tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 30

Wolf's Pet Ch. 30


Rhys looked up and growled low. "Where did you get this? How is this possible?" Rhys' wolf was circling, irate, ready to attack.

James looked in the rear view mirror when he heard the growl and saw the ferocious look on Rhys' face. The one they called Jószef was wide eyed and looked like he wanted to jump out of the car, moving or not. James was having a difficult time understanding what Guillame was saying. His accent was thick, maybe french? He wasn't sure.

"That was my mate Rhys. That picture was taken one month before I sent her to America. She was pregnant with our cub. I smuggled her and as many as I could out of Europe. And then I contacted you, and asked you to keep track of them. Do you remember?" Guillame spoke softly, calmly, in the face of the outraged wolf next to him. "You promised me you would watch over them and track them and report back. And you did for one hundred years. And then you stopped."

"Your mate?" Rhys' face softened, his eyes returned to their normal color and he relaxed in his seat. He seemed to be thinking.

"Her name was Orsolya. When you told me her daughter was named Mariska I cried. Do you know what that name means in Hungarian Rhys? It means bitter." His face fell as he thought about his precious mate. He had been able to barely make out her emotions through their bond from so far away. Her sadness tore out his heart. And when she died he became a broken Werewolf, always missing a part of himself. And not to know his cub was excruciating. But he'd had the reports from America. He had known his daughter's every move. He had known when she married, had her child, and died."

The truth dawned on Rhys. He turned his head to look at the wolf sitting next to him. "Katy is your third great granddaughter!"

"And she is the image of my Orsolya." His face softened as he looked again at the glass picture, softly touching the image of his mate. "The name Kati means pure." He looked sideways at Rhys who was deep in thought.

"She is pure Guillame, pure as the driven snow." His empathy for the mateless Were was short lived. His face hardened. "She will be my mate no matter what you say."

"Why do you think I am against the matings? I am here to help you, help Katy, and the other women." His voice had a plaintive tone. He wanted Rhys to believe him. He needed him to believe him.

"You will have to introduce me to my other progeny." He smiled at Rhys. This was his way of atoning for not doing more back then. He should have found a way to stop it, not sent his mate and the others into exile. He'd left her alone when she needed him most. She had died alone. He would not let that happen to his grandchildren. They would have a chance to mate, to become what they were meant to be.

"And who is this?" Rhys pointed to the pale faced male sitting on Guillame's other side.

Guillame laughed. "Jószef is my assistant. He's learning the importance of the past and how to apply it to the present and future. His father thought it would be good training. He will be Alpha of his pack someday. You can trust him Rhys. I would not have brought him otherwise."

"Sir, do you want me to drop you off at the main house?" James had to interrupt. They were arriving at the compound.

"Yes James, thank you." Rhys was deep in thought. Should he trust Guillame? He had in the past and it was obvious now that Guillame had lied to him. He'd said the women had escaped on their own. Rhys had always wondered how they had eluded the executioners sent for them.

Cole and Lila were waiting for them at the door. They watched Rhys for any hint of what had happened during the car ride. There was none.

Lila immediately noticed his gorgeous face. If she didn't stop staring word might get back to Nathan.

"Guillame, this is Cole, the Alpha's second and brother. And this is Lila, second to the Alpha Bitch. I'm sorry they aren't here to greet you, but the Alpha was seriously injured early this morning and only recently regained consciousness. And of course his mate is at his side."

Guillame nodded to Cole and smiled warmly at Lila who smiled back. If she hadn't found Nathan, she would have invited the strikingly handsome male to her bed for some fun. Of course she didn't need to do that anymore. She quickly wondered to herself if any of her friends would take the plunge. Lila called an Omega over to show them to their rooms. She hoped they didn't have many more guests. They were running out of space. She suddenly felt an urgent need to find Nathan.

"So why did he show up before the Council? I thought he was arriving with them?" Cole watched them walking up the stairs. Guillame was chatting good-naturedly with the Omegas. That was out of character for a Were of his standing.

Lila slowly licked her lips, her wolf impatient. "I don't know, but I have a feeling he won't be wanting for female companionship." She winked at Cole, elbowed him in the ribs and went to find her mate. She needed a little quick attention.

