tagLesbian SexWorking Holiday Pt. 02

Working Holiday Pt. 02



Kay has decided to investigate the cold case of a young man who was pack raped before he committed suicide. However, is her motivation driven by duty or a desire to impress the young woman who first told her about it and who has inserted herself into Kay's life so seamlessly. The doubts begin to increase as she discovers crucial evidence that was probably ignored by the local police.

Author's note: I have put the Aussie Lingo 101 at the front of this chapter as requested in one of the comments for chapter one.

Aussie Lingo 101.

This term came from a 1970s advertising campaign for a non alcoholic mixer drink, Clayton's, which had the slogan, 'the drink to have when you're not having a drink.' The campaign failed but the slogan became synonymous with substitute. A Clayton's boyfriend/girlfriend was the boyfriend/girlfriend you had until you got a real one.

Deni: Shortened form of Deniliquin, a town over the border in New South Wales.

Dog: A pejorative term meaning police informant, the term has moved from the criminal world to mainstream society. To do the dog or turn dog is to inform on someone. It's seen as a betrayal and a 'dog' will usually be moved to a protection yard in prison along with paedophiles to protect them from revenge attacks. To accuse someone of being a dog will often invite a violent response in Australia.

Dope: Marijuana, a dopehead would be someone who smokes too much dope.

Shitfaced: A term meaning very drunk.

Hard Word: To put on someone for sexual favours, also known as sexual harassment.

Holden: An Australian car made by General Motors Holden (GMH), but now autonomous from GM America.

Hoo roo: Very old form of goodbye, used by the older generation out in the country.

Joint: A house or flat. It can also refer to a hand rolled marijuana cigarette, thus you could say, "let's go back to your joint for a joint," without causing confusion.

Khyber: Short for khyber pass, rhyming slang for arse but often shortened to khyber, as in, "you'll get a foot up the khyber if you don't hurry up."

Main Drag: The main street running through a town, which has many shops, banks, pubs etc situated along it, also refers to any main road.

Pentridge: The former main prison for the state of Victoria, was known as Bluestone College because it was made of bluestone, the prison is now closed.

Russell Street: In this story it refers to the old police HQ in Russell Street, Melbourne, the HQ has since been moved to another city location.

Servo: A shortened version of service station or gas station, sells petrol, takeaway food etc.

TAFE: An abbreviation for Technical and Further Education. A low cost alternative to university or another way to accrue credits for a university course.

Tribunal: The Monday night football tribunal to investigate players who have broken the rules at matches over the weekend, such as illegal striking. A player can be suspended for several matches, thus resulting in a team being forced to call on reserve players.

Ute: A ute or utility is basically a much smaller version of the American pickup, the vehicle is based on the same wheelbase and frame as the sedan version but modified with heavy duty suspension.

Vickie had been born and raised in Lorne before her family moved back to Melbourne for work and Kay had been attracted to her because she was determined to try anything different, including sex with a woman. Their affair had been a torrid and brief one that lasted the better part of three months before they parted company and while they still kept contact through mutual friends, Kay still regretted the affair. It was one of those memories that was like a stone in your shoe, now and then a song on the radio would remind her of Vickie. Last night Vickie had come to her again in her dreams, they'd spent a couple of weekends down here at a friend's place but even that hadn't been enough to stop the rot.

Kay opened her eyes blearily as the dream faded and for a moment she lay still, trying to make sense of her surroundings after a night where she'd definitely had too much to drink. Nickie had driven the car home and after staying for a while, left her to her own devices and walked to her home around the corner. Kay rolled over and stared at the digital alarm clock that sat on the bedside drawers. The time was 08:30, by this time she was usually coming back from a run around the block and ready to make breakfast.

Coffee, I need coffee, she sat upright and instantly regretted as the dizziness descended on her, how much had she drank last night?

She pinched her nose and waited for the dizziness to subside and then she heard the squeaking gate as someone came into the front yard and a moment later the doorbell buzzed. The out of tune buzzer caused her to wince as her feet hit the floor and she got up only to realise she was naked.

"Hang on for Christ's sake," she yelled as she pulled the dressing gown on and fastened the belt but as she padded through to the front door the buzzer sounded again.

