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Women's Health Issues 101


Cindy cringed, caught herself and tried to suppress her expression. Her roommate Andrea was kissing her girlfriend Tara goodbye before the two of them (Cindy and Andrea) went off to class. Andrea had seemed content to leave it at a gentle smooch, but Tara had gone in for a second, deeper kiss. Andrea happily returned the gesture.

"Come by my room after class?" Tara asked when the two finally came up for air.


"I'll be waiting," Tara said. "So long, Cindy."

"Bye Tara," Cindy and Andrea started walking for the campus' science building.

"Sorry," Andrea said sheepishly.

"You don't have to be."

"I know you don't approve."

"It isn't that." And it wasn't. The problem was Cindy just didn't understand. When they'd first come to college the semester before, Andrea had a boyfriend she'd seemed crazy about. He'd helped her moved in and was such a nice guy about it. And he was awfully cute to boot. Then two months later, Andrea had just dropped him with no explanation and taken up with Tara. Cindy considered herself neither a prude nor narrow-minded though she had no interest in other women. Ultimately it wasn't any of her business who Andrea was sleeping with. It was just none of it made any sense. "We've had this conversation before. Let's just forget it."

"Okay," Andrea was perfectly happy to cut her losses. She switched the topic with enthusiasm, "You are going to love this class!"

"You keep telling me that."

"Professor Sawyer is the best teacher I've ever had."

"You keep telling me that also," Cindy said slyly. She had no idea what Andrea was getting so worked up over; "Women's Health Issues" sounded like a pretty run of the mill class. An important issue, to be sure, but nothing she hadn't already learned in her gym classes back in high school. But Andrea had begged her to come to a class and see what it was all about and she wouldn't let it go. Cindy had finally agreed to sit in on a class just to get Andrea off her back.

"You'll see," Andrea said with a bit of slyness herself. The pair had reached the science building and Cindy tried the first door she saw. It was locked.

"All the doors are locked this time of night," Andrea explained. "We have to go in around the back."

Andrea led the way. As they finally entered the building, Cindy thought about how strange it seemed that a three hour class like this one would begin at 8pm. It was dark already and it would be pitch black by the time they got out. The next thing she found odd was the students themselves. There were 15 or so girls in the classroom, spread evenly between upper and lower-class women. She would have expected a 100 level course like this one to have mainly lower-class women. And though she didn't know any of them (except Andrea, of course) she recognized all the students. She'd have to have been blind not to recognize them because they were all traffic stopping beautiful, every single one of them. Cindy understood why Professor Sawyer wouldn't allow boys in this class.

Not that Cindy felt intimidated in any way. She was hot and she knew it with her high cheekbones, long, straight brown hair, round, upturned breasts, firm ass and long legs. She never dwelled on her beauty, but she was certainly glad to have it. It made life a little easier. Andrea fit right in as well. Tara certainly didn't seem to have any complaints about petite blonde's tight little body.

Andrea led Cindy to the front of the class where an older woman sat, "Professor Sawyer, this is my friend Cindy, the one I told you about."

Professor Sawyer stood and offered a hand, "Wonderful. Cindy it is so nice to finally meet you."

Cindy examined the woman while they shook. She guessed her age in the early or mid 30's, a little young to be a professor. And she certainly didn't dress like any of Cindy's other teachers. Professor Sawyer was wearing a tight, sleeveless, snow white blouse and a daringly short plaid skirt. Her sandy brown hair was pulled back into two loose ponytails. Cindy couldn't help but notice the Professor was built like an older version of herself; she could only hope she looked as good when she was Sawyer's age.

"Andrea tells me you want to audit the class," Professor Sawyer asked.

"Ummm, yeah," Cindy said weakly.

"Well, we have room for one more so if you like what you see, getting you in won't be a problem."


"And now's as good a time to get started as any, so ladies, take your seats." The students immediately settled into their desks. Professor Sawyer grabbed a chair and placed it near her desk, away from the other girls. "Cindy, you can sit here."

Cindy took the seat, feeling a little self-conscious sitting at the head of the class. Reaching into her satchel, Professor Sawyer pulled out a metallic grey orb. She placed the orb on her desk, and pressed a small button on the top. Immediately, the orb gave off a soft, soothing hum.

"Everyone, start your meditation," Professor Sawyer instructed, then turned to Cindy. "We deal with some intimate topics in this class, and not everyone is comfortable discussing them. So we begin each class with a few minutes of meditation to get everyone calm and relaxed. Just place your hands on your knees, breath deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth and try to let you body relax and your mind empty."

