tagLesbian SexWomen's Health Issues 101 Ch. 03

Women's Health Issues 101 Ch. 03


Madison had a full weekend planned. There was the planning committee meeting for the fund raiser, and the PTA meeting, and the brunch, and all the errands and shopping that filled the precious free time of a busy woman. And Friday night was to have been the night she finally closed the deal with that sexy little thing from her daughter's cheerleading squad.

None of that had mattered when Professor Sawyer called to say she needed to see Madison right away. Making Professor Sawyer wait was unthinkable. So Madison had rescheduled the brunch and made sure she had a proxy for the PTA and committee meetings. She called the cheerleader to assure the girl she wasn't canceling, just postponing. She promised the girl they'd still be getting together and that when they did, and here Madison had dropped her voice to its sexiest timbre, she'd make it all worth the wait. The poor girl had moaned, actually moaned with longing and anticipation. It made Madison a little wet imagining the girl slipping her little fingers under her little briefs and frigging herself to the thought of what was to come.

Then Madison got in her car and drove to the upstate campus where Professor Sawyer worked. She made good time to Sawyer's condo. She let herself in and went straight to the bedroom where she knew the Professor waited for her. Sawyer lay naked on the sheets, an array of toys already laid out and waiting. With a moan of her own, not unlike the one the frustrated cheerleader had made, Madison ripped her clothes off and tumbled into bed.

Hours later, sweaty, panting and reeking of sex, Madison lay flat on her back reminding herself yet again how utterly grateful she was to have met Professor Sawyer. The month that had passed since the Professor had changed her with the help of the control orb had been the best of her life. She'd never realized she could be so sexy, or sexual. When Sawyer rose from the bed to walk across the room and retrieve a piece of paper from atop the dresser, Madison watched her with hunger. She didn't think there was anything she wouldn't do for the Professor.

Sawyer walked back over to the bed and sat down. She handed Madison the sheet of paper, "Recognize this?"

It was an advertisement for a musical that was breaking attendance records back home. Madison nodded.

"Your daughter told me your husband sits on the board of directors for that theater."

"That's right."

"So getting me a ticket for a show wouldn't be a problem?"

Those tickets were some of the toughest in town, "No problem at all. When do you want to go?"

"Tomorrow night," Sawyer said. "And I want a VIP tour before the show."

Madison knew she was being used. She didn't care, it made all the hotter, "I'll make a call."

And as Madison expected, it wasn't a problem. It was only after she put her cell phone back in her purse she thought to ask, "Why?"

"Why what?"

Madison suddenly realized her original question could be asked of a lot of things, "Why do you want the tickets? Why did you change me? Why are you doing all of this?"

Professor Sawyer smiled, "Having second thoughts?"

"NO! Of course not, you know that," Madison exclaimed. "I'm just curious, is all."

Normally, Professor Sawyer felt no need to explain herself to her thralls. But she liked Madison. She usually preferred her girls younger, but there was something about the beautiful, formerly prudish, mother of three that touched her where she was tender. She stretched herself across Madison's body and whispered into the woman's ear, "Because I can."

"No, really."

"Yes. Really."

Madison pulled her head back. Sawyer's expression was completely earnest.

"Didn't you ever wonder why I developed the control sphere?"

Madison shook her head, "It didn't seem that important to me."

"Three years ago, the government put out a contract for a new type of non-lethal weapon. They wanted something that could be used for crowd control, the war on terrorism, that sort of thing. The University decided to bid on the contract. They had two projects to choose from," Sawyer explained, "my control sphere and Dr. Rogers' suppression rifle."

"What's a suppression rifle?"

"A complete boondoggle," Sawyer spat. "It's supposed to scramble brain wave activity and render the target unconscious."

"So what happened?"

"The University decided to make their bid with the suppression rifle."


"Oh they had their reasons," Sawyer grumbled. She softly rubbed her pussy against Madison's. "They told me they were uncomfortable with the ethics of mind control. As if messing with brain waves is so above the board. But it looked like a weapon. Point and shoot, that's all they understood."

"But," Madison tingled as she felt Sawyer's body against her own.

"But they were really uncomfortable with me," Sawyer answered. "I have a friend who was on the selection committee and she told me the University didn't think the government would be comfortable with a lesbian in charge of a top secret project."


