front of Carr. It'd been a strange week at the compound, so many of their own gone while the Council and visiting Alphas were here.

"What's up Carr?" Cole didn't like leaving Karen alone right now. Her wolf could decide to assert herself at any time, and they had to be careful she wasn't seen. She was hiding out in their room right now.

"The Head of the Council is having dreams. The Archivist thinks it's his mate, who is also one of the women being held by Gary."

Cole and Brett exchanged surprised looks. They thought they were out of wrenches to throw into this.

"In the dream she asked him to find her in the caves and save her. The only caves I know of in our territory are on the other side of the town. Brett, I want you to take some men with you and see what you can find. Even if you don't see anything I want them watched."

Cole stood up, a determined look on his face. "I'm going with him!"

"No you aren't Cole, please sit down." Carr let out a sigh. He knew he'd have to explain why he wasn't being allowed to go. "Number one, I don't want you to have any immediate thoughts of revenge against Gary clouding your judgement. Number two, Karen could make her first shift at any time. Do you want her to do that without you here?" His eyes bored into his brother's.

Cole dropped his eyes. "No, I don't, you're right Carr."

"Now, one more thing Brett, don't take any un-mated males with you. Oh, and don't take James. He feels the same about Paul as Cole does about Gary."

Brett nodded. He understood how important this was. Let's see, who did he have to choose from? He started making calls as he walked out of the office.

"How's Karen feeling? Is she handling things OK?" Carr wondered if her first shift would be any different than a normal human. And since Cole didn't carry this Dire Wolf gene they wouldn't have any issues with their cubs, he hoped.

"The most noticeable thing is she's asking for her meat to be cooked rare now. A few days ago she would have turned up her nose and asked for it to be sent back if there was any red in the center. Other than that, she's growling more." Cole had a grin on his face and a faraway look. He shook his head and looked at his brother. "That's all."

"Well stay close to her and let me know if she starts to shift, OK?" He clapped his brother on the back as they walked out. Now he just had to hope Metzger and the other Alphas didn't find out.

Carr stopped for a moment and closed his eyes. Lee was playing with some of the cubs in the mountains. He smiled and sent his thoughts to her. "I miss you love, can't wait until you can come home."

Her elation came through with her answer. "I miss you too! I can't wait to see you again."

He took in a deep breath, let it out slowly, and continued on to dinner.

Rhys and Katy sat in his room eating dinner and discussing the earlier meetings. He loved this time alone with her. He'd listen to her talking and study her every move. In some ways she was like Katya, but in so many she was different. He wondered if the Were belief in reincarnation had any merit. He could argue for or against it. The insistent knocking on the door caused him to growl loudly at the interruption.

Katy laughed. "Wouldn't a better response be, who is it? Or at least a polite, go away?"

"I don't like having to share you little one, but I will see who's at the door and then send them away." He flashed a loving smile at her and opened the door.

The white haired head of the Council stood at the door, impatiently waiting for Rhys to answer. When the door opened he quickly stepped inside. "I'm sorry to bother you Rhys, but these dreams won't stop. And if I have to wait I'm going to go crazy."

It was hard for Rhys to see his old friend like this. He was used to Alistair always being in control of his emotions. "Maybe your wolf needs a good long run. It might do you both good."

"Would you come with me Rhys? I'm not sure what my wolf might do on his own. I don't know if I could control him. He wants to find her. He doesn't want to wait for Carr's report."

"May I go with you and just watch? I've never actually seen a wolf in person before." Katy had a childlike excitement at the idea of running in the woods with a wolf, a werewolf.

"Of course little one, that is if Alistair is alright with it." They both turned to Alistair who nodded his assent.

Katy clapped her hands and jumped up and down like a child. "I can't wait. Let me get a coat."

The threesome walked to the edge of the woods. Everyone who saw them tried not to stare at the two tall Weres and the small human who was obviously excited about something. The white haired male seemed distracted. The taller of the two looked amused at the red haired woman who held his hand as they walked.

When they stopped, Katy took a seat on a tree stump to watch the transformation. But she hadn't even thought about what happened to their clothing and was startled when they began to undress. She turned away from the two nearly nude men and looked towards the compound.

"Little one, you'll have to get used to this. Soon enough you'll be disrobing to shift as well. Look at me." Rhys had a commanding but gentle tone to his voice. She had to let go of her human ways if she was going to be able to live as a Werewolf. She might as well start now.

Her face was bright red but she made herself look at him. She smiled. He was amazingly muscular and handsome for someone over five hundred years old. She concentrated on looking at Rhys and tried to avert her eyes from Alistair.

Once their clothing was folded and set on a nearby rock, they quickly shifted into a large white wolf and an even bigger black wolf. Katy gasped in awe. It happened so fast. She could have missed it if she'd closed her eyes for more than a second. The black wolf was quickly in front of her, his nose pushing under her hand. She giggled and stroked his soft fur. "Rhys, you're beautiful. I'm going to watch you run from up there." She pointed up to the branches of a nearby tree. He cocked his head in bewilderment, and she laughed again before she jumped up and quickly climbed the tree. She settled herself on a high branch. "I'm ready now. I'll be here when you get back." She waved down at the two wolves who were stunned at what they'd just seen.

