tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 29

Wolf's Pet Ch. 29


Rhys slammed down the phone as he cursed under his breath.

"I heard that you know." Katy slipped between him and the offending phone.

He let out a big sigh and looked down at her radiant smile. Rhys reached down to push the red hair away from her beautiful face. He held her gently and gazed into her sparkling green eyes. He bent down and pressed his lips to hers, lightly brushing them against her. The scent of mint and cinnamon almost overwhelmed him. He forced himself to stay in control and not let his wolf out.

She moaned into his mouth and pressed up into him, her arms encircling his neck, almost pulling herself up to his mouth. She could barely reach him but stretched herself to try.

He smiled as they gently kissed and sat down in the nearby chair, pulling her with him into his lap. His lips found her jaw and nibbled his way to her ear. He loved to hear the sounds she made while he tasted her skin. He stopped when he reached the pulse in her neck. His wolf was circling, waiting to bite. She belonged to them, they needed to make it known. Rhys chuckled to himself and reassured his wolf that everyone knew she belonged to them. No one would dare touch her.

"Rhys" Katy's soft voice breathed into his ear. "I want to mate now. Please, make me yours forever."

He could smell her arousal and felt his cock jerking in his pants, hard as a rock, ready for her in response. "No little one, we will wait until the Wolf Moon. It's only two days from now. We must wait." He buried his nose in her neck, trying to calm his wolf but it was backfiring horribly. He wanted her even more.

"Why? I want you, you want me. Why do we have to wait? I thought it was only the Alphas that have all kinds of rituals? I thought everyone else was free to mate when they wanted as long as they were of age. And I don't think that's a problem for us." She squirmed in his lap and felt the bulge in his pants. She reached a hand down between them and stroked him. She smiled wickedly at him when she heard him groan. "See? You want me."

His hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her arm away from his groin. He whispered, his breath making her gasp as it tickled her ear. "Because you are special and we will wait. I don't know why yet, but I do know it's important. I promise it will be worth the wait."

He leaned in closer and covered her mouth with his, almost bruising her lips in the deep kiss. His wolf controlled this kiss. If he couldn't mark her the way he wanted, he would at least show her how much he wanted her. His tongue delved deep into her mouth, tasting hers. Her body responded by pushing into him, her breasts crushed against his chest.

They moaned loudly into each other's mouths, acting like teenagers who couldn't get enough.


"Are you going to tell them everything?" Jószef Kardos didn't like it when the Council would leave out important information. But he had faith in the Archivist to be honest with the Americans packs. He just hoped the Council wouldn't retaliate against him in some way. They had been known to be vengeful in the past. Jószef wasn't altogether sure that had changed much.

"Of course. If anyone could understand what those women are, it's Rhys Davis. I've known him for centuries. He and Alistair Alexander are the most powerful Weres in all of North America. With these women as their mates, they could become even more powerful, if they so chose. But I think they will prove to be more circumspect than their Hungarian predecessors." Guillame Bertrand had been the European Archivist since leaving the Council one hundred and fifty years ago after the Vlkolak debacle. It had sickened him then and it still did to this day. Maybe he could make it right now, at least for this generation.

"How long until we land?" Jószef looked out the window and saw the Atlantic Ocean far below them. He hated flying. Wolves weren't meant to be in the air.

"About six hours. We'll be twelve hours ahead of the Council. I hope that's enough time." Guillame wondered if the women looked like their ancestors. He looked through the book in his lap, filled with pictures from so long ago. He lingered over one in particular, his fingers brushing the picture like he was touching the subject in person. He sighed. After all these years he still missed her.


Lila stood at the doorway of the dining hall. The pack had gathered on their own to wait for word on the Alpha. He was still in surgery. It had been six hours already and the stress showed on every face. She knew they felt the same as she did, lost. There was a part of every Werewolf that held a link to their Alpha and his mate. But the link to Carr was quiet. They felt the anguish from Lee. Lila knew she didn't mean to project it but she couldn't help it.

