tagFetishWorking [Him] Overtime

Working [Him] Overtime


Since I get a lot of questions about it for my other stories I will preface this one by saying this is pure daydreaming fantasy tripe. In another world and another time perhaps...


She was had been looking for work and he was keeping an eye for her and the next thing she knew she had interviewed and was now employed right along side him. She had to admit she was nervous as all get out but this could be tons of fun.

The very first night they both ended up working late which, from her understanding, wasn't all that uncommon. Now normally having to work late leaves one feeling frustrated and anxious to leave but when you are standing in the workshop of one of the hottest guys you've ever seen and there is nobody else in ear shot well...it gives you a new perspective.

He sat down in his chair heavily and leaned back slightly, feet apart, hands on his upper thighs. She kicked off her shoes before coming over and stealing his work hat. She flipped it up onto her head before sitting on his workbench in front of him, swinging her legs around and planting her feet in his lap. "Hey busy guy," she purred.

"Hey," he said, smiling a tired half-smile at her. He had been so busy all day with work outside the shop that she had barely seen him. A few words here and a few words there were all that they got to exchange on her first day. She had been missing him terribly and had spent a fair amount of time planning her line of attack for that night.

He rubbed her feet slowly as she dug them into his lap. "Are you almost off shift?" she asked him.

"Should be in a few minutes, baring anymore phone calls," he sighed. He looked tired and she wanted to desperately to help him relax.

She continued rubbing her feet in his lap, knowing he had never had a foot job before she decided to take the initiative. She knew that some guys were really turned off by feet but she had her theory that they just hadn't tried it and would feel different on the flip side. Not to mention she kept her feet clean and soft just for the purpose of giving excellent foot service. She had lots of experience with her man back home who had taught her everything she knew. "Undo your pants," she said with as much force as a submissive girly-girl could.

He smirked and kept massaging her soles and her toes, working his way towards her ankles. She spread her legs slightly to give a small panty shot as she pressed her heels harder into his now awakening erection. "Do it," she said with a little more edge to her voice then her last attempt.

He took a deep breath and unbuttoned his pants slowly, keeping contact with her eyes. It took every bit of her strength and resolve to not laugh or look away or blush and give up any amount of power she was gaining. She traced down between his legs with her toe as she admired the great paint job she had done before she left that morning: black with a single line of gold down each one. She knew the significance would not be lost on him. She spread her toes and slid them back up over his now very hard dick straining against his boxers, her feet pressed close together. "Take your cock out."

"I'm almost off shift, let's get ready to go," he replied as he tried to shift her feet off his lap.

"You already undid your pants so your argument is falling on deaf ears babe. Take your cock out," she retorted as she slid her feet up and down the front of his thighs.

He stared into her eyes for seemed like an eternity before reaching down with one hand and slipping his dick free. She immediately placed one foot on each side of his cock, squeezing it in between her insteps. She started slowly moving her feet up and down his length, stroking him ever so gently. He closed his eyes and continued to lazily rub her feet and ankles, occasionally looking down at her feet working their magic.

"Nice colors," he said, eyes still closed, head leaning back against his work chair.

"I thought you'd like them," she purred.

"Do you plan everything?" he asked her with a half smile.

"Let's call it a control issue," she replied. She rolled the arch of one foot back and forth across his erection, the toes of her other foot running lengthwise up and down his cock, her toes curling up over the head and squeezing it rhythmically. She then brought her feet back down, his dick now between her toes as she kept her heels together, flexing and relaxing her toes as she moved. She watched as his breathing quickened, felt as his hands grabbed and rubbed harder as she manipulated him between her feet.

"Comon, let's go back to the room. My shift's done," he said as he attempted to stand-up. She ignored him, arms in a locked position, slightly behind and to the sides of her body as she sat there, perfectly perched on his workbench, her eyes now closed, concentrating only on bringing him off with her feet alone. He took a deep breath and ran his hands further up her legs but she didn't waiver from her task. As much as part of her would love to have him buried inside her, still at work, all out raw, hardcore, animalistic, fucking right there, right now...she held back.

She could feel how badly he wanted to escape this act - head to the room, go for the pussy, anything, something. She took hold of this situation, situations were his to hold, and they both knew it. She put a foot up on his chest and pushed him back against his chair, her free foot rubbing his cock hard against his stomach, her heel pressing down lightly against his balls.

"Cum for me," she commanded weakly, her voice shaking. She has never said anything like that, it was too forceful, too blunt. She had asked him to cum inside her many a nights but that was with her face pushed into a pillow, or with a cock on her lips, or a dick deep inside her ass, or hands tied behind her back - she was always the submissive one and actually uttering those words was undeniably hard for her. She felt them nearly catch in her throat but, there they were, hanging in the air.

He shot her a quick glance before inhaling sharply and gripping her feet tightly. His momentary surprise quickly recovered by wit, "Really then?"

She didn't know if she had anything left in her. He could charm her into doing anything at all. One more word and she felt that she would be face down in his lap begging for submission, mouth first. "Yeah," she said with a slight attitude. She wasn't sure where she was able to pull that from but she had one last word, the last word, and she felt pretty damn good about herself.

She brought both her feet back together around his cock, pumping them hard, her calves aching. She knew he was close and she wanted to push him over the edge. Her face pointed back towards the ceiling she sat up slightly, slipping her hands between her legs. She pulled her panties to the side with one hand and began running her finger up and down her moist pussy before spreading herself open for his view. She suddenly wrapped one foot around the backside of his dick which was now gliding along the smooth skin of the top of her foot as her other foot pressed against it. His eyes half focused on her fingers which were working overtime and half watching her feet massage his cock towards orgasm when suddenly he gasped once and held onto her ankles tightly as his cum began flowing out over her feet, his dick throbbing against her skin. She felt the warmth of his fluids slipping between her toes, dripping off her heels, and falling onto his pants. She often found a foot job didn't produce the kind of force that, let's say, a blow job did. It was more of a slow burn and he was experiencing that right now, first hand.

"Wow," was all he had to say as he relaxed and sank into his chair.

She wiped her fingers off on her thighs and hopped off his work desk. Slipping her feet back into her shoes, she started walking out the door, "I'll see you tomorrow, have a good night," she giggled, knowing he would be on her in a second.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back into him hard. "Oh no, you're not getting off that easy," he said, as she felt his erection, sticky with cum, pressing messily into the back of her work clothes. He reached up and put a hand on the back of her neck as she whimpered and moaned. The power differential had shifted back to its natural position and she was glad to relinquish the role.

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