tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 31

Wolf's Pet Ch. 31


"What do you think they're talking about in there?" Rebecca looked at her friends who had gathered in Lee's office while their mates were at this meeting with the European Were.

"Us silly. Let's face it, there are things we don't know about our own history. Just looking at the pedigree charts you can see that we're all related. It all has to do with us and our family history." Katy had the charts in front of her. "And I have a feeling this Were holds the keys to all of our questions."

Danielle didn't look very happy. "Well I don't like someone making decisions about me without me being included."

"Our mates are there. They have nothing but our best interests in mind. I don't think we have to worry about anything. We're new..." Jenna looked around at the women. "some of us newer than others to this whole Werewolf thing. I don't think we'd be very objective about it at all, or understand the meaning of it."

The women looked around the room, all nodding. She was right. And they all sensed the same thing, Jenna was probably always right.

Karen had been amazed at how calm Jenna was, how in control of her own emotions. Gary had done things to her that she didn't even want to imagine. And yet Jenna didn't appear bitter, wasn't scared of the prospect of being a Werewolf, and seemed to be looking forward to mating with Alistair.

"What I want to know is why are we all in our forties and fifties? No twenty or thirty something little hotties anywhere. I can't say that I'm upset about that, but just curious." Rebecca had asked Trey, but he'd just shrugged his shoulders and didn't seem to care. "Karen, do you know?"

"Um, well..." Karen didn't really want to tell them what she'd learned, but it was only fair for them to know. "Apparently, women who are turned when they're closer to menopause go into their heat cycle and get pregnant sooner. I guess a lot of women who are changed take years to have a baby."

"A baby? You mean we aren't too old?" Danielle looked around for someone to say something. They all looked shocked with that news. "I never thought I'd have a baby. I just figured those days were behind me. Troy hadn't mentioned that at all. So by this time next year we could all be mothers." Danielle sat back in her chair with a stunned look on her face. "I hadn't thought about the possibility of getting pregnant." She dropped her voice to almost a whisper. "What if we didn't want to have a baby?"

"Believe me, your wolf will change your mind about motherhood. Mine talks to me all the time about cubs. It's all she wants and now I want it too. It's wolf instinct. Once you have your wolf with you, it'll be your instinct too. Werewolves live to reproduce. That is the one all encompassing goal." Karen hoped they all understood. If they freaked out about this and didn't become wolves, they'd never understand.

Sarah was fidgeting in her chair. She just couldn't sit still. Why was she so restless? She wanted to go outside, not sit here waiting for whatever it was they were waiting for. But she'd promised James she'd wait for him.

Karen noticed Sarah squirming. She leaned in close so the others couldn't hear. "I think your wolf wants to get out." She grinned ear to ear.

"Do you think so? Karen, I don't know how long I can just sit here. I feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin." She just couldn't hold still. She finally got up and started pacing. "If James doesn't get back here soon I may not be able to wait."

Sarah blushed when she heard James talking to her. "Baby, I have just what you need to relax. As soon as we take a break I'll be there to get you and we'll take care of that restlessness, I promise."

Karen saw Sarah's face slowly turning red and couldn't help but laugh. "Something on your mind Sarah? Or should I say in it?"

The other women looked confused at the exchange.

"Let me explain. Maybe it'll make it easier for all of you in the near future. After you mate, you can hear your mate in your head. And sometimes they do their best to try to embarrass you in front of your friends. I think sometimes Cole is trying to see how flustered he can make me when I'm not with him."

"From what I've seen he's pretty good at getting you flustered when he's with you too." Sarah couldn't help herself. She laughed at her friend's expense.

Karen stuck out her tongue and then laughed too. "One thing I've learned pretty quickly is leave my inhibitions at the door. These Werewolves think about sex just about all the time and it doesn't bother them if anyone else is around. And Cole did make a few fleeting comments about the full moon that have me a little nervous."

Jenna looked up at mention of the full moon. "I think we'll all learn a lot at the full moon."


"You really believe that everything your mate dreamt came true? And that it's meant to come true?" Carr's voice betrayed his skepticism. He had an excruciating headache, but this was just too important to the pack and their entire species. He hoped the Doctor was too preoccupied to notice his discomfort.