"So now I have a working control sphere and they don't even have a working prototype yet. And I didn't waste all my time and money just to have my project sit on a shelf and gather dust."

Sawyer bent down and kissed Madison, hard and deep, "So you see why I have to use my little invention, don't you? And you see why you have to help me?"

Madison did see. The University's shortsightedness made her so angry, "Of course. Anything you need."

"Good," Sawyer kissed Madison again. Then she got up, went to her closet and pulled out a little black dress.

"I just love the musical theater," Professor Sawyer exclaimed.

Sarah scowled as she walked down the alley to the theater's stage entrance. She took care not to breath through her nose. The alley was always putrid. Technically, she was supposed to use the main entrance; the stage entrance was reserved for the performers. But she was running late and the lobby would be full of audience members by now. And the stage entrance was so close to her office.

Sarah let herself in and went straight for her office, closing the door behind her. First she fired off an e-mail to her boss, apologizing for being late. Then she started on the paperwork that had been left on her desk. As the Director of VIP Services for the theater, a lot of paperwork crossed her desk. After 45 minutes, she stopped reading because she'd noticed two odd things.

First, she was feeling antsy and distracted. She prided herself of her discipline, but right now she was having trouble concentrating. The problems on her commute, the ones that had resulted in her being so late, were obviously bothering her more than she thought. Second, she couldn't hear the show. The audio from the show was piped into her office, as it was piped into the entire backstage area, but all she could hear was a rhythmic hiss of static. Maybe her speaker was shot?

She decided to take a walk. Even though her job was to handle the VIPs, she was the theater's unofficial trouble shooter. When things went wrong, and people didn't know what else to do, they went to Sarah, which was fine with her. It made her feel useful. She would periodically take these walks and try to head off any trouble.

Out in the hall, as she worked her way through the bowels of the theater, she noticed two more strange things. The first was she couldn't hear the show at all. PA or not, she should have been able to hear the music clearly. She looked at her watch. The show should have started some time ago.

The second odd thing she noticed when she checked her watch. Her nipples were standing out! Sure, it had been a while since she'd had a good fuck, but this was ridiculous. She considered going back to her office to get a sweater, but decided what the hell. She had great tits, there was no denying it, and that wasn't anything to be ashamed of. She opened the door that separated the "Staff Only" area from the Lower Lobby.

Everywhere Sarah looked, every chair and couch, along every wall and almost everywhere on the floor, she saw naked women in the various stages of sexual ecstasy. Sarah exhaled with exasperation. All special events were supposed to be coordinated through her, and she hadn't been told anything about this. She'd have to write a memo.

Sarah picked her way carefully across the floor, trying not to step on any of the rutting women. It wasn't easy. The sights, the smells and the sounds were so distracting and tempting, not to mention the fact that not a few of the girls were bumping into her as they had their way with each other. One thing she couldn't help noticing was all the women were beautiful: Young and old, professional and slutty, exotic and girl next door, they all could have starred in anyone's wet dream.

Finally she reached the stairs up to the main level. Two girls were 69'ing at the bottom of the steps. Sarah stepped over them, started up the stairs, did a double take. The girl at the bottom of the 69 was an usher, so why wasn't she working? Them at the top of the stairs, she saw the show's 2d female lead getting fingered by a very young looking girl. So why wasn't she performing?

"This is getting stranger by the minute," Sarah thought as she worked her way upstairs.

It was more of the same in the Main Lobby, with one interesting exception. A beautiful woman in a little black dress sat in a chair, sipping red wine and taking in the sea of bodies around her with a look of obvious satisfaction. On a small table next to the woman sat a near featureless grey sphere. Sarah recognized the sphere was hooked up to one of the wireless broadcast microphones the cast used. The woman in the chair motioned at Sarah.

"Hello there," the woman said coolly to Sarah. "I'm Professor Karen Sawyer. And you are?"

The name reverberated like a gong in Sarah's brain. She couldn't place where she'd heard it before, but she knew this woman was in the very highest echelon of VIPs, "Sarah Helich. I work here."

Sawyer looked Sarah over carefully. She was a big woman, six feet tall, and proportioned accordingly with big, pillowy breasts, wide hips and long legs. Her hair was blond and straight and just barely touched her shoulders. The black, ankle length dress she wore was just tight enough in all the right places, bringing attention to all her womanly curves. All in all, Karen liked what she saw.

