tagFetishWoman Finds Stepson With Her Panties

Woman Finds Stepson With Her Panties


First, let me introduce myself. My name is Janet; I'm a 45 year old woman from Edison, NJ. I'm a happily married woman with a daughter and two step-children (I'm Bill's second wife). I used to work and be independent before I met my husband, but after we had our first child I decided to stop working so I could take care of the kids. Bill earns more than a nice living, and to be honest, I really liked taking care of my family. Bill is a sweetheart, and I've become very attached to his daughter Katie (12). His son David (18) and I never really get along until recently. I think he blamed me for his dad's divorce and he's only accepted me lately. However, he is a sweet kid and I do care about him. I try and understand how he feels. He looks just like his father except younger. He had silky smooth blonde hair; a well toned chinned, and blue eyes. He was a very handsome teenager, but hit puberty very late. I'm sure he'll do very well with women once he's older.

I'm still very much attracted to my 52 year old husband. He's in good shape and I try to please him anyway I can. My sex life is still active and quite good. We do have our periods of stale sex, but what marriage doesn't? I'm still if fairly good shape myself, I don't have much time to get to the gym but I try and make it as much as I can. I wouldn't consider my body firm or anything; it's soft, but certainly not flabby. I'm 5`7, blonde hair, green eyes, and just barely B cup breasts. Because of my age, they've lost some of their perkiness but nevertheless, it could be worse. Because I leave the house a lot (taking kids to school, grocery shopping, soccer practice, etc...), my face has gained a noticeable amount of freckles. Even without the sun, I have a fair a mount of freckles throughout my body, which my husband claims turns him on while I'm nude.

Except for when I'm with Bill, I consider myself a fairly conservative person. I dress more or less formally everywhere I go. Bill is a fairly successful investment banker in NYC and I like to look my best to compliment him whenever I go into the city for company dinners or events. Even in bed I was very much conservative before Bill. I was never into one-night stands, and all intercourse had been with an amount of boyfriends I could count on one hand. Bill really opened my up sexually. He buys me sexy lingerie on all our special occasions, things I would have been embarrassed to pay for in person. He introduced my to the joy of bringing a man to climax through oral sex. I had gone down on and ex-boyfriend but only on our anniversary and I didn't enjoy it much. Besides, I told Bill he was the first person I've given head to, and it really made him happy.

Anyway, my story dates back to a year ago. The kids had come home from school and getting ready for their after school activities. I got my SUV with my daughter Maya (9), and step-daughter Katie. David, my step-son, was going to a friend's house later on so he stayed home. I dropped Maya off at ballet and Katie off at dance class, and headed off to pick up a few items at the supermarket for that evening's dinner. When I reached the supermarket I looked between the seats and couldn't find my purse. This was frustrating because now I had to go back home and get it and all my plans would have to be rushed a bit.

I drove back home angry with myself for being so unorganized. I started retracing my steps and thought it likely I had left my purse in the bathroom, where I was putting on some makeup before leaving the house. When I got home, I opened the door and headed immediately to my bathroom. The house was very quiet, almost too quiet, but it usually is when no one is home. When I got into my bedroom, I heard a noise coming from my bathroom. The door was partly open and I saw someone's shadow there. I heard kind of a muffled humping sound. I really had no idea what was going on, but I walked right up to the door and pushed it open.

There he was, my step-son David, standing next to hamper of dirty clothes and his pants and boxers down around his ankles. The moment lasted only about three seconds, but for me, it felt like three minutes. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. The first thing I saw was his face. His eyes were closed and he used his left hand to hold up a black rag that covered most of his face except his eyes and chin. He seemed to be breathing through it. My eyes moved further on down his body were he was rubbing his young, almost bare, throbbing penis with his right hand and another rag; a white rag. Being a bit naïve, it wasn't until I looked at floor in front of him that I realized what was going on. Lying there in front of him where three pairs of my panties, all opened up and pressed flatly on the ground. I looked back at David and realized he was masturbating with my panties! That black rag on his face was the pair I wore two nights ago when Bill and I had dinner with some close friends, and the white rag were my cotton bikini briefs for everyday use.