Guillame studied the Alpha for a few moments. He could see the pain he was trying to hide and could imagine his reluctance to leave a meeting like this. He'd been an Alpha once too. "Her dreams have always come true Alpha. Every one she ever had." He stopped for a moment and yawned. "But may I beg your indulgence? I am very tired from our long trip. Would you mind if we took a break so I could rest?" He did his best to look exhausted.

Jószef cocked his head as he heard Guillame ask for a break. That wasn't like him. He looked fit as always. Even for his advanced age he was in wonderful condition.

"I think that's a good idea. Why don't we meet again after lunch? I don't think we have an emergency situation. What do you think Alistair?" He turned slowly, trying to keep his head from moving much.

"I think anything more we have to hear from Guillame can wait a few hours." He had a good use for the time anyway. He and Jenna would need as much time as possible if they were going to be mating in two nights. There was so much he wanted to learn about her.

Guillame smiled as he walked out the door. He nodded imperceptibly at Rhys when he saw the tall Were mouth "thank you" to him.

When the door opened Lee was surprised by the handsome male who confidently strode out of the room. "You must be our visitor." She smiled at him. She was mentally ticking off the names of the unattached females that might be knocking at his door soon. "I'm sorry I wasn't here for your arrival. I hope you understand."

Guillame bowed formally. "Madam, it was my loss, I assure you. I think you had more important things on your mind." He inclined his head towards Carr. "I'm off to rest before lunch." He flashed a brilliant smile at her as he bounded up the stairs, his assistant on his heels.

Jeff was pushing Carr's wheelchair through the door and almost ran into Lee. He had a look of concern on his face and looked glad to see Lee standing there. "We were just on our way back to the hospital."

"I want to go to my quarters, not the hospital." Carr's voice was determined.

Lee reached out and stroked his jaw. He looked up at her, taking her hand in his and holding it tight.

"What can he do for me at the hospital that you can't do for me in our room, hmm?" He had a sparkle in his eyes that made her laugh.

"Jeff, do you have an answer for that?" She smiled at the flustered Doctor.

"Will you at least promise to rest until lunch? You've been sitting up for too long. You may be a Werewolf and heal much faster than a human, but you still have to heal!" Jeff tried his most authoritative manner. Not that it worked with the Alpha anyway.

"I'll make sure he rests Jeff. Besides, you have another patient to attend to, don't you?" Lee knew he wanted to be with Sheila. Unconscious or not he had the need to be with his mate. She could understand that she thought as she felt Carr's hand holding hers and her heartbeat changing it's rhythm to beat with his.

"Brett, Bryant, help the Alpha upstairs please." She knew Carr would never have asked for help and the only reason he would accept now was so he didn't contradict her order.

The two Betas exchanged smirks as they assisted Carr in getting out of the wheelchair. He started to push them away but when he felt the dizziness overcoming him, he relented and let each take an arm. They made their way slowly up the staircase to the third floor.

"Maybe I should shift. At least my wolf isn't as heavy."

"Nah, he sheds more than you Carr. I was planning on meeting up with Jessica after this, and I don't have a lot of time to clean up." Brett snorted and Bryant grinned at him behind Carr's back.

They lowered him carefully to the bed, winked at Lee on the way out and shut the door quietly. As much as they liked to joke with Carr and give him a bad time whenever they could, they loved and respected him deeply. As his Betas they held themselves responsible for his injuries. Their Alpha should never have been in the position to be injured. They'd make sure it never happened again.

Lee sat on the bed next to her mate, stroking his face lightly. She didn't want to heat things up, just wanted to be close to him. She'd never come this close to losing him before and hoped to never be that close again.

"If you want me to lay down to rest you have to lay here with me." The old Carr was back, pulling her down next to him. He tucked her in close to his body and wrapped his arms around her waist.

