tagErotic HorrorWoman in White and Daddy Glenn Ch. 04

Woman in White and Daddy Glenn Ch. 04


Susan exists. Susan is real. Susan is his best friend, wicked younger girlfriend, and she's his red, hot lover. The Woman in White Visits Daddy Glenn in the Nursing Home

Knowing that she was coming to release him from the nursing home this very morning, Glenn sat in the hall with his five friends waiting for Susan to arrive. She was late and Glenn and his five friends had been sitting there for an hour waiting for her. Just as Glenn grew impatient to see Susan again, his five friends grew impatient with Glenn's lies.

"She's not coming Glenn," said Jimmy. "Instead of playing this game that you have a hot, young girlfriend, why not just admit that Susan doesn't exist? The truth will set you free Glenn and allow us to return to the game room. We still have time for a game of cards before lunch," he said looking at his watch.

"Leave him alone," said Joe. "I don't mind sitting out here in the sun waiting for her."

"I don't much feel like playing cards," said Lance.

"Maybe she's stuck in traffic," said Michael patting Glenn's hand.

"It's okay Glenn, if she doesn't show up," said Bill. "I loved all of your stories," he said squeezing his friend's shoulder. "You really had me believing that she was real."

"She's coming. She's just late is all. You know how women take their sweet time to get ready, fixing their hair, or their makeup, and changing their mind about what clothes they're wearing at the last minute," said Lance.

"She called me on the front desk phone. The nurse came and got me," said Glenn. "She said she was on her way. Just like Michael said, she's probably stuck in traffic. My mistake was I should have had you guys talk to her to prove that she's real."

Nonetheless, saddened by her tardiness, he was excited that he was finally going home. This was the big moment, Glenn's big reveal when his five friends would finally meet Susan. After weeks of talking and bragging about her, today was the day that they'd all meet her. Jimmy had cast enough doubt for everyone to suspect that Susan didn't exist. Jimmy even had Glenn thinking that Susan was just a figment of his fertile imagination, which is why Jimmy, Michael, Joe, Lance, and Bill were all out in the hall waiting to see Susan in the flesh.

He just hoped she'd come. He hoped there wasn't something wrong or that she was in an accident. If he had his cell phone with him, he'd call her but with all the heart monitors, pacemakers, and assorted other sensitive machines they had in the nursing home, he wasn't allowed to have a cell phone. No doubt, his five friends thought he was just making another excuse why he couldn't talk to her and call her in front of them.

All eager to meet her, they wanted to see her and talk to her as evidence that she really exists. After being with him for ten years, they didn't believe that a beautiful, young woman would still be with a man old enough to be her father for that long of a time. Surely, she'd be bored with being with him longer before a year, never mind ten years. They could understand an older man getting lucky with a younger woman once or twice, especially if she was drunk, but not an older man getting lucky with a younger women every day for a ten year period. For sure, he had to be lying about Susan. Telling tall tales about having a sexual relationship with her was the only thing that made any sense. Why would a young, beautiful woman want an old man?

Granted she was ten years older now than when they first met. She was only thirty-years-old and he was sixty-seven when they met. Now, she's forty-years-old. Nonetheless, the years have been kind to her and she was still as beautiful as Glenn had described her to be to his friends. With her looking thirty-something-years-old instead of forty-something-years-old, no one would believe that she was forty-years-old. Besides with all five men in their 70's, they'd all be impressed with any of them having a 60-year-old girlfriend, never mind a 40-year-old girlfriend.

'Won't they be surprised to see her?' he thought. 'Won't they be surprised to meet her? Won't they be surprised to know that she's real and every word that I told them is true? He couldn't wait to see her, to kiss her, and to feel her,' he thought to himself while waiting to see her come walking through the front doors and down the long, sunlit hall.

Then, just as he thought that, he saw her. As if she was a distant mirage coming off the hot desert sand, in the same way he watched her the first time he saw her approaching him along the long, straight sidewalk of the Boston Common while walking down Tremont Street from Boylston Street to Park Street, he watched her pushing a wheelchair toward him to collect him to take him home.

"She's here! There she is. That's her," he said pointing. "She's here. She's really here."

As if he was a little boy spotting his mother in the crowd, he was so excited to see her. He couldn't wait to be with her. He couldn't wait to touch her, kiss her, feel her, and hold her. In the way she walked and in the way she looked, as if a thousand love songs played simultaneously through his head in an endless melody, he was even more excited to see her now as he was then.

All dressed in white, as if white was her special uniform or purity, innocence, and virginity, but in the way she's given him passionate sex, she was no virgin. The only color contrasting her linen white suit were her long, lush, blonde hair and her big, bright, blue eyes. His Angel without wings and halo, but an Angel nonetheless, the sunlight shining behind her illuminated her as if she was electric. Even though there were other people walking beside her, in front of her, and behind her, mesmerized by the sexy sight of her and hypnotized by all that he wanted to do to her beautiful body once at home, as if she was walking alone, he only saw her.