Kay yanked the door open and blinked into the sunlight shining directly into her eyes. Nickie was on the front porch with a paper bag of donuts, a newspaper, and a bottle of Coke.

"How's your head this morning?"

"I feel like I've been hit by a train," she eyed the donuts, "are they donuts?"

"Yeah, I borrowed grandpa's car and ducked down the hot bread kitchen, they're the best thing for a hangover if you don't have cold pizza and Coke," she stepped inside.

"Come in," Kay murmured as she shut the door.

"You were shitfaced last night," Nickie chuckled as she walked through to the kitchen, "you came onto me last night."

"I what?"

"Just kidding," Nickie glanced over her shoulder, "don't mind me, I'm just taking advantage of the fact you barely knew your own name."

"I did drink a lot," she leaned on the door jamb, "um, I'm naked under this I just need to put on some clothes."

"Take your time," Nickie shrugged, "have a shower too, I'll make coffee and investigate the rest of the house."

"No worries," Kay backed out and headed for the bedroom.

Some twenty minutes later she came back to find Nickie reading the newspaper. The kettle had been boiling and there was bread sitting in the toaster. The younger woman reached out and pressed the tab down without lifting her eyes from the paper.

"So what's the big news today?"

"Sweet fuck all," she grunted, "you could have an earthquake in Peru and millions dead but all they want to know here is who's been suspended at the tribunal."

"I don't follow the football," she leaned against the bench, "my ex was a Magpies girl but then she changed her allegiance to the Blues and I didn't bat an eyelid."

"In some relationships that would be grounds for divorce."

"Mandy was fluid," she shrugged, "for her it was all about the game, but her family were shocked she'd switched sides, I got the blame of course."

"I'm thinking of switching sides myself," she shot back, "there's fuck all choice down here."

"Be even less if you switched sides," Kay countered, "hate to point out the obvious but it's not exactly a gay Mecca down here."

"I'd cope," she turned the page, "so, what are your plans for today?"

"I'm thinking about breakfast first."

"And after that?"

"Well, could we go and see Paul's sister? Or is that going to give the wrong impression? I do need to find out what happened to Paul before he killed himself."

"Sounds like a plan, but I'm coming too."

Kay nodded as she buttered some toast and made her coffee. Nickie's frank admission had startled her although she did come across as experienced.

"So, what made you gay?" Nickie asked some time later as Kay unlocked the car, "I'll bet it was some chick you met in the Academy."

"I did have a girlfriend in the Police Academy," she replied, "but I was gay long before that."

She moved around to the driver's side.

"I was always attracted to women," she unlocked the door and opened it.

"I was always into guys," Nickie replied a few moments later as she slid onto the seat, "but I have been thinking about it lately."

Kay smiled crookedly as she started the engine.

"So, who do you have a crush on or is that a secret?"

"It's no secret, I would root Sally if I thought she was into chicks."

"Well you never know," Kay shrugged, "women do change for the strangest reasons."

"So a woman could switch to girls just like that?"

"Some do out of loneliness, or because there are a lack of suitable men, some are just bored and want to try something new. The last group tend to drift back to men after a while, but for me I was always attracted to women, I mean I liked doing the things guys did but I didn't like doing it with them. I did try it once with a guy in high school but it just felt weird and so I decided that I'd wait for a bit to see if I grew out of it. I was kind of thinking all I needed was the right guy but then I met Sue and fell hopelessly in love."

"At school?"

"Well, we were friends at school but no, it was when I graduated from high school. My parents were quite strict Catholics, it only happened when we went to a disco and got pissed. Afterwards we went back to her joint and when she kissed me I didn't fight back."

"So how long did you last together?"

"One night," Kay grimaced, "as it turned out, Sue was just curious but not into it, which is the way the cookie crumbles. I was really into her and it was difficult for a few weeks because I just thought she needed time when what she really needed was for me to get my head out of my arse and just move on."

"I think of moving on all the fucking time," she pulled out a packet of cigarettes, "people come here to get away every year and I just think of getting out."

"Where would you go?"

"The city," she lit a cigarette, "right turn, Clive," she indicated.

"The city is big, and expensive."