"Ahhhh, Ms. Helich, we were worried about you," Karen said. "Your boss says it isn't like you to be late."

"Signal problems on the subway," Sarah explained.

"What a pain!"

Sarah looked around, "What's going on?"

"I'm having a membership drive for a ... shall we call it ... a sororital organization I'm staring."

"Where are the men?"

"Good question. They're in the theater seats, along with the women who aren't appropriate for my little club."

Sarah knew what that meant. Men and unattractive women were out. Made sense to her.

"Would you like to join our little club?" Sawyer asked.

Sarah had another look around, "Absolutely."

"I'm so glad to hear that," Sawyer smiled and Sarah knew she'd made the right decision. "Normally, we'd pair you up with another girl so you can be properly initiated, but I'm fresh out of girls."

Sarah pouted.

"But don't worry," Karen assured her. "We've wired the restaurant next door as well. Just go over there and pick out 3 or 4 girls to bring back over here."

"I can do that."

"I know you can, but this is very important. I'd send Madison to go with you, but she'd rather busy right now," Karen pointed to the floor. A beautiful, busty older woman was lovingly kissing the naked crotch of one of the theater's bartenders. "Whoever you bring back, Sarah, I want her to be very pretty. Not cute, not kind of pretty. I'm talking gorgeous. Clear?"

"Got it," Sarah confirmed. "No problem."

"Great," Karen smiled. "If anyone in the theater or restaurant stops you, just tell them I sent you."


"I know you're going to do a great job," Sawyer said confidently.

"I'll be right back," Sarah made her way across the lobby. She wasn't the least bit worried about finding suitable girls. The restaurant next door was well known throughout town for hiring only the best eye candy around. And Sarah was going over there to check them out, evaluate them, and bring back only the most fuckable ones for Professor Sawyer. It was all so naughty, it made Sarah's pussy twitch.

One of the ushers at the theater's front door tried to stop her, but gave way when Karen's name was dropped. Same story with the bouncer at the restaurant's door. The scene in the restaurant was totally different than the theater. Men and women had not been segregated. Everyone sat at their table with blank, glassy looks on their faces. All were silent; the only noise being a static hiss. It was a little like the same noise in the theater, but not quite. Sarah hadn't eaten here in months. As beautiful as the help was, that's how bad they were at witnessing. But she remembered a really cute Asian girl had been her server that night, and sure enough, she was by the hostess' station looking as luscious as ever. The hostess was pretty hot also, short and thin with perky little tits and blocky eye glasses, so Sarah brought her along as well. To complete the foursome, Sarah selected the two female bartenders, a tall, thin Ethiopian girl with the blackest skin and whites

t teeth Sarah had ever seen and an athletic blond with hair down to her perfect ass. Karen was going to be pleased.

Sarah led her troupe back to the theater's lobby. Once there, she noticed the red headed bartender, the one paired off with Madison, talking to Karen. She wore only a robin egg blue bra and matching panties. She looked like she'd been crying as she tried to put her black work shirt back on.

"Please let me go," the bartender sobbed. "I'm sorry!"

"What's going on?" Sarah asked.

"Back so soon, and you've done so well!" Karen smiled as she examined Sarah's plunder. "Gail here was quite rude to me when I ordered my wine, so now I'm punishing her."

Gail's sobs became noticeable louder. Sarah asked, "How are you punishing her?"

"I made it so she thinks she's still straight, but the site of women having sex turns her on so much she can't control herself. I'll show you. Why don't you arrange our new friends, however you like."

Sarah looked the four girls over. She matched the waitress with the hostess and the two bartenders with each other. As soon as Sarah gave the word, the girls attacked, ripping their clothes off in a frenzy. Naked almost instantly, the four fell to the floor. A gasp arose from behind Sarah. Gail's crying had nearly subsided. Her hand was thrust into her panties, a look of yearning spread across her face.

"Now Sarah," Karen continued. "I want you to lift your dress up so Gail here can get a close look."

Sarah did as she was told, exposing her frilly white panties to Gail's and Karen's view. With her dress bunched up around her chest, she couldn't see her panties, but she guessed they must have been drenched. She couldn't ever remember feeling so wet in her life. Judging from Karen's smile and Gail's groan, she guessed right.

"Gail, honey," Karen purred, "why don't you show Sarah everything you've learned tonight."

