tagGay MaleWood in the Woods

Wood in the Woods


Ok this is my first story. Being young and explorative I'm not open about my sexuality. I'd been chatting on a few websites one of interest to this story was my particular favourite. I'd had a hard day at work so needed some 'release'. I logged onto this website and started to chat to a few guys but no luck. Was going to log off when one guy said that he lived near me. We chatted and cammed for a bit then we decided a meet up should be arranged he asked a time and place and I responded that I wanted to meet up now. He agreed to my surprise and he told me his address and told him I would be there in 40 minutes. The whole drive was sending me crazy, it was about 9pm when I left so the motorway was pretty clear.


We text each other for the drive telling me what he would be wearing and where to find him as we couldn't meet at his due to him living with his parents. I pulled my car into a small road and waited where he told me to- I sent him another text but no response. I was about to give up and drive around for a bit when I saw a guy on a pushbike matching the description he gave me. As he cycled past my car looked me in the eye and stopped. He turned around and pulled up next to my car.

'hi,' he said, 'are you Jay?'

'Yes you must be Jake?' I responded.

'Yeah, erm...so do you wanna park your car I know a place we can go?'

'Ok,' I parked the car down a second side street and he waited for me where I met him. It was getting darker at the time which was good because if we were going to do this in the open the cover of darkness would be better, lest we wanted to get caught. I followed him towards a field and we began walking towards a slightly wooded area. We didn't talk much I hadn't met with a guy in a while and from the sounds of him neither had he. This gave me a chance to check him out. He was 19 so a year younger than me at the time. He was walking ahead of me, slender built about 170cm so roughly my height. He had dark short hair which was unkempt which I found hotter as he wasn't obsessed with his looks.

As we walked across the last bit of the field the conversation dwindled to odd phrases mentioned randomly.. As we climbed over a sty I noticed how dark the wooded area was. We hadn't seen any dog walkers or any other person on our short walk so I gathered we would be fine here.

'this seem ok to you?' he asked I nodded and added that 'I didn't mind as I don't know the area that well'. he dropped his bag that he had with him on the floor and stood in silence.

'I haven't done this in a while so I'll follow your lead.,' I whispered to him.

'neither have I so...' he trailed off.

Ok time for me to act before it got too dark to see each other. I stepped forward towards him and he followed my lead, I gingerly reached up a hand to the side of his head and we both leaned forward and kissed.

'see that wasn't so bad was it?' I joked as I went in for another kiss. This time he opened his mouth wide and we explored each others mouths with our tongues. I caught the musty young smell of his body and it sent me wild. I let my hand drop to explore his slender back and reached down to his lovely round bum. He followed me lead and we played with each other for a bit, I could feel his erection pressing against my crotch through his shorts. I reached round and started playing with his cock through his pants. He did the same, letting me lead our little woodland fun. Once we were both hard he reached down with both hands and ripped open my shorts and reached into my boxers and pulled my cock out. This time I followed his lead and did the same reaching into his briefs to pull out his cock. His was similar to mine in thickness and I sized him up to be the same length as me being 7 inches. Pretty good match on meeting this guy. We stood there stroking each others cocks and his wrapped his hand around my cock and started to jerk me off. Any nervousness he had before was now gone. I pulled his top off and observed his slender body in the half light of the moonlight. Not much hair on him and a lovely curve on his cock. He moved his body against mine again and we started to kiss each others mouths and necks, this gave me a chance to feel the smoothness of his back and arms.

'you have a lovely body man,' I whispered into his ear and he giggled a little.

I stooped my head down and started licking and sucking his nipples. He let out a slight moan and rested his hands on my shoulders.