"No shit," she indicated again, "left onto the main drag, I've thought about doing a TAFE course, I got good marks but I don't want to leave my grandpa all alone. Ever since my grandma died he's been on his own."

"Have you talked to him about it?"

"Kind of, he thinks I should just do it, he doesn't want me to end up like mum."

"So, what's stopping you?"

"Pull in here," she indicated again, "fucked if I know, this is all I've ever known. I feel safe here but in the big city I'm just another number."

"You must have friends there," Kay looked over at her as Nickie tugged at the cigarette.

"Of course, fucking hell, everyone just leaves here but it's not like I can just crash at their joint," she opened the door and flicked cigarette ash into the gutter.

"So, what would you do at uni," Kay pushed the thought out of her mind.

"Social work," she replied, "I've always wanted to help people and I want to understand why mum was so keen to just dump me."

"Drugs do things to your head," Kay replied, "I see it all the time in Collingwood. You've got single mothers with three or four kids and a drug habit, we walk a fine line between turning a blind eye and interfering. Once we step in," she stopped as Nickie straightened up and putting finger and thumb between her lips, let out a wolf whistle.

The woman who'd stepped out to look at the listings in the window of the real estate office turned around and seeing, Nickie, smiled and waved.

"Sally," Nickie nodded at her.

Sally stepped over to the car and Kay took in the trim figure and smart business attire, the woman was about the same age as Nickie or thereabouts. It wasn't hard to see why Nickie harboured a secret crush on her.

"Sally, this is Kay, what're you doing for lunch?"

"Having lunch?"

"You wanna have lunch with us? I'll explain later."

"Sure," Sally gave Kay the once over and shrugged, "come by at one thirty."

"So, what're we doing until half past one?" Kay asked a minute or two later as she started the engine again.

"Going up to the lookout," Nickie replied, "it's where it happened."

Teddy's Lookout was located on the outskirts of town on the side of an overlooking hill and offered good views of Bass Strait but according to Nickie its only real value lay in the fact that it was a good place to go for a quick fuck.

"I lost my virginity up here," she opened the car door and opened a can of Coke, "but I've still got the box it came in," she took a sip from the can and giggled.

"So, this is where it happened," Kay got out to survey the forested hillside.

"Somewhere around here. Paul used to come up just to sit and think, he had one of those portable tape players that his parents bought him for Christmas. Apparently Mick came up in a car with two of his mates and tried to take the tape player off him, and when he fought back they knocked him down and dragged him into the back of the van and fucked him."

"So, was there more than one?"

"So Sally told me," she replied, "Mick couldn't do it on his own because Paul was bigger than him, I can't see Mick getting the better of Paul."

Kay nodded and moved away from the car. There was small chance of finding clues here after two years, but even so she looked at the ground, there were plenty of footprints here and she moved further away and then tripped over a root and cursed.

A moment later she righted herself and stared at the patch of ground where she'd nearly landed, there was a dull brass shell casing that she'd accidentally dislodged with her foot. She picked it up and examined the end of it and a moment later turned to Nickie.

"What've you found?" Nickie got out of the car.

"A cartridge case from a .38," she glanced around, "there's another one," she bent down and picked it up as well.

"Some guys come up here for a bit of shooting practice," Nickie joined her a moment later, "the cops don't like it because a bullet could go astray and hit someone but that doesn't stop guys, one of my ex boyfriends used to take his .22 up here."

"Does Mick have a revolver?"

"Nope, but his old man has a lot of guns, he was in the army, in Vietnam, I don't know if he has a six shooter though but he's got handguns and some military rifles. He goes pig shooting up over the border a few times a year," she took the cartridge from her.

"Grandpa might know more."

"Let's collect what we can," Kay decided, "it might explain why Mick was able to overcome Paul, a handgun is easily concealed but on the bright side," she squatted on her haunches, "the licence is a different kind to the normal licence. Not everyone can just walk in and buy a handgun," she spotted another cartridge, "you have to belong to a pistol club and you definitely can't just shoot them anywhere, especially not here."

"So it's against the law?" Nickie looked around.

"Definitely against the law, although out here I can understand the police turning a blind eye, but if you wanted to get someone to talk then you could use it as a lever."

