Woman's Day


We are three friends. Everyone is from military and we decided to moonlight. We retired from duty and organized our building firm. Business went nicely and we were getting richer, but our friendship was like in our childhood. Hen we were together drinking beer, every one of us said that our wives had changed. They thought only about shopping and acted like cold dolls in the bed.

One day sitting at a restaurant on the 23rd of February we were drinking very much and Vova suggested the way to warm up our wives, to show them who the boss was and to enjoy it. In short, he suggested that we arrange a group sex that everyone would take part in. He made up his mind to arrange everything himself.

We arranged to do this on the 8th of March, all woman's day! Vova didn't reveal the secret of what he was going to arrange, but we didn't doubt that everything' would be very merry and funny. He was good at that since he was a freshman in high school.

On the day Vova gathered us in the country. We boozed enough and gave presents to the wives. The host was checking his watch all the time. It was clearly seen that he was nervous. He went outside several times and talked on a cell phone.

There was a door ring at 9 p.m. Vova went to open the door, saying, "Who can it be?" As soon as he opened the door we heard, "Lay down! Hands free!" Four camouflaged men rushed into the room with automatic guns and signs "SWAT" on their backs.

"To the wall! Hands on the wall and spread legs!" their commander ordered.

"What's up?" Vova started protesting. "Show me the order!"

Our wives' eyes were like large dishes. The commander shown some paper to Vova saying, "We've got some info there is a huge portion of drugs, prepared for use in your house!"

With these words he grabbed Vova's wife's hand and pushed her to the wall.

"Now! don't make me force you, assholes!"

"Let me have a call!" Sergey's wife begged. Her father was a colonel.

"Fuck you! Give up your cell phones! Guys, check all cell phones!"

We were positioned against the wall and we rested our hands on it. SWAT guys made us take the right position with their kicks and punches. Vova tried protesting one more time, but the elder kicked his ass. Vova screamed and shut up.

One SWAT guy stayed to secure us and the commander and the rest started searching the cottage for drugs. During that time they didn't forget to finish our meal, taking it with hands and putting it under their masks. They joked and were in a good mood. It made our wives very angry. They were never treated like this and couldn't dream of it even in the scariest nightmare.

Sergey and I were staring at Vova as if asked... "Is it your idea?"

Vova gave us a wink and smiled. We understood it and started waiting for the consequences.

In a quarter of hour SWATS and the commander who took part in searching entered the room with words... "Well, are you gonna confess or we should force you?"

"We don't have got any drugs!" Vova replied.

"OK, you want the hard way! Sergeant! Cuff these men to the battery so that they aren't a problem! Women will stay here!"

We were forced to sit on the floor with the backs to the battery and our hands cuffed to

it. The women stood by the wall and it was seen their legs were shaking from tension and fear.

"Let's begin with the women!" said the commander. "They mostly hide drugs in their crotch during searching!"

"Sergey, what the fuck is this?" Sergey's wife cried out and sobbed.

"Shut the fucker up!" one of the swats shouted at her and pointed his club at her face.

"Another word from you and your face will be beaten!"

There was silence in the room and Sergey's wife sobbed quietly.

"OK, let's start! Ladies, take off the clothes from waist down!" the commander ordered .

The women stood still, thinking it was not reality.

"If I repeat any order or you take longer to execute it than some moments, every word will be accompanied with the club's beating!" the commander said and beat with the club on Vova's wife at the back of the head. She bumped her head against the wall and after that started pulling down her pants swiftly. Sergey's and my wives made up their mind not to test the destiny and got their asses naked with a record speed.

The sight was astonishing! Three gorgeous women with naked asses faced the wall. It should be said they were great: there were neither cellulite nor fat on them. They kept themselves in shape: with massages, pools, parlors, solons and the like for keeping beauty.

"Excellent! I'm impressed!" the commander said. "It's so difficult to get into you as you are dry. You should be wet! Guys, move their asses to their men!"

SWATS took our wives and brought them to us. By the way, there was Sergey's wife's ass in front of me, Vova stared at my wife's ass and Sergey did Vova's wife.

"So guys..." the commander said. "You're in charge of pleasant searching of your ladies! You have to make them wet in short time! I give you 5 minutes and the one who fails will get a beating with my club on the balls!"

