tagSci-Fi & FantasyWolves in the Woods Pt. 01

Wolves in the Woods Pt. 01


The worg pack's feral howls permeated the darkened bows of the ancient forest, heralding their night charge through the columns of dusk wood trees. No natural animal challenged their advance, as they feared these wolf-creatures that were blessed with vile "human-like" intelligence.

The worgs let the meat cower. Their devouring at the pack's fangs would come soon enough. Tonight, these spawn of the Shadow Fell had larger prey in mind.

"Can you smell it brothers?" one of the lead worgs growled in their guttural tongue. "The human mating scent fills the wind!"

"And soon our pack will grow," answered another. "Soon we will feed!"

The rest of the pack howled in approval as they raced towards the wafting musk of sex.


"Gods damned tick-bags," Bero swore, clutching his crossbow tight while his ears filled with lupine baying. The howling beyond the treeline made the large clearing he found himself in seem more like a verdant cage than a forest solace.

The man couldn't complain though; when you're on the run, you didn't have many options. Outlaws, like him, take their hiding places where they can.

"Everyone gets to fuck," Bero said, stoking the bonfire in front him as he turned away from the trees. "But I had to go pick the short stick!"

Moans of satisfaction broke through his grumbling, making him look to the tents at the south end of the clearing. Behind the cloth partitions, lantern-light shadows hinted at the revelry within, bodies grinding, forms stiffening, and outlines shifting up and down. Another lustful moan from the tents made the frustrated Bero show his back to the debauch, angrily plopping beside the fire pit. "You had to pick the short stick you fucking idiot!" Bero spat. Just then, the wolves in the woods again began to howl.


"Talking to the leaves again Bero?"

The bandit yelped in surprise at the male voice, spinning suddenly to its source only to entangle his own legs and fall hard on his ass. Bero loosed a crossbow bolt as he fell, shooting at the moon as it trekked across the night sky.

"Angry at the sky as well Bero?" Asked another voice, a female one this time.

"You fuckers!" Bero cursed as he struggled to get up. "Laugh at ME, will you! I'll...."

"You'll what?"

In an instant, Bero's blood froze with the realization of who had joined him in the clearing.

Slowly his eyes turned to the naked man-giant built like a Valerian gladiator, complete with thick limbs and an overly muscled torso. A mischievous grin was plastered on his broad face, matching his wild dirty blond hair, making him look like some large country oaf.

However, the man's eyes showed his true nature, both filled with an unpredictable malice that promised violence at anyone who displeased the person behind its gaze.

"Nothing, Dimarus," the bandit said meekly.

"No, I think you said something," Dimarus smiled seizing Bero by his throat and lifted him off his feet. "Let's see if I can shake your memory clear!"

"Please Dimarus no fighting," The woman next to him said. "You'll ruin the mood."

Bero wasn't surprised to have Aveza enter his hazy sight. Dressed only in her mother's pearls, and cum still dribbling out of her sex, the eldest daughter of house Von Haar was just as unpredictable as Dimarus and just as deadly. They were traits that seemed out of place for the young woman with the lithe, graceful build and wavy amber hair.

But then, behind the pert breasts and the girlish giggle was a greedy sadist who would let her whole family die at the hands of outlaws, even stabbing her own mother for her jewelry, just because she didn't get what she wanted. It's no wonder they loved each other.

"Besides," the noblewoman continued. "I think he's just angry about missing all the fun."

"Is that all?" Dimarus laughed, dropping Bero back down. "Fuck man, why didn't you say so? Get that bald fuck, Ucco to take the shift and you can tickle whore cunts with your beard."

"My thanks sir," Bero replied gasping. "But that bald fuck hasn't come back yet."


Vigdis stared into the dead eyes of the bald severed head sitting in front of her, trying her best not to be pushed face first onto it. But that's hard to do when the creature behind you kept slamming its foot-long cock into your dripping pussy

"They will seek their comrades," the monster atop her said. "Soon you will go to them and bring the strong among their number into the pack."

Vigdis could only grunt in acknowledgement, struggling to keep her balance as the creature continued to violently take her, the thrusts shaking the trees of their leafy hideaway.

As a pair, they were truly a sight - despite her nakedness being covered with dirt and being forced to her hands and knees, Vigdis' tall, athletic build was plain to see while her golden blond hair still shone through her mud caked scalp. But, a blank veil was shrouding her face, dulling her normally vibrant blue eyes and making her features an expressionless mask.