The only solace for now was that they knew Carr was still alive. If he died, their link would form with the new Alpha. Lila loved Cole with all her heart. He was one of her best friends, and he would make a wonderful Alpha even if he didn't think so. But he would hate to become the Alpha this way. But knowing Cole was here and safe was probably the only thing helping those assembled to keep their emotions somewhat in check.

Lila could feel Nathan's presence behind her before she felt his strong arms close around her. She felt herself relax immediately. She hadn't realized how tense she'd been until she let out her breath in a long sigh and leaned into his hard chest. She'd never felt so loved in her life. She finally understood the way her mother looked at her father. It was exactly how she looked at Nathan. No matter what happened in the next few days, she had him and she was so very grateful. She couldn't imagine what her life would be like without him.

Nathan nuzzled his beautiful mate's neck, inhaling deeply. He could feel her pain and wanted to help her to feel better. He knew he couldn't do anything to help Carr, but he could at least help her. His bond with Carr was new and just as strong, but he hadn't known him all his life like Lila had. They'd grown up together. Now that Nathan had found her, he would do anything in his power to protect her and it was killing him to feel her fear.

Nathan sat in a nearby chair and pulled Lila into his lap, holding her tightly, not saying a word. All around the room the other mated couples held each other for strength. The cubs sat quietly near their parents, not totally understanding the situation but knowing it was serious. No one was alone. Wolves are pack animals, Werewolves are no different. The strength of the wolf is the pack.

The Council walked into the dining hall and saw the somber faces and quietly left, not wanting to intrude on the close knit pack. They would meet with the Alphas in Carr's office instead.

Xylon opened the office door and walked in, taking a seat near the window. He watched each member as they entered. None of them had been at the fight, except of course Alistair and Rhys. They could have gone, but it wasn't expected. Were they cowards? Or did becoming a Council member make a Werewolf lazy? Were they too old? Alistair was older than any of them except Rhys, and they had gone. Maybe life was too easy. Maybe it was time for the Council to take a more active role in what went on between the packs. But this was probably a discussion for another time. Today they would talk about what had happened at the caves and what would be happening in the near future.

Ioan sat down next to Xylon greeting him with a nod. He didn't speak much nor did he voice strong opinions, but when there was a problem to be solved he was one that Xylon would turn to. He had come to America from Wales with Rhys close to four hundred years ago. They had been members of the same pack, and Xylon thought they were some level of kin. They had similar facial features, although Ioan was not as massive in either human or wolf form as Rhys. But he had the same black hair and dark eyes. They sat in silence as they waited for everyone to arrive.

The Alphas arrived as a group. They were exhausted from the battle, but energized by the kill. It had been a century since they had been at war. Their senses had been dulled by decades of peace. Even fifty years ago they all doubted they could have been duped by someone like Gary. They would never have been so soft as to let him live after the transgressions he had made in his own pack. Crane was disgusted with himself for letting this happen. It had been his fault, and if Carr died, that was his fault too. He would even understand if Cole wanted to challenge him after this.

They waited silently for Alistair and Rhys who arrived with Cole acting as Baxter Alpha in Carr's stead. Cole looked uncomfortable and distracted. He kept a part of his attention with Karen who sat with Lee at the hospital, waiting. She'd promised to let him know if there was any news. She'd reminded him his place was standing in for Carr. Carr would expect it.

Rhys seemed uncharacteristically stern. His face was like stone and showed no emotion as he found a place along the wall.

After all had found their seat, Alistair stood in front of Carr's desk. No one had taken Carr's chair. He looked at the Werewolves gathered here and realized how lucky they had really been. They had been able to take the fight to the rogues and been on the offensive instead of the defensive. He shuddered internally when he thought of the horrors that could have been brought upon the pack if the rogues had attacked the compound. For all the death and injuries, they had also saved the women. A quick picture of Jenna was in his mind and he smiled before realizing he was being watched.

"I think we should be proud of how the packs fought as a unit this night. In times past they would have been fighting each other for territory, for mates. But on this night they fought with each other and for each other. They fought to save humans they didn't know. They fought for all of the right reasons. I am proud to be the leader of this Council, to be associated with these packs of the Northern Territory. You should all be proud." He looked out at the faces surrounding him.

