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My wife Sabrina (28years old) and I (30years old) had been married for 8 years. During this time neither of us had engaged in extra-marital sexual liaisons to my knowledge. Anyway, Sabrina is a very feisty woman in her early 30’s, 5’7”, long dark brown hair, green eyes, about 100lbs with 36d tits. I’m reasonably fit looking with short black hair, brown eyes, 6’2 and a 6” cock.

She had just started this new job as a personal assistant to the CEO of one of the largest timber mills in our town, she’d been in this position for about a month when her boss put on an end of year party courtesy of the company. Her boss’s name was George and he was a silver-haired, slightly overweight white guy in his late 40’s I’d guess. Anyway, during the party he pulled me off to the side and after some small talk about this and that suddenly popped a question that stunned me, I asked him to repeat it because I wasn’t sure if I had heard correctly and he said,

“Have you ever considered sharing your wife with other men?”

Many thoughts rushed through my head but all that came out of my mouth was a stuttered “y-yes but sh-she never liked th-the idea when I m-mentioned it t-to her…”

He smiled at me as he patted me on the back and proceeded to tell me in a sarcastic manner that it all depended on how, when and where a thing like that was suggested!

He pointed out a door at the back of the hall and told me that if I wanted to watch him seduce my wife then I should turn the lights off in that room and make myself comfortable behind the mirrored glass, he also suggested I grab a bottle or two of my favorite drink as he planned to “be awhile” with my wife. I was a little pissed off at his arrogant attitude and the fact that he thought I’d let him do this but then I thought of how much I’d wanted this to happen and found myself going to the bar and then closing the door of the secret room before switching the light off. I had a clear view of the room next door, it had a huge boardroom table in it surrounded by 15 chairs. Two-seater black leather couches were against all four walls and there were some nice ferns and palms against the far wall that provided a bit of vegetation to break the formality of the boardroom.

About 15 minutes later George and my wife walked into the boardroom and sat at the table together. George laid a pile of paperwork in front of him as my wife pulled her chair closer to him to view what was on them. I saw them talk for a while and flip through the papers and then George put his arm around my wife’s shoulders as they both laughed about something that had been said. They stayed like that for a short time and then George let his arm slide down Sabrina’s back until his hand was resting on her hip. If my wife found this a little inappropriate she didn’t show it in any way. Then I saw George use his cell phone and a few minutes later a man appeared with a bottle of champagne and three glasses, he placed the lot on the table and sat on the other side of my wife. This new guy was a tall black guy, about 6’6 with a muscular build, neatly trimmed goatee and short tightly cropped black hair, he looked about 25. George said something and my wife stood up and filled all three glasses from the bottle, I noticed George’s hand rub over my wife’s ass as she leant forward over the table. She turned, smiled at him and gently smacked his hand as she sat back down and sipped her drink.

George stood and walked over to the mirror and reached below where I couldn’t see, I suddenly heard a click and a very slight hissing sound. Then I heard my wife’s voice as she asked George what he was up to. It dawned on me that the boardroom was wired for sound and fed back into the room I was in through a speaker system of some sort. George went back and sat down and refilled my wife’s glass that was half empty. I knew my wife couldn’t handle much alcohol before she started getting “tipsy” and wondered if George was trying to get her drunk in order to pull this off. George said rather loudly,

“Sabrina, have you ever thought of fucking other men besides your husband?”

I saw my wife blush then shake her head. Then she looked first at George then at the black guy beside her then back at George before taking a long gulp of her drink. George then stood and smiled as he asked another shocking question,

“Have you ever seen another mans cock in real life?”

My wife’s eyes involuntarily went to the huge bulge in George’s pants as she shook her head again, Mr Black laughed beside her as he watched George at play.

George slowly unzipped his fly and reached into his pants, my wife said in a hushed voice, “George, I don’t think you should be doing that…”

He laughed and then said, “Yeah, you are right, you should be doing it!” With that he grabbed her hand and shoved it into his pants and onto his cock. I heard my wife gasp but she didn’t remove her hand, in fact I saw her slowly running it down the length of George’s cock inside his pants leg. I watched as my wife undone her bosses pants and let them fall to the floor, she kept rubbing his cock through his boxers. I couldn’t see how big Georges cock was because he was turned away from me but it must have impressed my wife because she was licking her lips. I noticed Mr Black stand and undress, I was amazed at the size of his cock, it looked like a 10 to 12 inch black snake. It wasn’t very thick but it was covered in bulging veins as he stepped behind my wife and lifted her out of her chair. My wife raised her arms as George lifted her blouse off revealing her white lace bra. Behind her Mr Black hooked his thumbs into her skirt and slid it over her hips and down her legs allowing us all to see the skimpy pink g-string panties she was wearing. The thin strap was pulled up her ass and her creamy white butt cheeks were smooth and taut.

Mr Black undid my wife’s bra strap and George pulled the bra from her tits, they were full and her nipples were stiff and poking out like they only do when she is very horny.