Her mate however was a frenzy of emotion and activity. At first glance, he resembled a shaggy, man-sized goblin with dark blue fur. His face though, was twisted into a canine form, complete with a slathering lupine snout and wolfish ember colored eyes. The "wolf-goblin" sported an evil smile as he brutally "dog-styled" the human woman underneath him, his drool dripping onto her back as he continued giving her orders.

"You will go to them," the monster said. "You will go and will tell them their men were good strong mates and that you are looking for more!"

"B...but they were weak," Vigdis, blurted out as her master pushed deep into her. "They were weak and the pack ate them. It is the way of the pa...."

"You will not question me!" The wolf-goblin said, violently impaling his full length into Vigdis' pussy, forcing her chest and face to the dirt.

"YOU-WILL-FOLLOW-MY-COMMANDS!" The creature growled, punctuating every word with balls deep thrusts into the woman's sex. "I AM GARRACK, SON OF GORMAK, AND MY WORD IS LAW!"

Garrack howled as he finished, coming in Vigdis' pussy as he did, shoving her into the ground as he filled her with pearly liquid. Finally spent, Garrack collapsed atop the panting Vigdis, forcing her to the ground under his weight.

"Now go to them bitch," Garrack whispered into her ear. "Bring me my new pack."

"Yes Garrack." Vigdis said submissively. The wolf-goblin rolled off his woman and let her pull herself up. On wobbly legs, with cum sliding down her thighs, she walked towards the clearing.


"And you didn't bother to telling anyone that part of the patrol was missing?" Dimarus asked.

The bandit lord was grinning as he spoke, but Bero knew better. Dimarus was already thinking up of a new way to kill him for his incompetence.

"They might be just lost my lord!" Bero blabbered.

"That still doesn't excuse the fact that you failed in your duty," Aveza chimed in.

"She's right," Dimarus said, his smile now bigger and more terrifying as he leaned down on Bero. "Our band will have to move again and our brothers will not like it at all. They'll want to know who is responsible."

"He needs to be punished, my love," Aveza smiled evilly. "Punish him for me."

"Mercy!" Bero whimpered, quickly scampering to his knees and wrapping his arms around Dimarus' legs.

"I'm going to enjoy throttling you," Dimarus laughed. It was then a woman's voice made itself known.

"They were good mates, Ucco and Drogo."

All at once, they turned to the voice in surprise, watching a tall north woman with blond hair step out of the underbrush. Filthy looking as she was, Dimarus could still make out the lean curves and full breasts of her well toned body. The sight was enough to make his cock straighten out over Bero's head.

"And who are you?" Dimarus asked the newcomer as he shook off the man at his legs, trying all the while to hide the lust in his voice. Even Bero shoved his hands down his breeches, banishing any thoughts of his brush with death.

"A good fuck," the north woman answered. "Ucco and Drogo said so. They rest now, but they said I must show how good a mate I am to the rest of the band."

"Always thinking of others those two," Dimarus beamed. "Come here you cunt let's see what those two taught ..."

"Dimarus!" Aveza said, grabbing his arm. "Don't you know who that is?"

"A cunt hole." He said matter-of-factly, annoyed at his woman's angry intrusion.

"You oaf, that's Vigdis of Kolburg!" Aveza said. "That warrior bitch could have her damn town militia on our heads!"

"Damn it whore! Ucco and Drogo may be idiots but they know how to break a woman. And I need some fresh cunt!"

"This doesn't feel right Dimarus!" Aveza growled.

"I will make it feel right my lady." Vigdis said.

Without another word Vigdis slid past Dimarus and went straight for the wide-eyed Aveza. She then took the woman into her arms and tilted the noblewoman's head, kissing her full on the mouth. Aveza tried to push the swordswoman off her at first, but as the tall blond held her tight and pushed her tongue passed her lips, a strange attraction seemed to envelope the honey haired beauty.

Aveza tried to resist the dingy woman's charms but she found herself quickly crumbling to the north woman's tender caresses. A soft brush at her back, a playful pinch at her nipple, a clutching massage at her buttocks, and all her defenses melted away.

Before Aveza even realized it, Vigdis' thigh was between her legs and was rubbing against the cum-filled highborn pussy. Aveza matched her lover's strokes with some of her own, grasping Vigdis' ass and sliding the north woman's aroused sex along her own aristocratic thigh.

Aveza finally moaned into the north woman's mouth as she came over her partner's thigh, holding onto Vigdis as her knees buckled in rapture.

"Maybe I was wrong about you," Aveza purred as she parted from Vigdis' lips.

"I will make you feel right," Vigdis said again. The swordswoman then started a trail of licks and kisses down Aveza's neck, sending little shocks through the noble's body as the woman went lower.

