tagNovels and NovellasWoman of Old Vintage Ch. 01

Woman of Old Vintage Ch. 01


(This is a real life story of a friend of mine. She is gorgeous in her looks and is a Bi. She and her husband is a very liberated couple.)

One particular weekend I was very bored. My husband was scheduled to be back home on Friday evening. But he called to say that he was not coming home until Monday. On Friday evening, I was getting bored to death and was nursing a glass of scotch. Drinking alone was no fun. So, I started ringing up my friends so that I could at least enjoy my drinks in good company. But it was 9 p.m. and all my friends were out, or had guests at home. Suddenly, the telephone rang.

It was the youngest aunt of my husband, whom I called mashimoni. She, though in her late forties, is a beauty and looked very young for her age. She is very affectionate and friendly to me. Some years back, I spent a day at her house when both of our hubbies were on tour. We spent a lazy day just chatting and doing nothing.

When it was time for going to bath (by that time we were sipping beer and in a great mood), she said the bath would be a bad break in our enjoyable time and if I did not mind we could have our bath together. I am never uneasy in nudity with women I know well and I liked the idea. So we carried our beer glasses to the bathroom. As I was wondering whether to undress fully, she took off her lingerie without any hesitation and she had nothing underneath. So, I did not hesitate to undress fully.

Unique thing about her body was the fairness of her silky skin. Seeing her whole body totally without cover was stunning for me. I noticed her silky smooth armpit, which had its own beauty. Her pubic hair was trimmed but fairly thick and looked jet black against the very fair backdrop of her skin. Her buttocks were rather large and the skin was extremely smooth. So were her thighs. In those days, I was not particularly attracted to women. Still her gorgeous nudity was a great attraction to me.

We had a lengthy bath together. She offered to soap my back and in the process soaped my whole body. Her hands were affectionate and lingered unusually long on my breasts and pussy. This appeared a little abnormal to me, but her touch felt quite nice. I also soaped her and enjoyed the softness of her body & silky feel of her skin. As I showed no interest our touching each other ended at towelling each other dry. But this bathing together in the nude stirred me a bit. I wondered if mashimoni was interested in anything beyond mere touch.

Later on, I came to know that my hubby, who is almost same age as her, had sex with her a number of times (including once in last one year). I was certain that she had an active sex life. As I was talking to her, I remembered her naked image inside her bathroom. I thought it was quite possible that mashimoni did want some pleasure out of me on that day. The thoughts warmed me up and I felt excited. Mashimoni was telling me that her husband had just left town for about a week and she called me up to spend some time chatting over telephone.

I was not fully sure if she was actually interested in sex with me, but decided to give it a try. At least, I would have some agreeable company for drinks. So, I invited her to come over for a drink, followed by bought out dinner. Since she was not having transport, I offered to send my driver to pick her up. I told her that she could spend the night at my place and I would drop her home next morning. That would avoid holding the driver back too late. She very much liked the idea and though she was not very comfortable with the idea of leaving her flat locked up for the night, she decided to come over.

After sending off the driver for fetching the guest and ordering some Chinese food (mashimoni's favourite), I started preparing for the evening. Initially I wanted to take a shower, but decided against it (I had some interesting idea of having a shower later in the night). In the bathroom, I undressed, had a narcissistic look at my naked image in the mirror and just freshened myself up with a face wash. I came out naked in the bedroom, and stood in front of the mirror to watch my 35 year old body in the nude.

I was quite happy at the look of my 36c breasts and my 30 inch waist. My regular golf and swimming did keep me in good shape. My hips were rather large at 39 inches, but that did pose some attraction to men & women alike. My thighs were long in keeping with my 5'6" height and had a good conical shape. My armpits had thick & coarse dark stubbles, as I didn't shave for nearly a week. I wondered if I should shave as mashimoni used to shave her underarm clean. But I raised my arms to look at my armpits and felt that the coarse stubble looked damn sexy and decided against shaving. As I narcissistically watched my nudity, I realised that my waist & hips were the most attractive parts of my body. My pubic bush enhanced the beauty of my fatless belly with a deep set belly button. My husband & I loved the abundance of thick hair and I nurtured the bush with best of care. I never shaved but trimmed it very carefully from the sides & top to keep it in the shape of a perfect triangle. It nicely extended on the sides along the joining line of thigh & belly and the bush looks like black bikini bottom.