Maybe he was getting cataracts but with the white walls of the nursing home looking as if they were white clouds in the background and with her walking down an incline as if she was glistening in the sun's rays that shone through the wall of windows, she appeared as if she was walking down from Heaven. Between the bright light coming from the windows and the light playing off of the white walls and the ceiling, Glenn imagined this was what paradise must be like with his Susan in it. Still pinching himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming even after being together for ten years, he couldn't believe she was coming for him. He couldn't believe she was here.

Suddenly having doubts that she'd show up because of all that Jimmy had said and hoping that she wouldn't just leave him in the nursing home to die alone, what does someone as young and as beautiful as she obviously is want with an old man with so few, good years left? He wished he was twenty years younger. He wished he was in better health. He wished he had all of his hair and teeth. He wished he knew the answer why she choose him, even though, in truth, he was the one who chose her by asking God for her while sitting on the park bench feeding pigeons.

He wondered if she was with him because she was looking for a Daddy. He wondered if she was with him because she was seeking a safe Haven from men her age who used her, abused her, and beat her, or because he asked God for her, too upsetting to think about why she was with him, he tried not thinking about her reasons why she so loved him. With everything else so very unimportant, he was just happy to know that she did love him and was here to take him home.

As if she was an apparition, a ghostly spirit, and an Angel that descended from Heaven above just to be with him and just to escort him safely back with her when his journey on Earth was finally over, Joe, Michael, Lance, Bill, and Jimmy stared at her as if they were seeing things. Looking at her as if they couldn't believe their eyes, with all of them so talkative before, not one of them said a word, obviously so that they could concentrate on watching her in their stunned silence. As if she was naked instead of being fully dressed and as if they were seeing a ghostly vision, they just stood there and stared at her walking closer to them. Without doubt, compared to all the other women they've seen, they've never seen anyone who looks as beautiful as Susan was when coming for Glenn that day. No doubt, they all wished that Susan was coming for them in the way she was coming to take Glenn home with her.

By their uninterrupted, heated stares, it was obvious that they were all envious of Glenn not only for having such a young girlfriend but also for having such a beautiful, sexy, and shapely girlfriend. Contrary to everything normal, a much older man with a much younger woman, things like this didn't happen in the real world unless the man had fame and fortune. How did he possibly get such a woman? Why him and not them? Why was she with him? He didn't have money, influence, or power. He was just an ordinary man and an old man at that. Average in appearance, he was just a nobody and if only by the looks of her, she was someone special.

The closer she walked, the better she looked. Closer and closer she walked until she was right before them and stopped. She looked amazing. If they all had asked God for a much younger girlfriend, none of them could have created a better looking girlfriend than Susan. In the way that she was Glenn's reality, she was their sexual fantasies appearing before them.

"Lucky bastard," mumbled Joe under his breath to Michael. "He's such a lucky bastard to have a woman who looks like her."

"She's simply amazing. Such a beautiful woman, I'm in love," said Michael.

Better than presenting his granddaughter, Glenn was beaming with happiness and pride. The fact that she existed and that he had been having intimate sexual relations with his woman made him a hero to the other men. Now that he proved she existed, he was their God.

"May I present Susan, my wicked, young, most beautiful, and sexy girlfriend," said Glenn with a gleeful laugh as if she was an unwrapped gift and this was Christmas.

As if he had been taking testosterone supplements and human growth hormones, suddenly when in the presence of Susan, Glenn looked younger. As if her smiling, shining glow was the fountain of youth elixir that he needed to erase some of his wrinkles and years, his transformation just being in the presence of her was amazing. Was it any wonder why an older man would want a younger woman if looking and feeling younger was the biggest benefit of all?

"She's probably his daughter," mumbled Jimmy to Joe under his breath.

"Guys, may I present Susan. Susan, this is Joe, Michael, Bill, Lance, and Jimmy. The love of my life, this is the woman I told you about in the flesh. Susan is my girlfriend, my best friend, and my lover for the past ten years," he said putting an arm around her slim waist before sliding his hand down to feel her round, firm ass.

Feeling and squeezing her shapely ass, he parked his hand there to show his friends that she was his sexually.

"Hi," said Susan smiling while looking from one man to the other before turning to Glenn to reprimand him as if he was a naughty little boy. "Glenn you're so horny," she said with a laugh. "Can't you wait until we get home?"

"Sorry," he said with a devilishly perverted grin.

"Hi," said the surprised men.

"I'm so pleased to make your acquaintance," said Susan flashing them a big, white smile. "Glenn has told me so much about all of you."