'whenever you are ready mate.' he said I took the hint and kissed down his body towards his genitals. I skirted my tongue around his cock and moved my mouth to his large hairy balls. I licked them and felt his body quiver clearly enjoying it. I sucked his balls into my mouth and felt his balls tighten. Once I was finished my oral assault on his balls I moved up to his cock I licked his shaft until it was wet enough to go into my mouth. I licked his head and then tickled his slit and glans then brought his cock into my mouth and he let out another low moan. He tasted yummy, musty enough to send me wild but sweat enough to remind me he was still young. I started rocking my head back and forth, up and down his shaft I felt his hips move towards me trying to get his cock deeper down my throat. I let him rock his hips back and forth then stand up to kiss him again.

'good enough for you?' I asked

'yeah was fantastic.' he responded and kissed me again his mouth kissing round my chin and then he nibbled me ear. He then bent down and started sucking my cock, straight away no messing about. I felt the warmness of his mouth around my cock and the wetness of his saliva around my shaft. He swirled his tongue around my bellend and my legs shook a bit at this. I felt him jerking off his cock as it knocked against my shins. He stood up and we jerked each other off again. I knew he was close as his rhythm on my cock picked up so I slowed down on my hand movements not wanting him to cum too quick and spoil the fun. I felt his cock and balls tighten so I lent down and started to suck him off again, as I did this I ran my hand up his inner thigh and he squatted slightly so that I could run a finger along his crack, I licked a finger and slowly inserted it into his ass. Soon after I felt the first spurts of spunk on my tongue - salty but gorgeously sweet. I stood up and jerked him off as I kissed him I felt his body jerk and he began to cum. I felt him shoot his load out of his cock and onto my hand. As he began to shoot again his load flung onto my stomach cock and down my legs. 1, 2, 3, 4 ...I lost count of how many time this guy shot his load onto me. He let out a final moan and I knew he was spent. I knelt down and cleaned his spunk off his cock.

I stood up 'do you have a towel?' I asked looking down at my spunk covered crotch.

'erm...yeah I think I have one here in my bag,' he said and turn round and looked into his bag. As he did this I got a view of his pucked virgin ass hole. I stepped forward and pressed my cock against his hole.

'Now this would be an awesome place to shoot my load into.' I smirked as he stood up pressing his back against me.

'maybe next time.' he responded passing me the towel after whipping himself down.


Once I cleaned myself up he knelt down and began sucking me off again. I felt the throws of my own climax taking hold of me he stood up spun me round and pressed his own cock into my ass crack and began jerking me off as he kissed my neck. He reached his spare hand up and began tweaking my nipples until I began to moan. I turned my head slightly to kiss him. His pace quickened and I felt my spunk shoot from my cock onto the woodland floor. Once I was spent he reached his fingers up to his mouth and licked my spunk from his finger tips. 'mmmm...' he moaned into my ear 'tasty.'

I turned and kissed him, both our mouths tasting of spunk. We dressed and began the walk back to where we met. We didn't say much on the walk back but I could tell he was as satisfied as I was with what just occurred. Before we left the field he turned and kissed me again and whispered for me to call him again soon. I left him leave the field first in case we were seen together then I walked back to my car and got in.

I was so horny on the drive back that I could feel my balls broiling again, wanting another release. As it was almost midnight now I decided that a release was needed. I had work early the next morning and a stop would mean getting off the motorway and then back on again, so instead I undid my shorts and pulled my cock through my boxers and started to jerk off thinking about what had just happened, still tasting his salty spunk on my tongue. As I reached climax again I had to resist the urge to throw my head back and moan aloud but I had to keep my eyes on the road so I decided to grip the steering wheel even tighter.

After I came I licked my hands clean 'wow I do taste good' I thought to myself and carried on driving home.


Well that's my first story. Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did doing it and writing about it. Any feedback is always good and I will release the next instalment of our little woodland experiences once they occur.

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by Csucker6410/26/18

In the woods

At 22 I met a guy who was close to 60 when walking home from my then girlfriends house on a very windy but warm night
I knew the guy from several meetings in the local park toilets ( I was his pet cocksuckermore...

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by Anonymous10/13/18


Almost reminded me, when i was young i would go into bushland, i would strip naked and wank, 1 day a much older man caught me, he looked at me, i was worried, he said, so you want some help, ohh wow, imore...

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