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Working Boss


My name is Jessica, and not doing so good at my job. My boss always acted weird around me. I didn't pay much attention to it, I just get back to work. So one day thing thing happened, that was amazing! Okay, so this is how it happened. Okay so I am 20 years old and i can hardly find any place to find a bra my size which is size 40.

I did't have a boyfriend so I was very lonely. So one day I arrive at work and i was called into my bosses office, she didn't look happy.

"Hello, Jessica," She said.

"Hello, Kelly," I replied.

"I think you know why I called you in here?"

"Yes, I do."

"Yes, your work is doing poorly, so I might have to let you go."

"No! I need this job it makes me have my car and house. Please!"

"Well, I know but you aren't doing well."

"No! I'll do anything!"


"Yes, anything!"

"Well, come with me" She got up and grabbed my hand and brought me to her side and made me go on my knees. After that she spreed her legs apart.

She said to me "Touch it"

"What?!" I said back.

"You said you would do anything so go on touch it if you what to keep your job."

I reluctantly said "Okay."

So I touched her bikini where her pussy was. She was moan quietly to my disliking, because I wanted for someone to hear. I kept rubbing her bikini till she moved it aside and said "Touch it, don't stop" I hesitated so she grabbed my hand and made me touch it. She kept moaning quietly and I kept rubbing her pussy with her hand leading me. After a while i did without her leading me. It felt great and I got this tingling in my body, it was amazing!

After that she made me stop, we looked each other in our eyes for a minute and then we kissed vigorously. We were all over each other. I took off her shirt and bra and she did the same. I licked her neck and moved down to lick and suck her boobs which were a bra size 46!

I loved her boobs so much as I was sucking them I stretched them around 10 inches from there original position, she moaned loudly which could be heard all around the building if the walls and door weren't sound-proof. She said "Fuck, fuck, fffffuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!!" I took off her skirt and bikini and started licking toward her pussy, when I touched it with my tongue, it was like the best thing that had ever lived was at the tip of my tongue! I started licking it roughly so she would moan. I started eating out her pussy, then she cummed into my mouth and I swallowed every drop of it off her stomach and legs. After that I went back to kissing her and let her have the fun. She started by taking off my skirt and bikini and started eating out my pussy, after awhile I cummed into her mouth and she swallowed it. After that we heard a knock on the door. We looked at each other and quickly put on our clothes and she answered the door. "Yes, what do you need"

It was Carey "Yeah, I heard something in here and thought it was something bad was happening."

"No, its nothing its just ways Jessica could be a better worker."

"Oh, but you can come in" I said

Kelly looked at me and came to me and I said in her ear

"She could join in" I smiled at her.

She came in and sat down.

"What do you need Carey?" Kelly asked.

"Well, my boyfriend broke up with me and I need some girls to talk with, is that okay with you?" Carey asked.

"Sure, how about we help you relax?" I asked.

"O-okay" Carey said.

I went up to her and massaged her shoulders and Kelly massaged her feet. I made her head go back. Her eyes closed and then I kissed her and her eyes lit open imedietly and then she let me kiss her. Then Kelly opened Carey's legs and moved the bikini and started to lick her pussy. Then I removed her shirt and bra, then started to play with them, the bra size was 48, so I loved playing with the giants. Kelly removed her skirt and bikini, and started to eat out her pussy. She got off the chair and took off mine and Kelly's clothes.

After that we layed down in a triangle licking each others pussies, me licking Carey's, Carey licking Kelly's, and Kelly licking mine. In a while we all cummed into each others mouth's than swiched by me licking Kelly's, Kelly licking Carey's, and Carey licking mine.

Then Kelly put on her clothes and said, "Wait one second"

with a smile. She went out and 2 minutes later she came in with Megan, the most beautiful woman in the work place, with bra size 54 and with an amazing body and face. She said "What is this about?"

Kelly said "Nothing, just to talk about your job"

"Then why are Jessica and Carey here?"

"To help" Kelly replied with a smile.

"Lay down on the floor" Kelly ordered.

"OK?" Megan said unsure and did it.

Then Kelly sat near to her legs, Carey sat near to her body, and I sat next to her face. Megan said "What are you doing?"

"Something amazing," replied Carey.

Then Carey started to take off Megan's shirt, and Kelly started to take off her pants, and so she wouldn't yell I kissed her. She tried to get away, but we wouldn't let her. When Carey finished taking off Megan's shirt and bra, she sucked on her nipples and pulled them hard, and when Kelly finished taking off her pants and bikini, she started to eat out her pussy. After a while she stopped resisting and started to comply and kissed me back.

Then I took off my pants and bikini, and put my pussy to her mouth and she started to eat out my pussy. Then Kelly took off her pants and began to scissor her. After a while we all took off our pants and ate out each others pussies. I ate out Megan's, Megan ate out Carey's, Carey ate out Kelly's, and Kelly ate out mine.

We all cummed in each others mouth's we finished and put on our clothes and Carey, Kelly, and Megan started kissing each other and playing with Megan's breasts because they were the juiciest of them all and I pulled down Megan's pants and ate out her pussy. We stopped then left and made plans for Kelly's house and she promised to bring all the girls she went in the bed with, which is 20 other women.

If you want what happened at the house than comment saying it.

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