At this point David opened his eyes and realized I was in the room. He both screamed out loud simultaneously. "David!" He yelled, "Ah!!!! Shit! I'm sorry!" He threw the panties in the hamper and reached for his jeans. He pulled them up to his thighs but since he penis was hard, it got caught on the bottom part of the zipper and stuck straight out for about a full second. It was about four inches, maybe less, and rock hard. Being from a cold place, most of us here are very pale. David was no exception. His penis was a very pale shade of beige, which made his pink engorged, head very noticeable. He was oozing pre-cum already and his abuse turned his head almost read. I just couldn't get over how hard he was.

He turned his back towards me and put his penis back in his pants and ran out of the room. I stood there for a few moments too stunned to say anything. I walked around the bathroom and inspected the scene. I looked in the hamper and all the clothes had been tossed around. I picked up the panties off the floor and threw them in with the rest of the clothes. Everything else seemed pretty much normal. I saw my purse on the bathroom counter, grabbed it, and headed back to the car. David had already ran out of the house. I can only imagined how embarrassed he must be.

In the car I replayed the whole scenario in my head about a dozen times. I thought about a few things. First, how should I deal with this? Should I tell Bill? Second, since when was I a subject to his fantasies? What did I do to stimulate this desire in him? I don't wear skimpy outfits around the house. I lock my door when I shower and change. When Bill and I make love we're sure to be very quiet or make sure the house is empty. Third, why my panties? What was so special about them? I thought about this all throughout my day's activities. I tried to be very adult and psychological about the situation. I didn't want to dismiss him off as a pervert. I wanted to know what was going on inside his head. I thought about how he still hadn't developed much social skills. He has never had a girlfriend and he's certainly well past the age where boys very curious about women. That's when it struck me; I must be the first woman David has ever smelled. He must have been so desperate to come in contact with a vagina that he resorted to this action. Part of me felt sorry for him, but another part of me was very flattered. As I drove back home with the girls I felt myself becoming very moist. I felt my vaginal lips slip and slide up against each other, causing them to rub up against my clitoris. Needless to say, I was getting very stimulated. I couldn't believe I was reacting this way!

When I got home, I sent the girls to get cleaned up while I started preparing things for dinner. I started feeling really guilty and ashamed of myself. Being raised in a very strict and Catholic household, I was raised to believe such impure thoughts were sinful. I never even discovered masturbation until I was 25, and since then, I've only done it a handful of times. I could still feel the moisture in my panties, which only made me feel worse. Besides, he's my husband's son! I shouldn't even be thinking about this, but the image kept playing in my mind.

I tried to think of, as many reasons as I could that would make me find the situation disgusting. I thought about how his penis was still not fully developed. How it was still in its development stages and his pubic hair hadn't even grown in full yet and how skinny it was. But then again, what difference does pubic hair make? I myself don't have much. Except for a small tuft of blonde curls in the center of my vagina, I'm pretty hairless. I don't even have to wax when I wear a swimsuit. This is when the other side of me started contradicting my shameful side. I thought about Bill's own penis. Bill didn't have a large penis; he was four and a half inches, maybe five at most. He wasn't very thick either. I know this doesn't sound impressive, but I don't care. I love Bill and it doesn't bother me. I used to find it so cute when we made love during the time we were engaged. He used to turn the light off in the room because he said it made the moment more special, but I could tell he was insecure about his size. I tried to make him feel better by asking him how was I to fit his whole penis in his mouth when I went down on him. I could feel his cock swell as I complimented his penis. I lied to him and told him that he was the biggest I've ever had, and shortly after that, we made love with the lights on. To be honest, I don't really care about size. The man I was seeing before Bill had a 6.5-inch penis, but I actually found it a bit painful at times when he would enter me. Once built Bill's confidence with his penis, he began using it very well and we've been happy ever since.