Cindy looked around. Everyone had already assumed their meditation posture, the only sound was that of 15 girls breathing in and out in unison. Cindy shrugged skeptically. She'd tried meditation before and it never seemed to work. But what was the harm in trying again? Cindy did as she was told.

The hum from the orb definitely seemed to help. She was surprised to find that she was starting to feel more relaxed, almost like she were drifting off to sleep. She recognized the sensation, accepted it and let it sweep over her like warm water. She twitched slightly on occasion as the tension left her body. Even if she got nothing else out of this class, she realized, this alone would be worth the time spent.

"And you're slowly waking ... slowly waking ... slowly waking ... now," Sawyer instructed. The girls blinked their eyes and looked around, blissful smiles on all their faces. Cindy was amazed to see that 25 minutes had passed.

Sawyer leaned against the front of her desk, "Ladies, we've examined a number of topics and techniques over the course of last semester and this, and I think some review might be in order."

Cindy nodded. She couldn't count how many times in her short college career she'd walked into class with absolutely no idea what she was supposed to be doing, no matter how much she'd studied. She wished more of her professors would stop every now and then, just like this, to let her catch up.

"So, I'm going to need a volunteer," Sawyer continued. Cindy had to stop herself from raising her hand, much to her surprise; not that it made a difference. Every hand in the class shot up but one girl, a tall, buxom with straight black hair down to the small of her back, took it a step further. Not waiting to be called on, the girl rose from her seat and stepped to the front of the class. Once again, Cindy was impressed. There had to be something special going on here if everyone was so eager to participate. Maybe Andrea had been right? But then again, the subject was so been-there-done-that.

"Thank you Tiffany," Professor Sawyer smiled. "We've spent quite a bit of time discussing the risk of disease involved by having sex with men. You all know what they are and their consequences, so I don't need to go over them here. Even if you take precautions, the only sure protection is abstinence."

Cindy thought that over. Professor Sawyer was right, of course, and no one had ever made clear all the dangers the way she had. AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, warts, not to mention all the other diseases floating around out there that she couldn't think of. Men were just one big disease vector. Still, guys did have their uses, and it wasn't like they were trying to give women all their nasty diseases (most of them at least). And Cindy sure didn't like the sound of "abstinence".

"But you're all normal, healthy girls with normal, healthy urges, and no one expects you to go without," Sawyer continued as if she'd read Cindy's mind. "One of the options available to you is masturbation. In the past we've discussed various techniques and places on your body you can stimulate to give yourself pleasure. I want to emphasize again there is no one size fits all method for masturbation. Only you can decide what works best for you, using the techniques we've gone over will help you decide what works best. Tiffany, why don't you show the class what works for you?"

"What an empowering message," Cindy marveled. She was responsible for her own orgasm, not some guy. And she could do it herself and not have to risk getting a disease or pregnant or anything like that. She never realized masturbation could be so liberating, and made sure to watch Tiffany's technique closely. With a smile, Tiffany draped her right arm across her chest, the forearm support the right breast and the hand coming to rest on the left breast. Slowly, lightly she began raking her fingernails along her t-shirt, over the nipple. Tiffany softly sighed and cooed as her nipples hardened, asserting themselves through her shirt. The nipples plainly visible now, Tiffany tightened her arm across her chest, crushing her breasts together. Her hand motions changed also, she was now actively grabbing and pulling at the whole breast. She squatted ever so slightly and widened her stance; her free hand came at rest between her legs, her fingers rubbing gentle circles over her green cargo pants. A sympathetic gasp came from one of the seated girls, Cindy couldn't tell which one. Her eyes never left Tiffany.

"Even though Tiffany seems to be doing quite nicely on her own," Professor Sawyer broke in, "it's a fact that some women have difficulty bringing themselves to climax. In situations like that, one advantage a female partner has over a male is that she will be much more attuned to your needs.

Sawyer's eyes scanned the classroom, "Elina, Tiffany has given us all some clues as to what her body likes. I want you to interpret those clues and apply the techniques we discussed last semester in the "Pleasing Your Partner" section."