I generously applied perfume all over my body. I made sure that my neck, underarms, cleavage & the breasts, bums and the pubic bush had best of aroma. I took some perfume on my fingertips and applied on my nipples. My nipples are like ripe grapes and they tingled at the touch of my fingers. I realised that the touch of my fingers created a 'hard on'.

I took my time to choose my dress and finally put on a milk white, skin hugging skirt and a black halter necked blouse. I thought of not wearing bra and panty. But then I felt that undressing, if that was to take place, would be too quick without the undergarments. So, I put on a pair of lacy, almost see through, black bra & panty.

By the time I got ready, the bell rang. There was smiling mashimoni looking ravishingly beautiful in a red sari and black sleeveless blouse. She had lovely straight hair with a wide band of grey hair running diagonally across her head. She carried a nice bunch of roses and she looked really happy to have come over. As I ushered her in, she walked in with a lovely sway in her bum. We hugged each other and I kissed her cheek rather affectionately. She kissed me back, embraced me rather closely and caressed my bare back and arms with her soft hands. I thought the signal was definitely positive.

We held each other in embrace for couple of minutes. I was enjoying her touch and as she was showing no sign of breaking up, she must have been enjoying too. Then there was this doorbell ringing. It was the Chinese food delivery boy. I made mashimoni comfortable, disposed off the delivery boy, put the food in the microwave and started fixing the drink.

Like me, mashimoni enjoyed her premium scotch but kept within limits. But I knew that, again like me, she didn't mind crossing the limit, when free of worries and in right company. I remembered one occasion at her house when both of us got a bit tipsy in the company of only our husbands. That evening was a very enjoyable one, though there was no sex as such. But we danced a lot and felt wonderful.

I had a full bottle of Glenfidich, which we were both very fond of. I made the drinks, a large one on the rocks for her and a small one with a dash of soda for me. We settled down on a divan and started a relaxed chat. She was in a great mood as her daughter had called from abroad in the morning to say that she was expecting her first child. We chatted on many things and kept on sipping the drinks, seating very close to each other.

After some time, we left the divan and settled down on the carpet. She sat in an inclined position and I sat just in front of her and rested lightly on her hips. I was enjoying the softness of her large & soft buttocks. All the time, I was holding her soft hands and caressing her cheeks, her arms, her back, her feet and a few inches of her exposed leg. As we have always been very intimate to each other, this physical closeness was quite normal. I, unlike all previous occasions, was enjoying the closeness of her body.

When I finished my second small, she had almost finished her second large. I knew that two large drinks was her limit, but still offered her the third. She agreed with a smile. This time, I poured her a larger one with more ice. Her sips became more frequent and she was becoming livelier every minute.

Mashimoni was a smoker earlier, so was I in my early years. We both gave up smoking many years ago. But I still enjoyed one or two with my drinks. I got hold of a pack and asked her if she would like to have a smoke. She nodded and I lighted cigarettes for both of us. While lighting her cigarette my elbow & arms touched her soft breasts squarely and the sensation made me warm, I prolonged the process.

We were then talking about our likes & dislikes, our personal pleasures, our loneliness etc. Both of us wholeheartedly agreed that without each other's company, this evening would have been very boring and lonely. She said I saved the evening for her and to show her gratefulness, she drew my face close and kissed my both cheeks, eyes & ears. Her lips were soft & wet and I shivered particularly when she kissed my ears.

At this point of time, I became hopeful that she physically desired me. I took a little courage and kissed her back in the cheeks, neck and the ears, holding her close and feeling the softness of her body. I could feel that her body was responding to me.

I had by that time, finished my third small and said, " I am feeling like having another one, though I have finished my quota. "

She said, " I am already over my limit, why not you?"

"But I am putting on weight, my hips and thighs are growing big." I answered.

"Of course, not. Your heavy bum is very enticing.", she said and patted my buttocks and that was a little longish. ("Motei na. Tomar pachha bhari bolei eto lobhoniyo.")

I poured my fourth small and gave her another large. She protested and showed her belly and said, " Look at the weight I am putting here".

I jumped at the opportunity and held her at the waist. Her waistline was reasonably slim for her age and her belly had a slight sexy bulge. She tied her sari quite low, well below the belly button. That made her fair belly look sexier.