As I had my cooking ingredients out on the table, I was still too uncomfortable with myself. All these thoughts have made me so wet that I can feel the wetness spreading to my legs and I started to feel very unclean. I run upstairs and tell the girls I'm going to take a quick shower before making dinner. I go into the bathroom and undress immediately. As I slid my panties off, I paused to look at them. My juices sparkled a bit under the lights. I look in the mirror and caught a reflection of myself. My nipples had constricted themselves into their fullest erect position. My vagina was visibly more swollen than usual. My inner lips extend a little beyond usual and can be see even when I'm standing straight up. Because of my age and experience they're a little longer and looser than they were 20 years ago but Bill is fascinated by them and takes good care of them during oral. Last time I was this wet without direct contact from someone was I flirted with a man in the shopping mall and offered to take me to a hotel.

I went inside the shower, closed the curtain and grabbed the shower nozzle. I turned the water on until it was nice and warm. I turn the nozzle on pull blast and placed the water pressure directly over my fanny. I ran the stream of water up and down my slit several times, before moving up to my clitoris. The impact on my clit caused my butt to clench up tight. I spread my legs further apart for better access. The hood over my clitoris is fairly large, you could say my vagina has quite a bit of skin to it. I pull my lips apart with my index and third finger, and use the middle one to pull the hood back and expose my pink knob. I closed my eyes and started thinking about the scene earlier today. The way David's hand tugged at himself at such a fast past. The way he had his eyes closed as he desperately tried to smell me. I rocked my hips back and fourth to as the shower kept hitting my clitoris. I tried to not to make any noise. I remembered David's body, so completely relaxed thinking nobody was home. I thought about my panties on the floor and how he must have been imagining me in wearing them. Finally, no matter how hard I tried to put it out of my mind, I thought of his penis; so erect, aching with desire and oozing sexuality because of my scent. I've never thought a person would ever have such longing for me. I came harder than I've done in a really long time. The orgasm lasted for a delicious amount of time as the water still kept landing on my vagina.

As I stepped out of the shower, I felt like a completely relaxed. I must have had a lot of tension and stress, because I felt like a rejuvenated woman. After I dressed myself I made dinner and Bill came home. We always tried to eat dinner together as a family, unless Bill couldn't make the commute from NY on time. David didn't show up for dinner. I heard him come home after I put my daughter to bed. He went to his room. He must be terrified that I told Bill. I knew he wouldn't want to talk to me that night so I didn't approach him.

Later on, I slipped into my nightgown and sat on the bed to read a magazine and watch television. Bill went to take a shower and I had an idea. I laid out one of the t-shirts he sleeps with and boxers on the bed. This way, when he comes out of the bathroom, he will have to change in front of me instead of changing in our walking closet like he always does. He came out with a towel around his waist and saw the clothes lying on the bed. I told him I just wanted to help him because he looked very tired. He slipped out of his towel, which gave me a few seconds to stare at his penis. The resemblance was uncanny. It was David exact penis, except all proportions were a bit bigger. As I went to sleep in Bill's arms that night I thought about our sex life. I would love to see Bill want me like David did. I wished I would someday catch him sniffing my panties out of the hamper and make love to me on the cold floor. I thought about how I would handle the situation and thought it best to confront David in the morning.

Next morning, David was the first one out of the house. He left a note saying he took the bus to school. That's how it went for the next three days. He avoided all eye contact with me during dinner and wouldn't talk to me. He locked himself in his room all the time. I started going to the gym on the afternoons to take my mind of the situation. On the third night he did this, Bill mentioned it to me in bed. He said, "I think there's something wrong with David." I couldn't help but feel nervous.

-"Why do you say that?"

-"Well, he's been really moody lately. I went to speak to him about it to find out why. I think I found out."

I thought, oh my god, what does he know? He said, "I think it's a girl. I asked him and he refused to answer. It was pretty obvious he has a crush on someone." I tried really hard not to blush. He told me how hard it was for boys to tell girls how they felt because they were afraid of getting rejected. That's when I decided I was going to have to do talk to David tomorrow.

