tagGay MaleWorking at Home Ch. 2

Working at Home Ch. 2


After a long winter but most enjoyable, spring finally arrived. The scenery started turning green and my neighbor and I were introduced to the gardener's surprise. It happened one day as we spent the afternoon at my place, fucking each other. The gardener told us that he would bring our surprise next time we got together. He wouldn't hint at what the surprise was but said that we would enjoy it immensely.

My neighbor and I decided that we didn't want to wait for very long so we arranged the next day to get together with the gardener and his surprise on the next night we were all available. It turned out that the next Friday night was set for the meeting and I fumed in excitement for three days, wondering what the gardener had in store for us. Finally Friday came and I spent the day making sure everything was done and finished as I didn't know how much time I would have to get everything done over the next few days.

That night, I went over to my neighbors place early and we sat and talked, waiting for the gardener to arrive. Finally around eight, there was a knock on the door and the gardener entered accompanied by two people. They were black and one was a beautiful woman.

I was a little surprised to see the woman but after introducing everyone, we all sat and talked for a few minutes. The gardener explained that the two new people were his friends who he spent a lot of time with when he wasn't with us. He said that we would be in for a real treat once we started. I looked at my neighbor and he had a funny but curious look on his face and was staring at the woman intently.

After a few more minutes, the gardener stood up and started to rub his cock through his pants. Of course, being very familiar with him, I wasn't surprised to see it soon straining against the cloth, trying to escape. The black man got up and joined the gardener and the two of them stood facing us, rubbing their cocks and moaning quietly. I could hear they breath getting faster as they continued and both my neighbor and I joined them. The four of us were rubbing our cocks, making them hard until the gardener started undoing his pants, letting his now fully erect cock, free from his pants. The black man quickly followed suit and soon the four of us had our cocks out of our pants and were stroking them slowly while eyeing each other.

The black man's cock was huge. I could see the veins standing out on its length as he rubbed its length slowly with his hand. The gardener was watching him and I was watching the two of them, as they seemed to match each other stroke for stroke. The woman was still sitting, watching the four of us with a slight smile on her face. We soon had all our clothes off and that's when I got a real good look at the black man and his body. He was very muscular and looked like he was in good shape as he had very strong looking arms and a flat stomach. We all continued to rub our cocks standing in the middle of the room.

My neighbor was the first to make a move as he walked over to the black man and removed his hand from his cock, replacing it with one of his own. He groaned slightly as he wrapped his hand around the monster cock, feeling up and down its length as he slowly rubbed it. He then leaned over and started licking the head of the big black cock. I could hear he slurping as he sucked gently on its head, almost afraid to try and get any more of it into his mouth. As he continued, I moved over to the gardener and we started kissing each other, soon sucking on each other's tongue. I quickly looked over at the woman and she was still sitting watching us.

I looked over at the black man and my neighbor and my neighbor now had more of the man's cock in his mouth. He had reached around and was holding onto the black man's cheeks, making him slowly thrust forward and back while he sucked and licked his cock. The gardener had my cock in his mouth and was sucking and licking it. As he did, I could watch the other two men and the woman at the same time.

My neighbor suddenly stood up and moved against the black man, thrusting his tongue into his mouth. I watched them kiss and suck tongues for a few minutes until the black man stepped back. "I want you to fuck me," he said to my neighbor. "I want to feel your hard cock deep inside me and I want you to fuck me as hard and fast as you can." With that he moved over to the nearest chair and bent over it, offering his ass hole to my neighbor, who quickly got between the black man's legs. He didn't waste any time as he thrust his hips forward and impaled the black man on his hard cock. I could hear his balls slap against the man's ass as he fucked him hard and deep.

The gardener now had me to the point where I was ready to come and it took my attention away from the fucking men in the corner. I came with a great gush and started to empty my seed deep down the gardener's throat. He swallowed quickly as I was gushing and spewing come quickly as I spurted over and over again into his mouth. After he took my softening cock out of his mouth, I watched my neighbor continue to fuck the black man. I looked over at the woman and she still hadn't moved. I turned back to the gardener and he pushed me down on my hands and knees and mounted me, thrusting his large cock deep up inside me. I pushed back against him as he started to thrust his hips and piston his cock in and out of me.

I heard my neighbor start to come as he let out a loud grunt as his cock started spurting his come deep inside the black man's bowel. I turned my head and watched the two men finish and saw my neighbor's cock slide slowly out of the black man's ass hole. His come started running down the black man's legs and he leaned forward and licked it off him. The pounding the gardener was giving my ass took my attention away from the two men as I enjoyed the feeling of his large cock sliding in and out of me. It took him a long time to start to come but when he did, he filled my canal immediately with his warm seed. He pumped his cock in and out a few more times as he came and then slowly pulled it out of me.