As if giving them the proof that they needed to show that she was real and for them to believe that she was Glenn's girlfriend and lover, Susan leaned down to kiss Glenn. Giving him a deep, wet, French kiss him, she stuck her tongue down his throat and he reciprocated her kiss with his tongue. Stunned into silence, the five men watch Susan feel Glenn's cock through his pants. Returning her lustful desire with his own sexual passion, he had his horny hand down her low cut blouse and bra and was feeling her big tits while fingering her nipples. In sticking his hand down her blouse, he pulled open enough of her blouse to give his friends a great down blouse view of her bra clad breasts. Joe, Michael, Lance, Bill, and Jimmy just stared in silence while looking down Susan's opened top.

"More than any other part of you, except for your lips and your big, blue, beautiful eyes, I missed feeling your big tits Susan," said Glenn.

"As much as I missed your cock, I missed you feeling my big tits and fingering my nipples Daddy," she said with a Heavenly laugh. "I can't wait to get you home to fuck you and suck you," she purposely whispered loud enough in Glenn's ear for the other five men to hear what she said.

"Wow," said Joe staring at Susan kissing Glenn and Glenn having his horny way with Susan's tits. "I may be wrong, but I don't think that's his daughter," he said shaking his head in shocked disbelief.

"She's probably an actress or a hooker he paid to play the part," said Jimmy whispering to Joe and obviously still not believing that someone like her would be with someone like Glenn.

"I really don't care who she is, if she's his daughter, someone he paid, or if she really is his girlfriend," whispered Bill to Jimmy. "This display of genuine affection was well worth me waking up early to see. Damn, I wish someone that young, that beautiful, and that sexy would French kiss me while allowing me to feel her big tits."

"Wow," said Michael. "Just in the way that Glenn has described her, she's as if I've seen her before in my dreams and she's all that I've imagined she'd be."

"Wow," said Lance. "She's even more beautiful than I imagined. If you ask me, Glenn didn't do her justice in describing her. She's the most beautiful and sexy woman I've ever seen in my life since seeing Loni Anderson on WKRP in Cincinnati."

"Fuck me. I don't fucking believe it," said Jimmy kicking a chair and standing away from Glenn and Susan for them not to hear his reaction to them making out and feeling up one another. "Even though I'm seeing it with my own eyes, I still don't believe she exists. How in the Hell did someone like him get someone like her? There is no God when the world is so upside down. How in the Hell does a man as old as Glenn, a man who doesn't have a dollar to his name, other than his retirement and Social Security, get a broad who looks like her? It makes no sense. It just makes no sense."

"I love you Daddy," she said.

"I love you Susan," said Glenn.

"Are you ready to leave this place?" Susan helped Glenn in the wheelchair.

"Ready? I'm absolutely ready to leave this place. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed. I'll drive," he said.

"No need," she said. "There's a taxi waiting out from for us out front."

"Bye Joe. Bye Bill. Bye Michael. Bye Lance. Bye Jimmy," said Glenn waving good-bye to his five friends. "Take care of yourselves and if you're ever in my neck of the woods, you're always welcome to visit me," he said.

She moved the wheelchair up the long hallway and to the curb while the five men followed her and her shapely ass and watched her get in the cab with Glenn.

Firing off photo after photo, needing his camera to prove that he wasn't seeing things, Jimmy couldn't believe his eyes that Susan was real and was really Glenn's much younger girlfriend and lover. Unless Glenn was a billionaire or someone famous, he never would have believed that someone as young and as beautiful as Susan was 77-year-old, Glenn's wicked hot girlfriend. Had he not seen it with his own eyes and filmed it with his own camera, he never would have believe it. Had he not been there to see their affectionate display for himself, he couldn't believe it when Susan French kiss him. He never would have believed that Susan was his lover had he not seen Glenn bury his old, wrinkled hand down her blouse and inside of her bra while feeing her big tits and fingering her nipples. Even after seeing the unbelievable sexy scene between an old man with a young, beautiful woman, he never would have believed it had he not had the photos he just took as proof positive that she truly exists.

Only, when Jimmy looked at the photos after they left, strangely enough, Susan wasn't in any of the pictures. There was just an orderly dressed in white delivering the wheelchair. The pictures were only of Glen and the orderly. Susan wasn't pushing the wheelchair. There was just Glenn being wheeled out of the nursing home with the orderly pushing the wheelchair behind him. He couldn't believe his eyes. How could she not be there? He saw her with his own eyes, they all did. They all spoke to her and she spoke to them.

Was it mass hypnosis? Did they all want to believe so much that Susan existed that they all imagined her in the way that Glenn did? Or was it something else? Was she an Angel delivered down to Glenn because he had faith, because he believed, and because he prayed every day on that park bench while feeding the pigeons. There was only one way to find out the answer and Jimmy was determined to find it out for himself.

To be continued...

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