tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWork Place Encounters Ch. 01

Work Place Encounters Ch. 01


I suppose that it could be called sexual harassment if I had been the one that instigated the behavior. But since it was a woman, and not a man, it would be difficult to prove that there was some kind of intent behind the incidents. Besides, they say that sexually harassment is about power, not sex, and since we held similar level positions at work that argument was also moot.

I had talked to my wife about what had been going on over the last months and she told me call Kay's bluff and take her up on her offers. We then ahd to discuss the real possibility that she wasn't bluffing and really did want to have any affair with me. After some lengthy discussion my wife concluded that since I was always wanting to show her off, and have her be the object of lust for guys, I might as well have some fun too.

Here's the story of how it started with Kay.

Several times at work Kay would make comments about not having any good men around, or the good one's were already taken by being married. She'd been married twice before with one a divorce and ended up a widow in the second. She often would express that if I weren't married she'd be chasing me down in a second.

She was in her early 40's, compared to my 50's, but was still very attractive and always well dressed. On the occasions when she would wear something a bit low cut or revealing it was obvious that she had a very nice set of round tits. They didn't stick out very much, but it was obvious from the cleavage that they were very substantial in their roundness.

She enjoyed teasing and when I would come into her area to ask a her a question she would often squeeze her breasts together with her elbows so I would get distracted, and she knew it distracted me, as I couldn't help but look at her tits while she looked me in the eyes and smiled.

Several times as she would discuss something with me should would stand too close to me and subtly rub one of her breast against my arm. Once she even took the opportunity to talk with me while I was seated at my desk and she could bend over and give me and even better look at her cleavage. She then remarked she'd better stand up straight so I could pay attention. It was very clear that she knew exactly what she was doing, and seemed to enjoy playing the game.

This behavior seemed pretty harmless, although exciting enough that I had to have the previous mentioned discussion with my wife. A few months later, as we were at a business conference in our city things escalated even more. It was a 3 day conference held in a large hotel where we would go to the sessions, and then go back home at night.

During the first day as we had a break from the large meetings and were heading off to the breakout sessions Kay happened to get into the same elevator as I. Since so many people were headed in to the same seminar is was quite crowded as we squeezed together. However, it wasn't so crowded that she has to get as close as she did. As the people filled the elevator she managed to stay in the spot directly in front of me and without turning around, or looking around, backed up tightly against me.

I was amazed as she planted her ass firmly against my cock and as the elevator doors closed she moved just enough to let me know she was aware that my cock has lined up perfectly with the crack in her ass. She could also feel that it was having the desired affect on me and I soon began to get stiff.

We happened to get off at the same floor and as the elevator emptied out I held my notebook in front of me to conceal my arousal. I didn't see her again until the next day and she just looked at me smiled and winked. I think that she had checked out what seminars I was going to as the last session of the day she once again got into the elevator when I did, even though she could have chosen another one.

The one was as crowded as the previous day and once again she backed into me to make room for other people to get on. As soon as the door closed she started to move her ass side to side a very little bit, so that only I would be the one to notice since she was in contact with my cock. She got what she was hoping for and before we stopped I was aroused once again. However this time I had a different plan.

Kay was wearing a loose lightweight sweater and as the front of the elevator emptied out she stepped forward just enough for me to quickly slip my hand up her back and unhook her bra. I don't thinK I had my hand under her shirt for more that 2-3 seconds, but when the tension on her bra releases she stopped cold and realized what had happened.

I wasn't sure what she'd do next, I was thinking that this would be the moment of truth where her behavior would either stop on go on to another level. When she exited the elevator she looked over her shoulder and smiled at me and then went into the ladies restroom. I didn't see her during the rest of the conference, so I wasn't sure what she was thinking about this turn of behavior.

It wasn't until the next Monday at work that I saw her again and after the usual good mornings she didn't say anything else to me. A couple of days later we were talking about a project and she finally asked if we could talk. That's not usually a good sign for a guy, but I thought why not and sat down by her desk. She told me she'd thought a lot about what happened during the conference and was still a bit confused, and she also said that she was afraid of what might happen.

I listened to her and then suggested that whatever did happen was in the past, and what ever might happen in the future was up to her. I told her that nothing would every enter in that might affect either of our jobs and this wouldn't become gossip in the office. I then told her that if she wanted to go farther to show up at my office at 3 pm and to take off her bra for our meeting.

I really didn't think she would show up, but I was ready either way. I had prepared a document that would outline our relationship. It stated that I would be in charge or what happened, that should would willingly be my slut and do whatever I asked her to do. I then included a few examples, but the finally clause was that none of that behavior would take place around work, and that nothing would happen that would put our jobs in jeopardy.

It was getting close to 3:15 so I was sure that Kay had decided to back off. I was surprised when she knocked softly on my door and asked to come in. I invited her in and as she moved I could easily see her breasts swaying under her lightweight blouse. She'd keep her arms crossed, and covered up by holding a folder as well, since it was easy to see her dark nipples through the material.

When she came in she dropped her arms and set down the folder. She looked a bit embarrassed but bravely stood there so I could look at her. I asked her to close the door and stand behind the door so no one could see her if they might walk by my office window. She quietly moved over and did what I asked.

As she stood behind the door away from the window I told her to unbutton her blouse and show them to me. She didn't say a word, but started at the bottom and slowly began to expose herself. The top button was strange, with a scarf or something attached so I told her to leave that one and just pull her blouse open and hold it that way so I could see her tits.

Once again she quietly did what I asked and stood still while I looked at her. I made sure she was aware of my evaluation of her body. Although neither of us said anything at first she later told me she felt she was being examined for purchase. Which in some respects was true. I kept her standing there for several minutes and slowly she started to blush. With every minute longer her redness got deeper and soon it had spread all the way down her chest from her face.

I still hadn't touched her, but had made several nice comments about the shape and size of her tits and her nipples. Each comment made her turn even redder as she stood there holding her shirt open so I could look at her. Finally I asked her if she was getting excited, to which she said yes. I then asked her if she wanted this to go farther? To which she replied, she was standing in my office showing me her tits, what did I think?

I told her she could button up again, and as she did so I told her that he only way this was going to happen was if I was in charge and she did whatever I asked her to do. I then handed her the document. She read it over quickly and when I asked she said she understood but wasn't sure. I told her to take some time, but that if she wanted to go ahead should would have to sign it, and have it notarized, and bring it back to me. I reminded her that my secretary was a notary, and she could fold it so only her signature was visible.

She quietly left my office and I wasn't sure what would happen next. Even if nothing else came about I had enjoyed the several minutes of her showing me her tits, and I was satisfied with that. Several days went by and I was convinced nothing further would happen as Kay seemed to be avoiding me. However, almost 10 days later there was an envelope on my desk addressed in her hand writing.

Inside was the document I had prepared, and a letter from her explaining her difficulty in making the decision. I also noticed that she had taken the letter to a bank or somewhere else and her signature was notarized with no changes in my proposal. It looked like I had found a willing slut, and that she had even agreed to it in writing.

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