Gail's eyes darted desperately between Karen and Sarah's crotch.

"Please Gail," Sarah begged. "I'm going crazy over here."

Slowly, as if she were being pulled, Gail made her way to Sarah, then fell to her knees. Sarah felt tentative hands run up her thighs, thumbs hooking under the band of her briefs. The flimsy garment was peeled away from her gooey pussy. She closed her eyes and grinned, she was so looking forward to having her twat licked.

Gail's lips felt soft and warm on Sarah's pussy. She loved the way the redhead's tongue flicked gently against her clit. It was all so much more wonderful than she expected, but it was still missing something. Luckily, Sarah knew exactly what that something was.

"Karen," Sarah cooed softly.


Sarah ran a hand through Gail's thick hair, "Make her like it."


"Gail," Sarah said. "Make her like eating me."

"Of course," Karen smiled, then picked up the mike connected to the control sphere. She whispered some commands. The change in Gail's technique was immediate. Where the redhead had been tentative and meek before, now her pussylicking was bold and confident. Gail's warm tongue lashed again and again against Sarah's hard clit. Sarah was soon thrusting her hips in response. She tossed her head, looking down and to the right. The waitress was grinding her pussy into the hostess's face, squeezing her tits as she went. The hostess had 3 fingers buried into her hot, bald cunt. The two bartenders were engaged in a 69 almost violent in its intensity. Sarah pulled her dress up over her head, then chased it with her bra.

Sarah's head rolled back, and hands rising to knead her breasts and pull at her nipples. A tingle formed in the pit of her belly, slowly and relentlessly. She was going to cum, but not right way. It was going to be big, though, when she did. She groaned deeply, letting Gail know she liked what was being done. Gail got the message and stepped up her assault. She jammed her tongue repeatedly into Sarah's twat, raking it against the clit each time she withdrew. Sarah's legs trembled, partially from standing spread eagled and partially from her impending orgasm.

Someone moved Sarah's hand from her left breast, the fingers replaced by warm lips. It was the Asian hottie. Her lips wrapped around Sarah's nipple and her eyes glinted with gaiety. Her hand gently caressed Sarah's ass, a tiny finger sliding along, then suddenly between, her cheeks. Sarah inhaled sharply at the foreign, but delightful, sensation.

Something pressed against Sarah's right breast. The Ethiopian bartender was rubbing her tits against Sarah's and planting gentle kisses on the blonde's neck. The blond bartender was crawling her way forward, toward Karen's spread legs. The Ethiopian girl was now licking ear.

"I'm in love with your breasts," the ebony girl whispered.

The trembling in Sarah's legs spread to her entire body. She'd never felt so sexy and desirable in her life. And then a switch flipped in her body, connecting all the sensations pulsing from her tits, her ass and her pussy. A whirlwind whipped up in her stomach and the only place it could escape was out her steaming cunt.

"Ohhhhh," Sarah screeched, " Ohhhh ... oh God .... Yes .... Do it .... Uhhhhhh!"

Sarah exploded onto Gail's face, then collapsed to the floor, dragging the waitress down with her. The Ethiopian girl tackled Gail, lapping Sarah's juices off the red head's face. Sarah lay flat on her back, panting. The waitress rolled atop her, pressing their bodies together.

"Fuck, that was the hottest thing I've ever seen," she growled. "How do you feel?"

"Incredible," Sarah sighed.

"Then you got to eat me. My pussy's on fire."

Sarah wiggled with anticipation, "Okay."

The waitress slid up Sarah's body, the pussy hovering over head. The lips and close cropped hair were dewy with moisture. The aroma seemed to envelope her. As if in slow motion, she lowered herself to Sarah's waiting tongue.

It was midnight when Madison left the theater. She'd had sex for almost five straight hours, but instead of feeling satisfied, she needed more. Driving home, she pulled out her cell phone and called ahead. She told the girl to be ready.

Madison let herself in. She wasn't worried about the girl's parents being home. They were away for the next few days; that's why Madison had chosen this weekend in the first place. She knew the parents were away because Madison played tennis regularly with the girl's mother. The cheerleader was waiting in her bedroom, naked, her pop-poms held up against her breasts, her hair tied up in two pig tails, a sheet positioned strategically across her pussy. Madison slithered out of her clothes.

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