The next day I woke up and found David missing again. So I put a note stuck the remote control of his TV saying, "Please, we have to talk. I won't tell your father." I took the girls to school and started doing laundry. As I put my clothes in the washing machine I looked at the ones David had taken out. Then something struck me as odd. There was a white lacy thong in the hamper also, but David didn't bother to it. Did he not see it, or did he not care? I thought all younger men were into skimpy underwear. I myself prefer low cut bikinis because they're more comfortable. I only wear the thongs for Bill when I know we'll have some privacy.

After doing laundry I went to the gym and thought about confronting David. That afternoon when the kids came home from school I was very nervous. I didn't exactly know what I was going to say. He came home and locked himself in his room. I went in and asked him if he saw the note and he told me he didn't. I knew he was lying. I said, "Come with me to take the girls to ballet and dance practice."


-"Because I have to talk to you."

-"About what?"

-"Stop being a smart ass and come with me. You know what I want to talk to you about. I figure it will be easier in the car. You wont have to look me in the face when we talk that way. It'll be easier for the both of us. I really can't keep this up."

He sat in the backseat with his sister and my daughter rode up front with me. When we dropped my daughter off, Katie moved to the front. Then, we dropped her off and David wouldn't move. I looked into his eyes for the first time since the incident through the rear view mirror. I said, "Come on, sit next to me."

He got into the passenger side very slowly. I could tell he was nervous because it took him a while to get his seat belt fastened. I drove for a little bit before starting the conversation. I said, "Look, I just want you to know that I'm not going to tell anybody about this. I'm not mad at you. I don't want you to think that I'm mad at you, but you really can go on ignoring me because then you're father will know that something is up. You don't want your father to know do you?"


-"Good. He won't I promise."


For the first time it sounded as though he was really going to say something. I made sure to look straight ahead at the road and not at him, so he would feel more comfortable with the situation. I asked, "But what David?"

-"No. Forget it. It's too humiliating."

-"Hey look. I know it's not easy to talk about this, but you have my word that this conversation is strictly between us. Just be honest. You don't have to watch your mouth with me. We're both adults here."

-"How do you expect me to talk to you again? Do you know how embarrassing that was for me?

-"You don't think that was a little odd for me too?"

-"Of course I do. I thought you were going to yell at me."

-"No. I wasn't going to yell at you. I mean, I was shocked yes, but nothing to go crazy over. I understand boys are curious."

He started laughing nervously, "I can't believe your being so cool about this me."

I said, "Well you've never really taken the time to really have a good talk with me have you?"

-"Yeah, that's true. But still, you don't seem like the kind of woman who would take what happened like this."

Now this was very interesting to me. I asked, "What kind of woman am I?"

He said, "Well you know. On the surface you look really serious. And honestly..."


-"You sure you wont get mad?"

-"Go ahead."

-"Well, you seem like a prude."

I couldn't help but laugh out loud a bit. The truth was, he was right. I was a prude, but I was getting very turned on just talking to him. I felt like I was living out a sexual fantasy just seducing this boy into talking to him about our situation. I said, "Yeah, I am a prude I guess. But if I tell you something, promise me it'll just stay between us."

He swallowed nervously, "What."

-"Well, the truth is I feel very flattered."

-"You do?" I could feel the excitement in his voice.

-"Sure. Even prudes like to feel attractive David. I liked the fact that a younger man like you could be attracted to such an old lady."

-"Oh you're not an old lady, and of course you're attractive."

-"Don't lie, please. You've been honest with me so far. How can I compete with all the young teenage girls at your school, or all the Britney Spears look-alikes."

-"I'm not lying. Fuck Britney Spears."

I looked at him when he said this. He said, "Sorry."

-"Don't worry about it. Just my some old prude habits."

He actually laughed at my comment, which made me feel really good. He said, "You're a sexy woman Janet. I don't think you know how much sex appeal you have."

This comment brought tingles to my stomach. I said, "When did you notice me? You used to hate me so much."

-"Well, remember during summer when we went up to Martha's Vineyard?"

-"Yes I do."

-"Well, I saw you in that black bikini and that's when I first started thinking of you that way."

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