Guillame stopped on the second floor landing and turned, looking down. "I would like to meet with you and Alistair as soon as you are able Rhys." He waved and walked away.

Cole had a strange look on his face as he stared in Guillame's direction. "He reminds me of Karen." He turned to Rhys. "What do you think?"

Rhys slowly nodded. "But, in a way, he reminds me of Jenna, and Sarah too. "Rhys sighed. There were so many questions. Was there enough time to answer them all before the Wolf Moon? "I need to find Alistair."

"He took Jenna for a walk in the forest." Cole was puzzled by the look on Rhys' face. "What's going on?"

"Meet us in Carr's office in an hour. Bring James and Jeff with you. Oh, and the twins." Rhys rushed out the door to look for Alistair.

Lila's wolf knew exactly where Nathan was. He was just ending his shift at the security building. She didn't want to alert him of her plans so she leaned back against a tree and watched the door, ducking out of sight when the other males came out. She spotted Nathan and stalked him quietly as he walked towards the dining hall. She shed her clothes as she walked, stashing them behind a building and quickly shifting and shadowing his movements from far enough so she wasn't obvious.

Some passing Omegas giggled as they watched the blond wolf carefully placing her feet so as not to disturb a leaf and maybe startle the blond giant several yards ahead of her.

Nathan heard the giggling and stopped, looking back over his shoulder at the two petite females staring at him in awe. He smiled at them and they turned beet red and ran off towards their quarters. He chuckled to himself. They were little more than cubs. They really thought he didn't know Lila was behind him. He smiled to himself. She must not be aware of how primal her thoughts were right now and how freely she was projecting them. He acted nonchalant as he changed his direction and started for the edge of the tree line.

Lila stopped for a moment and waited behind a rock. He'd changed directions. Why? She didn't take an eye off him for a moment as he stretched his arms over his head and yawned. Lila watched her mate with a hunger she'd never quite felt before. She wanted to feel him deep inside her. She needed it. She laid quietly, waiting for him to go into the woods so she could follow.

She thought she was in control, that she had the upper hand. She would find out soon that she was wrong. He slipped off his clothes and shifted, the huge blond wolf trotting down a path that led to the hunting ground. He was going hunting all right, but not for food. His wolf was excited. He and his mate hadn't had any time together in the last few days and he was going to make up for that now. They'd only been mated for three weeks after all. And with the rescue of the women and fight with the rogues and Carr's injury, there had been no time for his mate. There was time now.

The blond she wolf loped across the compound, not wanting to lose sight of her mate. When she got to the path she realized she couldn't see him. But she felt him. She was ready for the chase. She followed his scent and the meandering path he was taking through the trees. What was he doing? Following some animal? She suddenly realized she was the one being followed when she caught sight of him out of the corner of her eye as he lunged towards her.

Lila leapt out of the way just in time. She managed to skirt away before he trapped her with his huge paws. He had a wild look on his face that matched her own. Since they were both newly mated neither realized the effect the coming full moon was having on them. Lila's hormones were raging, readying her for pregnancy and Nathan's wolf was reacting to the pheromones her body was producing. This was Werewolf biology at work, the need to mate and produce offspring.

Their movements were like a dance and Nathan was leading. He ran to the left and she would leap away to the right. She didn't know he had planned every move. He stopped, his sides heaving, his tongue lolling out of his mouth. She thought she was going to escape. She turned to run and realized too late she was trapped in a ravine, no way out except past the massive blond wolf in front of her. He had bested her. For a fleeting second she was furious with herself and Nathan. But her wolf reminded her that her mate had shown his worthiness of them, and he would make a fine sire to their cubs.

Nathan moved forward slowly, but with purpose. He walked around Lila, keeping his distance. Now that he had her cornered she wanted him inside her. She moved forward and tried to turn her tail to his face. He would growl and nip her flank, making her face him again. This was his dance, not hers. He was to lead. His wolf wanted the control, wanted to see her full submission, not games. They would mate when he was ready.