Aveza caught her breath as she felt the delicious suction of Vigdis' lips on her nipples, moaning in satisfaction when she also felt Vigdis' hands knead her ample breasts.

"Freya's tits!" Aveza heard Dimarus say, making her turn to her erstwhile lover. Not surprisingly, she found the big ox jerking his spear-pole-straight cock, his mouth drooling as he watched wide-eyed. Even Bero had his dick out, giving the women a silly looking leer while he stroked himself.

"You boys want a show?" Aveza laughed. "Come you northern whore, let's give them something they won't forget."

Putting her hands on Vigdis' shoulders, Aveza gently pushed the swordswoman off her breasts and down her body, letting her tongue trace the contours of her flat belly.

"Ah!" Aveza gasped, finally feeling the Northwoman's lips touch her sensitive folds. Vigdis then ran her wet tongue up and down Aveza's slit, teasing out the pearly liquid inside. The noblewoman shivered in pleasure with every damp swipe, her hands clutching the north woman's hair as she pushed the blond-tressed head onto her sex.

"I was definitely wrong about this one!" Aveza laughed as she turned to her male companions. Grunts were all the two voyeurs could speak, making her laugh again. As she laughed though, the warrior woman lifted her lips from the wet pussy with a confused look on her face.

"Weak?" Vigdis asked. "Strong?"

"And who told you to stop bitch?" Aveza scolded and pushed Vigdis' head back onto her crotch. The fallen noble moaned in ecstasy as she ground her sex on Vigdis' mouth. The north woman in turn stabbed deep into Aveza's pussy with her tongue, licking up all the juices and cum in the fleshy pink box. Gasps and yelps came quickly to Aveza as the tongue at her sex ravished her, making her thrust her pussy against the north woman's wet lips as she raced towards climax.

"Gods, YES!" Aveza howled, coming all over Vigdis' face, squirting juices and man cum down the warrioress' throat. The noble came so hard that Vigdis had to let some of the fuck fluids drip down her lips and drench her sweaty chest.

Other groans of climax shook Aveza out of her come reverie giving her just enough time to catch her lover and Bero shoot their loads of pearly liquid onto the women they masturbated to. The noblewoman laughed as the cum shower hit her, licking any drops that came by her face. Vigdis too lifted her head and took some of the white beads into her mouth. The beads came from Dimarus' cock.

"Strong," Vigdis smiled. ***

"She begins the culling brothers," Garrack said to his worg companions as they watched from the bushes. "Her mark will be on the worthy. She will make our pack grow."

"And bring us our meat," the worg pack leader drooled. "Are there enough of them, son of Gormak?"

"Your bellies will not want," Garrack smiled and continued to watch from the bushes.


"Freya's tits!" Dimarus gasped. "What in the hells did those two do to her?"

"I don't care what they did," Aveza said as she steadied her quivering form on Vigdis' shoulders, "As long as they snare us another delicious bitch to play with. After we've used this one up of course."

Vigdis lifted her cum drenched mouth from the noble's sex and turned to Dimarus.

"I can make you feel right too," the Northwoman smiled. "Your friend as well."

"Now that's what I want to hear!" Bero whooped, shedding his clothes.

"Your betters' first, fucker!" Dimarus scolded the bandit. "Come you blue-eyed bitch; crawl to me!"

Vigdis did as she was told, going on all fours and slowly, sensually, slinking her way towards the bandits. Dimarus and Bero were both struck dumb at the sexual display, each of them desperate to jeer and cajole the "shamed" warrioress but just unable to. It was like they were mesmerized by every move, arch and contour of her body, wanting to touch her yet frozen in place by her animalistic beauty

"Gods I want to fuck that," Bero said, his cock stiffening again.

"Me first!" Dimarus growled.

"Gods you two are like children," Aveza laughed. "Quit arguing and fuck her at the same time! I don't think she'll mind."

With that said Aveza plopped herself down by a log near the fire pit. Spreading her legs, she leaned back on the wood, sliding her finger along her damp sex as she watched Vigdis slither up the legs of the two bandits.

"OH FUCK!" Dimarus groaned as the Northwoman licked him from balls to cock head. Bero meanwhile, was panting in pleasure as Vigdis gripped his stiff shaft, pumping the cock flesh with quick and strong strokes.

Dimarus then grabbed the blond warrior's head and shoved his cock into her moist mouth. Vigdis took the bandit leader's entire length down her throat, forcing herself to breathe through her nostrils as Dimarus fucked her face.