They looked at each other and knew what the other was thinking. No human could climb a tree that fast. Maybe it was the panther genes? They'd worry about that later. Now they needed to run. It'd been too long since their wolves had a chance to stretch their legs. The two took off at a fast pace.

Katy strained to see Rhys but his black coat was impossible to see in the dark. So she kept her eyes on Alistair's white fur, knowing Rhys wouldn't leave his side. He was worried about his friend and wouldn't let him off by himself.

The grass felt so good under his feet. He loved how his nails dug into the earth with every stride. He was always so busy with Council business, he didn't take enough time for himself. This was what he needed. And soon enough, his mate would be running with him instead of Rhys. They'd save her and the other women from Gary. If they didn't, he didn't know how he'd survive.

They ran across the woods, jumping over or running through anything in their way. They ran a good five miles and made their way back to their starting point. Rhys looked up and saw Katy's legs swinging in the tree. When she saw them at the base of the tree she climbed down. He waited for her to reach the ground and pushed his nose into her.

"Oh you like being petted?" She smiled down at him and got on her knees in the wet grass. She stroked his beautiful soft fur and hugged him around the neck.

He turned his head and sniffed behind her ear. Her scent went straight to his brain, mmm, mint and cinnamon. He licked her neck lightly.

"Rhys that tickles." She giggled.

Alistair had shifted and was fully dressed and watching Rhys and his mate. He hoped they would be happy. He hoped he and his mate, whoever she was, would have a chance at happiness.

Rhys finally stepped away from Katy. He could stay with her here for hours but Alistair was patiently waiting. He regained his human form and quickly donned his clothing. "I haven't run like that in ages."

"Me either. Thank you Rhys. That was just what I needed." Alistair was much more relaxed and when he smiled, it was real.

The threesome walked back to the compound. Rhys saw Katy back to her room in the Omega quarters. He still couldn't get used to that acrid smell surrounding the building, but he certainly understood the necessity. He nodded at the female guards as they stood at the entrance.

Katy didn't want to go back to the room she shared with Rebecca. She wanted to stay with Rhys. But she didn't want to upset his wolf either. She looked up into his handsome face and saw the twinkle in his eye that she knew was just for her. His hand reached down and touched her face gently. She closed her eyes and leaned into his warm palm. Just his touch sent her into a swoon. What was she going to do when he finally made love to her? She might faint.

He leaned down, softly brushed her lips with his, and opened the door to let her in. "Good night little one. I will see you tomorrow. Sleep well."

Niklas watched the compound from his window in the main house. He saw Rhys and his little human walking together to the Omega quarters. He was always interfering with Niklas' plans. He wished for a way to take Rhys out of his position. The Chief Archivist was a very powerful post, almost as much so as the head of the Council. When his mate had died those many years ago he had almost stepped down. He'd sequestered himself for months. Niklas wondered, if his human were to die, would that be enough to weaken him?

He'd forgotten Cheryl was in the room until her arms snaked around his waist. He smiled wickedly. "So tell me, what would you be willing to do for me, hmm?" He turned to look at the female fawning over him.

She almost purred as she spoke. "Anything Niklas, anything you asked of me." She'd be his mate no matter what. She'd do whatever it took, whatever he wanted.

He stroked her face gently but with malice close at hand. "Would you kill someone if I asked?" He cocked an eyebrow at her.

Cheryl smiled. She hoped it was Karen he wanted dead. "I'd kill anyone for you Niklas." Even if she got caught, he'd defend her. But she wouldn't get caught.

"I knew I could count on you." He pulled her to him tightly and crushed her mouth with his. She was so stupid, but she'd be useful. And when her usefulness was over, he'd move on to another. Mmmm, he couldn't wait to see the bruises he would give her tonight.

The next morning the Alphas were still arguing between themselves about the fate of the women. The Council, minus Metzger, walked in together to the room and took their places. Niklas breezed in last, a happy expression on his face. Several of the Council noticed and exchanged worried glances. Niklas looking happy could not be a good sign.

Alistair looked much better after the night's run. Although not quite one hundred percent, he felt much much better. He'd actually slept through the entire night. He hoped they had a report about those caves by later today.

"I'm sorry about my absence yesterday, it couldn't be helped. Shall we continue? And if you were wondering, I know what transpired here yesterday. There will be no killing of the human women! That will not even be a possibility so strike it from your minds." He spoke softly but with authority as he looked at each Alpha and waited for a sign of their submission. When each had acknowledged him he continued. "We don't have the luxury of time, so I suggest we keep moving. Xylon, doctor, please?" He motioned to the Council member and Jeff who stepped forward.