One thing that Cindy liked about Professor Sawyer's style was that the older woman never seemed to be lecturing. She simply posited a scenario and allowed the students to arrive at a solution. Elina was obviously a top student as she arrived at the solution very quickly. She was tall and well built, like Tiffany, but with auburn hair that had been expertly styled and almond shaped blue eye. Cindy had seen her around campus more than once, always dressed and accessorized to perfection.

Elina strode quickly for Tiffany, the heels of her shoes clicking as she went. Once there, Elina pulled Tiffany's t-shirt up and over the breasts, pulled down the bra cups and wrapped her lips around a stiff nipple. Tiffany's right hand was now pressed into the back of Elina's head, her left hand now rubbed all the more vigorously between her legs.

Professor Sawyer asked, "So, Tiffany, is that what you wanted Elina to do?"

"Yes," Tiffany answered through a sharp intake of breath.

"And how is she doing?"

"Nice!" Tiffany gasped.

"Very good, excellent work Elina. And class, I want you to note something else Elina has done," Professor Sawyer gestured towards Elina's waist. The auburn haired girl had undone the front of her jeans, pulled down the zipper and inserted her hand into her panties. Her fingers did their work furiously. "Just because you are giving your partner pleasure means you have to ignore your own wants and needs. Intercourse is a mutual exchange, and as we've discussed in the past, this exchange is much more easily facilitated in female/female encounters. By attending to her own needs, Elina is better able to meet Tiffany's needs."

Cindy's head jerked back in surprise. She'd never thought of it like that, but now that she did, she realized Professor Sawyer was right. It made perfect sense that another girl would know better what she wants than some stupid, disease ridden man. What an eye-opening night this was turning into!

"Just out of curiosity, Tiffany ... can you reach climax just through stimulation of your breasts?" Sawyer asked. The black haired girl was too far gone to speak. Her eyes clamped shut, biting on her lower lip, all Tiffany could do was nod. Cindy was so glad she'd had a chance to participate in the meditation session at the beginning of the class. Normally she would have been uncomfortable talking about or watching this sort of thing, like she was whenever Andrea was Tara. But that session had put her in just the right frame of mind. Maybe she'd been a little too hard on those two ...

"Lucky girl," Sawyer smirked, then turned to the rest of the class. "But not all of us are as sensitive as Tiffany here and need some sort of additional stimulation to reach climax. Let's see ... Gracie!"

A short Asian girl with long black hair, impossibly large breasts and a bitchy, pouty face stood and walked to the front of the class. Cindy watched her as she moved, thrilled that she'd been chosen for the next phase of the lesson.

"Gracie, I want you to finish what Tiffany and Elina have started. You're free to use any technique you're comfortable with," Professor Sawyer instructed.

Gracie stepped over to Elina and Tiffany, then dropped to her knees. Automatically, Elina took a step backwards to give Gracie room. Gracie slipped in between the other two girls and efficiently unbuttoned Tiffany's pants. Using both hands, she pulled down the pants and panties in one motion. Tiffany's pubic hair was trimmed very close, which allowed Cindy an almost perfect view of the wet and swollen pussy. The scent that filled Cindy's nose made her tingle. Gracie began by lightly kissing all around Tiffany's wet quim, only occasionally dragging her tongue along the slit.

More than ever, Cindy was glad for that meditation session at the beginning of class. If what Elina was doing to Tiffany would have made her uncomfortable, what Gracie was doing would have sent Cindy running out of the room. Now she realized it was really just part of the college experience. This is what it was all supposed to be about, students working collaboratively in the pursuit of knowledge, all the while under the watchful gaze of a benevolent and wise professor. To this point, too much of her college career had been spent in mind numbing cram sessions for professors who either didn't know how to or didn't care to explain what the hell they wanted or expected. And for fun, all it seems she ever did was go to frat parties where she spent most of her time avoiding horny drunk guys. Guys ... pawing at her with their disease encrusted hands. The thought of it made her want to throw up. No wonder Andrea had dumped her boyfriend. Speaking of Andrea, Cindy made a note to thank her roommate for talking her into coming to this class. She was learning so much.

Tiffany was really grinding her pussy into Gracie's face, grunting and panting as she went. The Asian girl didn't seem to mind at all. Elina's hips traced circles in the air as she tried to force her fingers as deep into her liquid cunt as they would go. Her mouth was absolutely devouring Tiffany's beautiful breasts. Cindy now accepted that Tiffany's breasts were beautiful, lickable, suckable, rest your head and take a nap on them-able, rub your naked cunt on them until you scream-able. And it wasn't just Tiffany's tits that were starting to look good to Cindy. Then again, it wasn't just Tiffany that was starting to look good to Cindy.