" Let me see" I said and pulled her sari down as much as I could.

I wanted to see her pubic hair but did not succeed fully. I could see only the top fringe of the black hairline, which looked rich against her fair skin. The line joining her thighs and abdomen also could be seen. I kept the sari in that position and fondled the smooth skin of her belly and the top portion of thighs for a while. I turned her round and lowered her sari in the back almost to the parting of the buttocks and enjoyed touching her there.

Finally, I put her sari back into position and said, "You are in a very good shape. A few drinks extra wouldn't matter". ("Tomar goron ekhono darun ache. Ekta duto drink e kichhu ashbe jabena.")

So, she took another in the same glass, though her third large was not over. As the mood was fully on, I put on some CDs with romantic slow music. I asked her if she would like to dance. She said she would enjoy it and we started a slow close dance. I held her by the waist and made my hands move – upwards over her back, downwards over her hips. I also felt her hands moving over my bare back and on my waist and hips. Our breasts touched and the feeling of softness was heavenly.

At that point of time, I was fairly tipsy and she was probably more. Inhibitions were falling apart and we both knew what we wanted. I kissed her eyes, she kissed my ears. I kissed her cheeks, she kissed my neck. I kissed her ears, she kissed my cheeks. Finally, I put my lips on hers. She parted her lips and I put my tongue in side her mouth. She eagerly responded with her tongue. Our tongues danced in tune of the rhythm of the music along with our bodies. It was highly intoxicating and the kiss continued for very long.

When the music stopped, we stood holding each other for quite some time. Both of us were perspiring a little and mashimoni's sari was a little crumpled. I mustered courage to suggest that since it was getting warm we should get rid of our clothes. As she nodded, I took off her watch, her bangles & sari, blouse & bra. She stood quietly and let me undress her like a child.

Her breasts were large (36d), slightly drooping but well-rounded and very soft. Her nipples were pink on a golden brown aureole. I could not resist the temptation and fondled her breasts & nipples. The mounds were so soft that they melted in my hands with slightest pressure. Her nipples were about quarter of an inch long and quite thick. At my touch the nipples became totally erect.

Her underarms were satin smooth and a little moist with perspiration. There were a few lines of crease on the smooth skin, which looked awfully sexy. (Nikhunt bhabe kamano bogoler chamra reshom er moto palish. Oi palish chamray koekta bhanjer rekha phute uthe darun jouno akorshon toiri korechhilo.) I could not resist planting a loving kiss on the armpit. There was a lovely smell of perfume that got mixed with the faint smell of perspiration. The smell was so exciting that I licked the armpits with my tongue and revelled in the intoxicating smell.

I took her petticoat off to reveal the full beauty of her naked body. For her age, her body was well shaped. Her pubic area was covered with black and thick hair. (Apparently, she didn't trim the hair like she did earlier.) Her thighs were large but well shaped and very smooth. Her belly was not flat but had a sexy curve with a nice belly button. On the sides of the waist there were two sexy layers of flab. (Komorer du pashe med jome duto sudol bhanj.)

Her buttocks were so large (40?) that they created an hourglass effect, even though her waist was not slim. Her bum had lovely curves both sideways and backward. The backward curve made her bum sway with any movement. The huge expanse of the very fair bum was something to look at. (Bishal dhobdhobe forsha pachhata takiye dekhar moto.) Under the blemish free silky smooth skin the flesh was so soft that the fingers sank deep into the softness. (Pachhar chokchoke reshomer moto palish chamrar niche eto norom med je angul sohoje dube jay.)

Since she had drops of sweat all over her body I had an idea. I picked up a few ice cubes from the ice pail and put them in a bowl. I rubbed her body with the ice cube and getting startled at the touch of ice she sent out a soft scream, "whooo". As I carried on, she enjoyed the coolness. I covered her face, armpits, thighs, back, belly and her breasts. She was enjoying the cool wetness and I was enjoying the softness.

I took fresh ice cubes and placed affectionately on her lovely buttocks. I moved my both hands over the large expanse of smooth and soft flesh and enjoyed the ice cold soft & silky touch. I placed ice cubes even in her arsehole and then in her pussy. I inserted a small cube inside her pussy and she said, "ouch". The effect was so nice that she shook in joy.