Suddenly my wife leaned forward and dragged George’s boxers down to his knees before grabbing his cock in both hands. As she did this George turned and I saw his massive tool for the first time, it was enormous. It was about 8 inches long but incredibly thick with a large swollen head, it was as thick as my wife’s wrists and his obviously full balls hung huge and heavy beneath it. My wife went to lick this huge cock in front of her but George pulled away and shook his head as he said, “No baby, there is only one place I want this and that is deep inside your cunt!” Then he told Mr Black, “lick her good Trev, she’ll need plenty of lube for me.” He then pushed my wife over the table so her tits were pressed onto the hard surface then he reached down and lifted her left leg up onto the table as well so her legs were at a 90 degree angle to each other. My wife’s pussy was spread wide open and her cunt lips were pouting toward the two guys that were about to take her. Trev knelt behind her and started to suck on her clit noisily, licking and spitting all over her vaginal opening. My wife was writhing on the table and moaning as George rubbed his cock up and down her raised leg. All of a sudden George pushed Trev

away from my wife’s now soaking slit and positioned himself behind her with his thick cock in his hand. My wife raised herself up and looked back at George with a sexy smile on her face and pushed her ass up and out making her cunt open invitingly. George placed the head of his cock against my wife’s womanhood and rubbed it all around her hole covering his huge cock with the wetness that Trev had caused. Holding his cock in one hand and grabbing my wife’s hip with the other he started to push it in her. I heard her gasp as George’s huge cockhead popped into her tight cunt then she sighed loudly as her boss slid his thick shaft deep inside her. I could see her cunt stretched around his huge cock as he held himself deep inside my wife for ages before starting to pump in and out of her slowly. Trev had climbed onto the table and now he lay in front of my wife with his long cock in her mouth as she sucked on him. George was speeding up now and I could hear the fuck noises coming from my wife’s full pussy and the slurping of her mouth on Trev’s throbbing cock. George was holding my wife’s hips as he slid his monstrous cock in and out of her, he was telling her how much he’d wanted to fuck her since he’d first met her at her first interview with him. My wife just grunted in reply as her mouth was full of cock. George groaned loudly and yelled that he was about to cum as he began thrusting in and out of my wife at a terrific pace. My wife started sucking Trev’s cock like crazy as her boss pounded her slippery hole from behind, suddenly she let loose a long moan as she came hard. Her body was shuddering her orgasm was so intense. Her boss gripped her hips roughly and pulled her hard against him as he began pumping his sperm into her. I saw thick gobs of white gooey cum squeezing out between my wife’s opening and her bosses huge cock. It dripped down her legs as George continued to fuck her. Trev jumped up and leapt off the table and pushed George away from my wife. I saw my wife’s hole stretched wide open and huge amounts of cum gushing out of it as her boss’s still swollen cock slipped out of it. George stepped back as Trev quickly slid his long hard cock into my wife and started to thrust it in and out furiously. My wife just lay there totally spent after her orgasm letting this black guy use her pussy. Trev obviously didn’t like sloppy cunt because he suddenly pulled his cock out of Sabrina’s pussy and slid it into her ass as she lay there. He slid right in as his cock was completely covered in creamy cum and my wife just moaned as he started to pound her ass. George shook my wife until she raised up and looked at him and he lay on the table with his cock sticking up in the air and told her to climb on top of him and let him and Trev double fuck her. She got up slowly as Trev slid out of her ass and then she straddled her boss and let him slide his cock up inside her soaking cunt again. Then she collapsed on top of him resting her head on his chest as Trev re-entered her ass again. Trev didn’t last much longer before filling my wife’s ass with cum. Her boss then rolled her over onto her back and proceeded to fuck her for over an hour before cumming inside her cunt again. I watched all this in total fascination and wondered how many times these guys were going to cum inside my wife. But after George had filled my wife for the second time they all got dressed again, sat and finished the bottle of champagne and then George and Trev left the room while my wife went into the ladies room to clean up.

I heard the door open to the room I was in and turned to see George standing there with a big smile on his face. He sat down beside me and asked if I had enjoyed the show? I nodded and then he said,

“Look Craig, I know that you like to watch your wife getting fucked and you know I definitely love fucking your wife. So how’s this for a deal, I won’t fuck her without you being close by and you don’t interfere with our little arrangement, fair enough?”

I agreed but then asked,

“But what about this Trev guy? How many times is he gonna get in on the act because I’m not real happy about just anyone fucking my wife when they feel like it!”

George frowned suddenly and replied,

“Now that is what I call interfering with my little arrangement. The way I see it is that if your wife is happy to let me, Trev or anyone else fuck her then that is totally up to her right?”

“Yes but…” I started to say but George cut me off as he said,

“Look Graig, I’m offering you this deal for two reasons first, it’s a more honorable way to fuck another mans wife by having his consent. Secondly, it turns me on knowing that the husband of the woman I am fucking is watching me pound his wife.” He paused then continued to say,

“but don’t get me wrong pal, I can easily just keep fucking Sabrina without you having anymore to do with it so the choice is yours. What will it be?”

He was right, either I stay a part of it and get the benefits too or I not only miss out on the action but I’d also never know what exactly was happening and I knew that’d make me lose my mind so I agreed and we shook hands on the deal. George and I left the secret room and I went and sat at the bar. Sabrina appeared about 10 minutes later and smiled at me as she hugged me and asked if I was having fun. I nodded and asked her the same question, she nodded happily and ordered herself a glass of wine. We laughed together and she flirted with the guys and danced and had fun then we went home. She went and had a shower then came to bed and kissed me goodnight and told me she loved me very much as she held me tight and rested her head on my shoulder. She drifted off to sleep like this and I lay awake reliving all that I had seen and wondering what was next…

The End

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