tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 36

Wolf's Pet Ch. 36


Karen noticed the smiles on every face she passed as she finished up the last minute preparations for tonight. Cole had tried to explain the importance of the full moon to the Werewolves, but it was only coming clear now. It wasn't just the mating rituals. It had to do with family and being together and rejoicing in what they were. They were special. She had to agree. The smiles were infectious and pretty soon she was smiling too. The nervousness was still there, but with it was excitement of what would happen tonight. Her bond with Cole would be solidified, and she would officially become a member of the pack.

Katy looked out the window and saw the pack moving towards the woods, to the clearing. Some were already in their wolf forms, some still human. She jumped when Rhys' hand rested on her shoulder.

"Little one, remember, once the mating has begun, you won't be nervous anymore." He leaned down close to her ear. "Do you trust me?"

She spun around to face him and hugged him tight around the waist. "Yes, I trust you more than I've ever trusted anyone in my life Rhys. I can't wait to be your mate. I can't wait to be whatever it is I'm meant to be. As long as I spend the rest of my life with you, that's all I care about." Her body molded itself to his, so naturally, like they'd known each other for years, not days.

He smoothed her hair as he held her close. He could feel her heart pounding in her chest. He kissed the top of her head. Soon they would be bonded and neither would ever be alone again. His wolf was close as he felt the full moon near. The time would come for him to take their mate. He was more than ready.

Jenna finished brushing Sheila's hair just as Alistair arrived to escort her to the gathering. She smoothed down the last few stray strands and kissed her friend on the forehead. She was looking forward to the day Sheila was out of this drug induced coma and she could help her to understand all the changes that had happened in the last few days.

Jeff was staying behind to look after Sheila and the other patients. Normally his wolf would be complaining, but not this time, he would much rather stay with his mate. "Thank you for thinking of those kinds of things Jenna. I'm not very good at thinking of brushing her hair. Guess I'd better learn huh?" He stood next to the bed and held Sheila's hand gently.

"I'm sure you'll do fine Doctor." Jenna knew already how deeply the Werewolf bonds affected both parties. Once Sheila was awake Jeff would know exactly what she needed from him. She had no worries her friend would always be well cared for. She and Alistair hadn't mated yet but she could already feel how much they were in tune.

"It's time for us to be on our way Jenna." Alistair slid an arm through hers and smiled as she waved at the Doctor. He couldn't believe how nervous he was right now. You'd think at his age he wouldn't be so worried about what could happen. But this was his first mating. Alistair and Jenna walked out the hospital doors into the compound.

The sun was just above the western mountains. It was almost time. Several wolves trotted by them on their way to the clearing. The cubs could feel the excitement and their laughter could be heard echoing between the buildings as they raced between the adults on their way into the woods.

Jenna pointed to Katy and Rhys but Alistair shook his head and took them to the other side of the clearing. He held her hand as they found an open spot on the grass. His wolf was far too protective at the moment for them to be around anyone else.

Konstantin walked with Tracy, his good arm around her waist protectively. His broken arm had been taken out of the splint and was now in a sling. The pain was almost gone, but his wolf didn't care if it hurt. Any pain would be worth it to have his mate with him the rest of his life.

The moon was in sight and was affecting Tracy already. She couldn't explain why she felt the way she did. She'd always been shy, and after several months with Gary's pack, she was downright petrified of males. While earlier she had been frightened of her own shadow, her only thoughts now were on the male next to her.

It looked like the entire pack had arrived and were waiting for the official word for the hunt to begin. Karen was standing with Lila and the female Betas while Cole stood with the males. The two groups were side by side, wolves milling around, impatient, wanting to run. The Omegas were busy feeding the fire in the center of the clearing.

The visitors wishing to attend had found those they knew and stood in small groups around the clearing.

Carr and Lee walked into the clearing hand in hand. The pack silenced immediately and all eyes were on the Alphas as they made their way to the large rock formation at the east side of the clearing. Carr climbed the rocks and stood at the very top. As the pack watched him, they saw the rising moon just above his head.