"I know that if we hadn't lost any of our people, if Carr wasn't fighting for his life right now, we would be celebrating. And I appreciate the way you all have reacted. I can think of a few I know that would be wondering why we weren't having a victory celebration right now. But now is not the time. We need time to heal, to take care of our dead and wounded." All present nodded their heads as they looked at those around them. They were all in agreement.

"As we all know, Gary and Paul are dead. Their bodies have been disposed of according to our laws. They were buried in unmarked graves, never to be reincarnated, never to scorch this earth with their presence again." Many in the room nodded their assent.

"Torrance, I know you've found your son." Alistair smiled warmly at the usually gruff Alpha who had shown another side to himself tonight. "How are his injuries?"

Torrance had a smile on his face for the first time since he had traveled the several hundred miles to the Baxter lands almost two weeks ago. "Thank you for asking Alistair. His injuries are fairly minor although they looked far worse. They're healing quickly. And our bond has been totally reformed." His face lit up at the last part of his statement. His son would be loyal to the pack. Of this he was certain.

"And this brings up a question that has been posed by many since we returned from the caves. What do we do with Gary's pack members." He looked at each face individually. Every Alpha here had lost members to Gary, and had been pleasantly surprised by the bonds that reformed with many as soon as they saw their own pack leader. "Does anyone have a suggestion?"

Wilson stood slowly and glanced around the room. He had a hopeful look on his face as he spoke. "I ask that those who have re-established bonds with their Alphas be allowed to return to their packs and take any punishment the Alpha deems appropriate. As to those few that seem to have no Alpha bond and are true rogues, I will agree to whatever punishment the Council feels is appropriate." He sat down quietly.

Torrance stood immediately. "I agree. I know that the two of us have more personal reasons than the rest of you to feel this way. But I really doubt the bonds would have reformed so quickly if they were not sincere." He looked uncomfortable speaking this way. He was usually for strict adherence to pack law. Rogues were killed, that was it.

The other Alphas looked uneasy. Campbell and MacDonald were whispering, with Crane standing by and listening intently.

Liam, the youngest of the Council rose quickly. "Pack law states..."

"Thank you Liam, I think everyone here knows pack law intimately." Alistair spoke softly. He didn't want the Alphas to feel pressured by the Council on how to respond to the request for leniency and likewise he didn't want Liam to think he shouldn't speak. But in this case, the less said by someone who wasn't affected, the better. Alistair felt the ones to make this decision should be the Alphas.

Rhys was leaning against the wall. "Cole, what are your feelings on the subject? Your pack has been just as affected by the rogues as the others. What do you think?"

Cole had been staring at the floor, listening for Karen. He jerked his head up, glaring at Rhys. "Gary tried to rape my mate and tried to kill my brother. And he may still succeed, dead or not. Paul killed my friend. I wanted them dead. They are. As for the others..." He looked directly at each Alpha. "I know that Carr felt they'd been duped. Nathan and Ben joined our pack after we captured them. They had no allegiance to Gary. The only reason they left their packs was Gary told them he would help them find mates. They were feeling desperate. They didn't know about his plans. They didn't know about the women in the caves. They just wanted to find a mate."

"Douglas, what do you think?" Alistair decided to put the Crane Alpha on the spot. This had started in his pack.

"I think..." He sighed and looked at the Torrance and Wilson Alphas, then back at MacDonald and Campbell. "I think I agree that if a rogue reformed his bond with his Alpha, he's no longer a rogue, and therefore should live. And his Alpha should take full responsibility for him." He could see the dark looks from MacDonald and Campbell, but saw the looks of thanks from Wilson and Torrance.

"What good is pack law if we defy it? And if it's upheld by the Council?" Gene Campbell's face turned red with rage. He had fair skin that almost seemed to glow as his anger mounted.

"Would you kill someone who is fully bonded to you Gene?" Rhys had moved closer, his voice calm and serene.

Campbell spun around to face the Archivist. "They're rogues!"