She smiled and laid her head on his pillow, spooned in front of him. She'd never felt so happy as she did right now. Her mate was safe, he was healing, and his hands were holding her belly where their three cubs were growing inside her. She felt his contentment through their bond. There was no place else either of them wanted to be right now. Within minutes she heard his breathing slow and become deeper and felt his mind calming. He was asleep. She allowed herself to really relax for the first time since he drove out to the caves last night. Could it only have been twelve hours ago? It felt like forever.


Karen and Sarah both jumped up and ran to the door and opened it in time to see the visitors going back upstairs and the males leaving Carr's office.

"So after we mate we'll know when the meetings are over too?" Danielle was kind of jealous that Karen and Sarah always seemed to know what was going on around here, and they were left in the dark.

"After you mate you'll understand everything. I promise." Karen had a gleeful look on her face.

The males had told their mates not to leave the room until they told them. They didn't want Guillame to meet or even see any of them until they decided it was OK. When Guillame's door closed and the Omega looked over the second floor railing giving the high sign they finally relaxed.

Rebecca was still sitting in her chair, still stunned about the prospect of Trey expecting children. She was fifty for God's sake. Was he expecting her to have children? She was startled out of her introspection by Trey's arms closing around her.

"What's wrong?" He held her close and spoke close to her ear so no one else could hear. He didn't like the look on her face. His wolf was sure she must be sick. Trey assured him she was not sick, she was upset about something. It was their job as her mate to find out what they could do to help her.

Rebecca was feeling sick to her stomach. She felt the eyes on them and wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. She whispered to Trey, "Can we go somewhere private to talk?" She was close to tears and didn't want to let everyone in the compound have a front row seat. She looked into his worried face and was so scared about what he'd think of what she had to say. After hearing Karen say how important having children was to the Werewolves, she was petrified. She'd only known Trey a few days but already felt more of a connection to him than any man she'd ever dated. She didn't want to lose him.

Trey reached down and scooped her up into his arms. He held her close and walked out the door with all eyes on them.

Rebecca buried her face in his shoulder and couldn't help it, the tears started flowing. She held on tightly around his neck. She didn't know where he was taking them. She didn't care. She heard the door shut and felt Trey carefully setting her down on a bed.

He got on his knees in front of her and looked up into her beautiful tear streaked face. He tenderly brushed the blond hair from her face and wiped the tears from her cheeks. He was lost in her hazel eyes as her scent of vanilla and apple flooded his brain. He spoke softly to the only woman he would ever love. "Tell me what's wrong."

She couldn't hold back any more and she broke down entirely, tears pouring from her clouded eyes. "I don't want you to hate me. I don't want to lose you."

"What? Why would I ever hate you? You aren't going to lose me! Tell me what's got you so upset." Trey was starting to get a little upset himself. What could the women have been talking about had her so upset?

She could barely get the words out. "Werewolves want children. I can't have children." She lost it at that point. She was crying so hard she could barely make out his features other than the mop of black hair on top of his head.

"Shhh, Rebecca if you can't have children it's OK, my wolf says you are my mate. We're meant to be together, cubs or not." His wolf insisted she was wrong. She could have children. Trey tried to explain to his wolf there must be something she knows that they didn't and they'd just have to deal with it. But his wolf was insistent. She could have cubs, he knew it.

"You deserve to have children. I didn't know how important it was for Werewolves until we were talking about it today. If you stay with me you won't have any. I should leave and then.." She could barely speak. Her face was turning a deep red and she started gasping for air. "I - I - I can't breathe." She started to panic and held him tight, trying to control her breathing but she just couldn't. Her face was tingling. She couldn't stop crying and that was only making it worse.

Trey picked her up again only this time he ran with her in his arms. He barged through the doors of the hospital which got the attention of the nursing staff who showed him to an exam room. He held her tightly while the nurse attempted to take her vital signs.

Logan had been making the rounds, checking in on the wounded when Trey ran in with Rebecca sobbing in his arms. He and Trina almost ran into each other on their way into the exam room. He stopped quickly and allowed her to enter first. He liked watching her from behind anyway.

Trey stroked her back, trying to get her to relax and held her hand tightly. "She got upset and started crying and then couldn't breathe."

Rebecca's hands were numb and her face was still tingling. She knew there were people hovering around her but she couldn't even make out who they were.