"Ahh, this bitch is good," Dimarus moaned as he felt the warrioress clutch his buttock, pushing his hips onto her face.

"Let me have a go!" Bero whined.

"Don't need to cry boy!" Dimarus laughed. "You heard him bitch! Suck that cock!"

The bandit leader pulled Vigdis' drooling mouth off of his sex and pressed it down on Bero's dripping cock. The horny bandit then grabbed Vigdis' head with both hands and pumped his cock into her warm mouth with rapid fire strokes. The warrior woman gagged on the flesh pole as it thrust brutally down her throat, holding on to his thighs as she tried to stave of his thrusts.

"Aaahhhh!" Bero groaned, shooting his cum into her mouth. As he softened and slipped out of her lips Bero asked, "Did you like the taste of a real man bitch?"

"Weak," Vigdis said, spitting out Bero's seed.

"You fucking whore!" The bandit screamed and raised his hand to strike her. Before his fist could reach Vigdis' face, Dimarus caught Bero's wrist and twisted it violently, forcing the bandit to turn his back to his leader, his arm folded onto the frame of his spine.

"Now, now you can't bruise the fruit," Dimarus smiled. "Especially if she's telling the truth."

The burly bandit leader then shoved Bero to the ground next to Aveza, laughing at the loud thump the shamed bandit's body made as he fell.

"Fucking bitch can't say that to me!" Bero protested.

"Well she did," Aveza said. "So shut up and let a strong man you show how it's done."

"Strong," Vigdis cooed and went back to Dimarus' crotch, sucking his balls.

"Ohhh, that is a good bitch," Dimarus said.

"Hey, what's the ruckus all about?" a voice suddenly asked.

*** "Look! They emerge from their caves!" a worg gleefully spoke.

"Tell your brothers to ready themselves," Garrack leered to the worgs. "It's going to be a busy night."


"Gosbert! Bring the men," Dimarus called out. "Ucco has brought us a gift!"

Vigdis was bobbing her head up and down Dimarus' slick cock when she sensed others crowding her. She looked up and around her, gasping in surprise at the sudden appearance of so many hard cocks orbiting around her.

"Damn those two," said the one called Gosbert. "It's magic what they do!"

"Just remember boys who's getting you all the cunts!" Dimarus laughed

"Dimarus!" Vigdis heard the motley crew of bandits cry out. Soon enough a wall of naked sweaty flesh surrounded the warrioress on all sides. Fat bodies, rail thin frames and muscle bound monsters crowded around her with their jutting moist cocks poking at her face. There were even cum dripping pussies mixed in with the throng, flaring out of sweat shined hips with hues that ranged from the pale pinkish shades of Rhinemarkers to the dark brown complexions of a Nabiri.

Features and faces were just a blur to Vigdis as the parade of sex flesh hammered one thing into her mind.

Mark the strong, she said in her mind. Mark the strong and cull the weak.

*** Among the bushes, slinking wolf-like forms began rounding the tree line. They could smell their bitch's scent marking the prey, burning to memory those their sister had chosen.

"Do we strike now?" one of the worgs asked.

"Patience, brother," another replied. "We will all get our fill."

"Their mating looks uncomfortable," the first worg observed. "Do we really have to wait?"

"Garrack says we should let her have her 'fun'," the other worg said in a shrugged voice. "So we will let her alone until she is finished."

"Humans," the first worg replied as he gazed upon the mob of humans copulating with their bitch sister.

*** A loud groan rang in Vigdis' ears as she swallowed the length of flesh in front of her. She then grabbed two other stiff cocks and began pumping the slick shafts, while bobbing her head on the dick flesh in her mouth. She swirled her tongue as she sucked the cock flesh, teasing the angry head with a whirl of wet swipes. It made the bandit above her stiffen in familiar anticipation, making Vigdis bob and pump faster on the cocks.

"AHHH!" The three bandits screamed, shooting their spunk on and in her.

"Like the taste of my sausage girl?" The bandit above her asked, pulling his cock from her cum slick lips.

"Weak," Vigdis snorted as she licked the cum from her mouth. She then tasted the spunk on her hands, making her break into a smile. "Mmm, strong!"

"You call me weak, bitch!" said the sucked-off bandit.

"Hey, no insults to the lady Segeric," the two other bandits laughed as they caught their comrade's forming fist. "It's not her fault your cum's like dog's crap!"

"AYE! They're right!" Dimarus cackled. "Any 'weak' men tasted by our new lass here can leave the circle and piss off!"

"Stick it up your ass, bastard," Segeric whispered as he stomped off to the jeers of his leader and kinsmen.

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