"Some still are, but most never really were. They were lost." Alistair was on the opposite side of Campbell who had to turn to look at him as he spoke. "They yearned for what they had never known, a mate, love, cubs. That's all most of them wanted. Gary and Paul, I think they were insane and lusted for power more than mates. And I don't doubt there are a few that are not redeemable and will come to a fit end. But do you want to kill some fifty of our kind? Several even helped us rescue the women."

"Gene, Henry died helping us. Do you deny he was bonded to you when that happened? I saw your face. You acted like any other Alpha who lost a pack member." Rhys reminded them of how Henry had defied Gary by helping them. "His bravery is known by everyone present. Was he still a rogue? Or a member of your pack?"

Rhys and Alistair both watched Campbell's face.

"You're right, Henry died bravely as a member of the Campbell pack, not a rogue." The Alpha sat in his chair, his eyes lowered. They were right. "MacDonald, they're right."

Owen glared at the other Alphas. But even he had to admit, the bonds had reformed on most of his lost pack. He looked at the Council one last time before speaking. "Fine, I will go along with the other Alphas. I don't want to start another battle. But I won't hesitate to dispatch any of mine that go astray again!" He looked for anyone wanting to argue with him but found none.

Cole sat in his chair, half listening to the conversation. Suddenly he grinned and leapt out of his chair. "Carr's out of surgery. I have to go." He practically ran out of the room on his way to the hospital. He stopped briefly at the door and turned back to the group. "If you'll excuse me gentlemen." And then he was off.

Alistair watched Cole sprint out the door and turned back with a smile on his face. "I would like a list from each of you of the former rogues you have re-established a bond with. Once we have the lists we'll be able to make decisions about the others. For now, I suggest we adjourn and wait to hear about Carr's condition."

Alistair stood next to Rhys as the Alphas and Council members filed out of the room, Owen MacDonald still grumbling to himself.

"How did your phone call go?" Alistair looked at Rhys out of the corner of his eye as they walked outside into the compound.

"The European Council is sending an emissary who will be here tomorrow. The Archivist is coming with him." Rhys began grinding his teeth.

Alistair hadn't heard that irritating noise from his friend in decades. "Do you have to do that?" He winced. To him the sound was like fingernails on a chalk board. "Maybe we need to go on a hunt tonight. You need to get this out of your system before they get here or you'll never keep your cool you know." And here he'd thought Rhys had learned to control his temper. Maybe not.

"I need to think of how I'm going to approach this with them. Did you know the Archivist was a member of the European Council in 1860? He was there when the decision was made to destroy the Vlkolak." Rhys continued on his way as Alistair turned and stared.

"What?" Alistair reached out and grabbed his friend's arm and swung him around. "They won't stop me from taking Jenna as my mate!" Alistair's wolf was close, his eyes wild, swirling pools of blue.

"I know that Alistair. They won't stop either of us. We'll do whatever we must to protect our mates, to protect all of the women." Rhys began walking again now that Alistair had let go. "I think when they arrive tomorrow night we shouldn't allow them to see the women. We'll have to speak with Carr." He stopped mid stride and dropped his head. "I mean Cole." Rhys stopped and ran a hand through his hair. "I need a drink." He looked at Alistair and laughed. "I don't drink. Maybe I need a nap."

"Maybe we should climb a tree?" The two old friends laughed as they walked towards the hospital.

The mood in the compound had changed drastically in the last few minutes. News that Carr was out of surgery had spread like wildfire and the somber looks of earlier today were replaced with ones of expectancy. He was alive and that was good. Now he had to wake up.

Just as they reached the entrance to the hospital they saw another change. When Carr's bond was silent, the members of the Baxter pack had appeared almost haunted. Like a piece of them was missing that they couldn't find. Suddenly the faces were brighter, more animated. Alistair and Rhys exchanged glances and smiles. They walked in and were greeted by a beaming Cole.

"I can feel him Alistair! I can feel him again." Cole had a look of elation that they usually only saw when he talked about Karen. "Logan says he relieved the pressure off his brain and as soon as he did that there was immediate improvement. He said he can't say Carr will be one hundred percent, but he's a lot more positive than earlier this morning."

"Cole, I can't tell you how happy we are for you, Lee, and the pack. Truly happy." Alistair and Rhys watched him run out the door, calling to some of the Betas.

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