They stood together at the front of the room. Jeff looked uncomfortable as he started to speak. "Well, one of the things that I know you've all wondered. Why was Gary looking for women no younger than forty five?" He saw the nodding of heads. "Human females who are changed into Werewolves usually take some time to go into heat. Sometimes it's years. However, when they're closer to menopause they go into their heat almost immediately. Also the Wolf Moon contributes to fertility."

Xylon spoke next. "At this point, it looks like Gary thinks the Dire Wolf gene was turned on somehow in the past and that was why the previous matings resulted in deadly offspring. He wants to bring that to pass again and breed a pack of Dire Wolves. The older women will breed more quickly, and under the Wolf Moon, possibly conceive more cubs. Within twenty years he could breed hundreds of these cubs. And who knows how many more followers he could find and alter genetically. And during the ensuing years he could attempt to find more of the women"

Douglas Crane jumped out of his seat. "Then the women have to die! We can't take a chance that Gary will succeed with even one woman. This could lead to the destruction of our species!" Crane looked around at the other Alphas who were as incensed as he, except that damn Baxter. Then he looked at the .passive faces of the Council. How could they not be concerned?

Alistair's Scottish brogue rang throughout the room. "These women will not be killed by us. Gary and Paul and any that have become these Dire wolves will be the ones to pay the price, NOT the innocent." Alistair's rage was controlled but evident to all in the room. Rhys laid a calming hand on his friend's shoulder. Alistair smiled at the Archivist.

"We have a possible clue as to Gary's location. Once we confirm it, we will make plans as to how to rescue the women he's holding and destroy these Dire Wolves. And Xylon, I need you to have your company working on a way to possibly reverse what Gary's done and to keep this gene from being turned on to begin with. We can't destroy Gary just to have this happen again. And we won't destroy our kind by killing anyone who carries the gene." Alistair had a determined look on his face.

"What is this clue? And how did you get it?" All heads whirled around at the sound of Niklas' voice.

Alistair and Rhys looked at each other. Alistair spoke matter of factly. "I saw it in a dream."

"A dream?" Niklas laughed loudly. "A dream? You expect us to make decisions based on your dreams Alistair? Are you a seer now?" He had a mocking tone in his voice.

Alistair sighed. "No Niklas. My mate is being held by Gary and is communicating with me in my dreams. Do I know how or why this is happening? No. But I know that it is. And soon we'll find out if it's true. Can you wait that long?"

"So we may all die because you and the Archivist have human mates. Maybe the Council should have a vote about whether you are still fit to lead us Alistair. You've been ill. You're having dreams that you're holding out as true. Can you be objective Alistair? Why don't you step down and let others take the burden. It's been too much for you. I think you have lost all perspective." Niklas had a smug look on his face. With Alistair's admission of these dreams, how could anyone think he was fit to lead them?

Alistair looked at the Council members. He would take his chances with them. "Alright then. Alphas, would you please excuse us for a few moments? We'll let you know when we are ready for you to return." He watched the Alphas walk out of the room, muttering to themselves about wasting their time with politics.

"Now, all in favor of Niklas' motion that I be removed as head of the Council, please signify by saying AYE."

Niklas' voice rang out alone. "Aye." He looked around waiting for others to agree with him. He was sure they would.

"And all those opposed, signify by saying NAY." Alistair watched Niklas closely.

The "Nays" rang out in a loud chorus.

Niklas tried to mask his face but all could see the slight change in flesh tone, the twitch of his eye and the corner of his mouth. He had gambled and lost. Now he would have to set other plans in motion. "Alright, I just suggested it for the good of the Council. I will admit defeat and stand down." He smiled and sat, folding his hands in front of him.

"Please ask the Alphas to return." Alistair nodded at Xylon who stepped out the door.

Carr walked in first and directly to Alistair. "Brett's back and he has confirmation. Do you want to talk about this later?"

"No, I think we need to let everyone hear at once. Have him come in." Alistair spoke in a quiet voice. Only Rhys was close enough to hear.

Carr left the room and returned a few minutes later with Brett in tow. There were questioning looks from Council and Alphas alike. What in the world would a Beta be doing in a high level meeting such as this? He didn't belong here.

"The Beta has news about the caves and will give his report directly to us now." Alistair sat and motioned for Brett to begin.

"Gary and his group are staying in the caves. We counted at least twenty seven males. Only a few of them look like they've been genetically altered. They were huge and much more aggressive than the ones who appeared normal. We only saw a few of the females. I recognized them from their pictures. They are the missing women. We could hear crying coming from inside the caves, but didn't see the others."

"Brett did you scout out the entrances and exits to the cave system?" Carr really only asked the question as a formality. He had chosen Brett for this job for a reason. Brett had spent many years exploring the caves, he knew them like the back of his hand.

"The caves have four entrances but the system is miles long and interconnected like our labyrinths. Trying to flush them out or trap them inside would really be next to impossible without an army. We watched them stacking crates of food and water, so I'm sure they're well stocked." Brett hoped they'd let him leave soon. He really didn't like the looks he was getting from Council Member Metzger and some of the Alphas.

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