Professor Sawyer sided up to Cindy, "Beautiful, aren't they?"

"Yes," Cindy breathed.

"They're three of my best students," Sawyer explained. "But I have an outstanding class this year. They're all good students."

"They have a great teacher."

"My, aren't you sweet," Sawyer smiled. Cindy felt herself melt. "So, do you think you have what it takes to join our little class?"


"I think so also. Go by the Registrar's office tomorrow, get the form and bring it to me to sign."

"I will."

"But before I sign it, there are two things you have to do for me."

Cindy scrunched up her face, "What?"

"You'll fill the class up for this year, but I'll be offering it again next year. I want you to give me the names of some girls you know that could benefit this class."

Cindy's ticked the names and faces off in her mind. Her cousin Maggie was coming to this school next year, and her best friend from high school Leigh was thinking about transferring. And they were both really hot.

A scream from Tiffany brought Cindy back into the here and now. The tall brunette's body shook with ecstasy as Elina's and Gracie's combined assault pulled the orgasm out of her body. Spent, Tiffany sank slowly to the floor, Elina and Gracie supporting her as she sat. Once Tiffany was settled, the three traded long, deep tongue kisses back and forth.

"All right Ladies," Sawyer called out. "Choose a partner and practice what you just saw for yourselves."

Cindy watched with amazement, and some longing, as the students began disrobing. She found Andrea, locked in a deep kiss with a lithe Indian girl, the two practically fighting to get the other's clothes off.

"What was the other thing?" Cindy asked.

"The other thing is my favorite thing," Professor Sawyer smiled. "I want you to take a little pre-test, prove to me you can do the work, if you know what I mean."

Cindy knew exactly what she meant and reached for her soon to be professor. Sawyer took a step back and said, "But all the other girls are naked."

Cindy looked around. It was true. And if all the others were naked, obviously that meant she should be also. She knew that how she did on this pretest would decide whether she got in this class, and she was determined to pass with flying colors. She began by slipping her sneakers off, then unbuttoning her jeans. Slowly she slid the denim down her legs. As she straitened up, she grabbed hold of her sweatshirt, pulling that off in a single, sweeping motion. Down to her matching yellow bra and panties, Cindy stood up straight, making sure to push her chest out. She wanted Sawyer to see how hot she was, especially the wet spot between her legs. She couldn't ever remember feeling so soaked down there.

"Very nice," Professor Sawyer purred. "Now show me the rest."

Cindy smiled, so far so good. She unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. Now that her breasts were free she realized how hard and tight her nipples felt. She tweaked them with her index finger and thumb, flinching at the exquisite sensation. Sawyer licked her lips appreciatively. Cindy locked eyes with her professor, hooked her thumbs around the waistband of her panties and slowly shimmied the garment down. As she stood before her professor, her fingers lightly strummed her hardening clit.

"Ohhh, Cindy, I think you are going to fit right in here," Sawyer said. "Now show me what you've learned so far tonight."

The girl took a step forward, then reality hit, "I've never done this before. I don't know what to do."

Sawyer smiled sympathetically, "Just look around and try what the other girls are doing. Other than that, just do whatever it is you like done to you and follow your instincts. You'll be fine."

"She's such a great teacher," Cindy thought. So supportive and inspiring. Looking around the room Cindy saw that her Professor was right; the other girls were doing all sorts of things that gave her all sorts of ideas. Elina and Gracie were 69'ing, with Gracie on top, as Tiffany looked on casually stroking herself. Two girls were standing nearby rubbing their pussies on the other's thigh, two others lying on the floor had intertwined their legs and were pressing their cunts together as they sawed into each other. Andrea was bent over a desk, gripping the edges with all her strength as the Indian girl licked her out from behind. Cindy was fascinated by how Andrea's breasts pressed against the desktop. Once again, Cindy thought of Andrea's ex. He really was a nice guy, and he'd been heartbroken when Andrea had dumped him. That was sad, of course. Cindy never liked the idea of nice people being sad, but now she understood. Andrea was only doing what she had to do. It was so obvious now. Why had it taken her so long to figure that out? All around her were the sights and sounds and smells of female love, so clean and natural and beautiful. She'd learned more in this one class than she had in all of her previous 18 years. Now she was going to put those lessons into practice.

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