As I watched her pussy, I noticed that the hair was very thick & coarse. The hair was not very curly and quite long, particularly near her pussy fold. It extended to the border of the thighs on the sides. The top was absolutely straight and the shape was like a perfect triangle. As I watched more closely I found signs of shaved hair at the joints of the thighs and along the top line of the triangle. This showed that she shaved carefully to keep the bush in perfect shape.

There were a few streaks of grey hair in the dense bush, which looked very exciting to me. On the overall, the pubic triangle was a very well groomed one. As the hair was very thick one could not even see the pussy lips except from very close. As there was a nice aroma I put my nose on her pussy and I could smell a lovely perfume mixed with a musty smell. The smell was very intoxicating. I resisted the temptation of putting my fingers inside as I thought this was too early to do that.

I was kneeling down and mashimoni stood with her legs apart allowing me enough access. As I finished, she pulled me up to standing position and kissed me softly. She then started taking my clothes off. She took off my halter & strapless bra and with more ice cubes, she caressed my back, breasts and armpits.

She put her nose into my armpits and took a deep smell of my perfume. At this stage, I apologized to her for not shaving my armpits. (Amar bogole onek lom hoye gechhe. Kamiye rakha uchit chhilo.)

She said that she in fact liked my armpits hairy. She remembered that so many years ago when she saw me naked, my armpits were fully hairy. She very much appreciated that as she felt that hair added a lot of charm to the armpit. In fact, she was expecting a full growth in my armpits. But she felt that what I had now was nice, coarse & thick. ("Na, na tomar bogoler chul amar khub bhalo lagchhe. Sei onek bochhor age jokhon tomay prothom nangto dekhechhilam, tomar bogole bhorti jongol chhilo. Bogole oto ghono chul dekhe khub gorom hoye giyechhilam. Ami asha korechhilam je ajo tomar bogole puro jongol dekhte pabo. Tobe ekhonkar chultao besh bhalo, khub mota ar kora.")

She licked my armpits and her soft tongue sent a tingling sensation through my spine.

She unclasped my skirt and it fell off. She rubbed my belly & belly button and probed inside my belly button with her finger. My lacy panty was still on and she kissed me on the panty. After she took the panty off, she affectionately moved her hand on my pubic area. She turned me around and fondled my buttocks. She moved her hands, with a lot of care, over my legs, thighs, lower abdomen, buttocks and the pussy. She parted the cheeks of the bum and gave me a short lick with her tongue. Her soft tongue gave me a thrilling sensation and I shrieked.

As we were totally free of clothes I put on another CD and we started dancing holding each other. We kissed again very deeply and our bodies were pressed against each other. As our cold skin touched, the sensation was great. Our breasts pressed each other and I pressed my pussy against hers. The rubbing of one bushy pussy on another created a great sensation. As the pussies played on each other, juices flew out incessantly and even our thighs were wet.

She held my buttocks with her hands and parted the cheeks and caressed inside with her fingers. I also squeezed her buttocks and put my fingers a little in her asshole. I put my hands on her very soft breasts and played with the nipples. She squeezed my breasts in turn. I lowered my mouth and put my lips on her nipples, which quivered under my tongue. She also licked and bit my nipples, which were tingling in joy.

When we finished dancing, I asked her if she would like to take a bath. She said she would, if I also took. I said ok and I took her to the bathroom. I filled the tub with water and by holding her like a child made her sit down in the tub. I tied her hair into a bun and put a shower cap. I knelt down by the side of the tub and soaped her. She fondled my breasts and teased my nipples.

She said, "My breasts were also firm like this some years back". ("Koyek bochhor age amar buk duto tomar motoi sokto chhilo.")

I said, " You have nothing to regret; your breasts have not sagged much". ("Tomar apshosht korar kichhu nei. Buk duto emon kichhu jhule jayni.")

I felt shy but managed to tell her that her softer breasts are very nice to squeeze. ("Asole ki jano, tomar buk duto makhoner moto norom. Tai chotkate darun bhalo lagchhe.")

She blushed at this remark and I lightly kept pressing her soft mounds. She took a long time fondling my breasts and put her mouth on my nipples. She licked them, pressed hard with her lips and gave light bites. It was really great and I moaned in joy.

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