After untangling ourselves, I saw that my neighbor and the black man had the woman almost fully undressed. All she had on was her panties and the two men were working hard on sucking her large breasts and rubbing their hands all over her body. I noticed something else too. There was a large bulge in her panties. This woman had a cock and from the size of the bulge, it was a huge one. I looked at the gardener and he was watching the threesome on the couch intensely. Since his cock was semi hard but mine was rock solid, I moved over and pushed my cock into her mouth and she started to suck on it as the other two men continued working on her breasts.

We continued for a few minutes and then the woman asked us to fuck her. I moved back to let her stand up and she slowly pulled down her panties to reveal the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was not only long but it was thick and I could see the veins standing out on its shaft. When she was finished pushing her panties to the floor, there was a moment of silence and the four of us stood and stared at this huge monster sticking straight out from her groin. She slowly lowered herself down to her hands and knees, leaning against the couch and looked back, invitingly. "Who is going to fuck my ass first?" she asked, wiggling her ass at us. Since I was the closest and my cock was still hard, I quickly accepted her invitation and pushed myself into her ass in one thrust.

She groaned as I started to fuck her and the other three men were egging me on, telling me to fuck her harder and harder. I came in a hurry and spurted my come up into her and slowly pulled my cock out. Immediately, the gardener took my place and was soon thrusting in and out of her. He finished in a hurry and my neighbor mounted the woman's ass. Again he filled her with his come before pulling out of her and the black man immediately mounted her and fucked her harder and faster than any of us had done.

After he had finished, she turned around and her cock was still hard and sticking straight out in front of her. "Ok boys, you've had your turn, now its my turn. Who is going to be first in letting me fuck them," she asked. She was looking directly at me as she spoke and I looked down at her huge cock and was a little hesitant about taking that monster up my ass, but I knew I had to have it in me.

I moved over to her. "Get on your back on the couch," she said. "I want to watch your face as my cock invades your ass." I did as I was told and she lifted my legs over her shoulders and I felt the monster at my opening. She pushed slightly, trying to enter me but she couldn't get into me. She pushed harder and I felt my ass open to allow this monster in. I thought my ass was going to split wide open as her head entered my ass. I hurt like hell and I told her to stop, that I didn't think I could take her. She smiled and just pushed it further up inside me. It took her a few minutes to get fully inside me but she managed and I lived through it, yelling at her to stop, almost all the time. She started to pull it out again and I groaned in both pain and pleasure as she thrust herself fully back into me.

The pain finally subsided and I started to enjoy the monster in my ass. She was thrusting slowly and I could feel everything. The walls of my canal were gripping her cock as she fucked me and soon she speeded up and was pounding in and out of me. I was in a semi trance having this monster fucking me but I was enjoying it too. She thrust in and out a few more times and then pulled completely out of me. When she lowered my legs, my ass was sore and there was a little bit of blood oozing out of me. She quickly moved me out of the way and had my neighbor take my place, mounting him and thrusting into him in one movement. He yelled out in pain but soon was doing like me, pushing against her as she thrust in and out of him.

She fucked him for a few minutes and then pulled out of him. The gardener took his place and she fucked him too. She finally had the black man on his back, his legs spread wide apart and was hammering in and out of his ass hole. She fucked him longer than she had us and finally started to come inside him. He grunted when he felt her warm come spurt up his canal and she groaned loudly when she came. She stopped thrusting until she was finished coming and then pulled her huge cock out of the black man's ass. She slumped forward and was breathing heavily as she turned to us with a big grin on her face. She had fucked four men in less than an hour and the four of us were done.

I knew from the soreness of my ass that I couldn't take any more fucking that day and I saw that my neighbor was done too. His ass was sore and the gardener was sitting gingerly on his too.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I came back, the gardener, black man and the woman were getting dressed. Not much was said but the three of them headed for the door. The woman came over and gently kissed both my neighbor and I before they left. After they were gone, I looked at my neighbor and all we could do was smile at each other. Neither of us said anything. We were remembering the feeling of that huge cock inside us and relishing the feeling. I finally got the strength to get up and put my clothes back on and left, leaving my neighbor sitting in the middle of the room fully naked and spent. I didn't see my neighbor for a few days after that and the gardener didn't come around until the following week.

We got together and spent the whole time talking about the woman and her huge cock, deciding that we wanted to try her on again. The gardener said he would make the arrangements and we met the following week for another thorough fucking from this woman and her huge cock. She fucked us all and filled all of our asses with her come before the evening was over. I've gotten used to her huge cock now and have met with her privately many times. Having such a large cock deep inside me has made me almost indifferent to smaller cocks invading my ass. I am at the point where I want only her cock inside me and want only her fucking me although I still enjoy the gardener and my neighbor's cocks when we get together.

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