She wanted to feel him pumping inside her, plunging into her depths. Why wasn't he fucking her? She could feel how wet she was. She wanted to feel his nose pushing into her, his tongue delving deeply to taste her. Why was he holding back? Had she done something wrong?

Nathan was done playing this silly game. He wanted to take his mate, NOW. He moved to her side, pushing her with his body, his mouth covering her neck, holding her lightly as he growled deeply from his chest.

Lila was ready to growl back but her wolf knew better. She knew what her mate wanted. She delightedly rolled onto her back, baring her belly and neck to her strong mate. She would submit totally to him, to his superior strength. He was a fit mate for her, for Lila. She lay still, waiting for him as he sniffed her body, head to tail. He lingered at her wet hole, flicking his tongue, tasting her wetness. He licked his lips, his eyes wild with lust.

The human Nathan had no control over his wolf now. His mate was close to her heat. He could taste it. In days he would father their cubs, but today would be for their pleasure only. He used his nose to push her onto her belly.

She knew to raise her hips, her tail flagged to the side to give her mate full access to her passage. Her heart pounded, the blood rushing through her veins as she waited for him.

He rose up on his hind legs and moved over her, and without further warning shoved his hard cock into her waiting depths. She yelped in surprise but soon the only sound from the blond she-wolf were her grunts as he thrust into her. His forelegs hooked around the front of her thighs to pull her into him closer. His knot was ready quickly and he forced it inside her and began pumping his seed inside his beautiful mate. He bit down on the ruff of her neck and she howled in pleasure.

He drove his cock deeper and harder inside her, his knot well seated. None of his seed would be lost. His animal mind was intent on that. His thrusts shortened with his knot held tight by her body, but they were no less vigorous. The last of his cum had escaped his body into hers and he pulled her to the ground, holding her tight until his knot receded. He laid behind her, licking her head, her ears, her open mouth. They would stay here in the woods, alone, as long as they could.

Rhys stopped at the entrance to the forest, listening for movement. He chuckled when he heard the lustful howl of a female wolf. Before he could continue his search for Alistair and Jenna he was surprised by a twig falling on his head and looked up. He smiled when he saw the legs swinging on the branch high above his head.

"I hope you're looking for me." Katy hopped down from her perch. She landed in front of her mate, a big smile plastered on her face. She jumped forward to hug him around the waist and squeezed tight. "But I know you aren't. Alistair and Jenna are near the creek. I can show you the way."

Rhys reached down and put a finger under her chin to tilt her face up to him. "Little one, how do you always seem to know where I'll be and when? And what I'm thinking?" Looking at her beautiful face he was reminded how much she resembled Guillame's mate, her ancestor. In fact, they were so much alike it was unsettling for him at least. He did NOT look forward to her meeting Guillame anytime soon, ancestor or not.

She giggled and wrinkled her nose at him. "I have secret powers that I've never told you about. I'm really a witch named Samantha." She laughed at the confused look on his face. "Didn't watch much TV in the '60's huh? That's OK, I love you even if you aren't culturally adept." She grinned ear to ear and molded herself into his body.

He laughed and stroked her hair. God he loved to touch her hair, the rest of her too, but just the act of playing with her hair calmed him. And right now he needed calming. "Alright little one, let's find Alistair and Jenna. Lead the way." He felt so lucky to have found her. He couldn't lose her now. If he had to trust Guillame in order to have her, then he would. He would never trust the European Council. The few things he'd heard from the Archivist during the drive made him nervous. Just the fact that he had felt the need to be here before them added to his nervousness. He took Katy's hand as she led him through the woods. He was amazed at how fast she had learned her way around here.

He could hear Alistair and Jenna talking in the distance. He hated to disturb them. They'd only found each other less than twenty four hours ago, and they'd had so little time alone but they had things to do. "Alistair, Alistair where are you?" He thought a polite call would give them time to put themselves in order, just in case. He smiled to himself. He always hated having people barge in on Katy and him.

They burst out of the trees into a meadow with a creek running through it. Alistair and Jenna were seated on a blanket. They were relaxed and enjoying their time together. But they'd known it would be short lived.

Jenna waved to Katy as Alistair let out a long sigh. As always, duty before pleasure. Maybe when all this was done he should think about retiring from the Council. He and Jenna had a life to begin.