Here my wife sobbed... "Bring us to OUR own husbands!"

"I have warned you!" the SWAT screamed. "You're allowed to speak only if you're asked or you'll get a beating!"

"Guys, help the ladies to get into the right position!" the commander ordered.

SWATS stepped back from the women and put their hands on their belts and made them look down. Our wives' cunts were opened in front of our eyes.

"Clock is ticking!"

I moved my lips to Sergey's wife's beautiful cunt. She started from my touch and tried to move aside, but the SWAT who was holding her, slapped her ass, saying, "Don't move!" Galina, it was the name of Sergey's wife, relaxed. I started tonguing her spreading her genital lips and tried to get as deep as I could.

"Can you bend lower, I can't reach the clit!" there was Sergey's voice.

That request made me laugh out loud. I had hardly kept myself from it!

"The request of workers is the law for law-holders (officials). Bend them lower so that the men could reach all they need to have a success."

The women were bent lower and I saw the mound of the swelling clit of Galina. I get down to that. Galina's breath was gasping and she started swaying her ass.

Glancing at the rest of the women, I saw that my friends didn't waste time. Every wife stood with closed eyes, gasped and bit the lips from pleasure. Galina had been wet so long and I didn't stop, keeping on to caress her crotch and the clit with the tongue.

"Time's up!" the commander shouted. "We're gonna see who's the best cunt licker!"

SWATS moved the women away from us, but didn't allow them to change the position.

The commander touched every woman between legs experimentally. He did not hurry and seemed to be enjoying the test, taking far longer that he needed to determine the wetness.

"Everyone gets "A"! But I think it's unfair that the women are satisfied and the men aren't! Let's kill two hears with one shot! Let's turn the women by 180 degrees: we'll search their wet holes for drugs while they satisfy the men!"

The women were turned around and made to kneel down in front of us.

"I give you 10 minutes for getting cum with mouth! The rules are the same! The clock is ticking!" The women's places weren't changed and there was Galina in front of me again who started unzipping my fly. I noticed the women's eyes shone with interest and lust, but not fear. I was watching my wife and Vova's wife.

Galina had got out my already swollen cock and started sucking it in with pleasure. I noticed she was very experienced in that. She licked the dickhead up inside her mouth with tongue or sucked the cock to the balls in the throat. She rested one hand on the floor and massaged the cock's base and balls with another. I thought I'd not stand long and I'd become Galina a loser!

"I see you guys are bored! Check them not with hands as they are sucking!" the commander said to his companions

Perhaps it was the fastest execution of the order in the world. SWATS hardly could stand watching the action in front of their eyes. Our wives almost simultaneously started from hard cocks entering their pussies.

At that moment I thought, "Why ain't jealous? Why I don't protest the fact my wife is sucking

a stranger's cock as another stranger is fucking her."

But glancing at my friends' faces I got it that they felt the same like I did. It was the sensation of sharing everything we had for the common good. This time we were sharing our wives who we should give a lesson earlier.

The wives got extremely excited. They hungrily moved to SWATS' entering cocks and choked on our cocks with their mouths. I couldn't help cumming, because of Galina and surrounding action that excited me too much. I was lucky Galina went on caressing my cock, swallowing cum and losing some portion from her mouth like a proved victory.

Sergey started cumming, too. Natalie, Vova's wife, knew her target well. I watched my wife; the way she started every time from SWAT's thick dick entering her from behind and tried to get Vova's dick deeper inside. It should be said, she always sucked poorly and never reacted to my hints and comments; she considered that she was good at it.

Here the SWATS, fucking our wives from behind, started cumming. I knew Galina had cummed, too. It was obvious by her shaking and skin colur on her ass and neck. Nataly was almost there and helped herself caressing the clit with the hand. My wife was reaching that, too.

"Squeeze her tits!" I told the SWAT that was fucking her and there was a moan out of my wife's mouth. I knew her tits had to be rough used in the final to get her into heaven. She sometimes asked to be bit. I saw the wife's thankful glance staring at me.

Thank you! She never asked! Everyone came within a half hour.

"Stop thaaaaaat!" the commander shouted. "Time's up! Who's the loser? All? Well done, good boys! OK, let's make this task harder. To do that, my guys and your men have to be all hard again in the shortest time."

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