"Baxter Pack. We are here to celebrate. We celebrate the battle won against the rogues." He stopped while the wolves howled in triumph in front of him. He smiled broadly. He was so proud of his pack and how they dealt with Gary and his followers, and how they worked with the other packs as a team.

"We celebrate the new members of our pack and our newly found friends." Those in human form clapped and smiled at the human women as the wolves howled in welcome.

"We are here to celebrate new lives to come." With that he looked at Lee who had her hands held protectively over her stomach as she looked lovingly at her mate. This time when the wolves howled it was louder and lasted longer. This was the future of their pack.

Carr grinned. His pack was strong before and stronger now. He looked at the newly mated pairs, so many more than the pack had seen at one time in many years. And now they would have alliances with the Councils here and in Europe.

"We celebrate the future of our kind. We celebrate under the Wolf Moon that gives us strength." And at that each wolf looked up and howled one last time.

"Prove to the moon that we are worthy of her guidance and protection." With a nod, he sent the hunters on their way. The males went to the north with Cole in the lead, Brett at his side. The females went to the south with Karen leading, Lila close to her.

Carr climbed down off the rocks. This was the first full moon hunt he had missed since he was a cub. He looked around the clearing at those still here and saw the three humans that would mate tonight. They were each glued to the side of their mate. He had warned the entire pack to keep a wide berth from them. He wasn't too sure how protective the wolves would be, or the panthers for that matter.

He took Lee's hand when he hit the ground, and they walked arm in arm to speak with those who were sitting out the hunt.


Karen had thought she'd have no idea what to do on this hunt. But Cole and Lila had been right, her wolf knew what to do. As soon as they were away from the larger group, she picked up the scent of an animal. A deer she thought. Lila noticed it too. They took off like a shot through the forest. From the staleness of the scent it must have been about twenty minutes ahead of them. The group ran as a pack until Karen stopped.

The deer was up ahead. It was a six point buck. He was huge. The pack fanned out upwind of the deer. Karen and Lila would attack from the one opening left. If the deer smelled them he had no where to run where he wouldn't be met by one of the wolves. Once the buck was circled the females slowly started to close in. They crawled on their bellies through the grass. Karen and Lila were far enough out of the circle for the buck to think he had an avenue of escape.

The buck heard something. His head came up and he scented the air. Wolves! The odor was thick around him, except to the north. He ran for his life towards safety. The wolves took off after him but his escape was cut off by two snarling wolves, one auburn, one blond. His only choice was to try to leap over them. Karen saw him gather himself to jump and she lunged at the same time, gripping his neck with her powerful jaws. The blood filled her mouth, and she reveled in it.

Lila held back, letting Karen do this on her own. She was doing well considering this was her first hunt. The others crowded in closer to watch.


"Rhys, why are we waiting, hmm?" Katy had been sitting on the ground next to him, but she wanted to do more than sit. She stood up and walked behind him, her hand never leaving his body. It trailed along his chest and then across his shoulder until she was behind him and her hand stroked his neck. She leaned down behind him to whisper in his ear, "Don't you want me?"

Rhys remembered Guillame's descriptions of the Vlkolak women at the Wolf Moon, twenty times a cat in heat. He smiled as he felt her finger nails against his skin. His body was reacting to her attentions. He reached behind him and pulled her down, turning his head to meet her lips with his own. It was a heated kiss, not his usual Katy, but this wasn't a usual night. He had to remember that.

She felt hot all over and started peeling off her clothes. She tugged at his shirt to get it off him. She needed to feel his skin. She didn't know why but it was an almost aching need. Once his shirt was off, she pressed herself to his back. She sighed with the coolness of his skin in contrast to the heat she felt.

He stood to shed his pants and turned around to face her. "Little one, you were worried about being seen, do you want to move deeper into the forest?"

"Why? I want you Rhys, now. I don't care about being watched." She rubbed her body on his. She needed the contact with him.

This was an interesting development, one that was not expected but not without it's merits. He smiled down at her, his pure Katy, acting like a bitch in heat. Or worse, a cat in heat. His hand found her hair which he grasped tightly as he bent down to kiss her again, this time expecting the heat that passed between them. "I do want you Katy, my wolf wants you."