"I'm sorry to interrupt my friend, but we have a meeting to plan and less than an hour left. I have things to tell you." Rhys dropped down onto the blanket and pulled Katy into his lap. He left out the details about Guillame's own connection to the women but gave them the rest of the information.

Alistair and Rhys walked into Carr's office and were shocked to see Carr seated at his desk. He was pale, but bright and alert. He had a bandage that covered most of his forehead but a jagged red line was visible at the edge. Jeff was seated close by his side with his medical bag at his feet. The Betas seated already in the room looked so much more relaxed than they had ten hours ago when they were waiting to hear if Carr would even live, and now he was back at work.

"Carr, I can't believe this. Hours ago you were near death and now you look great!" Alistair was amazed. Of course Werewolves healed quickly, but this was surprisingly fast for such a massive injury. "Are you sure you're up to this?" He looked from the Alpha to the Doctor. The Doctor didn't look happy at all.

"I'm falling down on the job. Besides, I have my own personal physician here. If I over do it, I'm sure he'll roll me right back to the hospital." Carr motioned to the wheelchair in which he was seated. "If I'm awake, I'm not going to be laying around. Besides, in case you haven't noticed, I am the Alpha." He grinned widely.

"Yes you are, and I'm glad to leave you with the job bro. A few hours was all I could take!" Cole slipped in the door and plopped down in his usual spot next to Carr. He was much more relaxed than he'd been since this morning. The day was looking up. He hoped this meeting didn't ruin it for him. He really needed some quality time with Karen. Just the thought of holding her had his cock rising and pushing into his zipper. He really needed to stop thinking about her in public. But he couldn't stop thinking about her period.

The Omega assigned to see to Guillame's needs showed the Archivist and his assistant to the office and left quickly. Brett and Bryant shut the doors and took up their positions outside.

Guillame looked around the room, a little surprised at seeing so many in the room. "I'm sorry Rhys, I had asked to speak with you and Alistair. I wasn't expecting a crowd."

His French accent was very noticeable to those in the room. While all the members of the North American Council were originally European, most had been in America for one to four hundred years. Their accents had become muted. If it was only Alistair and Rhys here they could have conversed in French. But not everyone present was fluent in the language. English would have to do.

Rhys quickly made the introductions. "I invited them here because each of them also has mated or will soon mate with one of the Vlkolak females. They have a right to hear what you have to say. Don't you think?" He was forcing Guillame to challenge him, or accept the situation. He would learn a lot from how he reacted. He watched his features closely. Even a twitch would show him something. "And of course, as the Alpha, Carr needs to know all that affects his pack. This will impact his pack more than any other."

"I see, that is fine then." There was no change in Guillame's smile. "If you could please tell me, which of you have already mated?" He watched as Cole and James raised their hands. He nodded. "And have you seen anything unusual in your mates since?"

"Only that Karen's wolf is more graceful than most. And she manages to climb trees. She did even before we mated." Cole saw Rhys' amused grin and Alistair trying to stifle a laugh.

"Sarah hasn't shifted yet. But she does seem to have a sleeker look I guess is what you could call it." James had been confused by Sarah's appearance. Usually a newly turned human female added muscle. Sarah had too, but not as much, and she just moved differently somehow. He saw Cole nodding.

"And none of the rest of you have mated yet?" The Belgian Were watched them shake their heads. "Then this is what you must do, please, understand I have reasons that I will explain in a moment. Alistair and Rhys will mate at the Wolf Moon, day after tomorrow. But the rest of you must, and I repeat must, mate no later than tomorrow night."

"What? What the hell are you talking about?" Jeff stood up, his face contorted into a mask of rage. It startled the members of the Baxter Pack. The Doctor was always a calming influence. Having a new mate would make any male a little unbalanced but this was entirely out of character.

"Jeff, sit down please." Carr looked at his Doctor who slowly sat down, still upset, but obeying his Alpha. "Alright Guillame, explain please before my Doctor loses control. His mate is in no condition right now to be turned. It would kill her. In fact, she's in a drug induced coma."

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