There were cartridge cases from other guns too and while she was interested in some of them, Kay was keen to collect any from a handgun. One case did catch her eye however when she examined it, a 7.62 cartridge.

"You said Mick's father was in the army," she glanced at Nickie.

"Yeah? What's that from?"

"An S.L.R most likely, they're used by the army but you get civilian versions too," she squinted out over the blue horizon of Bass Strait, "it'd have quite a range too, about eight hundred metres from memory."

"The sergeant is gonna be fucked off about this," Nickie looked around, "there's another one."

The cartridge casings were all put into a crumpled up paper bag on the back floor and then they were heading back to Nickie's house where they found her grandfather up a ladder cleaning out the guttering. He was intrigued by their find and Kay's theory.

"It might explain how it happened," he agreed, "Mick might have a reputation as a tough guy but Paul was no pushover, but with a gun pointed at him who knows?"

"Does his father own a handgun?"

"Yeah, he's got three of them, he showed me his cupboard once. I think he was hoping I'd be his new shooting partner but it's just not my thing, to each their own," he held up one of the handgun cartridges.

"But he does have a .38, Smith and Wesson, he got it off a mate and at the time I remember saying it looked like an ex police gun, he laughed and made a joke about it. He is a member of the pistol club, he does go to the shoots out at Little River, but shooting it around here is against the law."

"Are they locked up?"

"Yeah, they were the day I was there but it's a just a standard safe with a padlock. I told him at the time he should at least have a combination. It's not my business these days, I'm retired but if Roy knew about it then he might give him a foot up the khyber."

"Can we keep them here?" Kay glanced at her watch, "for now? We have to go see his sister."

"Sure," Les nodded, "so, you really want to take this further?"

"Well, let's just say it doesn't pay to be alert."

"How far would you take it?" Nickie asked her as they pulled up outside the real estate office.

"All the way," Kay shrugged, "if he was forced at gunpoint into the back of a van then you've got kidnapping and armed robbery for a start, then you've got a firearms charge, and I haven't even mentioned sexual assault or aggravated assault."

"How much time would he do?"

"All up? It's not for me to say but five to ten is well within reach. Let's just say he'd be picking up the soap for quite a while."

"Here she comes now," Nickie pointed to Sally just coming outside.

"Leave this to me," Kay tapped her leg.

"Of course," Nickie shrugged.

Dealing with the next of kin was always a delicate subject, it was one of those tasks the police tended to hand over to female officers because of the emotional exchange. Kay often resented being dumped with a grief stricken family member but as she sat with Sally at a picnic table overlooking the beach she was suddenly grateful for the experience.

"I thought this was all finished with," Sally finally managed, "it's been so long ago."

"It still might be," Kay took a swig from the Coke bottle, "I might just be picking holes in nothing but then again," she put the bottle down.

"It could result in a conviction but I couldn't do anything here, I'd have to take it back to Russell Street and speak to detectives there. If they think there's enough evidence it would be their case, not mine."

"What kind of evidence?"

"Testimony, like your testimony, physical evidence, witnesses, it all adds up."

"Well I can tell you what happened, I did tell a cop here but that was after his body was found and because it was three months beforehand he said it would be hard to prove."

"Well I can take your statement all the same," Kay pursed her lips as Nickie lit another cigarette, "tell me something. Did Mick ever pull a gun on Paul?"

Sally winced at that and swallowed. She looked away and then at Nickie.

"He did, the night it happened but he begged me not to tell anyone because he was afraid that Mick would come after me with a gun."

"Was it a handgun?"

"Yeah, he had it down the back of his pants."

"Who else was there?" Kay took the notepad out of her handbag.

"Three other guys, Sandy, Bob, and Ellis."

"Ellis? Sounds like a last name?"

"Charlie Ellis," Sally replied.

Her account took the better part of half an hour to complete, it was interrupted several times as she stopped and looked away, it was obvious that reliving the night her brother came home with cuts and scratches on his face and a horrific story of gang rape was hard on her. Nevertheless, Sally was able to give a good second hand account, the final piece de resistance came near the end when she fished out an address book and opened it at the letter D.

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