He stepped back for a moment. She watched him closely as he shifted and she was soon faced by the large black wolf. She got on her knees and put her arms around his neck, holding onto him and hugging him hard, whispering in his ear, "I want you Rhys."

The wolf slid his tongue across her neck and collarbone, then down between her breasts. He lapped quickly at each nipple which made her gasp in surprise. But she didn't move. His tongue delved lower, across her belly to between her legs where he took a long intake of breath. Her scent was thick with her arousal. His wolf wouldn't be able to hold back for long, and certainly would not be able to be as gentle as the human Rhys would like.

His flicked his tongue through her slit. She tasted amazing. He wanted to taste more. His tongue slid in farther. She shook with desire. She wanted him, needed him. She couldn't wait. She dropped to her hands and knees. She knew what was expected of her. She looked at her wolf as he moved behind her. She looked over her shoulder at him. "Please, Rhys, don't keep me waiting. Please."

She felt his tongue tasting her again. She was so swollen, so ready. She was dripping, and he savored every bit of her delicious nectar. He couldn't wait to taste her again and again over the rest of their lives. But for now, he would make her his. His tongue slid from her pussy to her ass. She shivered underneath him. His cock was hard as a rock. His human half wanted his wolf to be gentle. But his wolf was on fire with lust for his mate. There would be no holding back.

He lifted up and took hold of her hips with his paws and moved his cock in line with her wet pussy. He slid the tip in and gave her just a moment to get used to it before sliding in farther. His wolf was confused when he hit a barrier. And then he remembered, she was a virgin. He pulled out until just the head of his cock was inside her and then plunged forward, holding her hips tight. He felt himself break through her hymen as she screamed his name.

"Rhys, Keep going, don't stop, please, don't stop." She spoke in a breathy whisper. There was a little pain but Katy had never felt anything like this in her life and wanted to feel more. He filled her in a way she had never imagined was possible.

The wolf could feel his knot forming and pushed deeper into his mate, stretching her around him. He heard her loud moan as he seated himself inside her. He held her tighter and pistoned in and out. He could feel her body tensing. The wolf knew she was close. He started licking her back as he continued to thrust inside her. When he reached her neck he lapped at the pulse, calming her underneath him before sinking his teeth into her tender flesh.

She felt his tongue and she moaned as he licked the sweat off her back. When she felt his teeth close around her neck she almost leaned into him. She screamed with pleasure as he bit down and convulsed with her first orgasm. Her whole body shook as he continued to fuck her. When he finally let go of her neck, she felt his tongue lapping up the blood until it slowed it's flow. And then she felt his thrusting become more frantic and his paws holding tighter, the nails digging into her skin.

Rhys howled to the full moon as his semen flooded his mate's tight virgin tunnel for the first time. He pulled her to the ground and held her tight against him as they waited for his knot to recede. His tongue lazily licked the sweat off her smooth skin.

She loved the feel of his fur against her bare back. She opened her eyes and saw the pack members wandering around the clearing. She'd forgotten they weren't alone. But it didn't matter. All that mattered was him.

She suddenly realized she could hear things much more clearly. She heard the flames licking the wood, the occasional pop. She heard conversations going on around her. The colors were sharper, even though it was now dark, she could see so much better than ever before. She felt the fur behind her disappear and her mate's bare skin touching hers, his arms circling her body. A female walked by them about twenty yards away. She felt a low growl coming from her chest.

Rhys laughed softly as he stroked her shoulder. "Don't worry little one, she doesn't want me. You are the only one for me, and I for you. Forever." One finger played with a strand of her beautiful red hair. He felt his knot shrinking and sighed as he felt his cock leaving her tight sheath. He turned his attention to the bite wound on her neck. It was beautiful. He couldn't help but smile at his mark on her.

"Rhys," Katy turned to face him. "I feel her." She was smiling. It was amazing to feel the presence of another in her mind, but more than that. Everything was new, seen through the panther's eyes instead of her own. It might take some time to get used to but she was looking forward to it since she'd be with Rhys. A second after that thought she had an overwhelming need to bite him. If she didn't one of those other females might try to claim him for herself. He was beautiful, they would all want him. She pushed him to lay on his back.