"She's hyperventilating, and I think she's having a panic attack. Let's give her some Valium and let her relax. Have the oxygen ready in case. Right now her blood oxygen level is in the acceptable range but we'll be ready in case that changes." Logan spoke quietly. "What got her so upset?"

Trey wasn't sure he wanted to talk about something so personal with a male Were he didn't know.

Trina saw the look on his face and picked up on it. "Trey, Logan is a wonderful Doctor. He saved Carr's life. Rebecca is in good hands."

Trey trusted Trina, so if she said he was OK, then he would trust her judgement. "She got upset when she found out she would be expected to get pregnant. She said she can't have children but my wolf disagrees with that. He insists she can. But I don't care either way. She thinks if she can't have children that I'll hate her or that she'll lose me." He turned to his mate and lovingly stroked her face. "She'll never lose me."

The Valium worked quickly and Rebecca was starting to calm. Her breathing was more regular, without the gasps. She was still holding tightly to Trey and she looked into his loving face for the first time since she had gotten upset. She'd heard him say that he'd never leave her, but now, looking at him, she knew it was true.

Logan grabbed a stool and pulled it up next to the bed. He heard Trey's low growl and moved backwards a little. "So Rebecca, why do you say you can't have children?" He could still hear Trey growling. He didn't blame him. They didn't know him. He wasn't Jeff.

Her voice was quiet and she tighter to Trey's hand. "I had my tubes tied when I was in my twenties." Her looked at the floor, sure that Trey wouldn't want her now. She felt his hand tighten and she looked up into his beautiful dark brown eyes. She leaned into his warm body and he put his arm protectively around her shoulders.

Logan watched as Rebecca started to cry softly. "We might be able to reverse that."

Her head jerked up, here eyes red rimmed from crying. "You can?"

"If you want to, I know a specialist. It isn't one hundred percent successful but there's a good chance. But you'd have to do it while you're human." Logan looked between Rebecca and Trey. "The hospital where they do the procedure is five hundred miles from here. I can get you an appointment. Just tell me if it's what you want."

Rebecca leaned in closer to Trey. Just feeling him so close gave her strength. "Yes, I want to do it."

Trey got a strange look on his face. "There's a wrench in the works here." He quickly explained what Guillame had told them about the women and Wolf Moon.

"Then we'd better get you to that hospital soon and make sure you're well sedated during the full moon." Logan smiled at the new couple. He hoped his friend would be successful. "Let me get him on the phone and get things set up."

Trina watched as he walked out of the room. Her gaze lingered on the doorway long after he was out of sight. Hearing Trey and Rebecca whispering reminded her she wasn't alone. "Rebecca why don't you lay down and get some rest. I have a feeling you'll be traveling soon." Trina smiled, patted Rebecca on the leg, and went back to work.


"Why do I feel like I have to keep moving? Why can't I relax?" Sarah was pacing in front of James who sat quietly on a rock with a grin on his face. "What are you smiling about?" How could he be happy when she was feeling so miserable?

"Your wolf is impatient. She's telling you she wants to come out. She wants to run." James knew her wolf would be amazingly beautiful, and he couldn't wait to meet her in person. "Just try to relax and think about the human you just laying down and letting the wolf come forward to take over. But first take off your clothes so you don't destroy them."

She looked at him like he was crazy. "How can I relax when I feel like I'm going to jump out of my skin?" But she found herself quickly shedding her clothes.

James reached out and pulled her to him, holding her tight. He whispered in her ear. "Just think of laying down and going to sleep. Relax baby, let her in." He stroked her hair and kissed her neck slowly. "Feel her moving in your mind?" His hands never stopped moving on her body.

Sarah could feel James touching her, helping her to center herself. She kept her eyes closed, and imagined herself laying down. She saw the wolf in her mind, coming forward. They met half way and looked at each other. "I'll share if you will." The wolf cocked her head for a moment and then nodded. She suddenly realized she was laying on the ground. But it felt strange. She opened her eyes and looked at her arms. They weren't arms, they were legs and covered in hair. She looked for James who was still clothed and sitting next to her, still stroking her hair.

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