Rhys saw the change in her face, in her eyes. Her eyes had always appeared fairly cat like to him, but now, the pupils had changed. Instead of round, they were slits. He laid on his back as she straddled him, sitting on his chest. He could smell their mixed fluids leaking onto his chest from her swollen pussy. He smiled up at her feral face. Katy was inside but he was looking at the panther now. She was in control. Her long red hair surrounded her face and spilled over her breasts as she looked down at him. He brought his hands up and pushed her hair behind her ears. He wanted to be able to watch her face, watch the panther.

Her mate looked at her lovingly. She wanted him, she needed him. She leaned down and kissed him hard, her tongue pushing into his mouth and meeting his, fighting for supremacy. She let go of his mouth and slid down to his neck, feeling his pulse. But it wasn't time, not yet. She kissed his neck and down his chest, licking his nipples. She could feel his cock, hard again already. She smiled to herself. This is what she did to him. She lifted up until his cock head was at the mouth of her gaping hole. Virgin or not, she knew what to do. She reached down for his cock and aimed it at the opening and slowly slid down onto him.

He groaned as she took him into herself. She was so tight. He had to grit his teeth not to cum immediately. He looked into her face and could see the pleasure she was taking from him. Her eyes were closed but he knew it was still the panther that controlled her. She rode him, moving up and down on his cock, as his hands moved across her body. He cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples until she gasped and opened her eyes in surprise. He smiled into his mate's face, meeting his panther really for the first time. He started to thrust up into her, pushing them both closer. His knot grew and he pushed it inside her, smiling at the growl she gave as it seated.

She saw his eyes dilating, he was close, she could feel his hard cock throbbing inside her and the knot that stretched her. She leaned over him, her breasts brushing against his chest. Her lips found his neck and the pulse beating in time with his heart. She flicked her tongue to taste him. He was hers, he would always be hers, and every female would know it as soon as they looked at him. She felt her canine teeth and they seemed sharper than before. She smiled as she took hold of his neck and bit hard, blood pouring into her mouth. She felt her mate's cock spurting his seed deep inside her as he bellowed. She held the bite until his cock stopped spasming inside her. She let up and licked the blood until his wound healed under her tongue. She looked at it for a moment, the scar was visible to all the bitches that might want to take him from her. They would never be able to now.

His arms held her tight as he turned them to their sides. His hands never stopped moving as he stroked her soft skin. He smiled when he heard his mate purr. "So you like being petted little one?" But he didn't speak it, he spoke to her through their new bond. She continued to purr as she sent him her answer "yessss." He laughed quietly to himself. They laid there together, ignoring the movement all around the clearing. Too soon his cock slid out of her and she slid out of his arms.

Katy moved away from him and got on her hands and knees, putting her arms out in front of her and stretching her back as she purred again. The panther wanted to take over. Katy agreed to lay down as the panther leapt up and came forward. As quickly as the wolves shifted, the panther changed. She again stretched and purred louder than Katy had. Her tail twitched and curled around her. Her long whiskers felt the breeze and wriggled in response as she tried to sense the direction.

Rhys watched in awe as his little one morphed into her panther form. She was long and sleek and beautiful. Her coat was the exact same color red as her hair, her eyes the same green. And her scent was the same, mint and cinnamon. She walked to her mate and pawed him with her huge feet but kept her claws sheathed. He could see them and could imagine the damage they could do if she wished. He stroked her coat, and she leaned into him, purring again. "You're so beautiful little one." He looked up for a moment and saw Guillame watching them. At first his wolf was angered, but Rhys was sad for him. He had lost his mate. He reminded his wolf that Guillame was their mate's ancestor and no threat.

Katy watched as Rhys shifted and the black wolf and red panther walked side by side into the woods. They wanted some time together, alone.

Guillame watched Katy and Rhys and for a second was consumed with jealousy. But this was not Orsolya. There was no reason for jealousy. But she was just as beautiful and it made him miss his mate even more. He was so intent on watching them he didn't notice the female who approached him from behind.

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